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    Saturday, May 07, 2011

    EXCLUSIVE: Pakis deal w/OBL

    PARADIGM INTEL, supported by BSU's.
    Current hypothesis:

    Paki Military specifically the ISI was hiding
    Bin Laden, under voluntary house arrest.

    The motive wasn't evil but was larceny.
    The Paki civilian Government wasn't in the
    loop, Few Military Generals knew about
    the concept, didn't want in the loop or any

    The operation is run by a ISI Colonel,
    He understands the paradigm, and
    ran his mission accordingly, reporting
    to no one, but funded by secret ISI connections.
    Untraceable to ISI.
    The compound had been raided during
    construction, and rumint says was used
    as safe house for a while by ISI.

    Bin Laden in 2005 had burned out,
    depressed, and stressed to the point
    of a break down.
    His friends and Family killed.

    ISI captured Bin Laden, and a agreement
    was struck, ISI would not turn him over
    to the US or even make public his capture,
    and shield him from al qaeda,
    but he would be under house arrest.
    A haggard-looking Osama bin Laden ...

    Binny was looking for a way out of
    the GWOT, 5 yrs of intense pressure
    death, and running, developing into
    a debilitating psychological paranoia
    and many related medical problems.
    Bin Laden got peace, safety an out.

    So ISI and OBL worked out a deal.
    ISI motivation was not evil.
    It was larceny, if ISI gave up Binny
    The US might pull out of Afghan
    and the Paki funding for the Terrorist
    war may dry up.

    Bin Laden was the Billion dollar teat
    for ISI and the Paki Military.
    About a Billion went directly to the Military
    every year. And used for More Nuclear weapons
    and defenses against India.
    Pakistan Mil is obsessed with India,
    and for good reason.
    But Paki Identifies India as the real threat
    to Pakistan not the Taliban.
    India is no longer a threat to Paki,
    Paki should be working on a joint defense
    treaty with US for solution to their
    India paranoia.

    The ISI was not about to
    give up a $Billion dollars a year or
    their link to the American Billion dollar
    teat, Bin Laden.

    Rather than send Bin Laden to prison,
    which would become the target of
    never ending assaults to get Binny out,
    ISI and Binny agreed to house arrest.
    And to end his involvement in terrorism,
    and cut off his contacts to al qaeda.
    ISI was able to control his contacts
    by controlling the courier. Also
    his keeper the Khan cousins.
    Binny wasn't allowed to leave the house.
    They didn't want to end the al qaeda virtual threat,
    they did want to reduce the actual threat.
    And ISI worked to limit Binnys activity with
    al qaeda.
    The courier controls what comes in and
    goes out from and to Bin Laden.
    And ISI Colonel would review it all.
    The couriers would have been contacting
    the ISI connections for instructions, direct lead
    to ISI Colonel.

    ISI protected Binny, and were even able
    under the guise of "high security" able
    to keep his location secret from even
    al Qaeda.

    Zawahiri had been pressuring Binny for
    more videos and Bin Laden eventually
    quit making videos but was pressured into
    making a few audio tapes, and Zawahiri
    eventually cut Bin Ladens funds, for lack
    of participation in the Jahid.
    Or the courier and ISI was controling
    what videos and audio tapes made it
    to al qaeda.
    His health was failing.
    At one time he was on a ventilator.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Exclusive: Bin Landen on a ...
    Rumint: kidney surgeries, one of the women in the
    compound was a doctor.

    The only money found in the compound
    was 500 euros Binny was carrying, not
    for escape but his life savings.
    Bin Laden no money, nothing he could do,
    spending his final days,aging, hiding in barren rooms,
    under house arrest, a failure.
    This was not what he expected from his
    privileged life. His cult of personality is to promote 
    himself as another Mohammad type, 
    he views himself as a prophet..
    Bin Laden was adept at exploiting Islamic 
    fundamentalism in the service of his own ambition 
    and personal dreams of glory, which he failed at
    very level.

    Bin Laden viewed himself as a failure,
    And self medicated with Hashish.
    Binnys Psy profile:

    There has not been a successful major strike against any 
    al qaeda targets since Binny was killed,
    which may point to Binnys limited connection
    and contact with al qaeda.
    His PCs and CDs and mem sticks would
    have been brought in by the ISI courier,
    and they controlled what what was delivered.
    Some times it took 3 weeks for a Binny video
    to reach publication. Maybe somebody
    at ISI was passing them up the chain of
    command for approval or destruction of
    the vid and audio tapes.

    The CIA had Bin Laden compound under
    surveillance for 9 months.
    This in and of its self is remarkable.
    And speaks to CIA professionalism,
    the knee jerk reaction would be to
    just kill Binny, but they recognized it
    as a Intel opportunity.
    And speaks to their indepth knowledge
    of Binnys context, CIA knew Binny
    wouldn't be leaving soon, it was
    a long term living situation.
    They know they had the time to
    pull all the Intel signet, out of 
    the situation, and were able to
    take their time doing so.

    At some point ISI got wind of something
    going on and wanted to protect
    this binny operations at all costs.

    Davis may have been discovered on the
    extreme perimeter of the Bin Laden
    operation and so they put him under
    close surveillance and ordered agents
    to bring him in with all his electronics,
    cell phone, PC and mem sticks.

    Except when the attempted the hijacking
    Davis killed them leading to his arrest.

    Which panicked the CIA, Had ISI 
    discovered the CIA surveillance of
    Bin Landen?

    During the arrest surveillance may have
    been pulled on Bin Laden until CIA
    could get a read on just what ISI knew.
    There was some discussion about
    just killing Binny at the time of 
    the Davis arrest, rather than risking
    him getting away.

    Calmer heads prevailed, and it was
    discovered ISI know something was
    up but no Idea CIA had Bin Laden under
    surveillance. ISI had discussed killing
    Binny at that time to avoid ISI involvement.
    But Greed prevailed. Binny would live,
    as ISI had no signs CIA knew about him.

    ISI didn't know what was going on but
    had enough noise and chatter to know
    something big was up, and demanded
    CIA and US Mil cut presents in Pakistan.
    Hoping to cripple what ever the CIA
    operation was.

    CIA hung tough, cut ISI off from all Intel and moved ahead,
    killed Bin Laden and are now piecing the story together.

    If Bin Laden had been captured then Americans around the
    world would have been kidnapped ransom Bin Laden, and 
    would have attracted more nuts to join al qaeda, and his prosecution
    may have run into many many Millions of dollars.
    His death crushed insurgent moral and made all of them

    At this time I can't see how US CIA and Military could
    have played it any better.

    Now it a mop up situation, and they are connecting
    ISI to Bin Laden, to get Big Z and Omar.
    ISI is between a hard place and a rock.
    Lets hope they see the wisdom of the correct choice.
    Lest we forget Paki has been playing the great game since 1813. (USA was involved in thewar of 1812, the second American Revolution, when Paki started playing Great Game in the next year 1813. ) The classic Great Game period is generally regarded as running approximately from the Russo-Persian Treaty of 1813 to the Anglo-Russian Convention of 1907.

    I suspect the Great Game never quit for Pakistan.
    And that means they have been playing for 9 or 10 generations.
    USA was shooting cannon at the British in the Great Lakes when they first started the Great Game.

    The problem becomes where to draw the line, or maybe where
    Paki draws the line, several times they have stood on US supply
    line into Afghan, and Paki does have a population that supports
    al qaeda. And where does ISI stand on these issues, Mumbai operation
    gives one cause to pause.
    ISI and the Mil have what US considers bad elements.

    Pakistans Info war continues, now blaming US for
    ISI missing Bin Laden, attempt to shift the blame.
    How do you spot a propaganda site?
    They don't post comments that suggest other
    opinions, like
     Ahmed Quraishi
    There is room for only their opinions.
    Both have refused to post my comments
    5 times.
    This is an Anti-American Infowar.
    in the guise of Nationalism, in support
    of the Taliban.

    War Anthropologist

    Soon to be missing Paki Colonel, have12 BSU's searchin 4 you,come on in, protection assured,  , ONLY WAY OUT 

    We welcome Secret sources:Secure,encrypted,cloaked comunications channel will be set up for you   

    Any one knowing location of Zawhiri ( Big Z ):Omar contact me.  

    Kunar,Haji Mohammad Dawran Safi,Qari Dawat,Dawran Safi, Send me their locations, G

      Get coord: GPS cell phone,post or 

    IATT anyone knowing location of the body of American Jew Adam Gadahn plz contact me, 

    Anyone knowing of weapons smuggled out of  plz contact me,    

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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Friday, May 06, 2011

    #Pakistan ISI knew

    Paki Intelligence agency knew about Bin Laden:
    At least our Paradigm Intel says.

    Who to search for ?
    A Paki ISI colonel, one of their best and oldest troopers.
    He would have been given verbal orders, and he carried
    out his mission, he provided no details or reports up the
    chain of command to insulate them against any charges
    should he be discovered.

    They will brand him a rogue and hang him.

    This Colonels record will go back to the Russian Afghan
    war, and he will have the trust of the insurgents.
    His wealth will be significant, and be a big covert land owner.

    And few or NO public duties.

    He is going to die, and soon.
    ISI can't afford to let him live.

    ISI statements have been carefully crafted to allow
    for  a rogue element "unknown" to ISI Generals.

    And probably in hiding,
    ISI has a covert search for him on going.
    A ISI Colonel will soon disappear or be
    killed, Watch the news.

    We welcome Secret sources:Secure,encrypted,cloaked comunications channel will be set up 4 you    

    Soon to be missing Paki Colonel,have12 BSU's searchin4you,come on in, protection assured,  ,ONLY WAY OUT 

    We have the contacts to get you & family out of Pakistan safely.

    War Anthropologist

    Since the launch of major counterinsurgency operations in Swat in 2009, the Pakistan Army has launched a persistent information operations campaign to pit its populace against the set of militants it fights.  But it is dependent on stoking anti-American, not anti-al-Qaeda, sentiments.  The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and allies -- in the language of the army and its allies in the Pakistani media -- were not waging jihad, but fasad (mischief). They were fighting the Pakistan army not for its support of the United States in the war on terror, but because of an outside campaign to destabilize Pakistan, legitimize the seizure of its nuclear weapons, and potentially even break up the country.  And the terrorists were not simply sons of the soil motivated by revenge and poisoned by a bastardization of their religion - no, they were witting or unwitting agents of a CIA-Mossad-RAW [Indian intelligence] nexus aimed at destroying Pakistan. Al-Qaeda, an organization whose leaders have openly declared war on the Pakistani state, was rarely mentioned.

    Bin Laden compound in Pakistan was once an ISI safe house

    Dubai: The compound in Abbottabad where Osama Bin Laden was killed was once used as a safe house by Pakistan's premier intelligence agency ISI, Gulf News has learnt.
    "This area had been used as ISI's safe house, but it was not under their use any more because they keep on changing their locations," a senior intelligence official confided to Gulf News. However, he did not reveal when and for how long it was used by the ISI operatives. Another official cautiously said "it may not be the same house but the same compound or area used by the ISI".
    Confidential, Secret sources welcome and protected:
    Click link below:
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: IATT Cyber capabilities


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    Wednesday, May 04, 2011

    HOT INTEL 04.05.11

     Be On Look Out,  EX FBI missing 4 yrs,        

    We welcome Secret sources:Secure,encrypted,cloaked comunications channel will be set up for you   

    Soon to be missing Paki Colonel,have12 BSU's searchin4you,come on in, protection assured,  ,ONLY WAY OUT 

    @ Ahmed Quraishi STOP LYING, Admit your covert  supporters,Part of ISI  PROPAGANDA, they is using sock puppets.

      Get coord: GPS cell phone,post or 

    Any one knowing location of Zawhiri ( Big Z ) & Omar contact me. 

    Our BSU's just discovered there are about 50 photos floating around of DEAD Binny without beard, among Intel Agencys, I'd like one. G, Won't publish G

    Paradigm Intel: Binny prepared a "Death Tape" to be broadcast after his death, he will ask for revenge,suicide attacks, Jahid, usual BS,G

     NO up tick in wana bees looking to join al qaeda

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: NEW  Operations Our most powerful weapon to date,G

    Anyone knowing of weapons smuggled out of  plz contact me,   

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: I am a Cyber Warrior 

    IATT anyone knowing location of the body of American Jew Adam Gadahn plz contact me,



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    OBL compound Photos, details

    Binnys adr: House No 3, Street No 8-A, Garga Road, Thanda Chowa, Hashmi Colony, Abbottabad.

     Click to enlarge.
    The third floor was not in the original blue prints and was added later.
    NO drawings of 3rd floor available.

    Contractor who built  compound arrested 

    Two baddies in Two days, OBL, & Wall St Banks, DOJ SEC investigating them. My feet tired from dancin, G   

    It sounds like they just shot him. Assassination, I don't have a problem with that, OBL. Enemy General.
    "He resisted" and there was a DEATH WARRANT OUT FOR HIM, an Obama finding, Extra-judicial.

    Binny had 9 children at Mansion, so US didn't use drone, used 71 US troopers at risk instead of risking 9 kids. Diff btwn terrorist and US.G

     caught with pants around ankles, What about OBL invading your Sovereignty ?G give US Omar and Big Z and then US kiss and make up,G

      very afraid of what is on OBL PC. Paki Colonel very worried, G

     plz tell us Davis was working on OBL location, come on guys, G 

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Operation Geronimo Details, OBL dead 

    Insurgents go all out against Paki Mil,Gov,ISI for failure to protect OBL. 

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Al Qaeda, Taliban frightened. Attack Paki 

    Proof OBL quit al qaeda,24 hrs after US killed,nothing from al qaeda cult.They don't know where he was,or if dead/alive,they were Abandoned.

    We said in 8.24.10 OBL still AWOL, abandoned al Qaeda cult. in a 4000 ft deluxe luxury apartment,hash,wine,porno,and Great food= 

    Bin Laden abandoned al Qaeda 5 yrs ago when he moved into Mansion & shaved his beard. He has been playing AQ for suckers,lived in Luxury, It got too hard for him so he went home
    to a NEW Mansion.

    Seized when OBL killed hundreds of storage devises, UBS Sticks, Cadre were sending him material, messages on UBS by courier,NOW US HAS THEM

     Insurgents go all out against Paki Mil,Gov,ISI for failure to protect OBL. 

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Bin Laden's "psychological profile" 

     ISI considering giving up Zawhiri, to patch up break with US, in order to get Billions in aid.G

    Bin  Hosts at Compound Were Two  - 

    Who owned Binnys house=
    Ahmed Khan Note: 
    "Sardar Mehtab "Ahmed Khan" Abbasi"
    Member National Assembly for Abbottabad-I, Hmm 

    They were known here as ( Guys living with Binny. )

    The Khan cousins?
    Arshad Khan and 
    Tareq Khan