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    Saturday, May 09, 2009

    Hackers Seize Control Of Google Morocco Domain, the domain name for Google Morocco’s search portal, was taken hostage by hackers earlier today reportedly for several hours before the problem got fixed (it’s working fine again now). We got a bunch of tips about it, and the situation lasted long enough for lots of people to take screenshots of the website the domain name briefly pointed to due to the hack.

    You can find loads of screenshots here and here, but the main domain name pointed to the website shown on top of this post.

    There’s a bit of confusion about how the hack was performed exactly, but it appears as if the hackers found a way into, which controls the DNS for the country, and targeted the Google domain name especially. The domain was pointed to a different server, and the web page above was shown when people tried to access the search engine. Google apparently at one point automatically relayed visitors from Morocco to instead of, but it took a while to get the latter functioning correctly again. leads to a forum where Pakistan hackers hang out, and the names on top of the web page above are all members of the message board. They’re being proud of it here.

    This website (in French) claims that this isn’t the first such incident this year, as apparently the websites for Google Algeria and Google Puerto Rico were taken hostage by hackers last month too.

    (Via ArabCrunch)


    Its against the Moroccan DNS server. The fault does not lie with Google. G



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    must kill the Taliban.

    The army finally gets it right. BS
    Saturday, May 09, 2009
    Farahat Taj

    It was retaliation par excellence. A convoy of the Pakistan army was ambushed by Taliban terrorists in the Kanjo area in Swat. The convoy had intended to go to Mangora to reinforce the army units there. Several soldiers died on the spot. The army responded with robust force and attacked the Taliban holding strategic positions on the heights containing Mangora emerald mines. From those heights the Taliban used to attack the Mangora circuit house, where the army was stationed. All the militants on the heights were killed and the state property, the emerald mines, was regained. Moreover, the army conducted successful attacks on other strongholds of the Taliban in Rahimabad and Takhtaband, and killed them there. "I am so pleased to see the forceful attacks. It is like avenging a slap in the face with a kick in the face," said a resident of Swat from Mangora. He also informed me that all the people in Swat were very happy with this retaliatory response of the army. "This is what we expect from the state army and this is how the army must deal with the Taliban beasts," he said further.

    eople of Swat say enough is enough. They have suffered enough atrocities. All those in Swat that I am in contact with told me they want the Pakistan army to eliminate the Taliban once and for all. For that purpose, they told me, they were ready to suffer as IDPs for some time. But the army operation must be swift, targeted and must kill the Taliban. 



    Yesterday, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani addressed the nation on television and said the Taliban would be defeated. "The army has been called in to eliminate the militants," Gilani said. "Nobody can be allowed to challenge the writ of the government."

    But Pakistani politicians have talked tough against the Taliban in the past and have let the Taliban off the hook. After the massive suicide bombing at the Islamabad Marriott, the government described the incident as Pakistan’s September 11 and launched offensives in Swat and Bajaur. The operations ended without conclusion after several months of fighting by the poorly armed and trained police and Frontier Corps.

    Pakistani political and military leaders are signaling the current offensive may be limited to the Swat region. Zardari only discussed the ongoing operation in the Swat, Buner, and Dir region and made no mention of the tribal areas of North and South Waziristan, Kurram, Mohmand, Arakzai, Khyber, and Bajaur, and the districts of Tank, Bannu, Hangu, and other districts under Taliban control or influence.

    Zardari also signaled that there is little in the way of regular Army reinforcements to aid in any offensive. Only three brigades of Pakistani regular troops, an estimated 9,000 troops, are being moved into the region from the Northern Areas, a sparsely populated region bordering India-held Kashmir. Zardari said there are no more troops available to be moved from the Indian border.

    "Half of our army is deployed on Indo-Pak Eastern boarder and we cannot move army from there for their deployment on Western border," Zardari said, according to Geo News. When asked why more troops wouldn't be deployed from the Indian border, he replied: "We have already done so."

    The Pakistani military leadership has loathed to commit to fighting the Taliban out of fear that the Army will split apart and leave Pakistan open to an Indian assault. The Pakistani military establishment views India, and not the Taliban, as the real threat to security, despite the Taliban's bloody insurgency that has hit in every major city. ( THEN LET THE TALIBAN DECLARE AN INDEPENDENT STATE FROM



    SO MUCH FOR "Nobody can be allowed to challenge the writ of the government.", EXCEPT IN:North and South Waziristan, Kurram, Mohmand, Arakzai, Khyber, and Bajaur, and the districts of Tank, Bannu, Hangu, and other districts under Taliban control or influence.

    "Only three brigades of Pakistani regular troops, an estimated 9,000 troops".

    GIVE AWAY: "Zardari also signaled that there is little in the way of regular Army reinforcements to aid in any offensive." BS, HALF THE ARMY IS SETTING ON A BORDER WITHOUT ANY THREAT.





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    Friday, May 08, 2009

    Zardari: Anti-Taliban assault to continue

    WASHINGTON, May 8 (UPI) -- Pakistani PresidentAsif Ali Zardari says his country's military offensive against Taliban militants will "go on till the situation returns to normal."

    Speaking Thursday in Washington at a new conference with Afghan President Hamid Karzai and U.S. Sens. John Kerry, D-Mass., and Richard Lugar, R-Ind., Zardari said a significant military assault in the Swat Valley would keep going until the militants are defeated, Pakistan's English-language newspaper Dawn reported.

    The assault was announced Thursday by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani.

    "The operation will go on till the situation returns to normal," Zardari said. He said a new realization had dawned in Islamabad that the entire world views the Taliban insurgency in the country's northwest and in neighboring Afghanistan as a major threat.



    Is he back pedaling already?

    He just went from:

    "military assault in the Swat Valley would keep going until the militants are defeated"


    "The operation will go on till the situation returns to normal"

    In the same interview...

    Translation: Untill the Taliban want to talk peace.

    The new peace agreement, when the Taliban offer it ( when they are loosing G )

    will be the 9th one they will have broken.

    Paradigm Intel projects the Taliban will ask

    for a truce and peace talks, the peace agreement

    terms will allow them to to regroup and start

    offences again, And will be the 9th agreement

    will they have broken.






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    Summarizing Zero Day's Posts for April

    Summarizing Zero Day's Posts for April

    01. Conficker worm's copycat Neeris spreading over IM 
    02. Paul McCartney's official site serving malware 
    03. Fake "Conficker Infection Alert" spam campaign circulating 
    04. Twitter hit by multiple variants of XSS worm 
    05. Scareware pops-up at FoxNews 
    06. Waledac botnet spamming fake SMS spying tool 
    07. Twitter worm author gets a job at exqSoft Solutions 
    08. Google's CAPTCHA experiment and the human factor 
    09. Hackers hijack DNS records of high profile New Zealand sites 
    10. New ransomware locks PCs, demands premium SMS for removal 
    11. Conficker's estimated economic cost? $9.1 billion 
    12. Swine flu email scams circulating 
    13. Online broker CommSec criticised for weak passwords, lack of SSL 
    14. Survey: 37% of employees would become insiders given the right incentive 
    15. French hacker gains access to Twitter's admin panel



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    Thursday, May 07, 2009

    Hacker ransoms Virginia med records

    May 3, 2009

    On Thursday, April 30, the secure site for the Virginia Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) was replaced with a $US10M ransom demand:

    "I have your shit! In *my* possession, right now, are 8,257,378 patient records and a total of 35,548,087 prescriptions. Also, I made an encrypted backup and deleted the original. Unfortunately for Virginia, their backups seem to have gone missing, too. Uhoh :(For $10 million, I will gladly send along the password."

    The site, appears to have been entirely disabled and is presently unavailable.

    The linked file provides the full ransom message.

    The PMP is used by pharmacists and others to discover prescription drug abuse.

    The PMP declined to comment, although when contacted, appeared to be aware of the issue, instantly referring inquiries to the director of the DHP, who is presently unavailable.


    From its home page:


    I have your shit! In *my* possession, right now, are 8,257,378 patient records and a total of35,548,087 prescriptions. Also, I made an encrypted backup and deleted the original. Unfortunately for Virginia, their backups seem to have gone missing, too. Uhoh :(

    For $10 million, I will gladly send along the password. You have 7 days to decide. If by the end of 7 days, you decide not to pony up, I'll go ahead and put this baby out on the market and accept the highest bid. Now I don't know what all this shit is worth or who would pay for it, but I'm bettin' someone will. Hell, if I can't move the prescription data at the very least I can find a buyer for the personal data (name,age,address,social security #, driver's license #).

    Now I hear tell the Fucking Bunch of Idiots ain't fond of payin out, but I suggest that policy be turned right the fuck around. When you boys get your act together, drop me a line at and we can discuss the details such as account number, etc.

    Until then, have a wonderful day, I know I will ;)


    I think he will be caught soon.




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    Wednesday, May 06, 2009

    FBI Cybert efforts

    FBI Cybert efforts

    "computer and internet protocol address verifier," or CIPAV, is designed to infiltrate a target’s computer and gather a wide range of information, which it secretly sends to an FBI server in eastern Virginia. The FBI’s use of the spyware surfaced in 2007 when the bureau used it to track e-mailed bomb threats against a Washington state high school to a 15-year-old student.

    ...CIPAV’s capabilities, but an FBI affidavit in the 2007 case indicate it gathers and reports a computer’s IP address; MAC address; open ports; a list of running programs; the operating system type, version and serial number; preferred internet browser and version; the computer’s registered owner and registered company name; the current logged-in user name and the last-visited URL.

    After sending the information to the FBI, the CIPAV settles into a silent "pen register" mode, in which it lurks on the target computer and monitors its internet use, logging the IP address of every server to which the machine connects.

    In a separate February 2007, Cincinnati-based investigation of hackers who’d successfully targeted an unnamed bank, the documents indicate the FBI’s efforts may have been detected. An FBI agent became alarmed when the hacker he was chasing didn’t get infected with the spyware after visiting the CIPAV-loaded website. Instead, the hacker "proceeded to visit the site 29 more times," according to a summary of the incident. "In these instances, the CIPAV did not deliver its payload because of system incompatibility."


    FBI Cyber Action Teams, or CATs, are small, highly-trained teams of FBI agents, analysts, and computer forensics and malicious code experts who travel the world on a moment’s notice to respond to fast-moving cyber threats. Read howteams sent to Morocco and Turkey helped catch the authors of the malicious "Zotob" code.

    The FBI seems to have tne ability to track and trace perps or suspects on the Internet and can

    penetrate some computer systems and collect data.

    Their CIPAV is simmilar to our "Bot Surveillance Units" in the data collected,

    but from the info released the CIPAV operate using defferent methods and 

    actually hack the perps computer. 

    We have tracked Backdoors from terrorist PCs

    to the USA, We ended the surveillance when we

    were sure it was an Intelligence gathering operatioon.

    The FBI's CAT teams are on 24 hour call and located 

    in the North West. We have worked with them

    several times, fulfilling requests and reporting

    Intel. Contrary to their PR Hype they are NOT

    easy to work with.

    They had asked for the Technical details of

    our "Bot Surveillance Units", which we declined.

    We were asked for a powerpoint about our capabilities,

    We responded with a PP about the Actionable 

    Intellegence we have reported to Intelligence Agencys

    and operations we have run against the terrorists.

    I was told there were "NO complaints" about the

    Intel we have reported, "No complaints  at all"...

    We have contacts at the FBI, NSA, CIA DIA, DHS, Socom

    and a hand full of other alphebet soup names.

    The CAT teams seem to be underfunded,

    And still rely on Physical surveillance

    instead of Cyber surveillance. Thats to be expected

    based on the FBI's history.

    And the CAT teams are run by some of  the

    best minds at the FBI. They are still expanding

    the concept and developing their paradigm.

    Paradigm Intel says :

    The young Turks know they have been given  Ferrari's

    But the old men won't let them take it out of FIRST gear.




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    Tuesday, May 05, 2009

    Paki and Taliban colusion.

    Paki and Taliban colusion.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Is the Pakistan Government on the verge of take over by the Taliban?
    The Paki Army has 250,000 troops on the border with India.
    And the Paki Army may have had a hand in the latest terrorist
    attacks on India.

    The Taliban are a hundred miles or so from the capital.
    Could the 50,000 Taliban terrorist take on the Paki 500,000
    equipped Army and defeat the Paki Army?

    Is the threat to the Paki Government real or a ruse
    to collect Billions in US anti-terrorist funds?

    The wild card in all this is the Paki Army,
    Will the Army accept the Taliban as rulers of
    Paki? Will the Army pull a coup and seize control of
    the Paki Government?

    Or would the Paki Army stand aside and let
    the Taliban take control of the Government.

    The Paki Governmment has ceded over 50%
    of Pakistan to the Taliban.

    Is the Taliban threat real in Paki or is it just
    part of the Great Game to extort Billions out
    of the USA using the Nukes as a red herring?

    If the Taliban were to seize control of the Paki
    Government it might simplify the policy of USA
    towards Paki and their proxy army the Taliban.

    If the Taliban take control of the Paki Government
    they would not be considered as allies.
    And would open the way for inserting ground troops into Pakistan
    and take on the Taliban directly.

    A second Iraq operation, not desirable but eminently
    simpler policy to deal with.

    No more safe havens for al Qaeda or the Taliban.

    And all of Paklistan would be an open fire zone
    against the Taliban and al Qaeda.

    Paradigm Intel points to a ruse by the Paki Government
    to extort billions of USD for alleged anti-terrorist funding.

    The call is ripe with danger for an erroneous decision or error,
    regarding the real threat of the Taliban to Paki.

    Right now the Taliban have a Government sponsored safe
    haven in Pakistan, if they could seize control it
    would end their status of any safe havens.

    Some thing smells in Pakistan the Paradigm doesn't
    play out logically.

    The Paki Government makes noises about the eminent
    threat of the Taliban but does nothing.

    And Paki feigns helplessness and incompetence.
    While setting on 250,000 troops on an unthreatened border.

    Paradigm Intel says Paki actions indicate they don't
    view the Taliban as a real threat.

    If the Taliban does take control it will simplify
    American policy towards Pakistan.

    The question of Nukes is problematic.
    But can be dealt with.

    Internet Anthropologist

    Let the Taliban burn up Paki.
    I just learned my estimate of 
    the size of the Paki army is not
    500,000 but 700,000.

    If the Paki Army can't beat the Taliban
    with 50,000 terrorist, with an Army of
    700,000 trained equipted Paki troops
    they let the Taliban burn Paki.

    No training, no funds, till the top
    3 heads are on sticks, Binny,
    big Z and Omar.

    .If they can't do the Taliban
    with 700,000 troops,
    USA can't help with that level of incompentency.

    Rebuttal from Source Inside the Belt Way:
    ".........Rashid has the best inside contacts in the Paki government but minimal access to the military.  He is a nationalist Punjabi that is correctly concerned about the spreading control of the Pashtuns.  I generally give his reports good marks.
    Pakistan is essentially bankrupt, we have agreed to cover the military payroll there that is our main leverage and the reason there has been no takeover.  The Paki military is huge but very little is combat effective, maybe 10%.  It would be at best compared to our National Guard.  30% of the active duty officer corps have full time jobs in business and government.  The rest manage parks, rental properties, nearly all the golf courses, polo and cricket grounds, that are all owned by the Army.
    When fighting is needed they have "paramilitary" forces which are like our SWAT teams, local police that are paid mercenaries for quick reaction forces because the regular army can't fight.
    About 20% of the Paki Army are Pashtun, the rest are Punjabis that are generally scared to death of all Pashtun, even their comrades.
    All in all a very unstable environment."

    In your hypothesis the Paki army can generate
    an army of actual Military Troops numbering
    around 70,000, ie 10%.

    Thats not enough troops to do the Taliban.
    Paki is part of NATO, that would seem to be
    a possible soultion to raise enough troops
    to "DO" the Taliban.

    Your hypothesis further supports the use
    of drones as a key weapon against the 

    70,000 Army troops against 50,000
    insurgents gives an edge to the 
    insurgents, the deciding factor
    maybe how ISI weighs in.

    So far they haven't been able
    to find the key 3.
    Big Z 

    Paradigm Intel suggest ISI
    elements are supporting
    the Taliban.

    Paradigm Intel will further spotlight
    Paki's intent based on the Armys
    actions after they recieve the 
    "Emergency Funding".

    Is the big push on the Taliban
    a floor show to gain the funding,
    or a real recognition of the Taliban
    threat. Actions and time will point
    to the truth.



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    upside down

    Paki looks like its about to fall to the Taliban
    and Obama has forced the American auto industry
    into bankruptcy, the pillar of American Industrial
    strength, and he rewarded the banks.!
    I got problems with this.

    The Paradigm is jumbled.



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Monday, May 04, 2009

    The "Future Cyber Soldier of 2030"

    "when they go on patrol in Iraq. But by 2030, their uniforms will be packed with nano-antenna arrays, capable of communicating with everything from drones to satellites. The soldiers will all be Hulk-strong, and Spiderman-agile, thanks to their nanotech-based exoskeletons. “Neural prosthetics” and “smart drugs” will make them battlefield geniuses. On-board computers will let them understand every language — and every cultural reference — as if they were natives. Naturally, their flexible, nanofiber uniforms will be all-but-impervious to bullets, flame, and lasers, too.

    That’s the thinking, at least, over at the Soldier Research Design and Engineering Center in Natick, MA. Researchers there have spent years of effort — and tens of millions of dollars — to give tomorrow’s soldiers high-tech supersuits. The results have been… well, less than super. One such program, “Future Force Warrior,” was supposed to deploy next year. Now: never mind. A simpler effort, to give G.I.s digital maps and software radios, “Land Warrior,” had to fight a rear-guard action within the Army to keep from getting canceled.

    So now the folks at Natick are starting over again. They recently released a white paper, on the “Future Soldier 2030 Initiative.” It’s not official U.S. Army doctrine or anything. “Nor is it intended to answer every question raised about warfare in 2030. Our intent is to stir imaginations, and start a dialogue about how best to equip the soldier,” the paper says."

    SOURCE: Permalink


    The "Future Cyber Soldier of 2030"

    Our contribution.

    By Gerald Internet AQnthropologist Think Tank


    These "uniforms will be packed with nano-antenna arrays, capable of communicating with everything from drones to satellites. The soldiers will all be Hulk-strong, and Spiderman-agile, thanks to their nanotech-based exoskeletons. “Neural prosthetics” and “smart drugs” will make them battlefield geniuses. On-board computers will let them understand every language — and every cultural reference — as if they were natives. Naturally, their flexible, nanofiber uniforms will be all-but-impervious to bullets, flame, and lasers, too." troops are WWW active connected to a squad of dedecitated cyber Masters by voice,video on either the helmet screen or retina, or even deep bone transmiter.

    One of the Cyber squad ID the local Taiban cheifs and his webmasters.

    He scans both the leaders PC and the PC and server for the webmaster, he calls up a phalanax

    of Bots on call should it be nessary to run a dos attack on any of the above mentioned targets.

    To shut off any outside communication on demand.

    He also taps all local cell and satlite traffic,

    Members monitor emails, IMS and cell traffic for any mentions of the local area.

    Which are transmitted in summary to the troop in the field.

    The field trooper questions a suspect, and finds a list of paswords 

    and screen names, this data is fed directly into a Bot Surveillance Unit,

    And URLs are texted back to the cyber Trooper as the Bots locate forums

    and blogs world wide that accept any of the passwords and screen names.

    The cyber trooper reviews and searches each url for posts from the suspect

    in the field, And a cyber trooper whispers into the Field troopers ear

    what this "suspect" most recent post on the Terrorist forum says, while

    the field trooper is staring into the suspects eyes.

    Another cyber trooper searches the "suspects cell phone" remotely

    when the field trooper calls the cyber squad on the suspects phone.

    They project a list of the names in the cell phone call list

    cross referenced  to known terrorist in the local area on to the Fields troopers retina.

    And then over lay a map with the Field Troopers locations and the physical locations of all the

    cell phone numbers in the Suspects cell phone.

    There is also a cyber heavy weapons squad on call for 

    any attacks on the field troopers www connections or his helmet PC.

    They monitor all traffic into and out of the helmet PC and track it

    to its destination and ID owner.

    A Cyber heavy weapons squad has enough punch to

    take down a Web node by themselves.

    And the capability to launch multiple Dos attacks

    on demand.

    Or penetrate and take down a PC or server that 

    will take a week to fix,

    Another cyber trooper is monitoring 56 search engines

    all blogs, Terrorist forums and the news for any mention of the 

    field troopers local or targets in his area.

    Only filtered data is fed to the Field trooper,

    Physical locations of cell phones of terrorists in 

    his local, location of webmasters and his PC 

    Or turning off the terrorist leaders cell phone

    at the start of the Field troopers assult on his


    A world view of their front line and control of it.

    I'll return to play with this some more.


    Over Watch for Cyber Troops