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    Saturday, September 14, 2013

    #Syria, FSA's new secret WEAPON

    I've used and fired this weapon, its a thing
    of beauty with a highly trained crew.

    30 seconds after sighting a tank it can
    have an accurate kill shot down range 
    and be gone,

    By the time a tank crew realizes its been
    shot at the jeep mounted weapon is gone.

    I is a four man crew pre-loaded, driver spotter,gunner and guard.
    When the spotter sees a tank he tells the driver who 
    spins the jeep around so the gun is pointed at the tank
    and stands on the breaks,the gunner sights the tank
    in and pulls on the firing button, firing a 50 cal at the tank,
    it has the same trajectory as the RECOILESS rifle,
    as soon at the 50 cal hits the tank he pushes the firing 
    button full in, firing the 105-mm recoilless round.
    As soon as the driver hears the 105mm round he gets
    off the break and floors it and the jeep flys out of its 
    position, lapsed time less than 30 secs from spotting
    tank to egress from location, with a kill shot assured.


    And they are easy to hide just pull into garage
    or anything with over head cover.
    And it is not threat to US forces.

     Precision team work makes this a wonder weapon.
    Practice, practice, practice.

    Good Luck guys.

    Internet Anthropologist

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Friday, September 13, 2013

    USA WAR weary, not really

    Americans expect to be winners.
    In war its a forgone conclusion.

    Americans expectations are not being met.
    The paradigm has changed, but expectations 
    have not.

    USA shifted to a more humane war,
    on the basis of technology.

    In WWII US and the allies had a clear cut
    victory, Japan and Germany signed treatys.

    Back then there was no fighting for hearts 
    and minds. 
    It was carpet bombing, bombing civilians
    and Military into submission.

    Under the old paradigm of maximum calusities
    civilians just wanted the war over, no or very
    little residual fighting, no terrorism.

    Under the new paradigm the goal is minimum
    causalities, but its seems there is alot of residual 
    fighting, terrorism.

    The civilian population has not been bombed into 
    submission, like in WWII.

    Also in WWII US was fighting a Government
    a Country, and there was a process a infrastructure 
    in place for surrender.

    With Al Qaeda all that is missing, US is fighting an
    idea not a country.

     The paradigm of winning hearts and minds seems 
    to be a failure, USA hasn't been able to make it work.
    Even with NGO projects, and civilian projects to make 
    life better, roads, elect power, schools etc.
    Submission to peace through good will doesn't seem 
    to work.

    Part of the problem is long term enlightenment for
    USA, continuity from one administration to the next.

    Historically USA has failed at basic democratic 
    principles for other states. But America is making 
    progress. Less Imperialism and more Democracy.

    Less of Iranian abuse;undemocratic imperialism;
    US helped over throw the first Iranian Democratic

    And more democratization, like Syria operation;

    A contiguity of  policys, like on Iranian nukes.

    Americans are not so tired of war as they are of 
    inclusive results, AQ, taliban lack of victories.

    A lack of victory doesn't mean USA lost.
    USA never looses in battle.
    And that is much different than acquiring a victory.

    Winning against AQ doesen't mean they surrender
    it means they don't attack CONUS again.
    Their bastardization of  Islam will slowly die out
    as conditions improve.

    Replaced by the Arab Spring, AQ is a failure.

    If USA is consistent in its democratic policys
    terrorist will have little ammunition with civilians.
    And little need to win minds and hearts as they will 
    already have them.

    And the winning hearts and minds paradigm is still
    in its early stages. Coke and Pepsi have winning hearts
    and minds down to a science. When those drinks have 
    been banned the civilian populations often force their returns.

    We may have already beaten AQ, 

    But that isn't the publics expectation, they want a victory, disbandment, surrender.
    Expacations must be handled better.

    Number Two AQ recently called for major attack
    on USA with no results, USA did shut down embassies.

    And a call for cyber attacks on 911 went unheeded.
    Both victories of sorts.

    @SenRandPaul shames America with his statements 
    he doesn't care about children killed by sarin gas in
    Syria with excuses it cost to much to stop it, and engenders 
    hatred towards America. 

    It endangers all Americans.

    Every time USA plays by Russian rules they win short
    term, long term its very expensive.
    They would play by the old paradigm still, except
    for America. 
    Putin has the heart and soul of a swamp gator, and
    steals football rings.

    Americas policys on Democracy need to apply across 
    the board all the time.

    Internet Anthropologist