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    Wednesday, June 12, 2013

    SNOWDEN CONDRUM;How NSA can save their asses

    goes rogue.
    He has all the cards.
    NSA is playing catch up. 

    As SysAdmin he had access to everything.
    NSA doesn't know what he took with him
    or what he intends to release.

    He gave up a luxurious life style, $125,000
    a year, great career and pole dancing girl 
    friend, living in Hawaii.
    All major considerations, he is  very serious.
    His biggest concern,fear is nothing will happen.
    He plans on releasing secret operations
    until there is significant public discussions
    about the loss of American rights.

    The Government has set precedents for
    killing Americans with out trial, judge
    jury or any rights guaranteed by the constitution.
    Even secret arrests of Americans and detention
    with out charges, attorney,judge or jury.
    Add to that an Surveillance State and you
    see Snowdon's point.
      Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Obama gets Osama Bin Laden; but he gets ALL 

    He expects NSA and CIA to fight public
    discussion tooth and nail.
    And will dribble out secret ops until he gets
    his public discussions.
    The pressure will be ramped up slowly
    till the discussions come. Each op more 
    salacious then the last, hard body blows
    for NSA and CIA.
    As sysadmin he has access to everything.

    The sooner these discussion start the more
    secrets NSA and CIA will keep.

    On the other hand Obama will have already 
    signed is death warrant if it looks like he might 
    fall into enemy hands, for reasons of 
    National Security.

    Russian, FSB and Chinese, MSS have on a full
    court press to try and capture him.

    Edward is betting his life he knows how
    to circumvent NSA and CIA and duck
    FBS and MSS.

    He cannot go unpunished others may follow

    He can limit damages if he halts disclosures
    if he gets his public discussions, maybe save
    his own life and NSA,CIA save secret ops.

    NSA and CIA are not the bad guys, they
    are protecting Americans, their job.
    Question has the Government let
    it go to far.

    Since 911 seventeen Americans have been
    killed in America in 12 yrs by terrorist.
    Are all these extreme methods still needed?
    When will Americans get their privacy back?
    When will the Constitutional protection be

    What Ed did was illegal, but is the constitutional
    violations any better?
    These laws are legal, Congress says so.

    The  same Congress that gave BANKSTERS
    a free pass for sub-prime,stealing homes 
    with fraudulent court docs, 472% usury
    interest charges and no criminal charges,
    the Government bailed them out with our
    tax dollars AND gave them $700 billion
    tax write off.

    I TRUST OBAMA; but he has set precedent
    for ''Mr. Nixon Romney Jr.' to take over
    the Government through legal assassinations
    and legal secret rendition, using the surveillance
    state to pick targeted dissents. 

    Its not out of control yet but it could become
    so and legally done.

    The way out for everyone.



    We tweeted this June 9 while he
    was still talking in Hong Kong.

    See comments at bottom or;