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    Saturday, September 14, 2013

    #Syria, FSA's new secret WEAPON

    I've used and fired this weapon, its a thing
    of beauty with a highly trained crew.

    30 seconds after sighting a tank it can
    have an accurate kill shot down range 
    and be gone,

    By the time a tank crew realizes its been
    shot at the jeep mounted weapon is gone.

    I is a four man crew pre-loaded, driver spotter,gunner and guard.
    When the spotter sees a tank he tells the driver who 
    spins the jeep around so the gun is pointed at the tank
    and stands on the breaks,the gunner sights the tank
    in and pulls on the firing button, firing a 50 cal at the tank,
    it has the same trajectory as the RECOILESS rifle,
    as soon at the 50 cal hits the tank he pushes the firing 
    button full in, firing the 105-mm recoilless round.
    As soon as the driver hears the 105mm round he gets
    off the break and floors it and the jeep flys out of its 
    position, lapsed time less than 30 secs from spotting
    tank to egress from location, with a kill shot assured.


    And they are easy to hide just pull into garage
    or anything with over head cover.
    And it is not threat to US forces.

     Precision team work makes this a wonder weapon.
    Practice, practice, practice.

    Good Luck guys.

    Internet Anthropologist


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