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    Friday, April 02, 2010

    GAO cyber security

    GAO's Information Security Issues Director
    Gregory Wilshusen, Director
    Information Security Issues, GAO
    His assessment of cyber security:




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    Russian suicide bomber 13 not 17

    Sydney Morning Herald:
    MOSCOW: Russia has identified a 17-year-old widow of a Caucasus militant as one of the Moscow suicide bombers, reports said yesterday, as the country remained on high alert after the attacks.

    Certain anthropological skull measurements ( her jaw ) place  her age closer to 13.




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    Economic Paradigm Forecast:

    Economic Paradigm Forecast:

    Just saw Enron on CNBC tonight.

    Enron was the poster child for deregulation.
    And they used deregulation to shield themselves
    from legal fraud charges.
    Illegal today.
    Change Regulations
    Legal today.  

    Their two top traders traded the
    Company into the RED.
    Bet all the reserves and lost.
    Ken Lays response wasn't
    to fire them but tell them to bet more
    and make up the losses.

    Enron was loosing money ever year
    but still posted profits.
    Fastow just hid debt in fake front

    And eventually they got caught by
    reporters, not the Regulators.

    Wall Street instead of making sweeping
    regulation changes to protect the public,
    Wall Street used Enron as a Business Model.
    But changed the paradigm so they couldn't
    loose, they became to big to fail.

    And American Banks are the biggest
    Enron machines currently on Wall Street.
    But they planned their OUT.
    The American public would bail them out.
    And even now they are allowed to cook the
    books, carry two sets of books, the one
    the public sees carries all their Toxic Sub-
    prime paper at 100% value.

    Even thought those assets are only worth
    30% of original value.
    And they are still allowed through deregulation
    to run criminal enterprises.
    30% vig on Credit Cards, and 460%
    on payday loans.

    Ken Lay is still with us, but now hes running 
    American Banks, a criminal enterprise
    still untouchable, like Capone in Chicago in the

    Both Enron and Capone bought off politicians
    and the judges ( regulators ).
    Just like the Banks are still doing.
    ( Buying off congress. G )

    Capitalism comes in flavors, there is the American
    flavor currently Enron flavor.

    And there is a Chinese favor of capitalism.
    Based on a history of Communism.

    And there is Russian flavor of Capitalism
    based on a mafia history.

    Capitalism is greedy and it will by its nature
    convert to crime.

    Capitalism needs regulation to protect its
    self from it's self.

    Bernie Maddoff is another example of this
    deregulation, Enron model which is prevalent
    on Wall Street today.

    Banks by their very nature cannot both do
    Banking with Federal Insurance and Investment
    banking with unlimited risk,

    One business makes loans for a few percent
    profit and the other business takes huge risks
    for huge profits.

    I wonder why the banks aren't making loans
    at low profits. what are they investing the 2.3
    trillion USD the Federal government and Federal 
    Reserve gave them?

    If consumer protection remains with the Federal
    Reserve then we know the Inmates are still in charge.
    The Federal Reserve has been a total and abysmal
    failure in protecting the public.
    Toxic paper, almost brought down the worlds economic
    30 % credit cards,
    460% vig on payday loans.

    Now our forecast:
    More Enron discoveries of other companies too big
    to fail, more fraud and additional economic threats
    from the current Enron model prevalent on Wall Street
    These problems will influence funding on the GWOT.
    This paradigm is problematic as long as
    current laws allow corporate funding at current levels.

    The people are not now in control of congress.

    Series 3 and 7


    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Greenspan father of the Sub ...

    Oct 20, 2009 ... Greenspan father of the Sub-prime debacle. Frontline: The would-have-been hero of this story is Brooksley Born, first female president of ...



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    Thursday, April 01, 2010

    US fires EMP test ME

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    Rusky vs US terrorist paradigm

    Russia's Medvedev promises 'crueler' measures
    MAKHACHKALA, Russia — President Dmitry Medvedev made a surprise visit Thursday to the violence-wracked southern province of Dagestan, telling police and security forces to use tougher, "more cruel" measures to fight the "scum" responsible for terrorist attacks.
    Russia's security chief said some terror suspects had been detained.
    In his dress — a black T-shirt under a black suit coat — and rough language, Medvedev was following the style of Russia's powerful prime minister, Vladimir Putin.
    "The measures to fight terrorism should be expanded, they should be more effective, more harsh, more cruel, if you please," he told local officials in a televised meeting.
    Russia's terrorist paradigm is a failure and they continue to use it.
    Its an old Stalinist hold over.
    The same failed Afghan policys they were using when they were drove
    out of Afghan by US shoulder fired weapons and the Mahadjudeen.
    The terrorists the Russians are facing make OBL look like a boyscout.
    I've seen videos of them beheading young Russian troops,
    They don't even tie their hands and only half cut the head off
    so you can hear the protests through the gurgling blood, and
    the young boy soldiers crawling around with their head half cut
    off the and Mass killing of school children twiice.
    Russians paradigm is 180 degrees from what the USA 
    is doing in Afghan.
    The Russians do not try to win the hearts and minds
    they try and cut them out.
    But back when a American was being kidnapped
    every week in the Middle East, the Russians had
    one of theirs kidnapped, and the KGB caught the
    Terrorist's son ( the one responsible for the Russian kidnapping )
    caught his son and cut his penis off and killed him and stuffed it in his dead
    sons mouth and sent the body to the Terrorist father, and the Russian
    kidnapping stopped. The 1980's I think.
    This will test both hypothesis, the American hearts
    and minds v s the Russian's cutting out the hearts and
    While sad it will test both hypothesis and lead the
    way for future counter terrorist paradigms.




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    Tuesday, March 30, 2010

    Guilty of being Black and Pregnant

    Seattle police open season on Black pregnant mothers?

    STEVEN L. DAMAN, in his capacity  as an officer of the Seattle Police

    his individual capacity as an
    officer of the Seattle Police

    his individual capacity as an
    officer of the Seattle Police

    The Washington courts have
    never approved a custodial arrest for a non-arrestable offense
    where the driver, like Brooks, produced identification and
    owned the car she was driving.

    Officer Ornelas then called his supervisor, SPD Sergeant
    Daman. When Sergeant Daman arrived, Brooks continued to
    refuse to sign the Notice. Sergeant Daman then asked her “if
    [she] was going to sign the ticket.” When she refused, he told
    Officers Ornelas and Jones to “[b]ook her.” They attempted
    to follow those orders.

    Officer Ornelas then employed a pain compliance technique,
    bringing Brooks’s left arm up behind her back,
    whereon Brooks stiffened her body and clutched the steering
    wheel in order to frustrate her removal from the car. Officer
    Jones discharged the Taser against Brooks’s thigh, through
    her sweat pants, which caused Brooks “tremendous pain.” She
    began to yell and honk the car’s horn.

    Within the next minute, Officer Jones tased her two more
    times, against her shoulder and neck, the latter being the only
    area of exposed skin. Brooks was unable to get out of the car
    herself during this time because her arm was still behind her

    Indeed, an arrestee’s resistance may support the use 
    of force regardless of whether probable cause existed.
    ( WTF? G )

    holding that an 

    arrest based on probable cause does not 

    violate the Fourth 

    Amendment, even if the relevant criminal 

    offense is nonarrestable 

    under state law

    “A person is guilty of obstructing a law enforcement
    officer if the person willfully hinders, delays, or
    obstructs any law enforcement officer in the discharge of his
    or her official powers or duties.”

    Bryan v. McPherson, 590 F.3d 767 (9th Cir.
    2009) (holding that shooting a Taser gun at a disoriented,
    half-naked man while stopping him for a seatbelt violation
    constituted excessive force).



    Refusing to sign the Ticket is not

    an arrestable offense!

    And her refusal to sign was then

    turned into "obstructing".

    Which is an arrestable offense.

    Just cheesy....



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    Cyber War or Grand Theft Felony

    Cyber War or Grand Theft Felony

    Paradigm Intel:

    The penetration of US computers doesn't
    speak to US failure. ( DOD, State Dept,
    Google, Banks, etc. )

    While US admits the Computer Security
    breaches, its not quite the same in Russia 
    or China. 

    Russia via the RBN has been into most
    of the Chinese networks, and USA networks.
    We believe they are responsible for recent
    corporate cyber break ins.

    And USA has been into the Russian and
    Chinese networks.

    And the Chinese have been into the Russian and
    Chinese networks.

    World Wide Internet Security sucks.
    World Wide penetration works.

    Paradigm Intel says US, NSA specifically knows
    who did the recent Corporate break ins, theft of source
    Not by dint of police or Intelligence work but NSA just opened
    the Russian and Chinese networks and searched 
    for the data, Over 100 terabytes.

    If USA's best cyber security has failed,
    then so has Russian and Chinese.

    And a failure in the ability to track perpetrators.
    Currently a state or criminal perp can remain

    There is a method to track perps, a technology,
    outside the box, but we have seen only shadows
    that it might have been implemented.

    We rank the Cyber powers as follows:

    #1) USA
    #2) RBN
    #3) China
    #4) Saudi Arabia

    #5) Germany and England

    #6) India

    #10) Criminals.

    And a paradigm of Mutually assured destruction
    works well, 

    And few want the WWW brought down.
    Maybe Iran and the Terrorist.
    Looking at the other guys cards,
    breaking into networks is accepted 
    and can't be stopped.

    And Cornfliker is run by either NSA or RBN.
    Our paradigm Intel Engine is still cranking 
    on Cornfliker.

    RIAA went nutz over shoplifting some MP3s.
    RIAA hunting flies with a 50 cal
    Then the American Corporates are going to go mental
    when their source code shows up in some 
    Russian or Chinese Company's programs on the WWW.

    Paradigm Intel says the State Department is
    quietly working on restitution for the source code theft.
    And treatys to punish future source code thefts by

    Currently the popular International thought is
    American Banks defrauded the world with their
    sub-prime debacle, and Criminal Cyber withdrawals 
    from those banks are extra judicial justice.
    Bad news for the FBI and the Criminal Banks.

    The problem with this paradigm is the Criminal and
    terrorist elements.
    They are converging, "just another ARMS SALE".
    As far as the criminals are concerned.
    But a sale of cyber WMD to terrorists is going
    to be problematic.
    Cyber Defcon #1, NOW.

    Internet Anthropologist, ad Magnum
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst



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    Monday, March 29, 2010

    I am a Cyber Warrior

    I am a Cyber Warrior, this is my song.

    Gerald in Uniform


    "I have the reach of teeth of a killing machine

    My BSU's Need to bleed your PC when the light goes green,
    Bring death to the PC where your about to be.

    Cyber Sniper .

    My BSU's spy 24/7 on your PC
    My Battalions penetrate your forums,
    scrape evidence, take names and 
    kick ass.
    I am a warrior and this is my song.

    Come to the night mare, come to me.
    deep down in the cyber dark,
    with the devil, PC and me.
    With the jaws of razor teeth.
    Code with the mind
    Aim with the mouse.
    Your data and comms belong to me.
    Lay waste to your sites.

    I am a warrior and this is my song.

    If another one types I'll kill some more.
    Where the brimstone burns and the Angels weep.
    al Qaeda blood on my keyboard and in my teeth.
    Another river of blood under my feet.

    Kill  with a heart of Arctic  Ice.
    DEATH cries on MY shoulder.
    Roll with the Gods if I cross your path.
    Shadow of death is the one I cast.
    I hunt in the shadow of your IP.

    Stand next to me and you'll
    never stand alone.

    I'll stand in the path of the Enemy line.
    I Feel no fear.

    For God and Country I 
    pledge my life.

    I am a warrior and this is my song.

    My eyes are steel and my gaze is long
    My BSU's track you the world over for wrong.
    My BSU's 100,000 strong
    I am always with miserable you,  Invisible, watching, operating.

    I am a warrior"



    Black BSU's surveillance.

    Our Mission.

    Join the Cyber Warriors: Company "C":


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    Sunday, March 28, 2010

    Iran END GAME

    Iran END GAME

    I'm not as worried about Iran getting a nuke as 
    I used to be.

    The timing is very important.
    The current regime will never
    get a nuke.

    Future Regimes probably.

    The risk / reward paradigm here 
    isn't good.

    Thinking it might bring the 13 th Imman.
    And USA would not nuke them back.
    To many innocent Iranians would die.
    It would be a massive surgical air strike
    around the clock for weeks if not months.

    So they just are not going to get a nuke.

    I they get close the Israelis will hit them
    with a few EMP ( non nuclear ) bombs.
    That will take out their culture as
    we know it today and for many years
    to come.

    Their banking gone, records gone, computers
    gone, land and cell phones gone, all autos,
    trucks dead.

    It will take the regime 2 or 3 years to reset
    the country, set up the electronics again.
    And for a few years that would absorb all
    their GNP.

    Then they could restart their N bomb program.

    The Green movement needs to get this regime
    under control to avoid a reset on the Iranian 

    Internet Anthropologist.