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    Saturday, August 21, 2010

    Ops and Intel update 08.21.10

    New Taliban web site

    Four deadly foreign mercenary snipers hired by the Taliban have been killed ... - Spies, spies and more Muslims spying on the terrorists. G

    Sweden : " They said that for the moment Julian Assange remains suspected of the lesser crime of molestation in a separate case."they dropped rape charges."

    Spain: Bull leaps out of arena in Northern Spain, tramples spectators, injures 40

    The bulls are not the only dangerous thing, I did run with the bulls, but I wore a Blue kerchief,
    Everyone else was wearing red kerchiefs around their necks, If I got on TV I thought it would
    be easier for Family to spot me on TV. The day before the local terrorist had killed a mayoral
    First I noticed one guy following me every where I went, 5 min later there were 2 of them,
    and I started moving thru the crowds real fast, they kept up with me and were joined
    by a Cop with a shotgun, when they pointed that at me I froze.
    One of them touched my blue kerchief and said "Terrorist" ,
    I quickly ripped the kerchief off  and threw it on the ground,
    and said "Stupido Touristo".
    And they just let me go.
    Maybe the blue kerchief was symbolic for the Basques .

    Another time I was in Rome and a 16 yr old Palestine kid
    threw a satchel charge into a British Airlines office one 
    block ahead of me. I had stopped for a second Cappuccino 
    or would have been much too close.
    After the explosion the police moved in very fast,
    They had little paddles they used in their out stretched
    arms out the windows in front of the car to direct traffic,
    the roads in Rome were built for chariots not cars.
    Any way they established a perimeter.
    At the time I was a Stock Broker on Vacation, and
    thought I'd get some good pics.
    And I walked up to the guard and gave him
    one of my Broker cards, I figured he couldn't
    read English and I said to him "Paparazzi"
    I was carrying a big camera with a grreat telephoto
    zoom lens, and I looked the part.
    The guard didn't say a word so I just walked
    past him to take some pics, and it was on my
    third step I HEARD him lock and load a round.
    I stopped and turned around and looked at him
    he was starring at me and the gun pointed at me.
    I just backed up and smiled at him.
    He didn't smile back.
    But his body english was very understandable.



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    Friday, August 20, 2010

    Genius Readers 20.08.10


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Iran's fear of the USA

    Anyone know what this is?

    There is a part of Iran that is scared of USA,
    and another part that is disparaging self contemptous on the other hand.

    I've spoke to this paradigm before.
    and will take another run at it.

    When I was in Morocco I discovered
    the seminal seed of that paradigm.

    In the Bazaar its expected that you
    will haggle, not because its fun,
    but because it produces more 
    income for the seller. 

    I noticed in the bazaar the merchant
    became irritated when I accepted 
    and paid what he ask without any

    At first it seemed a cultural hickup
    it just didn't make sense. Do they
    really like to haggle that much?
    Is that their idea of fun?

    And I think the same context is going
    on between Iran and the USA and its
    becoming even more problematic.

    Iran doesn't trust the USA and from
    their stand point and culture they have 
    good reason.

    The reason the merchant gets upset
    when you don't haggle, and he isn't angry with
    you but angry at himself, self loathing, but
    very intermittent and short lived but

    He is upset because he could have asked
    the dumb rich American 100% more for the 
    Item or maybe even 500% more.

    You didn't haggle the upper range of
    what you would pay remains unknown,
    His price was to low, he could have asked
    for more, he can't know because you didn't refuse
    the price or haggle. If you don't haggle its
    an insult to him because he was bested,
    He got less than the Maximum you would pay.

    And You bought his merchandise for less than
    the top price you were willing to pay. That makes
    you the winner in this little transaction.

    I hope that makes sense.

    Iran is running with the same paradigm
    in similar context.

    Iran seized the American Embassy and held
    300 Americans hostage for 400 days.
    And hardly anything happened,
    They could have done more, gone further
    before anything happened.
    The didn't get a feeling for the USA's upper
    level of tolerance is.

    And this context has been repeating its self
    for 20 yrs with USA and Iran.

    Sending IEDs to Afpak, 
    nothing happened.

    Sending batteries to Afgha
    for the old sholder fired missles.
    Nothing happened.

    Stole the Iranian election,
    Nothing happened.

    Building a nuclear weapon,
    and so far nothing has happened.
    And thats where they get scared.

    Would USA get so upset, fed up that it SNAPPED
    and pull an Hiroshima in Iran?

    After every thing Iran has done to provoke
    USA they haven't been able to come up 
    with any thing that is so far out that it
    has elicited an Military response from USA.

    Its almost like a teenager, you can't hit or
    spank them, no physical punishment.
    We let them get away with everything,
    Untill they kill someone then we try them 
    like an adult, Hiroshima their little asses.
    Send the kids to prision for life.
    Iran doesn't want to trip that paradigm.
    And USA does have it.

    USA needs a military response to some
    Iranian action, to show we won't crush
    them like a bug.
    That we respect them and will take disciplinarian
    actions that are in kind and reasonable.

    By setting limits and acting we establish boundaries
    Iran will understand, not saying they will respect those
    boundaries, but they will know where they are.
    They can see the trip wire, they know where it is,
    this also reduces the fear of accidentally tripping
    a crush Iran trip wire.

    Somebody did hit one of the USA's trip wires.
    His name is Bin Laden. And how many places
    did he blow up before we took him seriously?

    And this will help reduce the FEAR,
    and real boundaries to work on without
    Iranian Regime being so frightened
    that they feel they need Nukes to defend 
    against USA.

    It over simplified, and not exact but the ideas 
    and hypothesis are all there.

    Internet Anthropologist

    .This was just as scary as it was funny.
    But I didn't laugh,G

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    Thursday, August 19, 2010

    revolutionmuslim site looses dirty pics

    One of our teams deleted some of dirty pics.
    We are working on the rest, note the al Qaeda flags on the site.

    One of our fine troops came up with a way to delete
    gross pics of mutilated Americans on the site.

    While we can understand these kind of pics posted
    in the right context, ie not promoting violence,
    these pics are posted to support violence against
    Americans, see comments and other text on the site.

    We are working to bring the entire site down.
    Working on greenlight.

    Internet Anthropologist

    Excellent work Company C.


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Anti-Virus firms engaged in Fraud

    Most antivirus software firms engaged in FRAUD.

    I've suspected this for some while, but thought
    it was from inadequacy, lack of ability, failure
    to master their craft.
    But besides that they have engaged in fraud.

    "On average, AV firms’ exploit prevention 
    software miss about a quarter 25% of all known vulnerabilities.
    Those are the findings of NSS Labs, an independent research firm that threw 123 exploits–the hacker tools used in drive-by-download Web attacks or infected attachments–against the corporate versions of ten top antivirus software products. Only 76% of those exploits were caught by the security software on average."

    “Given their market share and financial resources, you’d have expected them to perform better,” says Moy. “But that’s why you test. Size clearly doesn’t correlate to the best product.”

    Although NSS isn’t publicly releasing the full results of the report, it’s issuing cautions against four common antivirus products: AVG, ESET, Norman and Panda. Panda ranked lowest of the ten products, catching just 29% of exploits.

    Even top Rated Symantec doesn't do much better.
    But Symantec, the world’s most commonly used antivirus software, wasn’t far ahead of those substandard programs. Though NSS gave the company a “neutral” rating, it said the software only caught 88% of exploits in their original form. When NSS tested alternative versions of the exploit that targeted the same vulnerability in software, Symantec only spotted 53%, less than more than half of the other products tested.

    Moy says that the poor results of the NSS test are particularly surprising given that the exploits the lab tested were publicly available from government sources like CERT and MITRE. That means any of the companies could have performed tests themselves to find their own product flaws before deploying the software.

    But they didn't, they have the ability and the data and publish a poor product.
    The Anti-Virus cos are not protecting you against Known threats, that they
    have solutions for, isn't that fraud, at the very least errors by known ommissions.

    The newest threat the automated hackers are going around your fire wall
    and coming through your applications, that should take the AV companies
    9 mos to come up with inadequate protection.
    We have seen in the wild a system using MS files, explorer.exe run for around
    15 min. collecting data, posting into OneNote and print spooler and sending data out thru a Svchost.exe
    protocol, of course AV can't even see it.

    If the AV cos won't regulate themselves then we need Government standards,
    to establish minimum protections. We can't depend on the honesty of AV Cos.

    The minimum standard should 100% of KNOWN EXPLOITS, MINIMUM 
    I mean they are KNOWN.

    Internet Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.


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    Wednesday, August 18, 2010

    Iran planning a Jewish BarBQ?

    Wake UP CALL for the WORLD.

    As some experts point out, it would have been hard for the Clinton White House to deny the Russians the chance to build the light-water reactor for the Iranians, considering that the United States had recently done the same for North Korea -- in what proved to be a vain attempt to dissuade Pyongyang from pursuing a nuclear weapons program of its own. 


    OK US gave N.Korea a light water reactor, and N Korea built a nuke?
    And Russia gave assurances they will take the enriched fuel back
    from Iran, Unless of course Iran says NO.

    Then were just out of luck, Iran planning a Jewish BarBQ?

    My apologies for the grossness of this post,
    trying to break thru all the clutter and noise on 
    an urgent SUBJECT. SORRY.

    When the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, said on the US broadcaster NBC's Meet the Press programme last Sunday that "allowing Iran to develop nuclear weapons is unacceptable" and that the US had plans to attack Iran if needed to prevent it, his statement generated a perception among countries in the Middle East that a US and possibly also Israeli attack on Iran was imminent.

    WASHINGTON - Iran Air 744 is a bimonthly flight that originates in Tehran and flies directly to Caracas with periodic stops in Beirut and Damascus. The maiden flight was Feb. 2, 2007.
    The mere existence of the flight was a significant concern for U.S. intelligence officials, but now a broader concern is who and what are aboard the flights.
    "If you [a member of the public] tried to book yourself a seat on this flight and it doesn't matter whether it's a week before, a month before, six months before -- you'll never find a place to sit there," says Offer Baruch, a former Israeli Shin Bet agent.
    Baruch, now vice president of operations for International Shield, a security firm in Texas, says the plane is reserved for Iranian agents, including "Hezbollah, the Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) and other intelligence personnel."

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Bushehr reactor Target 

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    False Taliban Graphics/charts

    Mis-leading data.
    I've seen this presented before as Taliban breakout,
    it isn't or rather may no be that but simply more detailed
    reporting or more US troops to make more reports.

    The graphic is a representation of report locations.
    If there had been only one trooper in Afghan the number
    of reports would have been much smaller.

    More troops equals more reports, not necessarily
    more Taliban activity nor even the growth of taliban
    attacks, These graphs are inconclusive in that regard,
    they indicate a report was written about that location.
    Better more reports and intelligence  or more attacks,
    we can't know from his graphic.

    30,000 American troops in recent surge could be
    cause of more reports and covering more areas.


    Visualisation of Activity in Afghanistan using the Wikileaks data from Mike Dewar on Vimeo.


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Don't Ask Don't Tell Survey for military spouses.

    Don't Ask Don't Tell Survey for military spouses.?

    Coming Soon to a Mailbox Near You: Don't Ask Don't Tell Survey for military spouses. This month, military spouses will receive a DADT survey that looks like this. Please take the survey and return it; your participation is vital.


    Jeff Rothal What am I missing? Why survey spouses? It's not like serving with someone who is gay is going to turn anyone from straight to gay. ( they may drink out of the same cup, is it contagious? G )

    Larry Tomes I don't care if you are #1 or #2. The main question is did you graduate from Basic and AIT, and are you willing to stand by me in combat? Who gives a crap about who your fiance is? 

    Heather Clouse 
    The funny thing about DADT is that beinggay in the military sint illegal, letting people know you are, is. So it's aheebie geebie issue, which doesn't make our militray look good at all. I find it heartbreaking to read about men who served 

    Brenda Vianna I think Sec. Gates needs to be informed of this gross waste of money. Instead of closing JFCOM and messing with the Reserve Component maybe they should cut this sort of waste.


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    Tuesday, August 17, 2010

    EXCLUSIVE:We know where Bin Laden is.

    Paradigm Intel FLASH. EXCLUSIVE

    We know where Bin Laden is.

    Or at least where his head is at,
    in Western speak where his mind is,
    what he is thinking.

    After 10 years of fighting and looking
    over his shoulder, on the run day and night,
    the deaths of many of his closest friends,
    the continual destruction of his cult cadre
    and al Qaeda's failure on all fronts,
    Bin Laden has abandoned al Qaeda.

    He realizes al Qaeda killed women, children
    bombed Mosques and market places, and
    sent hundreds of Muslims to Satan as
    suicide bombers.

    Allah knows all, Bin Laden is trying to
    hide from Allah, and has deserted
    Satans army al  Qaeda. 

    Yes he has deserted his base, no videos,
    no recordings, no letters no communication 
    with any body.

    He has just given up and gone into hiding,
    from al Qaeda even. He has recognized
    al Qaeda has lost, failed even Islam has turned
    against him, and his own son denounced him.

    al Qaeda has FAILED, LOST AND BIN

    The remnants of al Qaeda are held together
    by a skeleton crew flogging the dead body
    of al Qaeda, trying to convince the world
    they are not a failure.

    Bin Laden knows al Qaeda is failed,
    when will the rest of the losers realize this?

    When a drone knocks on their door?

    Bin Laden has DESERTED al Qaeda.



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    How strong is the US economy?

    How strong is the US economy?

    It feels like its limping a little lately.
    But look whats its been through.
    The worlds biggest investment swindle ,
    Wall St Banks sub-prime paper scam,
    caused damages in the Trillions,
    US had to bail the Wall Street Banks
    out of their swindle to the tune of 
    3 times the cost of a health program
    Banks got $3 trillion, in one year.
    Health care for all Americans $800 million
    over 10 years.

    The Wall St Banks caused the collapse of
    the housing market loosing 10 to 20 % of 
    Americans their homes, and caused 
    unemployment rates of 8 to 10%.

    The US was running TWO wars,
    Iraq and one in Afpak.

    I'd say the US economy got hit pretty
    hard on many fronts, major economic 
    strains and it held up.

    Baring more criminal fraud by the Wall
    St Banks, it looks like its healing slowly.

    It took very hard hammer blows that would
    have crushed any other economy, and is
    growing its way out, I'd say its the strongest 
    economy in the world still.

    The US certainly hasn't learned its lesson
    regarding the Wall St Banks, and US will
    get blindsided again by them.

    This time it will be a stock market crash which
    will be untraceable, AGAIN.

    The Wall St banks know no bounds of Greed.
    They came close to bringing down the worlds
    banking system and nothing has changed.
    They got away with it.
    As long as they make a good profit they would
    have no compunction about crashing the worlds
    stock markets either.

    US will be hit by another major debacle.
    Date unknown.
    Wall St Banks were rewarded for nearly 
    bringing down the World Banking System.

    The US economy is a Giant of strength.
    However Congress is without any intestinal fortitude ( Guts )
    and have been bought by the Wall St Banks.
    And it's the SHAME of every American.
    Americans will be speaking very bluntly in the elections.

    Internet Anthropologist
    Series 3 and 7
    Gerald on the floor of the NYSE


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Monday, August 16, 2010

    NO Mosque at World Trade Center.

    There is no doubt building a Mosque there is legal.
    Completely with in the Law.

    But I don't like it.
    A Muslim cult al Qaeda killed 3,000 Americans there.
    They espouse Muslim, Islamic sanctions for their
    actions. They validate their terrorism with the Quaran.
    And I know 99% of all Moslems are non violent.
    They call upon all Moslems to join them in killing

    They have launched an Info War using Islam
    as a cover, they are bastardizing Islam for
    Bin Ladens personality cult.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Bin Laden's "psychological ...
    And it feels to me Islam has not responded
    with a like Info War against this Islamic cult.

    And I may be more aware of the efforts many
    Muslims have taken in the background to fight
    the al Qaeda cult, Saudi Arabia has a big push
    against them on the WWW.

    And some Imams have spoken out against

    But I also feel many Muslims fear al Qaeda
    and remain silent, this is an error of omission,
    in action. And it feels cowardly.

    If Islam was waging an Info War against the Terrorist
    equivalent to the terrorist Info War, it would be
    easier for me to accept a Mosque at the site of
    the World Trade Center.

    How many of the worlds top Muslims are involved
    in even just an Info War against the al Qaeda cult?
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: The top 50 Muslims in the World.

    Islam has the right to build a Mosque there,
    But do they have the wisdom not to build it now?

    Islam is not the Enemy,
    but they are not the solution either.
    And they should be.

    The wound is still to fresh.

    Internet Anthropologist


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    spotted secret scram jet

    Just pick up on one of the US new supersonic scram drone jets,
    Horizon to horizon in 2 min.
    NO contrail, couple of small clouds,
    and I could see nothing in the sky,
    no plane, no dot nothing
    Just a very faint engine that became
    louder and louder, till it was over head,
    still I could see nothing,
    it was to high to see with the naked eye.
    but it went horizon to horizon in less than
    two min.
    Most jets with contrails you can see
    may take 30 to 45 min to cross the sky.
    This took 2 min. About 7pm EST
    Mach 10 three times faster than its predecessor, the SR-71 

    I was tracking a sound, not a visible object,
    I could hear it but it was so high I could not see it.
    There was a distinctive Doppler effect,
    As the sound started very faint then quite loud,
    and faint again with shifts in frequency.
    The arch of sound wasn't 180 degrees,
    it was about 40 degrees at first sound,
    and ended 40 degrees from other horizon.
    About a 100 degree arch of sound.

    30 min of jet flight condensed down to 2 min.
    Thats fast.

    Lets see if there is a strike in ME with in 3 hrs?

    Internet Anthropologist


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Sunday, August 15, 2010

    Bushehr reactor Target

    Bushehr reactor Target

    Bushehr reactor...once the rods are in, Israel can no longer attack reactor because of spreading radiation. Aug. 21 activation date: Ruskies

    6 days to Israel hit on Bushehr, is Russia blowing smoke? point of no return. A cliff hanger.G

    6 days to take out reactor.
    Israel, USA and Britain.

    First, S-300 anti-missile batteries


    Follow up:
    James Fallows is a National Correspondent for The Atlantic.
    In his article there are several key points missed.
    from Zach Hensel:
    1. His citation of disgusting rhetoric from Iranian leaders is literally the only evidence presented suggesting that a nuclear Iran would use its power to blow up Israel or threaten to do so. He omits the fact that not only has Iran never engaged Israel militarily (in an official capacity; support for militaristic groups is another issue), ITS PRETTY GOOD EVIDENCE, THE PRESIDENT OF

    3. Iran acquiring a single nuclear weapon (or a few) is not a transcendental [existential??] threat. Unlike Iran, Pakistan has engaged Israel militarily. Like Iran, Pakistan does not recognize Israel. Israel tried and failed to derail Pakistan's development of their bomb, and Pakistan has not wielded it offensively to threaten any country. Instead, it's a deterrent against Indian aggression. It's far more likely that, rhetoric aside, Iranians want nuclear weapons to possess a similar deterrent against Israel, which would deter, amongst other things, Israel's strategic assassinations.  PAKI ISN'T RUN BY THE 13 IMAM CULT, A VERY

    None of this should imply that I don't think Iran should be disarmed. It's just that, looking at history, an airstrike won't further that goal. [JF: I agree.] It will instead lead to war, a war that will possibly lead to Israel's use of nuclear weapons. The risk of adding Iran to the list of nations possessing nuclear weapons is grave but benign next to that of total regional war in the Middle East. THE POSSIBILITY OF ISRAEL USING NUKES IS REMOTE, IF IRAN GETS A NUKE THAT COULD LEAD TO REGIONAL WAR



    Counter point:
    Bushehr reactor is good news.

    Seems there is an expectation Iran won't divert enriched material to a nuke program?