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    Saturday, August 23, 2008

    sixth generation warfare:

    6GW by Gerald, Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Aug 23, 08

    Paradigm Intel looking to the next Generation of warfare.
    6GW ( sixth generation warfare )

    al Qaeda is demonstrating 5GW now, with limited, accidental use of the WWW.

    al Qaeda's war is one of limited options, not so much a grand plan but a strategy of whats left that they can do.
    C2 moved to www, recruiting www, donations www.
    They lost the use of Phone, land lines and cell phones, so they switched to the Internet, just as in war, to fight they are limited to IED's, having no heavy weapons, or ability to stand and fight. Its a war of limited options.
    The domain of 6GW will be Internet based, terrorism, violence in the real world, planned on the WWW.

    The al Qaeda movement is a new phenomenon, it is Internet based, with out the WWW this movement would have died a natural death
    long ago like so many of their terrorist predecessors.

    The linch pin of this movement is how Islam is taught,
    The madrases teach strict wrote memorization. No analysis of meanigs.
    This primes the less religiously educated for radicalization, with terrorist readings of the koran.
    A good Islamic education with analysis of the meaning of the Koran is in fact a good defense against radicalization.

    This type of wrote memorization allows the terrorist movement to wrap themselves in an Islamic religious flag,
    And recruit world wide through the Internet trolling for the less Islamic educated, mis-fits.

    Internet + Islam,+ money = al Qaeda

    Converging vectors:

    Black Internet ( criminal ) + corrupt credit reporting agency's ( they have the ability to stop ID theft and the CC fraud )
    The banks and credit card companies make money off this criminal theft.
    Much like the loans made by banks for real estate to bad credit risks, and then sold to Government agencys, the profit for the banks is not in the intrest rates but in bundling the loans and re-selling them.( 2007 subprime mortgage financial crisis.)
    The repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 was a good example of the Lobbyist buying the politicians. There were links to the Great Depression and American Banks, hense the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, to seperate banls from the investment arena.
    I have seen bank interest rate charges of 99%. Yes thats 99% interest a year. USA used to put the Mafia in prison for that.
    Now with banks incorporated in States without consumer protection laws and lobbyist to buy legislation protecting the criminal enterprises the banks are becoming a criminal enterprise enabling criminals and eventually terrorists.
    The Mafia just didn't have the right lobbyists.

    Bot nets + , poor PC security = cyber pearl harbor

    Future is combining Black web with terrorist web and generating 6GW.
    Id theft principaly based on the Internet ran trillions of dollars in losses.
    Money into criminal enterprises.

    The risk paradigm is close the the old James Bond movies, an evil doer, not with a.
    nuke, but bots to take down the Internet net, and bringing the WWW back up also activates the bots, taking it back down,
    and keep it down. Which would bring a world wide depression like history has seen in the USA in the 1930's.
    Bots are much easier to generate than nuclear materials and devises.

    Bots are becoming more and more sophisticated, harder to find, impossible to stop or track to a State.

    No US military claims the Internet as its domain, the Air Force did and they were stopped.

    The US military's fear of the WWW could result in setting civilization back. If world wide communication hubs are shut down.
    NO phones, land or cell, Cable TV down, most of the worlds Governments communication systems down.
    Banking, ATM's dead only walk in banking, no electronic transfers.

    All news would be Short wave radio based and personal communication would be delegated to CBs.

    USA and the world are at risk of being blind sided by this 6GW.

    There are methods available now, to counter and protect the WWW, that are not being used.

    Internet Anthropologist

    Terrorists: Credit Card Fraud ...

    Major banks most of ID theft


    Credit Cards threat to GWOT

    CYBERWARS's Pearl Harbour

    USA on stand-by for Cyber whiping

    Infected PC's rampant

    Security:hyper endemic Epidemic:


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    Friday, August 22, 2008

    Z still alive

    Big Z still alive.

    The second-in-command to Osama bin Laden, wearing a white tunic and matching turban, spoke in Arabic against the backdrop of soft-focus photos of two bearded and turbaned men -- presumably the two Masris.

    Egyptian-born Zawahiri, who frequently emerges in video or audio tapes to speak for Al-Qaeda, has a 25-million-dollar US bounty on his head.

    May Allah grant this $25 million dollar bounty to a deserving brother.

    Al-Qaeda number two Ayman al-Zawahiri mourned two leading members of the terror network who were killed last month in Pakistan, in a video message posted Friday on the Internet.


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    Thursday, August 21, 2008

    False flag ops?

    Big Russian flotilla led by Admiral Kuznetsov carrier heads for Syrian port

    DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

    August 21, 2008, 9:17 AM (GMT+02:00)
    Russia's Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier heads for Mediterranean

    As the West awaits Moscow’s threatened reprisal for the treaty installing American missile interceptors at Redzikowo, on Poland’s Baltic coast – signed in Warsaw Wednesday - the Kremlin is striking back in the Middle East – hence Russian president Dimitry Medvedev’s honeyed words of reassurance to Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert in a call he made to Jerusalem Wednesday, Aug. 20.

    At the Black Sea resort of Sochi, Syrian president Bashar Assad told reporters Thursday, Aug. 21, that he is considering a Russian request to deploy missiles in his country in view of Russian-Western tensions over the Georgian conflict, which he said had polarized East and West anew.


    US NAVY Sending biggest fleet since Iraq invasion to ME.

    Paradigm Intel flashing yellow warning,

    Is al Qaeda smart enough to run flase flag ops to stirr up trouble between USA and Russia?
    What was al Qaedas hand in Georgia's trouble?




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    Wednesday, August 20, 2008

    EXCLUSIVE. OPs and Intel up date

    From inside the Beltway:
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank.
    Aug 20. 08

    al Qaeda's end nears: Rewards being considered, offers made.

    Chatted with a reliable contact: Z is listed as probable and likely degraded, waiting for confirmation. Z's wife/family are not talking or knowledgeable of his status, only that he has been out of touch with them for some time, which is not unusual.

    Gadahn is now on "Not Wanted" status.

    FYI: Pakistan and Afghanistan are now referred to as only "Stan". Both are considered a common theater of operations.

    Musharraf is staying at Army House in Rawalpindi, then off to Saudi Arabia, then the US, possibly for good.

    Also, UK's SBS and SAS are fully committed to Stan: we have lots of teams there also: mission is solely AQ C&C decapitation, full Paki cooperation.

    You heard it at Internet Anthropologist Think Tank first.

    We have been reporting Big Z as dead, will look up post, and Gadahn as captured.

    Rest of message is classified.

    But its all good news.


    Just in:

    New Al Qaeda Message Confirms Head of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan Still Alive

    By Andrew Cochran

    The SITE Intelligence Group has issued a press release that a new speech is forthcoming from Al Qaeda's #2, Ayman al-Zawahiri, containing eulogies for two recently killed Al Qaeda commanders, Abu Khabab al-Masri (a.k.a. Midhat Mursi al-Sayid Umar) and Abu Abdullah al-Shami, an escapee from Bagram prison in July 2005 and killed last month in a U.S. strike. I posted about al-Masri's reported death on July 28, and Evan Kohlmann posted the NEFA Foundation's transcript of Al Qaeda's acknowledgement of that on August 6.

    The value of this message is that it is final confirmation that the head of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, Mustafa Abu al-Yazid, was not killed in a Pakistani strike as reported on August 12, as deduced by his signature on this message and his exclusion from the names of the eulogized. The American intel community never supported that report, as I noted in the update to my post.


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    Rich harvest, malware bots

    Using a botnet to send spamImage via Wikipedia

    Malware Knows No Bounds

    How much information can be collected by a single piece of malware?

    According to a recent article, one botnet alone harvested the usernames and passwords of:

    • 8,485 bank accounts
    • 3,233 credit card accounts
    • 151,000 e-mail accounts
    • 58,391 social networking site accounts
    • 4,237 online retailer accounts
    • 416 stock trading accounts
    • 869 payment processor accounts
    • 413 mortgage accounts
    • 422 finance company accounts

    That’s a wealth of information – nearly 500 gigabytes to be exact – and it represents only six months of operations. For more information on this specific botnet, take a look at the full article on the malware responsible for it, the Coreflood Trojan.

    USA on standby for Cyber whipping. G

    CYBERWARS's Pearl Harbour, G

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    Monday, August 18, 2008

    BSU op. Terrorist financing. EXCLUSIVE

    BSU op.
    Terrorist financing. EXCLUSIVE.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Aug 18, 08

    I have been tracing and tracking a Terror financing unit.

    They are raising and exporting money from USA and around the world.

    It is a close knit group with at least 5 levels of supervision.

    My lead started in the Islamic Army in Iraq, which I traced to a Pashtun connection in the terrorist financing and donation arm and tracked that to the USA and back to Lebanon and from there over to Georgia. It is a combined Taliban, al Qaeda run operation.

    The central unit is operating out of Lebanon and has operatives in USA collecting funds and moving them to Lebanon.

    They are buying/renting realestate in Georgia ( location of the latest Russian activity ), developing terrorist capabilities in Georgia. And at least one member is spending the donated money on porno sites.

    This group has members in Georgia, Paki border, USA, and Lebanon that I am aware of, I have four IP's and related info. And connections in Iraq and Jordan.

    Government inquiries welcome.

    All are running extensive security and using elite proxys, and have been in operation for at least 5 months.

    Paradigm Intel:
    al Qaeda's move into Georgia doesn't bode well for the GWOT, expect al Qaeda to run false flag ops in Georgia to keep trouble stirred up between Georgia, Russia and USA.

    I'm BACK.


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    Safir satellite carrier,

    By Barb, Internet Anthropologist Think Tank.
    Paradigm Intelligence.
    Aug. 16, 08

    Safir satellite carrier, places payload in low-Earth orbit (LEO).

    Reports about its payload are confusing and unconfirmed.

    Paradigm Intelligence suggest:
    USA will maneuver for a closer look, questions are how big a payload, any nuclear content, is it maneuverable? Can it be brought out of orbit onto a designated target? USA will be developing a targeting solution.

    Is it really a dummy load?
    Does this constitute a International Ballistic missile? Can it function as one?



    Egypt: Iran should reassure West on nuclear issue

    ALEXANDRIA, Egypt: Iran should not present the Western nations justification for war on "a silver platter" in the conflict over its nuclear program the way Saddam Hussein of Iraq did, Egypt's presidential spokesman said Saturday.

    Speaking after a meeting between Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Saudi King Abdallah in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria, spokesman Suleiman Awwad defended Iran's right to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes but said the Islamic Republic should give more assurances to the international community.

    Iran has refused to comply with repeated international demands to halt nuclear enrichment, a process that can be used to produce fuel for nuclear weapons or nuclear energy.

    "Iran should not present on a silver platter the justifications and the pretexts for those who want to drag the region down a dangerous slope," he said, noting the case of Saddam Hussein who didn't adequately refute claims over Iraq's supposed weapons of mass destruction.

    "Iran owes the international community transparency and flexibility," he said. "The Gulf is extremely worried and the Middle East is watching the standoff."


    Gerald will be back on deck soon.
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