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    Sunday, July 02, 2006

    Bush spins NY Times.

    Bush's spin machine is going 24/7 on the NY Times.
    If bush had oversight on the banking spy system then maybe it wouldn't have been a story.

    Bush has managed to turn this lack of oversight into "look what the Times did".

    If your position is undefendable attack the prosecution, is in play here.

    The Supreme Court nd the NY Times are two of the biggest wach dogs we have preventing Bush from turning the USA into a Police STATE.

    When Al Quida stop getting money thruough their regular channels we announced everytime we stopped it or seized money.

    The terrorist KNEW what was going on Bush TOLD THEM.

    I just hope all this spin pressure doesn't discourage the Times form continuing to do a fine job.

    In every war we have been civil rights have been trampled in the name of security, civil war suspending writ of hiebus corpus, world war II sending all the Japs to prision.

    The only secret the NY Times gave away was the lack of oversight and this fininical spy program running wild.

    Bush is angry about his low ratings and the expose the times did on his lack of oversight AGAIN.

    We need agressive persuit of these terrorist, but I quake at the loss of civil rights.

    Go Gorge, Go Times.

    Gerald Wieczorek
    Internet Anthropologist


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