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    Saturday, March 05, 2011

    US Intelligence not recruiting blackhats

    DHS Needs to Change Rules to Recruit Hackers into U.S. Security Agencies

    Members of the hacker community are leery of working with the government and sharing their skills, if it means navigating through outdated regulations and being viewed as potential security risks.
    Hackers and other computer experts willing to collaborate with the Department of Homeland Security to bolster the nation’s cyber-defense are unable to do so because of red tape, according to the former head of the department.

    The federal government is short “tens of thousands of cyber experts” and is aggressively hiring, according to NextGov. A former CIA official estimated that about 1,000 security experts in the nation possess the skills to safeguard U.S. cyberspace, but the country needs about 30,000, according to Government Executive.
    Napolitano said the DHS has direct authority to hire 1,000 cyber-security specialists.

    Hackers are wary of working with the government because of rules that restrict private individuals from engaging with the federal government, Ridge said. The regulations pretty much say that people in the private sector are not to be trusted because “heaven forbid, they might be financially advantaged” with a contract or information, Ridge said. That kind of thinking is outdated and policies need to be changed, he said.

    Hackers may be afraid of the government, considering that well-known security researchers such as Moxie Marlinspike, Jacob Appelbaum and David House have ended up on watchlists and have had their laptops and cellphones searched.

    These are sources we have found reliable in the past.
    We made some inquires inside the Beltway and contacted
    hackers we know,  to get the full story. Our sources lead us
    to others on both ends of the situation. No names or agencys

    I was amazed by what they said.

    Often there is no distinction made between a Felony and a misdemeanor.
    Excluding traffic violations. Our sources indicate
    they treat them both as felonys. 

    And a not Guilty verdict is irrelevant and immaterial, they are judged to
    be guilty regardless. The prevailing theory is they must have got off on
    a technicality, no consideration given to actual innocence. 
    Most of the Intelligence agencys in US are connected to Law Enforcement.
    And all the agencys will make assurances they have policys preventing
    these kind of reactions, but in the end they said that is how they are handled
    on a practical basis.

    And a low credit rating or collections will mark them as a security risk.

    As a stockbroker I had to have a perfect credit report, I had a dentist,
    I had with held partial payment for substandard work, and I had to pay
    him off before the regulating agency would accept my application.
    And that is the paradigm Intelligence agencys are functioning under.

    If you know a good hacker who is poor, that may be evidence he is honest.
    At least an indication he isn't stealing from the WWW.

    Many don't want to hire a Black hat because of the perceived risk.
    If they turn out to be a bad actor, the person hiring them gets the blow
    back, and may be risking their career.

    Agencys that operate in CONUS are used to the civilian paradigm.
    But the CIA is used to hiring / bribing Bad guys, and have found ways
    to handle the risk, lie detectors, surveillance, etc to manage them.
    The agencys that operate in the USA however sounds like they just 
    reject those that pose any possible risk.

    And I'm not implying that Black hats are bad guys, I'm just pointing
    out that the CIA has methods of reducing the risk to manageable proportions
    rather than not using them. Its possible to reduce the risk to where they
    can be hired.

    Black Hats Speak:
    And from the Black hats point of view I was told, dealing with Feds is like
    making a honey sandwich, can be sweet, but very sticky.

    The trust issue is big on their minds.
    If I partner with the Feds, will they at
    some point come after me for past activities?
    Do they investigate my past forever?
    Is this a set up, when they are done with me,
    will they burn me?





    The background checks could be scary, many smoke mary jane,
    or have in the past. Some hackers said they do some of 
    their best work buzzed, which is problematic.

    And once they apply to the Feds they are 'ON the Radar'
    for life. And past exploits in earning their wings may have
    involved illegal activities, making a Federal association

    But do we need black hats?
    We have White hats.

    Besides the shortage problem,
    my experience has been, in general
    they are two different skill sets.
    White hat defends, and black hats attack.
    Difference between a a mechanic and 
    a race car driver, both work with autos
    but from entirely different perspectives.

    The other consideration we face is the risk.
    At no time in the past has the WWW been so
    vulnerable or has security been so bad.

    The security threats the world faces are monumental.
    Cyber Bank robberies, Stuxnet, Confliker, rampant ID theft,
    Worms, rootkits, virus, malware, SLQ, etc.
    The list just goes on and on.

    Stuxnet is a proof of concept that the infrastructure
    is at risk, Confliker is a proof of concept that the WWW
    and maybe even civilization is at risk.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: CYBERWARS's Pearl Harbour

    MicroSoft does patches every tues, about 5 of them.
    Every week for at least 5 years, thats 1,250 holes patched,
    in the worlds most used Operating System.
    And there are what, 100's of security vendors
    trying to secure it also, and FAILING.
    Is MS OS ever going to be patched, secure?
    Doesn't look like it.

    China and Russia recognize the value of black hats
    and support and reward them. And that puts them
    ahead of the Game.

    Even NSA admits their network isn't secure,
    the best secured network in the world isn't safe.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: I'm on your PC,know your IP

    And stuxnet has proven your not safe EVEN
    if your not connected to the WWW.
    You can't even hide.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Stuxnet 3.0 most powerful ...

    In view of what the world is facing on the WWW
    US agencys may want to consider changing the
    employment paradigm, the current paradigm
    is placing the USA at a significant disadvantage.

    But I expect nothing will happen until there is a 
    cyber 911, then there will be investigations and 
    Congressional hearings, finger pointing, and then 
    changes made.

    But its quite possible the Cyber 911 will kill
    many more than the last 911, and may not be
    so fixed quickly, and maybe untraceable.

    The question becomes one of leadership,
    the current paradigm is too concerned with
    CYA but the law of untended consequences
    looms large in the rear view mirror.
    And may bite them hard.
    Rome is burning and the Feds fiddle.

    DHS seems to be on the right path
    but so far its just all talk, no action.

    War Anthropologist


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    Thursday, March 03, 2011

    biz man ex FBI Bob Levinson

    biz man ex FBI Bob Levinson 

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    ISSUES First Twitter BOLO, World wide.
    ( Be On Look Out, BOLO )

    IATT Photo (right) adjusted, 10% thinner.
    Physical Description
    Height Unknown
    Weight unknown
    Scars, tattoos Unknown
    Wears Glasses
    Currently in early 60's
    Medical Concerns diabetes and high blood pressure. 
    FBI hasn't posted Physical description yet?
    Missing for almost 4 yrs now.

     lets organize info, use  to tweet info, ex FBI Bob Levinson, American biz man, hold on guy twitter is coming.please RT, thanksG

    US gets proof former FBI agent Bob Levinson who disappeared in Kish Island 4 years ago today is alive 

    Believed to be in South West Asia.

    1. He was in Iran as a private investigator
    After retiring from the FBI in 1998, Levinson worked as a private investigator. According to his relatives, a cigarette smuggling investigation took him to Kish, a resort island and free trade zone off the coast of Iran.

    2. He disappeared after meeting with a fugitive
    According to a Christian Science Monitor report, Levinson vanished after having a meeting with Dawud Salahuddin, who was wanted in connection with the assassination of a former Iranian diplomat. Salahuddin told news media after Levinson's disappearance that the two men had met in a hotel; Salahuddin claimed he was detained by Iranian authorities after the meeting, and when he was released, Levinson was gone.

    3. Iranian state media raised suspicions
    Shortly after he disappeared Press TV, an Iranian state-run media outlet, ran a report saying that Levinson was "in the hands of Iranian security forces." No additional information was provided, and the U.S. was unable to confirm Levinson's whereabouts or any involvement on the part of the Iranian government.

    4. His family fought to find him
    Levinson's wife Christine made multiple visits to Iran to speak with police and officials there. His son Daniel Levinson wrote in The Washington Post in 2008: "Our family has not given up hope; we firmly believe our beloved father and husband is still alive. Somewhere in Iran he is waiting for us to find him, and we ask God every day to guide us in bringing him home."

    5. He's currently "somewhere in southwest Asia"
    A statement released this afternoon by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton reads:

    As we approach the fourth anniversary of Bob Levinson's disappearance, we have received recent indications that Bob is being held somewhere in southwest Asia. As the Government of Iran has previously offered its assistance in this matter, we respectfully request the Iranian government to undertake humanitarian efforts to safely return and reunite Bob with his family. We would appreciate the Iranian government's efforts in this matter.


    Any info post to  or contact local FBI.

    We have had BSU on Bob for almost 4 yrs now, zip.
    We continue surveillance, re-tweaked for sensitivity.


    Robert Levinson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    WSJ: "Four years after a retired FBI agent mysteriously vanished inside Iran, U.S. officials have received irrefutable proof he is alive, a dramatic development that has sharply intensified secret negotiations to bring him home.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: 
    The Internet Anthropologist Team


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    Wednesday, March 02, 2011

    Why US lost the Infowar in Paki

    Recently on twitter I had an exchange of
    tweetes with a Pakistani living here in
    the US.

    Most of the discussion was over the
    arrest of Davis.
    He was very sincere and held his
    views from the heart, adamant
    and sure of himself and information.

    And his belief system was loaded
    with propaganda and lies, which
    he completely believed. He had no
    sources, he had just read it all over
    the WWW. And HE lives in the US.

    He had no concept of checking sources,
    or even what an authoritative source was.

    There is an unstated paradigm on the WWW
    I've talked about before,
    A lie repeated on the WWW,
    enough times,
    in enough places.
    over an long enough time
    Becomes the popular 'TRUTH'.

    A recent example I've run into
    recently is Davis was working
    with/for the Taliban.

    And its believed in Pakistan.
    I checked the Pakistan defense forum
    and the Taliban Infowar has penetrated
    even there.

    Now be sure its not the Taliban sites
    pumping out this propaganda,
    its front groups, pumping out
    " a nationalism pro-Pakistan "
    line, and its just the Taliban speel
    repackaged under a "nationalism"

    And if its penetrated the Pakistan defense
    forum, then they won the Infowar.

    The US military Paradigm doesn't
    fully recognize the Cyber element as
    a domain yet, they give lip service
    but are not really serious.

    The US military run the Infowar
    as and after thought, an adjunct
    minor force multiplier.

    Like its part of a Psyops unit.
    And they are pushing the Infowar
    psyops concept on all fronts.

    And Pakistan is going to teach them
    a new paradigm.
    In Pakistan the Infowar troops are
    as valuable as the "REAL" troops
    in the field.

    The Paki, ISI, Taliban cyber Infowar
    troops are winning, may have won

    If you have good cyber Infowar troops
    you might not even have to have "REAL"
    troops fighting on the ground.

    What do these Infowar cyber troops do?
    I don't fear the terrorists,
    I fear their unanswered lies.
    Paki's know their Government is
    corrupt but even that is blamed on
    the Americans.

    The Infowar in Paki is blaming
    the US for the Taliban suicide bombings.
    And its being believed.

    Cyber troops answer these lies,
    with truth, logic and confront the

    Propaganda, no matter how false,
    will be believed,
    posted to enough places,
    enough times,
    over a long enough period.

    Reference Hitlers Big lie.

    Cyber Infowar troops hunt down
    these lies and answer them.
    Confront the liars every time,
    every where,
    and for as long as they post them.

    How many "Real" troops does US
    have in Afpak? Around 130,000
    and how many defending the Truth
    maybe 100 and those are concentrated
    on tracking down perps.

    The psyops arm has gotten stronger
    more wide ranging but still is a red head
    step child. Not quite trusted or believed.

    If the US military machine had 5000
    cyber Infowar warriors posting
    I doubt there would be this doubt about
    Davis working with/for the Taliban.

    The US military still doesn't take
    the Infowar domain seriously.
    The Infowar has to be in hand
    before you can bring in civilian

    The military does have some grasp
    of the operational capabilities,
    They have software to create 100's of
    fictitious personalties on the social media
    Sites, to entrap wana bees.

    There is only 5 or 8 cities in Afpak
    hooked to the WWW, and the indigenous
    reporters are influenced by what they read.
    And reflect it in their writing.

    The Paki Ummah are not stupid, but
    have been duped, because US cyber Infowar
    force is MIA, The insurgents have an unobstructed
    playing field.

    The same principles that Anwar al-Awlaki uses
    to recruit lone wolf players, applies to the Paki
    people but on a different level and scope.

    The hate and anger the Paki people feel towards
    Davis isn't because of him or even generated by
    him, its towards America from the unanswered
    Nationalistic, insurgent propaganda.

    Same tacit the GOP use in most elections,
    they cut off programs for the poor but
    still get their votes.
    Anti- min. wage, health care, unions, heating,
    etc, and write bills to give Billionaires tax breaks
    during a recession, and still the poor and middle
    class vote for them.

    If the Military Cyber Info troops could
    win hearts and minds, or even sway them
    to the truth, support for the Taliban would
    fall and casualties would fall.

    US military has won every battle,
    defeats every army,
    repels every attack,
    but lost the Paki people.
    The US definitely hasn't lost,
    but they haven't won.

    And the time to go home is rapidly

    The troops need a cyber info guard,
    a sizable force, telling the truth,
    or the Lies, propaganda
    posted enough
    over a long enough time
    and in enough places
    becomes the popular truth.

    And we have the current situation
    in Pakistan.
    US is very reasonable, logical,
    fair and civil.
    But thats NOT the perception
    in Pakistan.

    In Pakistan US is viewed as
    evil, killing civilians, and working
    with the Taliban.

    Its nutz, but I think its an accurate
    read. Good paradigm Intel.

    War Anthropologist


    Pakistan & US End game.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: US could be out of Paki in 6 mos...

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Paki and the Great Game.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: $10 billion UDS Great Game.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Pakistan's GREATEST GAME, of ...

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: 
    Drone offensive much more successful 
    than US knew


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Tuesday, March 01, 2011

    Pakistan & US End game.

    More of our INTEL

    The Davis case etal, is problematic for US.
    And may signal an End Game for the Afpak

    In view of recent events in Egypt, the Afpak
    people maybe the best force to bring about
    change in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    Pakistan has just gotten weird, seeing the
    CIA behind Taliban suicide attacks and
    that propaganda is gaining a foot hold in
    the hearts and minds in Pakistan.

    Pakistan continues to try and tame the
    Wolf in their mist. The Taliban and
    Al Qaeda.

    If it appears the insurgents/terrorist
    are going get access to the Paki nuke
    weapons then US and others would be
    forced to take them out. Kineticly or
    a Stuxnet type operation.

    Afpak actually is 3 countries, Afghanistan
    Pakistan and Pashtunastan.

    Pashtunastan is actually in the center of
    the other two.
    Click to enlarge.
    The dark brown area is Pashtun.

    The Pakis and Afghani have to get a visa
    to enter the area from local tribes.

    As Cell phones and the WWW grow in Afpak
    so to will the power of the people/ummah.

    And down the line we may see an Egyptian
    situation develop, where the people seize power.
    And that would most probably mean a new country
    Pashtunastan, the dark brown area above.

    And then the world could deal with the Taliban as
    a state power, Pashtun, which would have significant 

    US will be blamed for all the bloodshed after they
    with draw, and it will be considerable.
    It will be a bloody re-balancing of power.
    Paki vs Afghan using the Taliban.

    And a fight for power in Paki with the Taliban.
    The Chinese maybe helpful in that situation
    and in securing the nukes, they have 10,000
    men in Paki now, under the guise of flood aid.

    We have set forth some ideas for assisting
    Afpak during the US pull out. Without crashing
    their economies.

     Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: US could be out of Afpak in 6 mos...

    US has tried very hard and faithfully to bring 
    about a peoples democratic government 
    in both Afghan and Pakistan, and both regimes
    have chose to play the Great Game instead.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Paki and the Great Game.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: $10 billion UDS Great Game.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Pakistan's GREATEST GAME, of ...

    Corruption is rampant in both countries.
    And the state of the art of SysAdmin just isn't
    up to the challenge.

    I don't see an effective method of dealing with
    the Pakistani duplicity involving the Taliban.

    The Arrest of the Diplomat Davis is the writing
    on the Wall, the Trust between the CIA and ISI
    is gone, Paki has failed as an ally in the GWOT.
    Even providing safe havens for the terrorist,
    the Taliban in Waziristan.

    Reason behind Davis arrest.
    Drone attacks on Taliban safe havens in Paki.

    At some point the US will have to admit
    Pakistanis duplicity with the Taliban.
    And withdraw.
    US has put Billions $ into the building
    of Afpak and thousands of American lives.

    Pakistan had the opportunity to rid its self
    of the wolf, instead they moved the wolf
    into the house and are trying to train it as
    the wolf chews on their leg.

    They wasted the Billions of usd and US
    support for them against the Taliban
    and instead chose to play the "Great Game"
    greed, deceit, corruption and double dealing.
    ISI will go down in history as the primary
    cause for the coming Paki implosion.
    Short term the whining Pakis will blame
    US for the pull out and ending funding,
    forgetting the American diplomatic hostage
    the ISI took, Davis. And how that destroyed
    American confidence in Paki and safety in

    Paki missed a chance to move their civilization
    ahead a century in just one decade.
    Expect they will loose control of Pushtu area,
    as it will secede.

    One needs a willing partner and Pakistan
    has never been a true partner.
    They blew it.
    Pakistan has failed in every area as
    a partner. And they will reap the whirlwind
    America can't trust Pakistan now, its gone.

    War Anthropologist

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: 
    Drone offensive much more successful 
    than US knew

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Monday, February 28, 2011

    What are BSUs.

    More of our INTEL

    I often get questions about out BSUs.
    They are a proprietary product but I'll
    explain them in general terms.

    What are BSUs.

    Our BSUs Bot Surveillance units use 47 methods
    ( or more I've lost track.)
    to track and trace perps across the WWW and to 
    get around security.

    To track and trace who 'they' are, where they are,
    tech specs on their PC, where they go, where they
    have been, whom they communicate with and a lot more.
    But they are not weaponized.

    They run 24/7 world wide, are cloaked and covert.
    You never see them. They exploit poor Opsec,
    human nature and legal tech holes.

    Combination: spiders, agents, AI, packet inspectors
    and cyber traps, and tracing technologys and web inspectors.
    And of course are programmable and run remotely and interdependently.
    And they vector, the WWW consists of several dimensions.
    A hit in one or two dimensions  maybe indicative, but not conclusive,
    add one or two more dimensions and it may become conclusive.
    We track all dimensions, a lock is when you are able to pick
    up all data needed to be conclusive through one method.
    But when you add in all 47 or so methods, one can triangulate,
    the vectors, using the different methods covering different dimensions,
    and turn Indicative Intel to conclusive Intel, Actionable Intel.

    And we have over 100,000 of them.

    They are capable of reporting data, paradigm Intel,
    actions, movements and roam the World at will.
    Collect, sweep and scrub sites for data and Intel.
    And prioritize intel for approiate speed / level of reporting.

    Internet Anthropologist

    IATT watching the world

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Sunday, February 27, 2011

    Drone offensive much more successful than US knew.

    More of our INTEL= feedly fail

    Drone offensive much more successful than US knew.

    The Drone attacks the Taliban have been discussed
    for sometime now. Some have thought they were self defeating,
    turning civilians against the US.

    Even the Paki Government has asked the attacks on
    the Taliban sanctuarys in N Waziristan be stopped.

    But the Paki Government has always viewed part of 
    the Taliban as an auxiliary military force. To be used
    covertly in Kashmir and Afpak or against India.

    The ISI sponsored the Taliban during the Russian campaign
    using American weapons and cash.

    The drones have killed the Taliban cadre leadership,
    at least once over, in the recent year.

    Our paradigm Intelligence indicates the Taliban leadership
    has made promises to mid-level cadre about ending the
    Drone attacks in the Taliban sanctuaries in Pakistan.
    In order to stave off massive defections.

    While the Taliban will use suicide bombers, they won't
    knowingly do suicide attacks themselves.

    And the rate and accuracy of the drone attacks have made
    mid-level Taliban leadership posts suicide missions.

    Part of the Taliban strategy has been to switch from
    fighting to terror in Paki.

    The mark of the big change was the killing of the ex-ISI 
    officer, Col Imam, who was under Mullah Omars protection.
    Omar it should be noted is leader of the Afghan Taliban.
    He was killed by the head of Paki Taliban Hakimullah Mehsud.

    Clue: Paki Taliban Hakimullah Mehsud, killer of CIA members and nose picker.

    Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), known in the US media as the Pakistan Taliban, has issued a warning to the Pakistani government of dire consequences if Davis is released. This indicates that suicide attacks, murders and turmoil could follow his release; even the judges involved in such decision could be targeted. SOURCE:

    Killing the ex-ISI officer was a message to the  ISI the
    Taliban was willing to start killing ISI members.
    The ISI and Taliban have been running a very successful
    infowar against the US with the objective of stirring anti-
    American sentiments under the guise of Paki Nationalism.

    Ahmed Quraishi

    @ Islamabad, Pakistan
    They say :

    Do NOT underestimate the power of your comment
    Please click here to comment at 
    But every time I sign up they delete me. G

    The Taliban's death threats against the ISI has prompted 
    the ISI to pressure the US on the drone strikes.
    Arresting American Diplomats, Davis to demanding,
    " upset over Secret CIA op, ISI wants to know all about 
    operations and agents in Paki" in an effort to neutralize
    the CIA spying operations against the Taliban in
    Paki sanctuaries.

    The Paki ISI are fighting a holding action against the CIA
    to protect its agents against the Taliban and prevent a suicide
    terror campaign by the Taliban against the Paki people.
    In the past weeks over 200 civilians have been killed by
    the Taliban. Increasing pressure on the ISI and Paki

    The ISI has been instrumental in the arrests of two 
    Americans over false charges, and spreading anti-
    American feelings with spin, lies and unsourced 

    If America cuts funding it would send the Paki economy
    reeling, and Paki will blame the US.

    Paki's strategy is short term only, thinking they can pressure
    the Americans into ending the drone sorties against the Taliban
    in Paki sanctuaries.

    However if US pulls funding the Paki economy will crash.
    And the Military and ISI will be faced with a Taliban gaining
    support against the Paki Government, ISI etal.

    The ISI strategy long run is self defeating.
    And the ISI knows it, they are bluffing.

    If the Paki ISI wishes to be treated as equals to the CIA
    then they must act as equals, stop double dealing and end
    the two faces, one they show the US and the other they show
    the Taliban. They cannot have it both ways.
    The Taliban cannot be an enemy and an auxiliary force.

    If US plays this true, Paki will be forced to make a choice
    Taliban or US.

    Paki is at a cross roads if US forces the issues.
    If Paki chooses the Taliban them the Egypt paradigm
    is coming just around the corner.

    US just has to have the intestinal fortitude to go
    with the hard decision and not try and trick or placate
    the ISI and paki government.

    Pakistani economy is about 175 billion dollars annually.

    War Anthropologist

    Afghan has claim on some of Paki,
    Green area is cultural boundry, ie Afghan tribes.
    See vid.