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    Thursday, June 20, 2013

    Why the Middle East HATES America

    US doesn't make any sense.

    Iran for example; US helped
    over throw the first Iranian Democratic
    Government because they nationalized
    British Petroleum, US took out a 
    democracy.Mohammad Mosaddegh

    And helped install a despot the Sha,
    Mohammad Rezā Shāh Pahlavī.
    Dumped a democracy and supported
    a despot.

    Iran removed the Shah, and seized 
    the American Embassy and welcomed
    Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, and
    set up a Republic with a Supreme

    Then came the Iran Iraq war with
    US backing Iraq, Saddam was USA's
    guy. They fought for 7 years to
    a stand still.

    Iraq then invaded Kuwait and US
    ran Iraq out but based US troops 
    in Saudi Arabia at their request for
    the war. Driving OBL nutz, later 
    Saddam tried to kill
    Bush Sr, with a missile attack.

    And later Bush Jr went back into
    Iraq because Saddam though slight
    of hand, make world believe he
    had nukes hoping the nukes would
    stave off attacks,

    So US took out Iran's major adversary
    upsetting the balance of power,

    Iran now thinks if it develops nukes
    they to can stave off any attacks, 
    or under the 13th Imam paradigm
    start a nuclear war and bring on the 

    In effect the US helped take Iran
    from a Democracy to a theocracy
    seeking nukes to bring on the 
    "last days"

    Doesn't make alot of sense,
    but at this stage this Iranian
    regime can't be allowed a nuke.

    Then there is the Israel Palistine
    issue, its a mess, they lost the 1948
    war and are still bitching about it
    and Israel policys haven't been 
    conductive to peace, And its not
    discussed in USA.

    I suspect out of a national guilt
    USA feels about the 7 million
    Jews killed in WWII, US knew
    about the extermination camps
    and did nothing, even turned down
    a ship load of Jews searching the
    world for sanctuary.

    I wasn't even born at that time 
    and I feel guilty about it.
    I don't think the world understands
    this and doesn't make any sense to

    Its kind of like you had a child you

    abused bad when they were young
    and now when they are bad you
    blame your self, but Middle East
    it just doesn't make any sense.

    Syria is another example; 
    Its not so much a question of
    picking sides as it is a question of
    stopping genocide.
    And USA is just pulling out of a 12
    year war over 911. While this 
    leaves USA with the worlds most
    battle hardened Military Force
    in the world US is war weary.

    Pakistan and Afghanstan is another
    conundrum, ISI, Pakistan's Intelligence
    service is colluding with al qaeda.
    The evidence for this comes in two
    parts, one is they investigated those
    that helped find OBL and in front of
    the world put the Dr in prison,
    investigation of how OBL was
    living on a Military base has never 
    been released. 
    The second part is Pak Mil sent
    JETS to protect a private residence.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: ISI view of OBL hit

    Now US Mil is withdrawing 
    and leaving Afpak to the tender mercies
    of the taliban  who have no honor
    and have stepped up attacks both in
    Afghanstan and Pakistan as a prelude
    to civil war. But blame US for taliban 
    attacks, they will see the truth when US

    I wonder how long it will be before
    they ask for the drone attacks back.

    They cannot beat the taliban.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: 
    Taliban can't be defeated

    The USA is big on democracy
    but at home the Government has
    seized power from the people,
    assuming the power to kill Americans
    without trial, jury, attorney or Constutional
    rights, seized the right to arrest Americans
    with out warrant judge, jury, Miranda
    warnings or attorney and in secret.

    #GOP won't let Obama close Gitmo.
    Doesn't make sense in Middle East.

    Is this Democracy?
    And all in the name of terrorism.

    You have read about the NSA scandal,
    But NSA are not the bad guys they 
    work 24/7 trying to keep America safe
    doing the absolute best job they can.

    But since 911 only 17 Americans have
    been killed in America in 12 years,
    but at what cost to American privacy.

    This just doesn't make any sense in 
    the Middle East and the POV is one 
    of hypocrisy.

    Why the Middle East hates America.
    This is but a brief, glossy taste of
    the paradigm.

    Internet Anthropologist