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    Saturday, February 15, 2003


    There are grave concerns revealed by the discovery that N. Korea may have up to 20 nuclear weapons.

    If N. Korea could have 20 nuclear weapons (CIA estimate ), then we must reconize the possibility that Iraq may have nuclear weapons. And note from historical reference that Saddam isn't adverse to using weapons of mass destruction on his own people.

    What would be our response if Saddam were to use a nuclear weapon in the Northen or Southern no fly zones on an American invading force? What would our response be if Saddam used a nuclear weapon on his own country men and our forces?

    Would the USA nuke Bagdad?

    Do we know what ties Iraq has with N.Korea?

    Was N.Korea's admission on nuclear weapons a warning that Iraq could have nuclear weapons?

    Can we stop an Iraq nuclear weapon headed for Saudia Arabia's oil feilds, or Kwiat or Israel? Can we stop a nuclear attack on Afghanstan, would Afghanstan counter attack with nuclear weapons? What would happen to the worlds supply of oil if the middle East oil feilds were radio active?

    Could we even prove a nuclear explosion in Iraq wasn't an American weapon?

    If Iraq claimed we attacked them with a nuclear weapon would the rest of the Muslim world believe us or Saddam, could we prove it?

    Our osint indicates N. Korea's leadership unbalanced and not connected to reality ar best and insane at worst. The current situation in N. Korea is very high risk.

    Saddam has been quoted saying if he looses power there will be no one left alive in Iraq.


    If N. Korea gets Nuclear weapons, any attack from N. Korea should be viewed as an attack from

    who ever supplied them, China & Russia, so far Iraq and N. Korea have laghed at agreements made

    with USA, we need to act like a super power and enforce these kind of agreements with these 3rd world

    nations. And China and Russia should be punished economically, we maybe talking the survial of USA.

    N. Korea Missles went at least 25 miles, and we have only a 3 mile exclusion zone?

    We still have not solved the USA mail of virus, Iraq agents sending envelopes to our cities?

    We still don't have a way of dealing with terrorist snipers. The neighboors don't even know them. let alone be able to report them. The weapon only looks like a weapon when its being shot the rest of the time its broke down in a back pack or something. Could it be bagged during the shooting so there are no traces on shooter? Dogs then wouldnt know him.


    Paradigm look at the DC sniper.

    #1) The first shot wasn't at any one it was a test shot to see if they would be caught and arrested, if they were then, "it was just an accidental weapon discharge".

    #2) The white Truck is a fluke, the cops have searched every truck after the shootings with out results. Now they maybe waiting until there is a white truck in the area before taking a shot,

    #3) They are shooting average Americans, one in front of a Police Station, one in front of a cop doing a traffic stop, this has a 70% chance of being a terrorist attack. In which case they will know almost no one. And nobody will know them.

    #4) If they are terrorists they have had training no one is going to see them soon,

    #5) One way to find the snipers is to use satellite surveillance over a large area long term weeks, and spot the "same" auto in all sniper vicinities.

    #6) If this is a terrorist attack it portends future events, if the government can't stop this fast.

    Aug 16.02

    Iraq our objective need not be regime change. That will be incendital with a massive surgical strike on Saddam and his leadership & the sites with weapons of mass destruction.

    Massive leafleting, radio and TV broadcast offering rewards of $1 million for info leading to locations of weapons of mass destruction is called for at the same time as the attack.

    As a sovereign Nation we have the right to defend our country. For a preemptive strike on Iraq we need evidence of Saddam's involvement in 911 OR development of weapons of mass destruction (WoMD) AND his intent to use them on us.

    However Saddams refusal to allow weapons inspectors is a breach or the peace treaty and as such is reason to continue the first war.

    Our attack on Iraq sends a clear message to ALL countries about our position on the defense of our country, and our stand on weapons of mass destruction. As the worlds only super power we can and will remove any regime or government that attacks us or plans an attack with weapons of mass destruction.

    Bush is refusing to follow conventions of the treaties on war prisoners is setting a dangerous precedent, and Bush runs the risk of being branded the KGB president in view of his treatment of war prisoners and US citizens.

    Our estimate of the bio threat is high based on Sadams failed attack on Bush and our guided rocket response. During the Ebola out break in Africa it was an unsecured area in the beginning, terrorist could have obtained some infected blood samples.
    Vectors for ebola could be sucide bombers or blood sucking insects. Sadam has had years to put these terrorist in place with virus.
    Targets would be our large cities and Muslim populations (Detroit has the largest Muslim pop.)Hoping for a large public backlash as the out break is tracked back to them.
    Taking out a few key transportation centers by quartine, could bring truck and rail shiptments to a stand still, crippling most cities as they have at most a 48 hour supply of food an any one time on hand.
    Another reason for the public to stock up on 4 weeks of food, until the Government can get orginized.
    Other bio sources could be Russia, Patki, Iraq, Iran N.Kores and India or Our own sources in the USA. as evidenced by the anthrax outbreak here in America.
    Threat of Nuclear is low, but our government as evidenced by keeping secret their threat assesment of an Nuclear attack on NY right after the bombing and public statements indicate they believe the threat is higher then we think.
    Same sources as for Bio.
    India and Patki have the potential for developing into another Istarl and Palestine. Any resolution for them could also apply to the Israel/Palestine situation.
    If any of these attacks follow we are looking at a target on the Dow between 4000 and 5000.

    If they allow ZACARIAS MOUSSAOUI to plead guilty and excute him, then he will be a model, a martyr. And will they will loose ability to get information from if he is dead.
    However if they find him INSANE,
    then they have a very strange, Insane martyr, we can get info from in due time.
    It is harder to use a "insane" man as a model of a martyr.

    Update: Bush and FBI knew about possible Bin Laden Hijack, but couldn't do anything??? What about putting Armed Marshals on every flight???

    The Government is censoring reports and news, and the 4th estate, our news systems are even censoring its own news reports, and with the anthrax mailings to the major news systems they have become part of the story and may have lost some of their objectivity.

    So to some extent we the people have lost our right to KNOW.

    This war is different than anything we have ever faced before as the front lines are right here at our mailboxes, we are the front line soldiers. We face the anthrax, the bio warfare, sneak attacks, and I find myself unarmed. I feel as if I need to be more self reliant, and less reliant on my government, as they are not able to protect us and don't seem to be reporting the full story or giving me the information I need to defend my self.

    They said we don't need Gas Masks, and then they passed them out to the US Congress. They said we don't need to get antibiotics, but then the State department orders our embassies to stock up on antibiotics. Tommy Ridge said we were ready for Biological attacks, but a Congressman corrected him. Tommy says its not helpful to talk about weather anthrax has been weaponized. I would like to know what I am facing, it is useful.

    Tommy has lost all creditability, when he comes on TV I change the channel. Fortunately the Internet cannot be censored. So I have set my bots and agents to cull cyber space for information my government won't or can't give me. To see what the "OTHER" is saying. And I have included this page for the public to check these things out for themselves.

    PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE " UP TO $25 MILLION FOR OSSAMA BIN LADEN", does the 'up to' sound too much like 'screw you'? Just make it $25 mil. and quit trying to screw finders.

    Walker: hippie walks off CA streets into Bin Laden's camp,joins telabaum, meets Ossama, and the CIA couldn't???, hell don't try him make him an CIA consultant...

    Update: July 20 2002

    From our observations and open source intelligence.

    Bush gave 7 nations an over view of our Nuclear attack plans on each Nation, He also explained that if any mass destruction attack came from that nation they could expect Nuclear retaliation. He then left it to them to take care of the terrorists.

    Bin Laden and Omar are DEAD. Al Qaeda is a non entity now, just some stringers and loose ends.

    Sadam of Iraq is our main serious threat, USA can't take him out until the USA is prepared for BIO war, and has vaccinations for every one.

    Sadam has sleepers in the USA, with weapons already.

    These terrorists will be walking wounded infecting the population. Which will require a Nation Quarantine, city by city and city from city.

    Marshal law will follow any serious Bio attack and will further seriously handicap our economy current Dow target below 7,ooo..

    Any City attacked with BIO weapons will be LOCKED down by the Army, and any one attempting to leave will be hunted as an enemy of the STATE.

    We need to stock up on food, water, meds, heat, etc, enough to last at least 4 weeks until , the Army and Government will have things organized.

    We may be over emphasizing Sadams abilities, but we believe better to over plan than UNDER plan.

    What Saddam has to pay for YET.

    "No one piece of Information was a smoking gun pointing to the 9.11 attack."


    But if the CIA & FBI had been working together there were many leads that might have tipped them off.



    TO WIN THIS WE MUST NOT BECOME A POLICE STATE. If we become a Police state they they have WON>

    Israel and Palestine have show us terrorism can't be won with VIOLENCE: THEY have been trying for 36 years.

    To end terrorism Israel must withdraw to the 1967 war lines.

    We take you there Israel WAr

    And we need to hear the people in the Middle East.

    Our News reporting system is in collapse and ruin, under the influence of the Government stressing political correctness and improperly influenced by corporate Greed..

    Terrorism Social Change Engine

    $25 million Reward


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