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    Friday, April 26, 2013

    Boston bombers unknowing al qaeda sleepers


    al qaeda wanted to hit USA in CONUS for killing OBL
    without triggering second global war on
    terrorism. Or deluge of drones.

    This kind of planning takes time, and thought.

    "OBL’s blood will be a curse that will chase the
    Americans and their agents, a curse that will pursue
    them inside and outside their country, and soon –
    with God's help – we pray that their happiness turns
    into sorrow and may their bloods mix with their tears"

    al qaeda knew FBI screens would trip any
    trained Arabs they sent, FBI did time & time
    again, many failures.

    al qaeda needed a new approach and some one
    who would pass FBI investigation when they
    aroused suspicion.

    Could they have hit on using Chechen terrorists?
    As a method of coming out of left field?

    Makes no sense for Chechen's to send Boston
    bombers to USA, that would just push RUSSIA
    and USA closer together,if he was SENT by Chechen
    terrorists then it's al qaeda behind bombings.
    This has already cost Chechens 140 arrests.

    Chechnya terror groups Slaughter civilians, kids;
    martyrs battalion, Islamic International. Brigade
    & Black Widows had Numerous links w/
    al Qaeda and Taliban.

    Chechnya terrorist are to al qadea what 12th
    grader is to kindergartner in scope of violence.

    Was older dead Boston bomber Chechen terrorist
    Terrorist knew he could be activated,
    he didn't know he would be.

    Russians saw his name on list for Chechen
    terrorists, and reported to FBI.
    Chechen terrorist may have leaked name
    on purpose to FSB? ( Russian Intelligence)
    Russians told both FBI & CIA so they believed
    the intel.

    Of course since he hadn't been recruited yet,
    he easily passed the FBI investigation, he had not
    been recruited yet, an unknowing sleeper.
    He did not know he would be recruited.

    Once he had been investigated if his name
    came up again, the FBI would say he had
    been investigated already.

    After the FBI investigation they waited for
    the dust to settle and called him back to
    Dagestan and activated the publicity seeking
    terrorist GROUPIE.

    6 MOS to brainwash, train and activate.

    And the result was the time and freedom to do Boston
    bombing, if true he would have told his younger brother
    about meeting his Chechen terrorist hero.

    Just found April 29,13 Hero William Plotnikov, 23,
    Killed 2 days before Tsarnaevs leaves Russia.
    Was he afraid FSB would find out about him
    and run?

    Finding Boston bombers PC will indicate if he was 
    called to Dagestan, to be activated, or was publicity 
    seeking wana be who just showed up, difference between
    AQ activation and actual lone wolf.

    Chechens may have sent advisor "Mistha".
    Our Source; Hunt for "Misha" Expect Russian results.

     Mistha found;,0,2967524.story

    There are enough indicators out there to definitively
    figure this hypothesis out either way.

    JUST in, motive; Our source inside beltway;
    The older dead bomber had trained most of his
    adult life to be a fighter with some sucess.
    He was up for a prestigious national fight
    and was refused as he wasn't an American
    citizen and had spouse abuse charges, which
    precluded him from the fight.
    Which in his view may have blocked him
    from the proverbial Golden Ring in
    America, The bombing would assure him
    of some notoriety and admiration among
    Islamic terrorist in Chechen. 

    Internet Anthropologist


    Blogger gerald said...

    Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, who was himself killed during his capture by US authorities, was known to have been in contact with a Dagestan militant named Makhmud Nidal and also a militant of Canadian origin named William Plotnikov

    Plotnikov took part, like Tamerlan Tsarnaev, in boxing competitions in both Canada and the United States and the two men also had contacts on social networks,
    From Russian security source.

    Makhmud Nidal meanwhile was a known militant with whom Tamerlan Tsarnaev was seen when he made a trip back to Dagestan from the United States in 2012,

    They were seen together four times, on each occasion at a mosque known for its Salafist tendencies in the Dagestani capital Makhachkala

    Nidal was killed in May 2012 in a "counterterrorist" operation in Makhachkala. After his death, Tsarnaev disappeared from the view of the Russian security services.

    The avowed purpose of Tamerlan Tsarnaev's visit to Dagestan in 2012 was to obtain a new Russian passport which in the end he never picked up.

    After the deaths of Nidal and Plotnikov, Tameralan Tsarnaev "lost his contacts, got scared and jumped."


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