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    Saturday, February 15, 2003

    A fight you cannot win, you should have hired a lobbiest, and put your story on American CableTV.

    If the Americans refuse to listen to our advice and the goodness, guidance and righteousness that we call them to, then be aware that you will lose this Crusade Bush began, just like the other previous Crusades in which you were humiliated by the hands of the Mujahideen, fleeing to your home in great silence and disgrace. If the Americans do not respond, then their fate will be that of the Soviets who fled from Afghanistan to deal with their military defeat, political breakup, ideological downfall, and economic bankruptcy.

    This is our message to the Americans, as an answer to theirs. Do they now know why we fight them and over which form of ignorance, by the permission of Allah, we shall be victorious? So far Allah favors America.

    My Efforts to Help Developing Nations


    Just recieved Bin Laddens text, we will be addressing his issues, It seems he is not insane.We will be cranking it through our Pardigm Intel Engine. Will Report soon.


    Our best defense against terrorist failed on 9.11
    We have had a secret defense against terrorist here in the USA. It is our best defense but also our biggest weakness. This secret is our FREEDOM in an open society.
    Any terrorist living in the USA for months or years sees first hand the lies that have been told about our country. The freedom they experience here maybe very different than what they have been used to, the economic opportunities maybe new to them also.
    Just living in an open society where they have freedoms not available in their own countries is a significant reason to doubt the training and propaganda they have been exposed to.
    However the lead terrorist on 9.11 had lived here for many months, longer than a year. Why didn't our freedoms and open society take on him?
    I'm not sure why it didn't take with him but this explains why the rest all lived together and had little contact with Americans.

    Counter propaganda: with the TRUTH maybe.
    And it takes experience to maneuver through our society if you don't want to draw too much attention to ones self. The terrorist need some kind of orientation operate in our society, this is a chance to counter some of that propaganda, during orientation in Universities if we know what they have been saying in their propaganda. This would be a very good chance to address some of these issues.
    Al Jezzera continues to broadcast Bin Ladens lies and propaganda without any replies from American spokes persons. He continues to turn the screws on the minds of other Muslims. We the American public never hear what is being broadcast, we have no opportunity to reply. If Al Jezzera were broadcast on American Cable TV in English we would have an opportunity to answer this mis information, a chance to counter this propaganda at least through back channels, (the good people living here will take the truth back home, they can counter the propaganda if they know whats being said, and in person or by mail.) We should not be afraid of propaganda truth is always a defense. We should be afraid of propaganda that we don't give a reply too. Unanswered propaganda can stand as TRUE if people don't know the difference or aren't told the difference. We have to have a world wide counter propaganda machine if we are to win this war against terrorism and their propaganda. The public knowing what they are saying is the first step towards grassroots movement to counter this propaganda.
    Hitler understood propaganda, he used the BIG LIE, said often enough in public without reply was the key to making people eventually believe it. We need to be sure all BIG LIES are countered with the truth. If we don't remember history we are doomed to repeat it.

    Ready for WAR?
    Recent events indicate how hard it is for an open society with a democracy to get prepared for a terrorist guerrilla war. We have never faced this before.
    The recent sniper in DC show how poorly our police are currently trained to handle even home grown crazies that wanted to get caught.
    #1) Teams of rotating trained professional snipers in multiple cities would cause panic.(see report below)
    #2) Regular bombs in cargo trucks coming into our ports in these huge cargo ships could stop shipping and basic supplies to cities for weeks or months.
    #3) Virus or biological warfare by self infected terrorists in some major cities could cause marshal law and further freeze trucking and shipping for months.( see article below)
    #4) Sabotage of key rail ways, derailing trains, could seize up transportation also.
    #5) The 'mailing anthrax problem' hasn't been solved either, this could shut down our mail system, and close many vital businesses, country wide.
    Shutting down major cities ,shipping ports, trucking, railways and the US postal system,
    this combination of attacks in our open society on our transportation systems could devastate our civilization and effect every city and village and person in America.
    Is the government prepared to set up and run a separate transportation systems with in weeks, under these conditions?
    Is the government prepared for THIS front,
    A) do we even have the military personnel available ?
    B) The planning for this could take months.
    All of these attacks have been already been demonstrated as do-able, and the terrorists have demonstrated the means of performing these attacks, the question is do they have the personal in place already.
    C) Under these circumstances does the government have the ability to provide logistics for our troops in Afghan AND Iraq?
    D) Why hasn't the government asked the public to lay in food & water & fuel for one or two months?
    Now top this off with the possibility of nuclear weapons in terrorist hands and you get a picture of our preparedness for guerrilla warfare in America.
    The question isn't "Do we have home defense system? We don't, in an open society!
    The question is, "Can the government preserve our civilization, our way of life?"

    How long do our transportation systems, shipping, trucking, US postal system and some major cities have to be down before our Republic collapses and American society reverts back to the bronze age?
    No chlorine for water works, no petroleum, heat, gas, food, electric, mail.
    Most grocery stores, even the giant centers only have enough food on hand for a couple of days without re-supply.



    I couldn't believe the cops on TV from the sniper team patting themselves on the back for a fine job, all the interagency cooperation and such and the NEWS interviewer AGREEING with them.
    The press has become simpering old ladies. No wonder we don't trust the press anymore. Moose bellows and the press shakes, simpers and forgets their job trying to become junior G-men.

    Lets look at this fine investigation:
    #2 The snipers are stopped 10 times, and no one notices the gun ports in the trunk, or that they have been stopped after each shooting..
    #3 The cops take 24 hours to open a plastic envelope and miss a chance to catch the snipers at a phone WAITING for a call from the police.
    #4 The cops finally open it and stake out a phone booth but the WRONG TX Booth.
    #5 The federal violent crimes computer either didn't list the first shooting of the two store clerks or the cops didn't check it, the snipers had to tell them about it.
    #6 The snipers CALL the police 6 times and the cops hang up on them.
    #7 The cops get the plate number of the car and don't give it to the NEWS, the news has to find it and leak it.
    #8 Moose early on gets a description of the snipers car, and doesn't follow up on it, he tells press "there is no public interest in the car", well Jesus there should be cop interest in the car.
    #9 The snipers ask the cops to activate a credit car the snipers stole, and the cops don't and miss another chance to track down the snipers when they would have used it.
    #10 Moose is releasing so little information his own team starts making leaks to the press.

    If this had been a real terrorist cell rotating snipers in different cars using the same gun the cops never would have found them.

    This sniper investigation far from being a total success was a national embarrassment, a joke.
    And our press corps once again have shown when the pressure is on they wring their hands about being newsmen and what their job is and then crumble, simpering platitudes,
    giving new meaning to NEWS.

    Well you guys keeping patting yourselves on the back and maybe the cops and press corps can trade medals for ignoring the TRUTH about the worst investigation of the century.
    I NOW, understand how 911 happened.
    Ignoring the truth doesn't make me feel safer, its scary what else aren't you telling us or are too dumb to see.

    And it ain't over yet, NEITHER sniper is talking! How are you going to get a conviction?
    How can you prove who shot whom. They will have to cut them a deal. I just know they ain't done screwing it up yet.

    This has proved one thing, we ain't ready for even simple-minded terrorists, using simple-minded cops and newsmen. Where is EDWARD when we need him?



    Saudi Paradigm Review:
    The USA body is trying to force a heart attack on itself.
    The USA body politic feels it has been wronged by the Saudis.
    They are bringing a Law Suit that could freeze Saudi assets in the USA and cause sever oil price increases, and a further crash in the USA stockmarkets.
    The Saudi house bare part of the responsibility.
    In the tradition of Islam they give to the poor and needy in the past, and some of the poor and needy turn out to be linked to terrorism, hense the 911 lawsuit.
    In the American media eye Saudis, Iraqis and Iranians etc. tend to be lumped together by religion, geography, dress and oil, which makes the public think they are a fair target.

    The Saudi house MUST separate its self from the others.
    American media is the best and maybe the only way to do this.
    The future portends more trouble between the middle East and America.
    The USA government recognizes the Saudis as allies, the American public doesn't recognize them as allies or as the stabilizing force for energy prices.
    This future trouble with terrorism will carry guilt by association for the Saudis in the eyes of the "American public", the only force in the world that utlimately controls the American Army.

    This would suggest a four part approach to clarifying this problem.

    #1) Media event, "Star Wars" quality movie showing the Saudis in a true light
    #2) El jezzra type news program on American cable TV covering the middle East.
    #3) Top, World Class Internet site that would pull all Americans, something like Google, Yahoo, Free Internet Games etc.combined, and add news gathering from the M. East in English.
    #4) Develop an Israel type business plan towards USA's congress.
    All four of these can be persued from a profit motive and objective.

    The Saudis are our allies,
    They have controlled energy prices for the USA.
    Thay have been fighting terrorism.
    They also contributed to some charities that turned out to have some links to terrorism.
    They have a poor image in the USA.
    Until these problems are addressed conditions will continue to grow worse between USA and the house of Saudi as we work our way through this terrorism problem.

    The Saudis are in need of a full blown, "social change engine".
    to address this image problem and bring it in line with reality.

    Disney has taught our American children there are no pretend monsters with "Monsters Inc." but American 24/7 news has taught our children there real monsters out there in terrorism.

    With an profit motivated action business plan, targeted to the American demographic it can be demonstrated the monsters don't include the Saudis and they are allies, as part of a self preservation plan.


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