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    Thursday, July 07, 2011

    How fast can CIA adopt

    David Ignatius has it backwards:

    What the CIA needs in David Petraeus.

    Petraeus former US General, running the US military arm and strategy 
    is moving to the CIA as the GWOT shifts paradigm, from DOD to

    And how Petraeus is going to shape and form the CIA to his
    ends and needs, he will pound it into his shape if need be.
    But the CIA will become willing clay, to be willingly formed
    into the tool needed to fight the GWOT.

    He is realigning US forces moving from the point of the  point of
    the spear at the Army to moving the Point of the spear to the CIA.

    This is the opportunity of a life time for Petraeus, he keeps getting
    handed golden opportunities, The next 10 years in the CIA are
    going to be legendary as they close out al qaeda and Taliban if necessary.

    Patreaus is the perfect General for the job, he likes JSOCKS and
    uses them as a hammer. At the CIA he will be developing a heaver
    hammer with a smaller head, and a lot of them. And will have to
    move cyber big time to maintain quality and world superiority.

    He will be militarizing the CIA and broading its capabilities.
    Doing more than he was in the Army and doing it with less.

    Afpak remains the assignment, same General, switched from
    a Overt Army to a Covert Army.

    More cyber in play.
    Would like to be on the IN at Middle East command.
    Commander Patreaus. And we think they were in on the
    Iran Stuxnet operation. CIA will be expanding Cyber
    component to fit Patreaus needs for the GWOT.

    Load your Hunny Pot with Ebola

    Paradigm Intel says some truly amazing mind bending
    cyber ops for the history books exemplifying the CIA legend.

    Question becomes how fast the CIA can adapt to its new expanded
    roll. And if Patreaus is cyber enough?

    War Anthropologist
    ad magnum