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    Wednesday, December 16, 2015

    ISIS Sitrep

    They just don't learn.
    US Military is capable of defeating ISIS
    military, with out US boots on Ground.

    We reported him dead to ISIS, turns out he is
    only paralyzed, G

    But that won't defeat ISIS ideology,
    Defeating ISIS Military just turns
    Iraq and Syria into a kind of Afghanistan.
    Underground secret ISIS cells doing
    hit and run suicide bombs.

    Best scenario ISIS defeated,
    Assad continues civil war in Syria, 
    fake elections, Russia and Iran split Syria, 
    Assad as Putin's puppet.

    In Iraq ISIS Caliphate goes back under
    control of Shia Government controlled by Iran.

    ISIS grew from Nouri al-Maliki stripped Sunni rights one at time resulting in ISIS then the CRAZIES RUN IT.

    I expected Sunni's to erupt under Maliki, but NO one expected Bat Shit Crazy ISIS to come from it.

    So we defeat ISIS and Iran gets all of IRAQ and
    half of Syria. And Russia and Iran split Syria
    and USA gets the bill.

    Defeating ISIS is a double loss for USA and
    double Win for Iran.

    The Iraq war is how we got to ISIS caliphate.
    And we are going to do it again.

    The Sunnis made ISIS when Shia Iraq 
    Government attacked the Sunnis, and
    we are setting it up for a REPLAY.

    ISIS in Syria came from Assad's civil
    war slaughtering Sunnis and everybody else.
    Taking ISIS OUT in Syria just reduces Assads
    enemies, and continues the abusive civil war.
    We are setting up Syria for a replay.

    Yes we can beat ISIS military but then what?
    See Afghanistan for mirror image.

    Defeating ISIS without after action plan 
    will lead to disaster and continuing need 
    for USA fighting in Middle East.
    Just like it did in IRAQ.

    There is a solution.
    Take main elements of ISIS out so locals
    can take over with out bat shit crazy ISIS 
    Let them keep parts of Syria and Iraq,
    Iran and Russia don't get them.

    At this point the world would welcome 
    Sunni peaceful Caliphate with some sort
    of Democratic Muslim Government.

    But to do this we need to defeat the ISIS 
    ideology DEAD.

    And we can.
    Show Sunnis ISIS is a fraud, take and
    hold Dabiq.   

    Proof of concept
    Fortress:Iraqi town survives 1.5 years ISIS siege

    Kind of like OP "Jawbreaker" CIA & Military
    first went into Afghanistan,
    Small boots team and Air Force Wing providing
    Super dense air cover.

    Kicked hell out of Taliban Army,
    Military flew in horse saddles so force
    could ride with locals.

    Defeats ISIS primary Objective
    Exposes lies about them & Allah
    Triggers massive Suicide Assault in Syria 

    Almost ends terrorist attacks out side Caliphate.

    Their primary objective is to trigger end of times.

    By starting a war between world and them in "Dabiq".

    ISIS will throw everything they have at the coalition
    force in DABIQ, Syria. To try and make end of times

    They will beat themselves to death trying to take
    Dabiq, they really think Allah will step in and save
    them defeating the rest of the world.
    They can't back down with out admitting defeat.

    "Allah wasn't with ISIS."

    Details here;

    Show their End of Times is nonsense,
    an arrow in the heart of their seminal

    But defeating ISIS, Al Qaeda,Taliban, boko haram
    etc, et al won't defeat Terrorism, it just changes its Name, same tactics.

    The Terrorist all use the same 3 lies to recruit members & and promise them hope for a "better life".

    PART 1)
    The LIES, What to do, how it works, mechanics;

    PART II)
    What to say,objectives, how to confront, and reach them;

    Anybody notice ISIS is

    & on TWITTER.

    These brutal inhumane savages;
    Executes prisoners
    A group that videos and beheads innocents
    Cages men and videos them burning alive 
    Takes sex slaves.
    The rest of the world is loosing
    the Social Media battle.
    More than 25,000 foreign fighters from over 100 nations 

    are estimated to have left their home to join terrorist.

    We can beat their false ideology 
    But it must be done at scale.
    ISIS does around 10,000,000 tweets a year.
    And has out around 1,500 recruiting Videos.

    We can beat them at their game,
    it just takes the will.

    See how;

     Suni's can have Peaceful Caliphate, part of Iraq & Syria, but must get rid of sick ISIS.

    Or world will defeat ISIS and give Caliphate to Iraq & Russia ( Syria ).

    Caliphate is at fork in road,
    Turn peaceful, exercise ISIS, keep Caliphate.
    Loose Caliphate and back to Iraq Shia control.
    Continue Civil war. 

    War Anthropologist
    Ad Magnum