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    Friday, October 01, 2010

    Security Exchange Commission investigation,NOT

    Security Exchange Commission needs investigating.

    The subterfuge is over whelming in the report.
    There seems to be a lack of integrity, or 
    doubt about WHO they are working for.

    There is something wrong at the SEC,
    for believing or producing a report that
    comes to these conclusions assuming 
    the WSJ got it right.

    The subterfuge is rampant, misdirection
    blant and misleading. I don't know
    whos Ass they are covering but they sure

    Article in part below.

    My comments in CAPS, for ease of 

    The report lays out the backdrop to the flash crash, noting May 6 began "as an unusually turbulent day," with the markets roiled by the European debt crisis. By 2:30 p.m. Eastern time, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down about 276 points. TWO MIN LATER,

    At 2:32 p.m., a trader at Waddell & Reed placed a huge (HOW HUGE? ) order to sell E-mini futures contracts, which mimic movements in the S&P 500-stock index. This kind of trade wasn't unusual for Waddell, ( WAS A TRADE OF THIS SIZE UNUSUAL?)which at the time managed some $25 billion( BUT NOT NOW), including the popular Ivy Asset Strategy Fund. As part of the fund's strategy, the firm from time-to-time places bets that the broad stock market will fall as a hedge against its individual stock holdings.

    Also not unusual was that Waddell placed the trade using a computer program known as a trading "algorithm" designed to stand in for a human trader and parse out buying or selling based on different variables. Generally, traders opt for algorithms that consider trading volume, price changes and the amount of time to complete a trade.(THIS TIME THEY DIDN'T CONSIDER TRADING VOLUME? OR PRICE CHANGES, THIS TIME?)

    But Waddell's desk opted for an algorithm designed to sell 75,000 E-mini contracts at a pace that would range up to 9% of trading volume—(BUT THIS TIME IT TRADED MORE THAN 75,000 CONTRACTS?)and not take into account other factors. The report details how a similar-size trade earlier in 2010 took five hours to execute, but in this case, the Waddell trade unloaded on the market in just 20 minutes.

    As the Waddell trade hit the futures markets, the joint report said, the likely buyers included high-frequency trading firms. A key feature of high-frequency trading firms is that they quickly exit trades and, by 2:41, they were also aggressively selling the E-mini contracts they had bought from Waddell, which was still trying to sell the remainder of its contracts.

    Meanwhile, long-term buyers were out of the market in the midst of the selloff.

    "HFTs began to quickly buy and then resell contracts to each other(HOW ARE THEY GENERATING A PROFIT?)—generating a 'hot-potato' volume effect as the same positions were passed rapidly back and forth(WHY)," the report says. At one point, HFTs traded more than 27,000 contracts in just 14 seconds—a huge amount.( SCAM?)

    The Waddell algorithm responded to the high volume by picking up the pace of its selling, even though stocks were spiraling lower.

    This feedback loop of selling by Waddell, high-frequency traders and others helped drive the E-mini price down 3% in just four minutes.(SO OTHER SHORT TERM TRADERS ARE BUYING?)

    The report cited this episode as a "key lesson" of the report: "Especially in times of significant volatility, high trading volume is not necessarily a reliable indicator of market liquidity." (IT DAMN WELL SHOULD BE IF EVERYTHING WAS ON THE UP AND UP)

    A CFTC official called the execution of the trade "unfortunate" and said it "effectively resulted in the erosion" of liquidity in the E-mini contract, which was exacerbated by other market players. He said it wasn't clear whether the flash crash would have been avoided without the trade. (THEY JUST SAID IT DID!)







    series 3 & 7


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    Message from the Iranian resistance.

    This memo is from a source within the
    Iranian resistance, which we have found
    reliable in the past.

    The letter was i response to my
    Question on how Iranians especially
    the opposition views the Regime
    getting a Nuke. My comments
    in parrens. "( )"

    The reply:

    The opps (opposition) want COMPLETE DEMOCRATIC CHANGE .. but with putting power in the hands of those who can bring it about and not enchaining it and hampering it . If it was not for the meddling and enlisting of the opp (the real and able one that has the source and organisational ability to bring about change and who is the ONLY  one left during the past 35 years of suppression, threats and killings inside and out) by US and the Europeans , and if it was not for appeasing and bending to the mullahs and their tricks in the past 30 years, this regime would have changed a long time ago . ( US and Europe appeasing the Mullahs has helped their power )
    So the opp does not want a nuclear Iran not a nuclear area. The people have already chanted in protests before it was squashed, "Money of the oil has gone to the pockets of the Bassidj and Pasdaran" .. " No nukes more bread and Freedom"..
    So I think for the WEST this is loud and clear. Its just HARD to distinguish between short term interests and the REAL one .. THEY have a naive way of looking at this regime and cant comprehend it and its nature and mis understand many things. 
    ( West sometimes sees only short term to the detriment of the Iranian people)
    When AN (Ahmedinejad) speaks of " nothing van (can) stop the Iran from getting to nuke" the West interpreters it as though AN is talking power, where as the real situation is "Weakness" and much less control inside the country and there much need to tattle and rattle .. and get to the nuke power... When AN says we are ready to exchange, they jump in bending to their knees as weak as elderly women under pressure ... When AN says he wants to come to the UN for open doors.. they are again tricked and let him come their to once again tattle a well planned scenario to keep all engaged for  a LONG time so that they could catch up with time ..(regime is stalling) and more suppression inside.. THEY can not understand the paradox he always has in his speeches and say he is crazy ., where as it is not that he is crazy but that THEY are very weak and desperate to get more attention away from what it is really doing : trying to buy time to gain even more days in power...
    The OPP had from 30 years ago drown what you are witnessing today of what will happen to this regime because it has been colliding with it in flesh and blood and understand it very well .. but NO ONE has listened.
    We keep saying things over and over each year but no listening ear!.. till its too late
    its the same with the NUKE revelations .. No one listened and not being embarrassed obviously have to say " we had our own information but were not sure !!" ...
    So my dear Gerald.. its time they do it quickly .. de list the PMOI .. before its too late and keep pressurizing the right guys in Iran...

    Sig deleted for security.


    The Iranian's (ummah) don't want nukes.
    You have their approval to take them out.



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    Paki Info War for Middle class

    There has been a massive Info War going on
    in Pakistan for the hearts and minds of the 
    middle class.
    Its the "PakNationalists ( aka  operated by 

    Ahmed Quraishi ) is a meeting point of Pakistani nationalists. We come from all backgrounds. We are proud of the great history of all Pakistanis, a people extracted from the great cultures of the Turks, Persians, Arabs and Aryans. And we are proud of modern Pakistan, a nation that rose against all odds. We believe in the oneness of the Pakistani nation and that it is destined to play its role in these challenging and interesting times. This pride affects how we approach Pakistan’s national and international policy issues. 

    PakNationalists is associated with ( NOT; it is "" click on Http:// and it takes you to "

    They are a self censored, limited membership group.
    I have signed up 3 three times to post articles,
    and each time my membership has been deleted.
    But they post this at the end of all the emails.

    Do NOT underestimate the power of your comment
    Please click here to comment at or read what others have said about this story.

    They are not so much pro-Taliban as anti-American. G

    His top three articles.

    Ahmed Quraishi on Russia Today television explains how CIA has been using third-country intelligence services to violate Pakistani sovereignty and conduct operations inside Pakistan.

    Ahmed Quraishi got the last word on Aljazeeras Inside Story to calmly mention some facts about what the ‘other India’ is doing in Afghanistan, in a show where a former director of Indian Military Intelligence and an American think-tank type from Washington spent time demonizing Pakistan. Aljazeera’s anchor Imran Jardah was neutral. He admitted the discussion was ‘lopsided’ because AQ couldnt join in the show earlier because of technical reasons.

    Was A Fourth Military Coup Averted In Pakistan?

    The paranoid elected government of President Asif Zardari has been out battling shadows and ghosts, whipping up anti-military sentiment when the military never planned a coup of any sort against him. His problems are with the Supreme Court on legal grounds. To calm frayed nerves, it appears Gen. Kayani agreed to let Zardari and Gilani issue a statement on the three's commitment to 'defending' democracy. Pakistani military could also be bound by 'sovereign guarantees' given as back as 2007 stating that Pakistani military won't destabilize a government created through the US-sponsored NRO deal.

    How to combat this successful Info WAR?

    Meanwhile,  some of Pakistan's radical television personalities have created an environment on their shows where politicians, retired military generals and pro-establishment politico-religious leaders confront each other-creating a sense of uncertainty and showing complete indifference among Pakistan's elite to the genuine issues of the people.

    A Look At Fraying Relations Between US, Pakistan 

    How to combat this false but successful Info WAR?
    It would be enough to just bring a balanced
    view, give them a choice, currently they
    get one side and its propaganda, 

    How to combat this false but successful Info WAR?



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Thursday, September 30, 2010

    Syrian reactor PC's infected virus?

    The Israeli air force's Sky Crows squadrons, which on Sept. 6, 2007, deployed 10 F-15I fighter jets to attack Syria's purported nuclear reactor, built along the Euphrates River and modeled after the North Korean reactor in Yongbyon and financed with Iranian assistance...

    New hypothesis from our Paradigm engine.
    Did the Syrian reactor PC's have a virus?
    NKorean and Iranian secret project, so
    there was no pretense about peaceful
    uses, and on a all out schedule to produce
    nuclear bomb material, virus spotted nuke
    bomb use and the Syrian reactor was Green
    lighted for an attack?

    Stuxnet worm, rootkit, botnet: the worm’s 
    birthday—as February 3, 2009. Maybe,
    its just a date found on one of the files.
    The payload could have been changed a 
    dozen times before it was discovered.


    Israeli Attack On Syrian Reactor, Template For Iran Attack?

    NO no need to attack reactor, can be self destructed
    by worm, why risk Air Force?

    Of course the worm may have only had monitoring 
    software in 2007, time of the attack, and take over
    code added in 2010.

    Another assumption is that this worm CAN be
    removed, many parts not reverse engineered yet.




    The worm is, as a physical piece of code, very large. It’s written in multiple languages and weighs in at nearly half a megabyte, and it maybe an invalid assumption that
    it can all be read, if it came form NSA one would expect part of it is written
    in unbreakable encryption, there are still many pieces of it that we don’t understand.
    Stuxnet is already the most studied piece of malware ever, absorbing the attention of engineers and programmers across the globe, from private companies to academics, to government specialists. And yet despite this intense scrutiny, the worm still holds many secrets.
    Many are upset that a State may have created this worm, but in fact
    they have not found anything new. Just a new compilation
    of old malware concepts, and are worried about its future use
    in the hands of criminals. 
    All the ideas are already out there, this is just a new proof
    of concept, genius in its deployment and implementation.
    And it further proof of the state of insecurity on the WWW.
    Every year there are zero day exploits, and not fewer but more
    every year. Todate there must be millions of security vulnerabilities .
    And is a demonstration of the failure of Security Vendors and the fraud
    perpetrated on the public with their  security suites that don't work
    against all KNOWN exploits.
    The security vendor industry is a failure by every measure.
    There will be more surprises.
    And criminals, terrorist will exploit the WWW,
    and the world has no security currently.

    The WWW is at risk, and with it,
    Western civilization as we know it.
    This is the first proof of concept.
    It doesn't feel like we can defend the
    WWW, maybe encryption is the key?
    Defend the encryption engine, keys
    and screen? We can't keep them
    off our PC's but maybe locks on the
    data doors.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.
    The amazing factor is the Imagination
    to create it and deploy it.


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Tuesday, September 28, 2010

    10 tabs 15 hrs of porno No waiting.

    10 tabs 15 hrs of porno No waiting.

    We have found a bug.

    It uses explorer.exe to collect and collate data.

    And uses ONENOTE,

    Tha Spooler,


    sets up a Lanman server

    and Lanman workstation.

    Explorer.exe run for about 16 min.

    To check your system

    create a dump file of exporer

    about 8 min into boot up.

    If infected you will see

    items created text files

    from last session.

    We have been unable to track

    it back to the hacker as of yet,

    but we did manage to

    pass on a gifte.

    It was on one of our OSINT

    machines, and that is the only

    thing on that network.

    So we borough up an Incognito

    window on Chrome, we used

    Incognito so as not to mess

    up history files, for future


    And in this Incognito window

    we ran 10 tabs, all porno.

    huge volumes of data and

    ran them 15 hrs a day.

    For weeks.
    (The PC developed some latency issues
    to be sure but we found a work around.)

    We used our OSINT engine to find

    a porno site that has a venture fund

    involved, its less likely to have

    any malware.

    We are not sure who this is,

    but I would liked to have been

    a fly on the wall when they

    said "they don't seem to do any

    work there just watch porno all day."

    HA tee hee.

    If it had been a bad guy we expected

    something to show up in the forums.

    It seems todays porno is more

    pornoier than I remember.

    And I am always amazed at how

    Homo Sapiens are wired.

    Just seeing other copulate

    slows the higher brain functions,

    and just viewing it makes them

    want to engage in sex, from

    the visualisation alone.

    A mechanism to insure continuation

    of the species.

    We will be posting more on this

    malware as we reverse engineer it.

    There is a huge stash of Porno

    that we are searching for stored

    on some server, watch for smoke.



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Monday, September 27, 2010

    What is our mission at IATT?

    What is our mission at IATT?
    They center around 4 paradigms.
    #1) Info War getting the Truth out.
    #2) Collecting and Reporting actionable Intel
    #3) Policy change.
    #4) Limited defensive cyber warfare.
    We have been changing, re-inventing
    ourselves every couple of years.
    As needed.

    But from the first I felt like the 
    WWW was a dance.
    It isn't good unless both work.
    One leads and the other follows.
    If "she" doesn't follow good then
    you have problems.
    A dance is like one person in
    the same body, but two 
    dancing. I'm implying the
    give and take, a feed back loop.

    I guess they don't dance like
    that any more.

    I've felt the WWW was like that
    it would speak to you, if your
    plugged in right.

    It will even tell you what to do,
    if your listening.

    But this terrorist gig started out as
    a confrontation with Jahiddies
    in a forum.

    Bitch slapping them around was
    fun but counter productive.

    So we switched to attacking
    the NON-Muslim foundation
    of the alQaeda cult.
    And remained civil.
    And we spread those messages to the
    It worked well, incontrovertible
    arguments about their positions
    on Islam and violations of the 
    Koran, the hard core, just got
    mad and made threats, but
    the undecided heard the arguments.

    To run that paradigm we had to be
    in the know and accurate, and I
    built an OSINT system.
    It educated us well.
    And by diligence we found
    ourselves coming into actionable
    And we started posting the Intel,
    and the FBI contacted us for follow
    up Info.

    Exclusive spotted al Qaeda hunting 341 lbs
    of nuke material.

    And we felt the actionable intel
    was of more value than the small
    Info war we were running on Infovlad

    So I turned my hacker skills to working
    on collecting actionable Intel.
    And while we don't do any thing illegal,
    there are many things you can do because
    they are not specifically illegal.

    And the Bot Surveillance Units were born.
    And we went hunting webmasters and 
    terrorist hackers.

    We eventually tracked down most of
    the Taliban webmastes and many of the
    alQaeda webmasters and made special
    effort to take down hackers.
    About 900 to 1,000 terrorist websites
    eventually went down.
    Reporting actionable Intel was working
    but it felt like the GWOT was having problems.

    One was the terms of the success of the GWOT.
    Press runs stories to sell headlines, or get 
    Good news just doesn't sell, and the press
    has a tendency to spin everything bad.
    Like US was loosing the GWOT.
    We were believing our own bad press,
    eating our own news feeds.
    Even the Military was doing this.
    And developed some un-positive
    attitudes against the facts.
    So again we changed our paradigm.
    We wanted to influence policy.
    We saw things we thought could be fixed.
    Better solutions. 
    And at least an obligation to put them
    "out there" for others consideration.
    So this is the third reinvention of the
    Internet Anthropologist.

    But every thing accumulates.

    We have a very sharp OSINT system,
    Moles and mole school.
    At one point a mole was so far in al qaeda,
    they offered us money.
    I liked that, but the FBI killed it.

    And I know there are spelling errors,
    and some times my blog reads
    more like a flow of conciseness rather
    than like academic prose..
    Please try and keep up.

    But thats OK, most of the time it 
    comes so fast I have to pick and
    chose what will be the best use of
    our time, and what we can work best.
    And I can spend my time fixing the prose
    and spelling or increase production.

    I chose production even if it makes
    me look less professional.

    So we still have the skills for ferreting
    out false news and OSINT machine,
    Company "C" and the rest of the 
    Battalion, moles and BSU's and 
    accumulated accessories.
    And we make use of them all.

    Our paradigm work keeps us 
    ahead of our selves, we track and
    monitor our own work and production,
    and develop metrics for same.

    So currently we are trying to positively
    influence policy, but still have the skills
    and equipment to engage in Info Wars,
    collection of actionable Intel,
    and engage in defensive limited Cyber War.
    I assert my right to Cyber self defense
    and have Cyber arms.
    I am a Cyber Warrior
    I did what the WWW told me to do.

    The work is difficult, exhilarating, thankless,
    demanding, changeling and I love it.
    We think we have contributed to the GWOT

    I do it because I can.
    A huge Salute to all those
    that spend their time and efforts
    so engaged. THANK YOU.

    Gerald one of the Civilian cyber warroirs

    Internet Anthropologist


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Sunday, September 26, 2010

    Genius Readers 09.26.10

    Iran's OSINT team has been redeployed, the worm problem, Iran is bind for next few days, G #deptofdefense #statedept#iaeaorg #usairforce G