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    Saturday, November 17, 2007

    Durand Line, Talibans stealth Border


    Durand Line, Talibans stealth Border

    Durand line, MOVE IT...

    Here is view of NEFA Senior Investigator Claudio Franco

    ( NEFA HAS UNLOCKED THEIR PDF's, thanks Guys )

    Besides, the extreme mobility of the insurgents across the border is demonstrating a fact that the international community has ignored since the West reengaged with Afghanistan following 9/11: the Durand line is worth less than the ink it was traced with because Pashtunistan, de facto, does exist. ( Pashtunistan = Taliban-istan )

    ( The Durand line is well known by the Taliban, as an escape border, but other than that, the local tribes ignore the Durand line. It is a false border and enables pursuit free line. Cross it and your enemy can't follow you. They come under the control of both Afghan and Pakti and depending on which side of the line they stand on and as a consequence under the control of neither Afghan or Pakti. This un-natural border defining neither geographic nor cultural lines allows them sanctuary. Moving the border to cultural norms would alleviate many of these problems, and bring them under someones control/authority, Currently its being used as a one sided DMZ...Some Pakistani residents support breaking Pakti up, into 5 countries, 5 authorities, ie no DMZ...)

    The Durand line runs right down the middle of the Brown area on the map.

    Line in brown area is Durand line.


    Map below is completely within the Brown area above map,
    all Pashtoon.

    Pashtun area in center. NEW photos swapped in ..old photos blocked...

    The Durand line runs right down the middle of the Brown area.
    The Durand line, border, runs down the left side of all the colored areas above . Pakti on the Right side, Afghan on the left side.


    Claudio Franco continues:
    It doesn’t end at Torkham, but stretches from the Indus River to Kabul, a homogeneous entity which cannot be divided with any end result other than a completely porous border. This widespread nationalist sentiment does not immediately translate into political terms, though, and stating that the Pakistani Taliban are the same thing as their Afghan counterparts would be a serious mistake. ( YOU HAVE NOT CONVINCED ME, EVIDENCE? ) The Pakistani Taliban is made up of a confederation of radical warlords, each holding limited swathes of territory. They received their ideological training mostly from extremist clerics in Pakistan, and tribal allegiance continues to play an important role among them. However, the ideology is the same, and the Pakistani Taliban have reportedly sworn loyalty to Mullah Omar.

    ( The requirements for formally breaking this 'sworn loyalty' oath are definitive. Gerald )



    Background: on "Afghan - Patki" difficult relationship, Pre-Russian to USA Invasion:

    Historically the Afghan Pakti relationship has been antagonistic. The Taliban has worked for Pakti interests in Afghan. Now Pakti fights the Taliban kind of... Pakti and Taliban historically have had working relationships on many levels, now they are in the process of working out a new relationship, which al Qaeda doesn't want.

    Note : Afghan doesn't have the problems on their side of the Durand line than Pakti has on its side of the Durand line, same culture on both sides of the line....Pashtoon ! ? !

    Geography same on both sides of border, so whats the difference? USA FORCES on Afghan side, not on Pakti side.
    The situation in Afghan is a trained Army, with artillery and airborne capability against heavy weapons squads at best, the Taliban. ( Wild card, Afghans Nukes )

    Fly over Durand Line, Pashtoon area.

    Fly over Durand line, Pashtoon section.

    "Paradigm cross check on Pervez MUSHARRAF"

    al Qaeda connections in Patki, WHO?

    USA's next move in the Info War for the hearts and minds.

    Inside look at Tilaban ( Video )
    Move the Pashtoon border (Durand line) , so it is in Afghan or make it independent, then USA can go in, and stop most of the Taliban movement between Afghan and Pakti. Right now going after the Taliban from Afghan or Pakti is like squeezing a baloon.


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    Friday, November 16, 2007

    Gang rape victim 90 lashes: NO 200

    Gang rape case, victim 90 lashes: NO 200 lashes, for media coverage.

    RIYADH - Saudi Arabia

    On Wednesday, a court sentenced a 19-year-old woman who was gang-raped by six armed attackers to 200 lashes and six months in jail.

    The woman was initially ordered to undergo 90 lashes for "being in the car of an unrelated male at the time of the rape," the Arab News reported.

    A court source told the paper that the judges had decided to punish the woman further for "her attempt to aggravate and influence the judiciary through the media."



    And .... I'm tired of Muslim men punishing the women for the Muslim men being unable to control themselves...

    Burkas because some Muslim male may go nutz and attack a women because they can see them.

    I suspect this lack of "SELF control" THAT many Muslims are worried about to the extent they punish victims, hang children and force burkas, contributes to the GWOT.

    This is virtually an admission of some Muslims lack of self control.

    And that has to be taken into consideration.

    Whipping a woman for Gang rape is uncivilized, backward, barbaric, and savage. Do these Muslims feel no Shame

    Doubling the whipping for Press coverage, do they have no pride, no honor?

    Are the Saudis without self respect or Grace? Shamefaced ?


    UPdate: Her attorney's licence. is revoked.



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    U.S. Efforts in Afghanistan vs Pakti

    Excellent Article:

    U.S. Efforts in Afghanistan vs Pakti

    October 15, 2007

    Backgrounder #2076

    Waging a Long-Term Political-Military-Economic Campaign to Stabilize Afghanistan. The Taliban poses more of a long-term political and ideological threat than a short-term military threat. OEF and ISAF forces have won important battlefield victories over the Taliban and have killed or captured many of its leaders, but the Taliban cannot be defeated merely by military means. The Afghan people are the center of gravity in the struggle against the Taliban and its militant allies. Ultimately, only the Afghans, not Westerners, can decisively defeat the Taliban. The U.S. and its allies need to convince Afghans that their long-term interests are better served by an inclusive democratic government with substantial economic aid from the West than by a radical Islamic regime. Building the capacity, effectiveness, and public support of the Afghan government should be the highest priority......

    If you don't talk to them, you can't win any hearts connected to the minds, that your not talking to.....G )

    Lisa Curtis is Senior Research Fellow for South Asia in the Asian Studies Center and James Phillips is Research Fellow for Middle Eastern Affairs in the Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies, a division of the Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute for International Studies, at The Heritage Foundation.


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    Taliban illusions.

    Here is view of NEFA Senior Investigator Claudio Franco

    The Taliban staged a graduation ceremony for “martyrdom” recruits allegedly assigned to strike targets in the West. Mansour was filmed addressing the recruits, and the young volunteers were shown issuing on-screen threats to their assigned target nations...

    Mansour follows the trail forged by his brother, who pioneered the Afghan use of suicide bombers. Among his recruits, he claims, there are several Western volunteers ready to strike targets in the USA, the UK, and other European countries, such as France and Germany. The training of Western operatives, says Mansour, will continue and increase in accordance with the late leader’s plans. The Taliban have learned a great deal about their enemy since 2001. Now they know who to target in order to take advantage of the divisions in NATO’s heterogeneous forces, and they are fully aware of the conflict’s impact on Western public opinion.




    Claudio Franco :
    The footage was circulated in the Western media in June18, and the Taliban released their own cut of the video in August 2007. Interestingly Mullah Dadullah, too, was introduced to the Western media through a video which depicted the veteran commander addressing a group of suicide bombers.

    It was the first time “martyrdom seekers” were presented openly as the Taliban military campaign’s weapon of choice, and Dadullah gained instant notoriety.

    Relatively young and inexperienced, Mansour, as a 38-year-old, newly-appointed leader, would have been an unknown quantity, but for the family connection to his notorious elder brother.

    The bombers' convention served its purpose well, however; the video, probably conceived by Mansour's faction as a propaganda tool, successfully portrayed him as a key player on the Afghan stage. The ceremony itself was clearly a carefully staged event, and it seems possible that most of the bombers filmed with Mansour were “extras” recruited from among the idle youth of Miramshah.

    Taliban illusions, hundreds of suicide bombers, and some English. NOT.


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    Nail vs House.cyber Troops

    Civilian Cyber Troops just get better and better.
    I find myself focused on just ONE BAD nail, I look up and Dancho has the blueprints for the whole house, lol, the CCT discover sharing Intel is a Great Force multiplier.

    Dancho Danchev - Mind Streams of Information Security Knowledge

    Having had their blogs removed from Wordpress in a coordinated shutdown operation courtesy of the wisdom of the anti cyber jihadist crowd, The Ignored Puzzle Pieces of Knowledge and The Caravan of Martyrs have switched location to these URLs -;;; Apparently there's an ongoing migration of cyber jihadist blogs from Wordpress to Muslimpads presumably with the idea to increase the time from a TOS abuse letter to shut down, if shut down ever occures given Muslimpad is significantly biased in removing such positioned as "free speech" communities given it's hosting provider is Should such propaganda be tolerated? This is where the different mandates of anti cyber jihadist organizations across the world contradict with each other. Some have a mandate to shut down such blogs and sites as soon as they come across such, others have a mandate to monitor and analyze these to keep in pace with emerging threats in the form of real-time intelligence, and in the near future other participants will have a mandate to infect such communities with malware ultimately targeting the cyber jihadists behind them or the visitors themselves.

    A unified approach by anti-cyber Jihadist organizations across the world would be a great force Multiplier. Maybe a central "Clearing house"?

    The day after our First post on readying the civilian Cyber forces, this Samir Khan Quit posting to his blog.

    why take him DOWN.



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    ‘US facing no-win situation in Pakistan’: BS

    US facing no-win situation in Pakistan

    ( Loosing the Info WAR )

    * Ex-CIA official says Musharraf and his generals will pay lip service to US demands
    * US wants compliant Pakistan

    By Khalid Hasan
    Friday, November 16, 2007

    WASHINGTON: The United States is now confronted with an essentially no-win situation in Pakistan, the result of many years of ad hoc policies based on an abiding faith in the power of US military force coupled with ignorance of the strategic, cultural and psychological realities of the region, according to a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) official.

    Graham E Fuller, a former vice-chairman of the National Intelligence Council at the CIA, writes in a publication called Global Viewpoint that at heart there is an incompatibility of American strategic interests with those of Pakistan, particularly as perceived by the country’s strategic elite. Powerful popular forces of Pakistani and Islamic nationalism intensify this divide.

    Washington wants what Pakistan will not deliver, or cannot deliver except to a modest degree. Bush wants to destroy Al Qaeda in the Pak-Afghan region, a goal shared by President General Pervez Musharraf.

    But while Al Qaeda lacks native roots in Pakistan, Osama Bin Laden is still the object of sympathy by huge numbers in Pakistan and beyond. Humbled Muslim societies everywhere see Bin Laden as one of the few figures in the Muslim world willing to stand up with honour and bravery to the American colossus and defy its imperial ambitions.

    ( They think this, because of the USA's failed Info War in Pakti. al Qaeda killing Muslims, women, children, bombing Mosques and Market places honour, honour: no just a Info war Failure.)

    That makes Bin Laden more popular than Bush or Musharraf, even if most of the population does not share the Qaeda chief’s vision of violent global jihadi struggle.

    Lip service: According to Fuller, Washington’s demands continue to cut closer to the Pakistani bone. Bush wants Pakistan to cut off cross-border contact between Pakistan and Afghanistan, to deny Pakistan as a safe haven for the Afghan Taliban. Musharraf and his generals will pay lip service to this goal, but they will not ultimately do it.

    The reasons are not complex. As distasteful a symbol of primitive Islamic practice as the Taliban have been, today they represent essentially the major vehicle for Pashtun nationalism in Afghanistan, the single biggest ethnic group and much under-represented in the US-backed Karzai government. More important, there are twice as many ethnic Pashtuns in Pakistan itself as there are in Afghanistan. The cross-border ties are inextricable: clan, family, history, culture, language, religion. This ethnic organism will not be sundered by the arbitrary and unpopular borders between the two countries. Pashtuns can do, and will casually ignore this artificial divide. The Taliban as a political and ideological movement is growing more powerful within Pakistan itself.

    Pakistan, Fuller points out, already has one powerful enemy on its eastern flank — India. It cannot afford to have a hostile Afghanistan on its western side. Every Pakistani strategic thinker knows this. Yet under the Karzai government in Afghanistan, the enemies of Pakistan — the anti-Pashtun Northern Alliance, and a strong Indian political and intelligence presence — have grown strong. Pakistan’s primary voice and influence inside Afghanistan comes mainly via the Taliban, supported behind the scenes by the Pakistani military on strategic grounds. Washington may rail at this, but it cannot change these facts on the ground. Pakistan’s government is meanwhile still heavily influenced by powerful feudal rural landholders with regressive social and economic policies. The country desperately needs agricultural and social reform. But reform will undercut the powerful feudalists, a key pillar of power. Former premier Benazir Bhutto, for all her Western polish, herself represents those very landowning powers in her native Sindh region. The kind of deep social reform required is not in the offing, neither with Musharraf nor with Bhutto. She has been tested — twice — and found wanting.

    Compliant Pakistan: Fuller argues that Washington wants a compliant Pakistan that will dutifully play its assigned role in the US regional hegemonic vision. Washington will take it any way it can get it, with or without democracy. So US calls for democracy are now issued in panic and ring hollow after six years of support for the Musharraf dictatorship. Pakistani liberals condemn the US for supporting the Pakistani military dictatorship for so long in the name of an unpopular “war against terror” and perceive US confrontationalism as only serving to inflame the militant jihadists.

    ( No mention of the terrorist confrontations, beheadings, bombings and He says USA is 'inflaming' the terrorist...his reasoning is so obtuse as to be beyond logic )

    Nor can the crisis in Pakistan be viewed in isolation. It is of a piece with the war in Afghanistan, and is inextricably linked as well to broader convulsions across the Middle East.

    He writes, “Today the US military presence is perhaps the single most inflammatory element in politics across the region. The American military response to this regional challenge only serves to exacerbate it. Sadly, Pakistan is now swift on the heels of Iraq and Afghanistan in heading toward increased civil strife and bitter anti-American emotions ... The region will only calm down following a withdrawal of US forces.”

    ( Iraq calmed down, and civil strife is declining, and no withdrawal of USA troops yet. )



    This is a good example of Info War, and their propaganda is getting through, where is the USA's Pashtoon media blitz? VOA? FM stations? Cell Phone network, TV?

    Inside look at Tilaban ( Video )


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    Thursday, November 15, 2007

    "Paradigm cross check on Pervez MUSHARRAF".

    "Paradigm cross check on Pervez MUSHARRAF".

    For this cross check we are going back to 3 articles Two are 2 months old, outlining the Pakistan Paradigm.

    We can then cross check the accuracy of the articles paradigm, "forecast vs history." ( article 2 months old )

    I then assume Musharraf and his Intel services have/had about the same information as the general Paradigm outlined by the authors.

    We then look and see what Musharraf does or doesn't do with this information to discern motivations.

    Ontological problem with ' Paradigm Intel ' its seminal fault is "Just because you can forecast actions doesn't mean you understand
    whats going on.'
    ( Example: Ptolemy and his theory of the planets, Earth-centered Ptolemaic system, LOOPING Planets. He could forecast position of the planets, but his understanding of the system was very wrong.)


    Two months ago, article: "
    Military brains plot Pakistan's
    By Syed Saleem Shahzad describes the Talibans goals and military plan. Including the Taliban resurgence .
    And SWAT take over by Taliban and other targeted areas.
    Pushing for peace in North Waziristan By

    What has MUSHARRAF done?

    #1) Pakistan frees Mullah Obaidullah, other senior Taliban leaders.

    #2) 'Top militant' seized for harbouring Al Qaeda.

    #3) Taliban turning on al Qaeda.

    While these are not KEY factors we can see MUSHARRAF taking a stick to al Qaeda and honey for the Taliban.
    Releasing the Taliban leaders, and arresting someone who HELPED al Qaeda. And some circumstantial evidence Taliban may be turning on al Qaeda.


    The court has ordered the release of over 60 al Qaeda suspects being held without charge. The court also ordered the release of all those detained in the assault on the radical Red Mosque in Islamabad ,
    ( One of the reasons given for calling the Emergency powers into play, al Qaeda doesn't get any honey. )

    Loosing the Info War, could cost USA Pakti.
    The Western view of Pakti isn't clear, foggy.
    MUSHARRAF undoubtedly has reviewed his methods with the Collation, and they can track actions for confirmation.

    On several occasions Pakti has had its forces refuse to fight the Taliban, surrender to them even, because of tribal connections.

    MUSHARRAF seems to be consistent, attempting to strip the Taliban away from al Qaeda.
    And convert the Taliban to Pakistan rule.

    He seems to think he can work with the Taliban, in fact must work with them to effect some workable Government, especially in view of the problems he is having in the Tribal areas and his Military's reluctance to fight them. ( The "Law of Unintended Consequences" strikes again, While the Pakti Army doesn't want to kill other Pashtoons, ie the Taliban: neither does the Taliban want to kill Pashtoons, the Pakti Army, either. )

    Most of the Taliban are Pashtoon and so is his Army. In some sense it is like a force taking over a town from its self.
    And any actions against the civilians would be against other Pashtoons also.

    The Taliban to be clear has beheaded Pashtoon tribal leaders that didn't obey. But they, the Taliban know if it gets to far out of line, the Taliban will be facing a civil war from its own people, look to history.

    With al Qaeda's and Talibans stealth Border: ArmedForces are unable to use a hammer and anvil, their stealth border equals a Fire free zone.

    The map below is completely within the Brown Area above, all Pashtoon.

    The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

    MUSHARRAF fears his political enemy's more than the Taliban hense the Emergency Powers.

    Political and Military Illusions in Pakti. Reality vs Illusion. It is a hard call without a thorough anthropological review/Background.

    Afghanistan's USA classified operation has worked well in Afghanistan over the summer.

    And Iraq has been democratized. Looking up.

    Many of these methods will work in Pakti, but USA has no Cadre to train the Paktis in situ.
    ( UPDATE: 11.20.07, I was wrong: Shifting its strategy, the United States has drafted a proposal to build an armed tribal paramilitary force in Pakistan's frontier areas by enlisting local leaders to counter the expanding base of Al Qaeda and the Taliban in the region.

    If adopted, the proposal is likely to expand the presence of the US military trainers in Pakistan, directly finance a separate tribal paramilitary force, that until now has proved largely ineffective, and pay militias, who agreed to fight Al Qaeda and foreign extremists, the New York Times said, quoting officials. )

    There seems to be the desire to bring the Taliban under/into a working relationship.

    As we understand it the Pakti Army could take/crush the Taliban if it was so motivated, if the Taliban involvement in al Qaeda type slaughter of Pashtoons was extensive or some other such significant act to offend the Pashtoons.

    Which maybe why MUSHARRAF doesn't really fear the Taliban.

    What MUSHARRAF is up too.

    "al qaeda's Psyops for Patki"

    Talibans military plans:

    Inside look at Tilaban ( Video )

    My concern maybe the title of my next book:
    " How to live with Terrorism for $10 billion".

    MUSHARRAF is removed from this Paradigm, resignation or death, then we suspect a donnybrook.

    Pakti Paranoia:

    Please use "comments/blowback" below, to add to or question the pardigm.

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    Memri TV, confused "info war" paradigm

    Memri TV

    Memri TV, confused "info war" paradigm..

    "Thank you for your interest in downloading material from MEMRI TV."

    They don't allow embedding of their videos.

    They restrict the spread of information and the truth, by not allowing embedding.

    And their "request form" for the embed code is not working.

    Bad Paradigm.

    Brilliant work, limited distribution.


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    ex-Taliban militant. "Ther goes Biny"

    Afghanistan: Bin Laden hiding in border mountains, claims ex-Taliban militant

    Swat Valley, 15 Nov. (AKI) - Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was hiding in the remote mountains on the Afghani-Pakistani border and moving constantly to avoid detection by intelligence agencies, according to a Taliban sympathiser.

    Ahmad Farooq, a Pakistani Pashtun has told the Italian daily, Corriere della Sera, that bin Laden had been moving from village to village in the area from Chitral to the "corridor of Waqan", the mountainous Hindu Kush region of Pakistan bordering Tajikstan and China.

    It is a rare account of bin Laden's life since he masterminded the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. But it is impossible to verify the accuracy of the account.

    Farooq told the Italian daily's magazine, that bin Laden was surrounded by about 20 armed men and he moved whenever he felt particularly threatened.

    "There are always 20 armed men with him, free from satellite telephones so that they did not risk detection by the Americans," he told the newspaper.

    "Not far from him there are two other similar groups that move in parallel. Osama passes from one to the other often many times in a week. No-one knows which group he is with at any time."

    Farooq said bin Laden had also managed to hide in the Pakistan-China border area of Karakorum, an uninhabited remote area, because it is guarded by Chinese troops.

    "He lives like a monk," Farooq said. "His health is not good. He is 50 years old. But he looks much older. He relies continutally on medicine for his weak kidneys and has a breathing apparatus.

    "He almost died a few years ago from bronchitis that developed into pneumonia."

    Farooq conducted the interview in Imam Dheray, in the Swat Valley where there has been widespread bloody conflict between the Pakistani security forces and the fugitive rebel leader and radical cleric, Mullah Fazlullah, and his supporters in recent weeks.

    Farooq said he decided to speak to the newspaper since he felt indebted to Italian members of the Red Cross who had come to the aid of him and other members of the Taliban when thousands were killed and injured in the US offensive in Afghanistan in 2001.

    He said Fazlullah had been with them and had commanded 11,000 Pakistani volunteers in the fighting.

    Farooq gave many details about where bin Laden had been since September 11 2001 - hiding in the Afghan province of Khost until it became too dangerous for him.

    Then, he said, the al-Qaeda leader moved to the Chitral region, in northern Pakistan.

    "I saw him for the last time on 17 September 2003 not far from Dir, my village, " he said. "His caravan was moving slowly. They told me he was not well. They didn't seem worried about being detected by the Americans.

    "Instead, they were looking for medicines and a warm place for the night. In that area winter arrives early. With the first snow fall the passes are closed at more than 4,000 metres and you have to wait for spring.

    "I think they only went to China in summer, when the paths are clear."

    A senior official from NATO's security services told the Italian daily's magazine such an account of bin Laden's activities was "quite possible".

    He said "We believe he remained in the mountains in the zones of Chitral and Swat. The detail about China was however new."


    China, hmmm
    I was guessing India..


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    Pilots thwarting ambush

    Pilots thwarting ambush

    07 November 2007

    By Sgt. 1st Class Rick Emert

    1st ACB, 1st Cav. Div. Public Affairs

    CAMP TAJI, Iraq - Set up in five trucks with heavy machine guns, enemy forces sat in wait for a helicopter to fly over their location west of Baghdad on the last day of May.
    It appeared their plan was to strike a blow to Multi-National Division-Baghdad by taking down a U.S. Army helicopter.

    Photo - Lt. Gen. Raymond Odierno, commanding general of Multi-National Corps-Iraq, (left) presents the Distinguished Flying Cross to Onawa, Iowa, native Chief Warrant Officer Elliott Ham, (second from right), as Portage, Ind., native Chief Warrant Officer 4 Steven Kilgore, (right), waits in a ceremony Oct. 28 at Camp Taji, Iraq.The enemy forces were trained and prepared with personnel to drive the trucks, man the guns and keep a lookout for any of the U.S. helicopters that patrol the skies of Baghdad in search of roadside bomb emplacers or insurgent mortar teams.

    The 1st Air Cavalry Brigade's Apache crews had become a thorn in the insurgency's side by regularly disrupting terrorist attacks on Coalition Forces and Iraqi civilians.

    As they waited, four Apache pilots from 1st "Attack" Battalion, 227th Aviation Regiment, 1st ACB, 1st Cavalry Division, were getting an intelligence briefing before heading out on their mission. The intelligence indicated that there were up to 30 gun trucks in a specific area, and the pilots' mission was to check it out.

    With both determination and caution, 1st Lt. Brian Haas, chief warrant officers 4 Steven Kilgore and Elliott Ham and Chief Warrant Officer 2 Cole Moughon took to the skies to check the validity of the report.

    All four said they thought from the onset that some sort of engagement was imminent. They expected to find at least several trucks with gun mounts that could easily be modified to attack air and ground assets.

    The two Apache crews, each with a pilot in command and a copilot-gunner, came up on a truck and sedan that stopped suddenly; the occupants quickly exited the vehicles and low crawled toward a ditch. The crews didn't know if this meant the people were being cautious, preparing for a possible engagement by taking cover, or if they knew that an engagement was imminent.

    "That instantly heightened our awareness; something is going on out here," said Kilgore, a Portage, Ind., native. "These people aren't just scared of us. They may be a little bit, to an extent, but there's something going on out here. We started keeping an eye open."
    It didn't take long for their suspicions to be confirmed.

    "I remember ... thinking this is weird; something's up," said Moughon, from Gray, Ga. "We (in the lead aircraft) heard (Kilgore) make the call over the radio: "Hey, I'm taking fire at my rear." We heard (Haas) say there was a big gun. I looked over to my right, and I was about to say: "Oh, I got it." I just got out "oh." I could see the flash from the muzzle. I saw a stitch of dirt in the road coming up towards us."

    It was even worse than the intelligence report had predicted; the trucks had more than just weapon mounts.

    "We were looking for trucks with mounts - not trucks with heavy machine guns looking to kill us," Moughon said. "At that point, it was pretty scary, because I knew - back in February, we lost an aircraft to heavy machine gun fire - we knew what the deal was right away. We knew that we were in something pretty dangerous."

    Kilgore spotted a gun truck about one-and-a-half kilometers away shooting at the helicopters, but there was a much more ominous threat.

    "We started taking fire from my right side about 1,500 meters away," Kilgore said. "What I didn't know is there was another gun about 300 meters away in the same line that started shooting at the same time. That rattled the aircraft. It didn't hit ... but rattled the aircraft."

    A seasoned Apache pilot with multiple deployments under his belt, Kilgore initially thought his aircraft had been hit.

    "We were so close to the gun that when the aircraft started to rattle, I thought I was taking hits," Kilgore said. "I actually saw muzzle flashes from it. It was about 250 to 300 meters out my right door."

    Within a couple of minutes, the Apache crews had gone from searching for the gun trucks to becoming the targets of a planned ambush by the enemy forces.

    "I was definitely at a position of a disadvantage, and I needed to gain an advantage," Kilgore said. "That meant ... moving out away from that (gun truck) to get out of his ability to track me. I was able to put a salvo of (rockets) on that gun truck and clear that gun truck. We came back later and destroyed the gun truck."

    Both aircrews broke contact safely, and then came back in to engage the trucks and insurgents.
    The trail aircraft had disabled one of the trucks, and Moughon and Ham in the lead aircraft took out another one on the second pass.

    "They broke off that truck, and we followed them out and then came back in. (Ham) called and said he had trucks fleeing to the north," said Haas, from Ashley, N.D. "They came around and engaged there. We came in behind them and just kind of suppressed again as they were breaking. They shot another missile. I think we made two more passes."

    With nearly half of the gun trucks already disabled, the aircrews were not about to let some of them get away to launch an ambush on another aircraft.

    "I saw three trucks with machine guns in the back in kind of like a straight trail formation hauling ... down the road," Moughon said. "As soon as I got the sight on them, I launched the missile. I saw the guy swing his gun around and just a bright flash of the gun firing. The (driver) braked. The missile hit right in front of the truck and didn't do anything. We broke, I think (the trail aircraft) suppressed, then we came back around and fired another missile.

    "(It was) the same thing; the guy knew what he was doing. He slammed on the brakes, but this time it killed the driver. That caused him to careen into his buddy and pushed him off the road. We further engaged with the (30mm) gun and got several guys that were running away. We just started (destroying the weapon systems) from there."

    The seemingly determined enemy forces had blinked and tried, without success, to flee.

    "Once they knew that we weren't going to run away from them, that's when we got the advantage and just got real aggressive," Haas said. "I think that helped us, because we got noise and rockets flying off the helicopter, and they saw that and they knew they were in for it."

    A couple of days later, with plenty of time to reflect on the engagement, the pilots realized there were some things they could have done differently.

    "In this situation, you're going to make mistakes," Moughon said. "It's not like (training) back at Fort Hood where we've got time. Everything was heat of the moment. You had to get rounds out. It was all a matter of who made fewer mistakes - whether or not you were going to be going home. Obviously, we made fewer mistakes than the enemy."

    While that may have been true about their actions during the 15 intense minutes that the engagement lasted, the Apache crews were simply more prepared, thanks to a whole team of Soldiers from the 1st ACB who provided support back at home base, Kilgore said.





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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Why KIA and bombings way down?

    Paradigm Intel indicates the Iraqi Ummah finally "GETS IT", why USA is still in Iraq, and finally knows who the enemy is. The Munitions are still there, even the Iranian hot stuff but they are not using the bombs.

    The Iraqi Ummah has taken control, and are now self actualizing.

    The Iraqi Ummah has taken control in some sections, and the other sections see; as soon as they are able to 'take' control USA will give it to them and withdraw.

    al Qaeda is BEAT from within, in Iraq.

    Patki is the big concern now.

    We are putting together a

    "Paradigm cross check on Pervez MUSHARRAF"


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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Wednesday, November 14, 2007

    A Taliban Resurgence:

    Here is view of NEFA Senior Investigator Claudio Franco

    A rational, well-informed revision of plans in the Pak-Afghan region
    cannot avoid confronting the rapid evolution of the Taliban threat across the border in
    Pakistan. Western strategists were certainly naive thinking Afghanistan could have been
    stabilized without seriously engaging in Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas
    (FATA), where the situation is rapidly deteriorating.

    Pakistan must play an active role in stabilizing war-torn Afghanistan but Islamabad’s security services must first be reigned in, before the crisis in the tribal areas triggers a full-blown conflict. This is all the more necessary given that Pakistan possesses nuclear weapons, weapons that radical Islamists have made clear they hope to acquire.

    Pakistan needs support equally as much as it needs pressure on the country’s establishment to address the toxic relationship in place between sectors of the country’s security services and radical Islamist militants.

    ( I'm confused, there is a toxic relationship between the Islamic militants and the Security Services... like USA and al Qaeda? It should be toxic!! )

    The country’s security apparatus would never be so well-funded, or considered so critical,
    without the existing terrorist threat. Paradoxically, a resolution of the Islamist quandary
    would be an anti-economical scenario for Pakistan’s security services. In such a context,
    the lower cadres of the security services, those who are most exposed to the danger of a
    sudden budget reduction, should be reigned in and motivated without further delay.


    Pakistan's economic take so far has been around $10 Billion usd for fighting Terrorism.
    Pakti won't allow USA to strike aQ in Pakti and Patki won't go after them in battle.
    If Patki defeated aQ or/and Taliban it would remove a major leg of their economy.
    If they did work out a deal the possibilities for double cross are considerable and very high risk.

    New Patki book, " How to live with Terrorism for $10 billion".

    If I've thought about this so have they.
    aQ just can't be allowed to exist, period. Anywhere.
    Let alone a country with Nukes.


    Map below is completely within the Brown area above map,
    all Pashtoon.

    The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

    A Pakitastani view?
    Divide Pakistan: To Eliminate Terrorism
    See larger image

    1050 petition sig,

    NO shortage of paranoia in Pakti Military.


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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Iran sanctions and $100 bbl oil.

    Iran: Has the Rising Price of Oil Trumped Sanctions?

    By Victor Comras

    And what effect has the current international sanctions and the additional US measures actually had on Iran. Well, it is clear that they have had some impact, but certainly not enough to deter Iran from its present course. Several European banks have pulled back, or put on hold further discussions concerning some major oil field, pipeline and other potential financial commitments.

    Banks still doing biz in Iran.

    Bank Sepah has had to close down its direct operations in Europe, and Bank Saderat and Bank Melli are cautiously redirecting their accounts away from European financial institutions. European boardrooms are also reflecting on the risks and likelihood of further EU sanctions measures, and as to whether they should really be concerned by threats of additional US regulatory activity. They are also concerned about their public relations in the United States, the growing impetus behind US disinvestment movements, and the threats of possible new US congressional action...................

    The fact is that Iran’s oil export revenue surge has served to shore up Iran’s otherwise foundering economy, at least for the short term. Last February Iran officials expected oil revenues to surpass $50 billion, and this can probably be raised by some 20 to 30 percent a result of the spot market price increases. Either way, increased oil revenues have resulted in a government revenue surplus which can be used to substitute for the loss of foreign funding for current critical infrastructure projects. However, this increased oil revenue has not insulated Iran’s vulnerable commercial class from the potential impact of any new European trade restrictions that might be directed at them. And this commercial class, which is crucial to providing new job development and for moderating current high urban unemployment rates, could prove to be Iran’s Achilles Heel.

    November 14, 2007 12:55 PM Link


    The sharp increase in oil prices is bringing havoc on 3rd world countries, and will lead to a world economic down turn if OPEC can't get oil prices down. And this world recession will cripple Iran.
    The price of oil has doubled for many small countries, while they must have energy, they will cut budgets in other areas, leading to economic downturn.

    In the USA there is high oil px, devaluation of Dollar ( if China dumps dollars in open market they will be shooting themselves in the foot as the $ will devalue as they dump them ie lower value ) ,Gold at $800, inflation indicator, sub-prime problem, and eventually 150,000 troops looking for jobs at wars end.


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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Hope in Pakti ?

    How to take a holiday in Pakistan
    By Hugh Sykes
    BBC News, Pakistan

    Suicide bombs, battles in tribal areas, and states of emergency tend to put off casual tourists. But the impression such events convey can often be misleading and unrepresentative of a country as a whole.

    A few days ago I was sitting in a cafe sipping best Italian espresso and reading a news magazine.

    The front page was full of furious faces and clenched fists under the headline, The Most Dangerous Nation in the World isn't Iraq, it's Pakistan.

    A view over the isolated Chitral Valley in north west Pakistan
    Hugh Sykes journey took him to the Chitral Valley in north west Pakistan

    The cafe was in a smart bookshop in Pakistan's capital, Islamabad.

    I sighed and turned to the article inside.

    It was a revealing analysis of some penetration of a few places in Pakistan by the Taleban and al-Qaeda.

    I pondered the magnifying-glass effect of dramatic news coverage.

    The suicide bomb attack on Benazir Bhutto's homecoming parade in Karachi in October, which killed an estimated 140 people, and the assault on a Taleban pocket in the Swat valley, a tourist destination, took place while I was in Pakistan.

    But neither event had a noticeable effect on the general sense of security and stability where I was in Islamabad or on the road.

    The notion that Pakistan is more dangerous than Iraq is absurd.

    Until recently suicide bombs, murder, and kidnapping were routine in Iraq.

    And there is no way I would do there what I have just done in Pakistan: take a holiday.

    Never alone

    I hired a car in Islamabad and headed out onto the partially completed M2 motorway that will eventually connect Lahore (near the Indian border) with Peshawar (the last city on the road to the Khyber Pass and Afghanistan).

    But motorways are boring, so I left the M2 and re-joined the ancient Grand Trunk Road, which links most of the main towns of northern Pakistan.

    For much of the route it is lined with eucalyptus trees, their almost-autumn leaves and silvery bark shining in the clear October sun as I drove along.

    Driving in Pakistan is fast and sometimes chaotic, but not competitive.

    They even hoot politely. And one great danger at home you hardly ever have to contend with in Pakistan is drunk drivers and people with concentration blurred by hangovers.

    My destinations were Chitral, an isolated valley in the far-north-west on the Afghan border and Gilgit, close to China and Tajikistan.

    The round-trip was more than 1,200 miles (nearly 2,000km) and included mountain passes almost half as high as Everest.

    And although I was driving alone, I was hardly ever on my own.

    There is public transport but not a lot. So, people walk long distances along these high stony roads and if a car passes, they hold out a hand hoping for a lift.

    Twelve-year-old Kashif, one of Hugh Sykes' companions on his journey
    Twelve-year-old Kashif, one of Hugh Sykes' companions on his road trip

    One morning, 12-year-old Kashif sat with me for a while.

    He had been expecting to walk for more than an hour to the nearest town, to buy a new pair of shoes.

    He showed me the pair he was wearing. The right shoe's upper was half split away from the sole.

    Kashif spoke almost perfect English, good enough to warn me as we turned a tight bend, "Be careful, uncle, road badly damaged round next corner from earthquake."

    Earthquake damage from 2005, still unrepaired.

    I spent the night at a hotel next to the old fort at Mastuj, near the snowy Hindu Kush peak Tirich Mir which is 7,690m high (25,200 feet).

    The hotel consists of small timber and stone cabins set in a wood of walnut trees and poplars and a plane tree reputed to be 200 years old.

    I woke to autumn colours every bit as wondrous as anything I have seen in Kew Gardens or New England.

    My next hitch-hiking companion was Mohammed, an English Literature student at Peshawar University.

    "So you study Shakespeare?" I asked.

    Mohammed, an English Literature student at Peshawar University
    Mohammed, an English Literature student at Peshawar University

    "Yes, and Wordsworth."

    And John Donne, I wondered?

    "Ah, John Donne," he raptured.

    "John Donne... the poetry of love."

    I do not know any Donne by heart but when I attempted Shakespeare's Seven Ages of Man from As You Like It, Mohammed completed every line as we bumped along the dusty road.

    Parts of Pakistan are deeply conservative, devoutly Muslim places, and I was not signalled for lifts by many women.

    But there were some.

    A mother and grandmother, sitting in the back, their heads covered but not their faces and one-year-old Anis and his father Samir in the front with me.

    He protested when I took a photograph of the two women but they did not object and posed happily as they waited for the flash.

    When I delivered them to the Gilgit hospital where the little boy had an appointment with a heart specialist, his father was so pleased and grateful he gave me a bear hug, and a massive smile that erased his earlier stern objections to taking a picture.

    I gave lifts to more than 20 people, learned how to say "no problem" in Urdu (Koi Batnahi), and had to hold back tears when two children said thank you for their lift and offered me money to help pay for the petrol.

    From Our Own Correspondent was broadcast on Saturday 10 November, 2007 at 1130 GMT on BBC Radio 4. Please check the programme schedules for World Service transmission times.


    We advise against all travel to areas where there are reports of military or militant activity...
    We advise against all but essential travel to Quetta (Balochistan) and... against using the rail network or bus services in the whole of Balochistan
    There is a high threat from terrorism and sectarian violence throughout Pakistan...
    You should avoid any demonstrations or large gatherings of people

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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    inshallahshaheed makes Death Threats

    Islamofacisist threatens Bloggers Life and his Family.

    21-year-old American, Samir Khan who produces his terrorist blog from his parents’ Basement in North Carolina Threatens:

    "O Allah kill Rusty Shackleford and terrorize his family."

    Three times...he says this...inciting murder.

    He posted this in his blog,
    With photos ( WARNING GRAPHIC ) of dead Americans, head, faces missing.

    He seems to think a disclaimer protects him.
    • Disclaimer

      The information on this blog is for educational, research and media monitoring purposes only and the blog maintainers are hereby not responsible for any outcome by its reading or content- the views expressed are just to enhance debate and provoke thought.
    He admits in the disclaimer, his writings may lead to others acting on his words. ( murder or worse )

    I think there are some civilian Cyber troops ready to take him DOWN...

    electronic Jahidist life expectancy. max. 3 yrs: avg is 2 yrs.

    Who saw this post? Lets look at his surfers:

    users come from these countries:

    Singapore 14.3%

    He is calling for attacks on women and children, JUST LIKE AL QAEDA.

    "Samir Khan" IS NOT MUSLIM HE IS Tâghût,
    Shaitân...Allah will forsake him.

    Those who believe, fight in the Cause of Allâh, and those who disbelieve, fight in the cause of the (false moujadeem), Tâghût (Satan). So fight you against the friends of Shaitân (Satan). Ever feeble indeed is the plot of Shaitân (Satan the false Moujahedeen ). ] al-Nissa:76.

    Allah said : (Allah has promised, to those among you who believe and work righteous deeds, that He will, of a surety, grant them in the land, inheritance (of power), as He granted it to those before them; that He will establish in authority their religion -the one which He has chosen for them; and that He will change (their state), after the fear in which they (lived), to one of security and peace: 'They will worship Me (alone) and not associate aught with Me. 'If any do reject Faith after this, they are rebellious and wicked.) 55,AlNOOR.

    Allah said: "The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter." 33:Al-Maeda .

    Women, Children, ? ??

    Asking the Lord to accept. The overall objective of this bulletin : Brothers and sisters urged to publish this article to relatives and friends, and in the mosques, and every person standing on the Internet Through the printing and distribution of the bulletin, and read on boards and also through sent by e-mail and e-mail Different groups, forums and chat rooms. , and other ideas that have the positive impact.

    'If any do reject Faith after this, they are rebellious and wicked.) 55,AlNOOR.

    Civilian Cyber troops are watching, reporting, ACTING.

    , AL QAEDA'S CYBER DOS ATTACK ARM that threatened to attack civilian Internet Targets.

    "Samir Khan" is in violation of the Quraan and Allah's words, women and children!!


    Additional: He has called for the death of
    Cap. Cormier Michel.

    The US commander of International Security Assistance Force in the Andar district of Ghazni Province in Afghanistan has embraced Islam.

    The commander of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) embraced Islam in the presence of 2,000 people on Thursday.

    Cap. Cormier Michel - 45 - commands 300 ISAF troops in the Taliban-infested district. The Ghazni governor, district chief, provincial council members, local officials, elders, ISAF soldiers and students attended a ceremony marking the commander’s conversion to Islam.

    Samir Khan: "The answer is they (Mujaahideen) have all the right to kill him ."

    UPDATE: His site is DOWN.



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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Durand Line, Talibans stealth Border

    Here is view of NEFA Senior Investigator Claudio Franco

    ( NEFA HAS UNLOCKED THEIR PDF's, thanks Guys )

    Besides, the extreme mobility of the insurgents across the border is
    demonstrating a fact that the international community has ignored since the West reengaged
    with Afghanistan following 9/11: the Durand line is worth less than the ink it
    was traced with because Pashtunistan, de facto, does exist.

    ( The Durand line is well known by the Taliban, as an escape border, but other than that, the local tribes ignore the Durand line. It is a false border and enables pursuit free line. Cross it and your enemy can't follow you. They come under the control of both Afghan and Pakti and depending on which side of the line they stand on and as a consequence under the control of neither Afghan or Pakti. This un-natural border defining neither geographic nor cultural lines allows them sanctuary. Moving the border to cultural norms would alleviate many of these problems, and bring them under someones control/authority, Currently its being used as a one sided DMZ...Some Pakistani residents support breaking Pakti up, into 5 countries, 5 authorities, no DMZ...)


    Map below is completely within the Brown area above map,
    all Pashtoon.

    The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

    The Durand line runs right down the middle of the Brown area.
    The Durand line, border, runs down the left side of all the colored areas above . Pakti on the Right side, Afghan on the left side.

    Interactive Map:


    It doesn’t end at Torkham, but stretches from the Indus River to Kabul, a homogeneous entity which cannot be divided with any end result other than a completely porous border. This widespread nationalist sentiment does not immediately translate into political terms, though, and stating that the Pakistani Taliban are the same thing as their Afghan counterparts would
    be a serious mistake. The Pakistani Taliban is made up of a confederation of radical
    warlords, each holding limited swathes of territory. They received their ideological
    training mostly from extremist clerics in Pakistan, and tribal allegiance continues to play
    an important role among them. However, the ideology is the same, and the Pakistani
    Taliban have reportedly sworn loyalty to Mullah Omar.

    ( The requirements for formally breaking this 'sworn loyalty' oath are definitive. Gerald )


    Note : Afghan doesn't have the problems on their side of the Durand line than Pakti has on its side of the Durand line, same culture on both sides of the line....Pashtoon ! ? !

    Update: Musa Qala
    Whats next?

    Hunter killer teams based on the CIA concept in the WAR for Afghan.

    The Government can't field enough troops to protect EVERY village.
    alternative is the Running Hammer, track them, follow them and hit the Taliban at every opportunity, 24/7.
    When they land in a town bring in a fast strike force, rout them, and start 24/7 again.


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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Tuesday, November 13, 2007

    Nuclear Events

    Event: Nuclear Event
    Urgency: Past
    Severity: Minor
    Certainty: Observed
    Headline: Nuclear Event - Europe - Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Description: Nearly one tonne of radioactive waste has disappeared from a hospital in Banja Luka over the last couple of days, Bosnian Serb media reported Tuesday citing official sources. The radioactive material needed for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes was stored in lead containers in the basement of the Banja Luka hospital, from where it was stolen, Bosnian Serb Health Minister Ranko Skrbic told local media. Skrbic however said the waste should not be dangerous to the population. It was likely that the containers would be sold as the lead is very heavy and has a certain market value, reports said. Skrbic said an investigation into the case would be opened to find out how it was possible for the radioactive lead containers to disappear from the hospital's storage, despite security measures.
    Description: Europe Bosnia and Herzegovina Republika Srpska Banja Luka



    Second Attack on South African Nuke Plant

    By Noah Shachtman EmailNovember 13, 2007 | 11:57:17 AMCategories: Crime, Nukes

    Htf "On the same night last week that four robbers shot an emergency officer at Pelindaba" -- South Africa's most important atomic facility -- "another attempt was made to bypass the nuclear site's security," according to The Sowetan.

    The site’s outer security perimeter was breached in both incidents, SA Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa) chief executive Rob Adam disclosed today...

    Adam said that the two attempts appeared to have been “co-ordinated” but there was no evidence to verify this as yet.

    It was not clear what the motive for the breaches was, and all possibilities were being investigated, he said...

    “Modus operandi implied prior knowledge of electronic security systems. I’m not saying it is an inside job. I’m saying whoever did this, knows these systems very, very well.”




    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Afghan LSD experience, political illusions.

    Small village.

    What is real and NOT in Afghan and Pakti?
    Illusion or reality?

    Here is view of NEFA Senior Investigator Claudio Franco

    Discerning truth from fiction is hard work in Afghanistan, and a handful of
    Afghans sitting around a fire waiting for the biting cold of the winter to give way
    constitutes a formidable myth-producing machine—without any further need for a
    structured propaganda effort. Legend relates how the Taliban insurgency was actually
    ignited by a group of Arabs and Chechens, Osama Bin Laden loyalists, who attacked a
    police post in Paktika in 2002, marking the beginning of a new, bloody conflict. After
    that first operation, there was no need for the foreign fighters to engage in battle that
    often; “Where Arabs go first, Afghans will follow suit.” Sadly, that seems to have been
    the case. ( Taliban follow al Qaeda like a woman follows a man.)

    The Taliban are apparently converging on the Musayi Valley, a traditionally
    restive area in the Capital district known to locals and NATO personnel as "Little
    Helmand". Musayi appears to be the location chosen to establish hidden operating bases
    from where the insurgents can launch operations against Coalition and the Afghan
    National Army (ANA) targets in the Capital region.


    The aim of Op OQAB ALPINI was to re-establish
    a permanent ISAF and Afghan National
    Security Force (ANSF) presence to the south
    of the city in the Musayi Valley and begin long-
    term R&D. Improved security was needed to
    enable CIMIC activities as a precursor to long-
    term Government of Afghanistan investment
    to provide a better standard of life for the local
    population. SOURCE:
    Clinic dedicated to Italians Our Correspondent16 Jul 2007
    KABUL: A cornerstone-laying ceremony dedicated the first stone clinic in the Musayi Valley
    Christian Parenti: Taliban Rising13 Jan 2007 by Ronald
    "The Italians call that the Valley of Death," says my local guide matter-of-factly as we pass a lush little cluster of villages wedged between two desiccated slopes. We are still in Kabul Province, the Musayi district.
    Afghanistan launches massive anti-Taliban operation16 Sep 2006 by Editor
    Also on Saturday, three Afghan employees of a non-governmental organization (NGO) were killed and another wounded as a remote-controlled bomb targeted their vehicle in Musayi district in the south of the central Kabul province, ...



    Madyan is located in Swat, Sarhad, Pakistan. It is one of the popular hill stations in Pakistan.

    The Madyan General store.
    About 100 homes.
    2 cops.

    The press present these Taliban "take overs" , like they are a important military victory,
    when in fact these are small villages with a few guards for police and can be easily retaken at any time.

    It is difficult to distinguish between important events and political fluff currently in Afghan or Pakti.


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