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    Friday, May 08, 2009

    Summarizing Zero Day's Posts for April

    Summarizing Zero Day's Posts for April

    01. Conficker worm's copycat Neeris spreading over IM 
    02. Paul McCartney's official site serving malware 
    03. Fake "Conficker Infection Alert" spam campaign circulating 
    04. Twitter hit by multiple variants of XSS worm 
    05. Scareware pops-up at FoxNews 
    06. Waledac botnet spamming fake SMS spying tool 
    07. Twitter worm author gets a job at exqSoft Solutions 
    08. Google's CAPTCHA experiment and the human factor 
    09. Hackers hijack DNS records of high profile New Zealand sites 
    10. New ransomware locks PCs, demands premium SMS for removal 
    11. Conficker's estimated economic cost? $9.1 billion 
    12. Swine flu email scams circulating 
    13. Online broker CommSec criticised for weak passwords, lack of SSL 
    14. Survey: 37% of employees would become insiders given the right incentive 
    15. French hacker gains access to Twitter's admin panel




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