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    Monday, July 03, 2006

    Internet Anthropologist CEO

    Payvand's Iran News ...

    Iranian Intelligence Ministry closely monitoring foreigners' subversive activities: Minister


    TEHRAN, July 2 (Mehr News Agency)-- Intelligence Minister Gholam-Hossein Mohseni Ejei said here onSunday that the Intelligence Ministry has devised various strategies tocombat internal and external measures taken against Iran's Islamicsystem. ( TORTURE )

    At this juncture, the United States has thegreatest motivation to fight against the Islamic Republic of Iran,Mohseni Ejei told reporters at a press conference.

    "Despite all the U.S. opposition, Iran hasgained military power. Therefore, by training elements inside andoutside the country, the U.S. is trying to topple the Islamic Republic.

    "But the Intelligence Ministry keeps trackof and is ready to deal with all internal and external measures againstthe Islamic system. (WILL KILL DEMONSTRATORS )

    Mohseni Ejei said the government is makingserious efforts to materialize its key slogans, including justice anddevelopment, "And the Intelligence Ministry, as part of the government,moves in line with these policies." ( BRIBES AND THREATS )

    Pointing to the government's slogan toserve the people, he noted, "We seek to provide people with equalfacilities and opportunities, to pay more attention to underprivilegedareas, and to take serious steps to solve the unemployment problem." ( SLAVES )

    Through various measures, the enemy is trying to show that the government is inefficient, Mohseni Ejei said.

    "But through our organized intelligence activities, we identified the elements and informed the relevant officials. ( THREATENED )

    "We gave warnings to all the people who we thought worked toward this end, either intentionally or unintentionally." ( JAILED AND THREATENED )

    The enemy is outraged over the activities of the Iranian government, the intelligence minister added.

    "They are making numerous efforts to fomentinsecurity and tension in Iran and have allocated a large fund for thispurpose, which is beyond the $75 million officially approved by theU.S. administration. They have used much more money than that and havespecifically set up educational classes to train spies." ( FUNDING PROTESTERS )

    Mohseni Ejei noted that the IntelligenceMinistry enjoys great capability in monitoring the activities of spyagencies working against Iran.

    "We are currently in a good position interms of conducting technical intelligence activities and are evenaware of some decisions that the enemy makes behind closed doors." ( THEY HAVE A BUG )

    "Our capability in this regard isunbelievable and surprising for the enemies. Therefore, they accuse usof using other countries to help us in our intelligence activities."

    "Following the Iranian people's election ofPresident Mahmud Ahmadinejad, who used revolutionary and Islamicslogans, the enemy felt it should reconsider its perception of Iran.Since then, they began sending more spies to Iran than ever before inan attempt to create a crisis in the Islamic Republic."

    On the recent arrest of universityprofessor Ramin Jahanbegloo, the intelligence minister noted thatJahanbegloo was arrested on suspicion of assisting the U.S. in itsefforts to provoke a velvet revolution in Iran. ( SPOKE AGAINST iRAN POLICYS )

    However, the Intelligence Ministry has yet to complete its investigations on him, he added. ( NO EVIDENCE OF SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES , IN PROCESS OF INVENTING EVIDENC E)

    Pointing to the growing number of weaponssmuggled into the country, Mohseni Ejei said that the IntelligenceMinistry has arrested over 250 people for attempting to smuggle weaponsinto Iran and has confiscated 1800 weapons. ( OUT OF 3 MILLION WEAPONS SMUGGLED IN )

    In reference to the recent unrest inKhuzestan, Sistan-Balucheshtan, East Azarbaijan, and West Azarbaijanprovinces, he said that ethnic groups are not regarded as threats, but,quite the contrary, are thought of as opportunities for the Islamicsystem. ( SLAVES )

    He went on to say that more attentionshould be paid to ethnic groups and tribes since the enemy tries to usethem to attain their goals.( BEATINGS AND PUBLIC WHIPPINGS )

    The U.S. is trying to use ethnic groups andvarious non-governmental organizations in Iran to fight against thecountry, Mohseni Ejei added.

    "They take various NGO members abroad toeducate them. Recently, some people have been officially invited to betrained in the U.S. under the pretext of attending scientific seminarsor for business or employment. The initial financial assistance givento them is not enough to arouse the suspicion that they have beeninvited to be trained as spies." ( ANYONE GOING TO USA IS CONSIDERED A SPY )

    Elsewhere in his remarks, Mohseni Ejei saidthat the Economic Department of the Intelligence Ministry has beenholding various sessions with cabinet ministers, the heads of thelegislative and judicial branches of government, and MPs in an effortto fight economic corruption. ( THREATS TO SHARE BRIBES WITH INTELLIGENCE ORG )

    Intelligence Ministry officials have alsoheld meetings with private sector investors in line with thegovernment's policy to support investment in various economic sectorssuch as agriculture and industry, he added. ( THREATENED THEM TO INVEST WHERE GOV. SAYS, AND GIVE BRIBES TO INTEL AGENCY )

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Sunday, July 02, 2006

    Bush spins NY Times.

    Bush's spin machine is going 24/7 on the NY Times.
    If bush had oversight on the banking spy system then maybe it wouldn't have been a story.

    Bush has managed to turn this lack of oversight into "look what the Times did".

    If your position is undefendable attack the prosecution, is in play here.

    The Supreme Court nd the NY Times are two of the biggest wach dogs we have preventing Bush from turning the USA into a Police STATE.

    When Al Quida stop getting money thruough their regular channels we announced everytime we stopped it or seized money.

    The terrorist KNEW what was going on Bush TOLD THEM.

    I just hope all this spin pressure doesn't discourage the Times form continuing to do a fine job.

    In every war we have been civil rights have been trampled in the name of security, civil war suspending writ of hiebus corpus, world war II sending all the Japs to prision.

    The only secret the NY Times gave away was the lack of oversight and this fininical spy program running wild.

    Bush is angry about his low ratings and the expose the times did on his lack of oversight AGAIN.

    We need agressive persuit of these terrorist, but I quake at the loss of civil rights.

    Go Gorge, Go Times.

    Gerald Wieczorek
    Internet Anthropologist