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    Saturday, April 24, 2010

    Republicans against bank reform

    Republicans running interference against Banking Reform.



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Timothy McVeigh's decision process.

    Timothy McVeigh's decision process.

     and independent American terrorist.

    Just saw the special on MSNBC.
    Poorly done. They miss Tims point

    Tim was very clear he was applying his military training
    to what he considered a combat situation.

    I want to make it clear from the onset I have no
    sympathy or reservations about Tim being
    wrong and an terrorist, but I am going to 
    look at this through his eyes, looking to get a 
    handle insights on domestic terrorism.

    The training Tim was talking about was
    army doctrine. 
    When you don't have rules of engagement
    you look at what the enemy is doing and
    take the lead from them.

    And Tim had come to view the Government
    as the enemy. 
    How and why I'm not going to examine here.

    But the collateral damage at Ruby Ridge
    and Waco , the dead children and women
    he did not view as collateral deaths but
    as murder.

    The trigger seems to be the American 
    Government, power, killing innocents,

    And in his mind turned this into
    his guideline or rules of engagement.

    He views the dead children at Murrah Building 
    the same as the dead children
    burned at the Waco Siege.
    The one group of dead children
    some how balanced out the
    other group of dead children,
    in his mind.

    Quid pro Quo.

    He is very clear about his motives
    and activating factors.

    He was sending a message to
    the American Government,
    with a body count.

    His paradigm would point
    to the importance of not
    having any collateral damage
    in any American operations
    against Americans in reference
    to American generated terrorist.

    There doesn't seem to be any
    problem in the killing of principals.
    It is a risk they assume when they
    take on America as an enemy.
    And there doesn't seem to be
    any vengeance associated with
    killing active participants.
    Vengeance seems to be associated
    with collateral damage.
    In the case of McVeigh.

    I differentiate this type of terrorism
    from work place mass murders,
    that is more associated with 

    Where by someone becomes 
    so disassociate from society
    they view it as alien from themselves
    and strike out in anger.
    They feel society has struck out
    against them unfairly, illegally
    and they feel they have no recourse
    except violence.

    In Tim's case the Government
    nor society had taken any actions
    directly against Tim.

    The air plane into the Federal Income
    Tax building recently, may be a good
    example of Disassociation. Or other 
    examples of going Postal.

    Tim's paradigm points to the critical
    element in American Ops on Americans,
    that there be NO collateral damages/ deaths.
    To prevent American generated terrorist.

    I suspect that the American Somalia 
    youths going to Somalia to fight for
    al Qaeda cult has adopted this flavor
    of Tim's terrorism.
    They are brain washed into believing
    in American caused collateral deaths
    associated with "their people" is motivation
    for joining the al Qaeda cult.

    And I'm sure this has a counter point
    in Afpak and terrorist recruiting also.

    Collateral deaths equals effective Info War
    propaganda for recruiting terrorists.

    Tim said the score board
    was 168 to 1, if the Government
    killed him.

    He viewed this as a win.

    And he had to get caught to
    send his full message.



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    Friday, April 23, 2010

    Its worse than you think.

    Cybersecurity could rip away the superpower status of the U.S., argues a CBS News report. Do you buy that? 

    YES, G, cornfliker DOS attack on the Internet Nodes for example.

    Its worse than you think.


    Watch CBS News Videos Online

    It get worse:

    Report: ZeuS crimeware kit, malicious PDFs drive growth of cybercrime.

    By  Dancho Danchev 

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Why are these IP's still up?

    Top 10 Source IPs

    IP AddressReportsAttacksFirst SeenLast Seen,78797,2192010-03-232010-04-23,60691,8702008-12-022010-04-22,96986,6002009-10-252010-04-22,05781,2512009-11-052010-04-23,24377,3962010-03-302010-04-23,30577,0522010-04-082010-04-22,86276,5182009-09-072010-04-23,67274,6992009-11-142010-04-22,70572,8012009-11-072010-04-23,54272,5122010-04-072010-04-22
    Top Sources


    Why haven't these IP's been taken off line?

    We just watch the attacks? WTF?

    With a cyber sidearm?
    Click link above.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Thursday, April 22, 2010

    Afghans buddies with Taliban, maybe not

    Afghans sympathetic to militants, maybe NOT.

    An Army survey reveals what U.S. forces have to confront in their next major offensive in Afghanistan.
    The U.S.-led forces are gearing up for a major operation in Kandahar province. It is considered the birthplace of the Taliban, who have widespread support among Kandaharis, according to a survey of 2,000 Kandaharis conducted by the U.S. Army's Human Terrain System and reported by the New York Times.

    Five of six Kandahar residents considered the Taliban "our Afghan brothers." By a 19-to-1 margin, they support negotiations with the Taliban over hostilities.
    In contrast to corruption in the Afghanistan's government, more than half of the Kandaharis polled considered the Taliban "incorruptible."

    The Taliban have killed more than 200 tribal leaders.
    You are a Afghan and some stranger shows up doing a survey.
    Do you tell the truth about everything?
    The Taliban have threatened your village, and use suicide bombers.
    Your government and may be your jerga may have fought them.
    The Taliban deal in drugs, and you know they have no honor.




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    US / Iran Nuclear Paradigm

    US / Iran Nuclear Paradigm

    In examining the relationship between Iran and US 
    Paradigm Intel reveals some very interesting hypothesis.

    None of which will we revel, and all notes have been
    destroyed to NSA standards, no trace remains on our

    In view of this new intel we support Obama's actions.
    But want to point out the thin margin of error.

    A mistake will result in history marking the Obama
    administration responsible for a nuclear armed
    Iran. And in effect  for the disaster that follows.

    And it looks like Obama has not taken Israel into
    it's confidence, Which in and of its self represents
    a calculated risk.

    This is going to make a Great movie someday,
    and will twist the publics minds.

    It is bad news for the Iranian Regime and good
    news for the rest of the world.

    We watch with great interest and enthusiasm
    the unfolding of events.


    Follow up:

    My essential issue with Obama 

    OPINION: "He's a Dreamer, He's a Realist: In matters of national security, confusion is always dangerous," by Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal, 15 April 2010.
    While I admire the reach for balance, and judging everything in and of itself, I do worry about the lack of coherence.
    Good example: Good to be tough on Israel, but then idealistic to think you're going to stop Iran's nukes, and the combo of those two things is a bit spooky in its potential to explode.
    I mean, the guy's working his Inbox with plenty speed and thought, but I worry about his let-me-fix-this-problem ambition getting out of control.
    But you have to wish Obama well while he's trying. Guy said he can live with one term and he's already working foreign policy like it's his second.
    [thanks to WPR's Media Roundup]

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    Our Genius readers 04.22.10


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Iran Regime reacts;

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Bank regs, Mafia so proud

    American economy the envy of the World, Maybe not.

    USA is the only country in the world, that has legalized

    30% ON cc AND 460% ON PAY DAY LOANS.

    Obama's last set of Banking regulations
    took away States Rights to legislate
    or Regulate Loan Sharking.

    The Federal Mandate forbids States
    from limiting Interest rates, the 
    Banks and Mafia were very pleased 
    with this ruling.

    I don't remember voting to legalize
    FOR IT?

    I have a Blind 83 yr old Widow who got
    a 402 % loan instead of going to a 
    social service agency for aid.

    Now they are going after her Social
    Security Checks.

    She will be in the streets and hopefully
    we can hook her up to an agency to help her.





    Series 3 and 7


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    Wednesday, April 21, 2010

    Iran Ops and Intel Update 04.21.10

    Anybody know what Obama is up to with Iran?
    This doesn't make any sense to me. G

    US gives up military option, non-UN sanctions against Iran 


    Would the U.S. Shoot Down an Israeli Jet? Top Officer Won’t Say
    MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — I’m not going to make a big deal of this, although some dug deep in the trenches of the Middle East debate might. But America’s top military officer wouldn’t rule the possibility today of U.S. forces firing on Israeli jets, if Israel launched a pre-emptive strike on Iran.

    Read More


    The Middle East nuclear race is already on


    Government requests directed to Google and YouTube


    Is Obama contributing to an nuclear arms race in ME?

    Tehran's Other Target: America 2015



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    Tuesday, April 20, 2010

    Why Sanctions on Iran.

    Sanctions on Iran. WHY?

    Why is the administration working on sanctions?
    Why has China refused sanctions so far?

    Sanctions will certainly work, look
    at North Korea, sanctions crippled their
    economy, no electricity in the whole 
    country at night except the capital.

    Sanctions worked so well on North Korea
    and we should expect the same effect on Iran.

     Oh wait my staff just told me N. Korea
    has nukes, NEVER MIND.

    A EMP non-nuclear attack would
    set Iran back 5 to 10 years.
    Enough time for regime change?

    Internet Anthropologist


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Shearson Lehman Fraud?

    Shearson Lehman pulling an Enron hiding losses off the Books? G

    According to a report released in March by Lehman's court-appointed examiner, Anton Valukas, Lehman accounted for Repo 105 and Repo 108 transactions as sales, without disclosing that practice to investors and regulators.
    The transactions allowed Lehman to temporarily remove some $50 billion in assets from its balance sheet, presenting a stronger financial picture than existed, according to the report.
    "On one hand, having a forward purchase contract -- a right and obligation to buy an asset -- is not the same as owning the asset," Herz wrote. "On the other hand, the contemporaneous transfer and repurchase commitment entered into in a repo transaction raises questions about whether control actually has been relinquished."
    So when it came time for the Books to be audited, the asset was sold, for the period covered
    curing the audit, so the asset with huge losses wasn't on the books, then repurchased 
    at an agreed price after the audit. In my book thats FRAUD, cooking the books to 
    hide losses.
    We are going to find a lot of the big American banks were doing this.
    Whether this gets cleaned up or not will point who is in charge of Congress.
    If they will let the criminal American Banks continue with out real regulation.

    Series 3 and 7


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    aNTI vIRUS nope PSA

    As we've said time and time again.G

    Are AV Reviews Providing a False Sense of Security?

    April 9th, 2010
    PC World recently reviewed Norton Internet Security 2010 praising the tool as “one of the top performers in detecting and cleaning up active malware infections on a PC.” While it is important to recognize the inherent need for anti-virus (AV) security tools, reports like these published by PC World may in fact be a disservice to consumers and businesses by creating a false sense of security for those using these tools.
    PC World stated that Norton “found all bad software, disabled 93 percent of it and removed all traces of two-thirds of the software—the best score of any product [they] tested.” While these may have been the best scores that they saw, according to the report, their lab environment included only known signatures, thus not representing the “real” Internet where zero-day threats and malware with unknown signatures appear in abundance every day.
    Since the testing of the top AV products was conducted against known signatures, anything less than a 100% detection rate should be unacceptable. As illustrated in the graph below, we have found that even the most popular AV solutions detect less than half of the latest malware threats:
    Furthermore, after at least a week from the release of a new malware threat, AV companies still only have about a 50% chance of protecting against the threat – strengthening the argument for a comprehensive proactive security approach. More information regarding our testing can be found in the Cyveillance Intelligence Report.
    We strongly encourage vigilant testing of security products but the methods should be based realistic online environments, provide insight into the realities of what AV solutions can do and report an accurate level of security for those using the products.

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Kandahar already a huge success.

    Kandahar already a huge success.

    Human Terrain System most effective force multiplier,
    end run around kinetics?

    The meat:

    Thus, scores that combine district responses to compute an overall provincial
    score reflect only the districts in this study

    Kandahar Province Demographics
    A total of 1,994 individuals were interviewed with a margin of error of ±4.2%. A full
    depiction of the demographic summary is presented in Appendix 3. By gender, the sample is
    56% male and 44% female. Due to local security conditions, only men were surveyed in
    Maywand and Shah Wali Kot districts. Sixty percent are between the ages of 18 and 34; 40%
    are 35 and older. The mean age is 34. Fifty-seven percent have no formal education.
    Thirty-eight percent are employed in non-farm professions, nine percent are unemployed, and
    43% are housewives. An additional 7% are full-time farmers. Eighty-two percent are
    married. The monthly income based on the trichotomized sample is: less than 10,000 Afs
    (28%), 10-20,000 Afs (33%), and more than 20,000 Afs (37%).

    Ninety-nine percent of the sample is Pashtun and 98% is Sunni Muslim. In the Kandahar
    sample, no tribes are greater than 10% of the sample. The most represented tribes in the
    sample are Norzai and Alkozai, each at seven percent.

    Corruption in Kandahar not only affects all levels of government, 53% of respondents believe
    it affects their daily lives, as well. In Maywand and Zhari, more than seven out of ten
    respondents see corruption as a major concern in their daily lives (Figure 8). When asked
    about the level of corruption in their district government, 63% believe it is a major problem.
    The perceived level of corruption is highest in Kandahar City at 71%

    ( to fully understand the corruption issue, I'd like to see the same figures for feelings
    about corruption in USA, by Americans. G)

                                                                                       ..... corruption in their districts
    respondents were asked if they had to pay extra money for five services over the past year
    (Figure 9). Approximately two-thirds (61%) of all individuals say they have paid extra fees to
    obtain an identity document. The percentage is higher for five districts with no less than 55%
    of respondents having to pay extra for this service. For civil court cases, in Maywand (71%),
    Zhari (67%), and Shah Wali Kot (63%), a large proportion of individuals say they resort to
    bribery and corruption to resolve cases.

    A significant
    majority of respondents think corruption is the underlying reason behind conflict in the
    country. Furthermore, a strong majority of respondents believe that corruption in the
    government forces them to seek alternate solutions to their problems. These solutions may
    include reliance on anti-government elements. Slightly more than half of the Kandahar
    respondents believe that the Taliban cannot be corrupted.

    Respondents in all districts express concern about the provision of services and corruption.
    Still, they give government officials high marks for managing dispute resolution, though not
    for controlling corruption. Furthermore, government officials are not seen as providing
    services equally across the province. Nevertheless, while perceptions of service provision
    vary across districts, the people believe the local government is working hard for them.

    There is a much weaker relationship between age of the respondent and perceptions of
    political legitimacy by district (Table 10), as indicated by the fewer number of shaded cells in
    the table. Age is split into younger/older categories based on the median age of the sample
    (31 years). In Khakrez and Spin Boldak, however, respondents aged 31 or less do seem to
    have a greater perception of political legitimacy, which declines with age.
    The last assessment of political legitimacy is based on income levels (Table 11). Family
    income is split along the median income of the sample, which is 19,000 AF/month. Kandahar
    City and Spin Boldak residents have the most distinct differences in opinion based on the
    high number of shaded cells in the row by district. The greatest disparity by income levels
    appears in the dispute resolution column. Families with higher income tend to hold more
    positive views of the district's ability to handle dispute resolution than those with lower

    Reconciliation is a popular concept in Kandahar province. There is almost universal
    agreement that negotiation with the Taliban is preferable to continued fighting (Figure 19).
    Specific approaches such as calling a Loya Jirga and a jobs training program for former
    fighters are both widely supported (Figure 20). The desire for reconciliation is likely driven
    by the perception that the Taliban are part of Afghan society; a significant majority of
    considering the ethnic makeup of the Taliban  highly Pashtun and the history
    in Kandahar Province.


    A total of 1,994 interviews covering nine districts were conducted in Kandahar Province
    were conducted between December 23rd and 29th, 2009. Kandahar district was divided
    between urban (Kandahar City) and rural areas.
    Surveys were conducted by face-to-face interviews with a representative sample of adult
    Afghan citizens, 18 years of age or older. Interviews were conducted in Dari or Pashtu
    depending on the area.

    The instability and frequent fighting in these provinces caused some sampling points
    to be adjusted or replaced to keep interviewers out of areas with active violence.

    The majority of the interviews were completed on the first attempt (99.6%),

    The briefings for supervisors were held in Kabul. Issues emphasized during briefing(s)
    included proper household and respondent selection, review of the questionnaire content,
    appropriate interviewing techniques, and pilot interviews conducted to make sure the
    concepts and techniques are well understood.

    The total number of interviewers employed in this survey is 71

    For Kandahar Province there were 338 refusals and 479 residences in which no one was

    Quality Control Methods
    After the delivery of the questionnaires from field, most of the completed questionnaires
    were subject to logical control for proper administration. In the delivered output, actual
    interviewing was monitored directly by a supervisor in 1.7% of the sample. Another 12.2 %
    of the completed interviews were back-checked by a supervisor in person. The issues verified
    during in person back-checks were proper household and respondent selection, as well as
    correct recording of answers to three randomly selected questions from the main body of the

    In Kandahar there were 102 interviews which were rejected due to a 90% or higher rate of
    similarity to other interviews.

    Results of Back-Check Controls
    In Kandahar there were 102 interviews which were rejected due to a 90% or higher rate of
    similarity to other interviews.
    Problems Encountered During Field
    On December 23rd, 2009 a civilian vehicle was struck by roadside IED near Kandahar city.
    Reportedly the vehicle was en route from Spin Boldak to the center of the city. As a result of
    which two people were killed. No arrests were made.
    On December 24th, 2009, a suicide attack occurred in the vicinity of Kabul Bank, District 2,
    Kandahar City of Kandahar province. Reportedly four people were injured. No one claimed
    responsibility for the incident.
    Because of security problems the following substitutions have been made:
    14 different cities chosen, reason control of Taliban of the cities.

    Just the taking the survey
    may have had huge impact.

    Taliban looking to relieve pressure:

    Just amazing work, GENIUS.
    Such Anthro professionalism in the
    middle of a WAR. 
    Acute re-focusing of objectives
    sways support and changes 
    enemy's FRAME. ?
    Law of unintended consequences
    kicked in big time in US favor.

    Maybe the most advanced WAR
    paradigm ever executed.
    Smells of huge success.

    Executing the survey alone may have
    embedded in the seminal demographic
    a huge frame shift.
    News of the Survey Q. would have
    spread wide in Kandahar based
    just on distribution.
    Unintended but Effective Info War OP.
    "They are asking this"

    With my hat off.