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    Saturday, January 09, 2010

    Taliban spinning CIA bomber


    Quote from CIA bombers English version of the Video:
    "offered me millions of dollars....arranged together....arranged this attack....this suicide attack......"

    At the time of this video he had not internalized the suicide attack,
    he didn't say "My suicide attack" he said "This suicide attack"

    The video its self was a rushed job, it is in a 'safe house' without
     electricity the Two lights used to film the video were Battery operated.
    the room they filmed in was cold, note the outer garments they both wore
    and how he kept pulling his robe around him to keep warm, but you couldn't
    see their breath. So it wasn't freezing but was cold and dark, only source of
    light was the video lights.

    Pulling his robe together.

    The Taliban leaders body language is very interesting.

    Leader is showing him no respect.

    Our analysis of the video shows they were setting on the same rug that
    the camera was on, as one point one adjusts his position and the cameras
    moves ever so slightly, you can see this in the shift of the banner in the background.

    The first video was in Arabic and the second video was in English.
    We are not posting either.

    The English video they moved the camera forward for better details.
    And note the Taliban commander said nothing, and looked toward the
    suicide bomber a few times with a look of surprise.

    What? ( look )

    The rush job of the video suggests they did not train him, just
    gave him a belt and a button and sent him on his way.
    The setting and timing suggests a rushed job.

    There is the possibility they caught him spying and gave
    him the choice of beheading or suicide bombing, coupled
    with threats to his family, and appeals to paradise, virgins,
    and GREAT after death PR. Which may explain why there
    is no real "maryters WILL" VIDEO...

    Picking his nose!! During Maryters Will?
    This Muslim bomber is not esteemed !
    The head of the Taliban can barely stand him.

    And as a Muslim this 'last will' leaves a lot to be desired.

    And the video adds to speculation as to why all the confusion in
     the early news releases by the Taliban.

    There is some speculation as to a connection to the Yemen bomber
    and additional spys on the CIA base.

    There is much to the post bombing handling by the Taliban that
    just isn't fitting together.

    More to come. The part about him being a Taliban suicide bomber
    stinks. Too much doesn't fit.


    Our old paradigm, we still can't fit it all together
    yet. G
    This doesn't fit the story "Taliban Bomber", either.

    Taliban surprised by CIA suicide bombing.

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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Joint Afgan- Paki anti-terrorist border force.

    Pakistan rejects US demands for crackdown on Haqqani network 

    ISLAMABAD: The Pakistani military has rejected US demands that Islamabad crack down on the strongest Taliban warrior in Afghanistan, Siraj Haqqani, whose fighters pose the biggest threat to American forces, Pakistani military officials and diplomats told the New York Times.

    Siraj Haqqani has been accused ( video ) of several charges or rape then murdering the girls. ( Jawa Report )

    An analyst said Pakistan was reluctant to act against Haqqani, as it considered “Haqqani and his control of broad swaths of Afghan territory vital to Pakistan in the jostling for influence that will pit Pakistan, India, Russia, China and Iran in the post-American Afghan arena”. “If America walks away, Pakistan is very worried that it will have India on its eastern border and India on its western border in Afghanistan,” said Tariq Fatemi, a former Pakistani ambassador to the US who is pro-American in his views. For that reason, Fatemi told NYT that the Pakistan Army was “very reluctant” to jettison Haqqani. In his reply to the US, Gen Ashfaq Kayani had urged a short-term argument, according to two Pakistani officials familiar with the response. 


    A joint Afghan and Pakisatani Border force could do quite well
    in ending the cross border attacks both ways, as that force could 
    pursue the Terrorist no mater what border they crossed.
    And would build confidence between nations and other joint




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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    The Judge giveth and taketh away

    US District Judge Ricardo Urbina giveth and taketh away:

    Dismissal of Blackwater charges: Was justice done?


    Judge Frees Terrorist 

    Urbina wrote in his 31-page decision

    Judge Ricardo M. Urbina
    Judge Urbina was appointed to the United States District Court in July 1994.  He received a B.A. in 1967 from Georgetown University and graduated from the Georgetown University Law Center in 1970.  He served as staff attorney for the D.C. Public Defender Service from 1970 to 1972 and then entered private practice.  From 1974 to 1981 he taught at Howard University Law School and directed the University's Criminal Justice Program.  He was appointed Associate Judge of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia in April 1981, and served as Presiding Judge of the Court's Family Division from 1985 to 1988. 


    Thanks to bartender squad.


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    Friday, January 08, 2010

    List of POSSIBLE terrorist sites.

    List of POSSIBLE terrorist sites. 01.08.10

    Each much be checked out independently.

    Many are in Russian or Urdu, talking about Muslim or
    Islamic movements.

    If your site appears on this list and you want
    it removed please contact me.
    InternetAnthropologistTT at gmail dot com = Аль-азкар = Бадр-центр = Czeczenia Blog = Поэзия джихада = Гlазотан байракх = Hadis Group = Гураба-вордпресс = Хунафа = Имам-тв = Ислам-дин = Джамаат-шариат = AzeriJihadMedia = Кавказ-центр = Кавказан-хаамаш = Кавказ-чат = Кавказ-монитор = Скачать с youtube = Медиа-ислам = Нуруддин-инфо = Саваб-инфо = СайфуЛлах-Тавхид = Шамиль-онлайн = Джамаат-булгар =Тавхид.ру


    Thanks to Recon Squad Terintel.

    .If your site appears on this list and you want
    it removed please contact me.
    InternetAnthropologistTT at gmail dot com



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    US MIL lacking Sys admin info readily available.

    US MIL lacking SysAdmin info readily available.

    Seminal ontological paradigm. G

    Genius Military leaders, heads up, working towards
    integrating cultural info sources towards defeating the Taliban.

    To win the hearts and minds US needs to expand the focus.
    Rather than focus exclusively on killing the enemy, expand the focus to how
    the enemy fits into the cultural net.

    And how to turn the cultural net against the Terrorist and actions to support
    that action.

    Excerpts from:
    Fixing Intel: A Blueprint for Making Intelligence Relevant in Afghanistan.
    By Major General Michael T. Flynn, USA
    Captain Matt Pottinger, USMC
    Paul D. Batchelor, DIA

    Lacking sufficient numbers of analysts and guidance from commanders, battalion S-2 shops rarely gather, process, and write up quality assessments on countless items, such as: census data and patrol debriefs; minutes from shuras with local farmers and tribal leaders; after-action reports from civil affairs officers and Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs); polling data and atmospherics reports from psychological operations and female engagement teams; and translated summaries of radio broadcasts that influence local farmers, not to mention the field observations of Afghan soldiers, United Nations officials, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). This vast and underappreciated body of information, almost all of which is unclassified, admittedly offers few clues about where to find insurgents, but it does provide elements of even greater strategic importance – a map for leveraging popular support and marginalizing the insurgency itself.

    Some battalion S-2 officers say they acquire more information that is helpful by reading U.S. newspapers than through reviewing regional command intelligence summaries.

    The second inescapable truth asserts that merely killing insurgents usually serves to multiply enemies rather than subtract them. This counterintuitive dynamic is common in many guerrilla conflicts and is especially relevant in the revenge-prone Pashtun communities whose cooperation military forces seek to earn and maintain. The Soviets experienced this reality in the 1980s, when despite killing hundreds of thousands of Afghans, they faced a larger insurgency near the end of the war than they did at the beginning.

    Given these two lessons, we must ask why, out of the hundreds of intel analysts working in brigade-level and regional command-level headquarters, only a miniscule fraction study governance, development, and local populations – all topics that must be understood in order to prevail. “Why the Intel Fusion Center can’t give me data about the population is beyond me,” remarked the operations officer of one U.S. task force, echoing a common complaint: “I don’t want to say we’re clueless, but we are. We’re no more than fingernail deep in our understanding of the environment.”

    Great analysis:
    read full report here:

    The piece indicates they are lacking the Sys admin info to be successful.


    Why this needs fast implementation. State of the Insurgency : Trends, Intentions and Objectives “The Afghan insurgency can sustain itself indefinitely,” 

    MG Michael Flynn
    Director of Intelligence
    International Security Assistance Force, Afghanistan
    U.S. Forces, Afghanistan
    AS OF:  22 DEC, 2009


    System Administrators (SysAdmin) The “second half” blended force that wages the peace after the Leviathan force has successfully waged war. Therefore, it is a force optimized for such categories of operations as “stability and support operations” (SASO), postconflict stabilization and reconstruction operations, “humanitarian assistance/disaster relief” (HA/DR), and any and all operations associated with low-intensity conflict (LIC), counterinsurgency operations (COIN), and small-scale crisis response. Beyond such military-intensive activities, the SysAdmin force likewise provides civil security with its police component, as well as civilian personnel with expertise in rebuilding networks, infrastructure, and social and political institutions. While the core security and logistical capabilities are derived from uniformed military components, the SysAdmin force is fundamentally envisioned as a standing capacity for interagency (i.e., among various U.S. federal agencies) and international collaboration in nation-building, meaning that both the SysAdmin force and function end up being more civilian than uniform in composition, more government-wide than just Defense Department, more rest-of-the-world than just the United States, and more private-sector-invested than public-sector-funded.



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Security: Nothing done.

    Security: Nothing done.

    ( my comments in CAPS, G )

    The following message by Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair was sent to employees of the United States Intelligence Community:

    We had strategic intelligence that al Qa’ida in the Arab Peninsula (AQAP) had the intention of taking action against the United States. We did not direct more resources against AQAP, nor insist that the watchlisting criteria be adjusted.

    ( Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment. TIDE LIST, they all get striped searched, G )

    The Intelligence Community analysts who were working hard on immediate threats to Americans in Yemen did not understand the fragments of intelligence on what turned out later to be Mr. Abdulmutallab, so they did not push him onto the “no fly” list.


    Enhancing the criteria for adding individuals to the terrorist watchlist and “no fly” watchlist.


    While the December 25 attempt exposed improvement needs and flaws in coordination, it did not expose weakness in the concepts of intelligence reform or suggest that its progress should be redirected. The Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act (IRTPA) and the progress of the past five years will continue to guide our future improvements.


    The job of collecting, analyzing, and integrating information on a global scale is difficult, and this community performs that work at high levels every day. We will sustain our dedication and professionalism to the tasks we now face. We will leverage this challenge to emerge even stronger and more able to provide the support to national security that President Obama hailed as critical to our future.
    We will meet this challenge. I am confident that together we will deliver to the President the improvements he has called for.


    Dennis C. Blair




    The White House concluded in a report issued Thursday that "a series of systematic breakdowns" contributed to the failure to prevent the failed Christmas Day bombing of a trans-Atlantic airliner bound for Detroit. 
    NOW read:
    The White House review found the complex system of maintaining multiple watch lists "is not broken," but John Brennan, the deputy national security adviser who supervised the review, said the process of feeding information into the watch list system must be strengthened.

    Talking out of both sides of their mouth and saying NOT A DAMN THING.
    It wasn't broken it never worked,G



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Thursday, January 07, 2010 Down. Down. and all its mirrors.


    Some of the sites are back up....

    "Shabakat Al-Mujahideen Al-Electroniyya has seven domains associated with it; six of these ( , , , , , ) are hosted by Limestone Networks, Inc. (400 N. St. Paul, Dallas, TX, USA) and one ( ) is hosted by XA-MEDIA-2-NET (Network Operation Center-Hanauer Landstrasse 316A, 60314 Frankfurt am Main, Germany)."

    All down.

    We recently were running an operation against them.

    Thanks for the Support:

     Sucking Up All The Terrorist's Bandwidth For Fun...Mighty Righty 

      Jawa Report: Sucking Up All The Terrorist's Bandwidth...Stable of Zionist hores 

      Sucking Up All The Terrorist's Bandwidth For Fun..Ron blovoiating 

      Nothing like messing with terrorists….StarCMC

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Wednesday, January 06, 2010

    Taliban surprised by CIA suicide bombing.

    Taliban surprised by CIA suicide bombing.
    Exclusive by Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank.

    Exploring the lies of the Taliban about the CIA suicide bombing.

    Our Paradigm Intel continues to explore motives behind the
    CIA bombing and the attempted Christmas suicide plane bombing.

    Bill Roggio said:

    Qari Hussain Mehsud, a senior deputy to Hakeemullah Mehsud (pictured above), has taken credit for the Dec. 30, 2009 suicide attack that killed seven CIA operatives and a US civilian on Combat Outpost Chapman in Khost province. From The Associated Press:
    Hussain said a "CIA agent" contacted Pakistani Taliban commanders and said he'd been trained by the agency to take on militants but that he was willing to attack the U.S. intelligence operation on the militants' behalf. He did not specify the nationality of the "agent." "Thank God that we then trained him and sent him to the Khost air base. The one who was their own man, he succeeded in getting his target," Hussain told an AP reporter who travelled to see him in South Waziristan on Friday. ( three days after attack. G ) The region is where Pakistan's army is waging a military offensive aimed at dismantling the Pakistani Taliban.
    Afghan Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid had earlier said the attack was carried out by an Afghan Army officer.

    Our Paradigm Intel METHOD:
    Some Semantic paradigms will work even across translations, verb and tense for example.
    Appropriating Images: The Semiotics of Visual Representation by Keyan Tomaselli 
    Has an excellent section on actual text vs transmitted text. G


    "he'd been trained by the agency to take on militants"
    "Thank God that we then trained him and sent him to the Khost air base."
    "Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid had earlier said the attack was carried out by an Afghan Army officer."

    From the official taliban news release:
    "According to one of the club's guards, the CIA employees, dressed in Afghan uniform were in the the club discussing as an army officer entered the club and set off his explosive-packed vest, killing and injuring all inside the club.
    In fact, it is not the first time that the Afghan military people, out of true Islamic feelings and inspiration, carry out such frontal attacks on the infidel invaders;"

    Our Paradigm Intel
    Our intel indicates the Taliban C2 was out of the loup on this suicide bombing.
    They didn't train him, and maybe some lower level Taliban set it up without prior approval
    or notice to above, with out expectation of success or without knowing who the final target would be.

    The Taliban are reacting post attack based on news reports, and trying to take
    credit for a rogue or spontaneous operation.
    Taliban C2 had no advanced warning or hand in the operation.

    It was as much of a surprise to the Taliban leadership as it was to the CIA.

    And post attack the Taliban have been scrambling to make it look
    like they were in charge.



    If Taliban C2 didn't know about the CIA bombing,
    than it may not be relevant for answering the questions
    I raised here:
    CIA bombing and the attempted Christmas suicide plane bombing. 

    And that issue is still open.

    UPDATE: Paradigm:

    If al Qaeda leadership isn't out of Afpak,
    they will be, killing the CIA will increase
    the heat on them several magnitudes.
    The next best developing area for the Terrorist
    is Yemen, Somalia geo.

    Solution: Light, small foot print, fully netted, for
    ID and pick up. Backed by HEAVY reactionary force off shore.

    Current Backgrounder Yemen HERE IATT


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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Paki children abused by Taliban

    The Taliban have no honor:

    Training Moslem children to become suicide bombers.

    The children were from the local area. He says the parents would send them thinking they were getting an education and, more importantly, free food.
    "But they don't know what kind of religious education their child is being put through."
    The ( Paki ) military says that the compound could house some 200-300 children.

    Nawaz Kot, Pakistan (CNN) -- "When we got to this compound it was shocking for us," Lt. Col. Yusuf tells us, standing in the middle of what the Pakistani military says was a brainwashing center -- for children.

    It was here, according to the Pakistani military, that children aged 12 to 18 were turned from innocent youngsters into cold-blooded killers, willing to blow themselves to bits as suicide bombers.

    The discovery of the compound was first reported in Pakistani media last month. Yusuf says his unit took it over after a three day battle with militants.

    The images may appear simple. But for the children from this part of Pakistan they are captivating. They grow up in abject poverty surrounded by dirt-colored mountains with treacherous gullies and valleys with no exposure to the outside world. They are gullible and easily manipulated.

    Part of the compound consists of four rooms -- each wall adorned with brightly colored paintings in clear contrast to the barren and harsh landscape surrounding it. The children were told that this was what awaited them in heaven.

    Each of the images has a river flowing through it. Some have people playing in the water. Others have women lining the banks.

    The military says that the children are told that these are rivers of milk and honey, that the women are the virgins that await them in heaven. That the children were told that they will live in the company of the holy prophet and be served feasts

    "They [the militants] say life is a waste here and if you do a good thing you will go to heaven, immediately to heaven. For someone who does not have anything to look forward to, who does not have any opportunities and is living a wretched life, this sort of thing comes as a big incentive," Hussein explains.

    He says the children end up believing that their life in this world is worthless, that life only starts in the hereafter. The Taliban is offering them a fast track option to paradise, a longed for escape from their daily reality surrounded by violence.

    Part of the compound consists of four rooms -- each wall adorned with brightly colored paintings in clear contrast to the barren and harsh landscape surrounding it. The children were told that this was what awaited them in heaven.


    May the Drones shower the Taliban with their reward.


    Taliban have NO HONOR, 100 posts, IATT 


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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Bad news for Taliban

    CIA used to just be doing a job, NOW its personal.

    From our sources inside the Beltway.

    Before there were about 250 UAV sorties a day over AfPak. 
    After CIA killings the count last week => over 600 a day now and climbing, particularly over Afghanistan.  
    Before we might have 2-3 UAVs working a strike, now we have 4-5 on each strike and enough UAV's everywhere 24/7 that their presence no longer signals to the muj that a strike is on.

    More UAVs on the way. 
    Also a new secret Mini Hornet killer UAV, Targets individuals and very small groups.
    Taliban admin and C2 to come under constant strikes.
    Strikes more surgical and will increase by an order of magnitude.

    CIA very pissed.
    CIA Vows Revenge for Suicide Attack




    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Tuesday, January 05, 2010

    C.U.M. runs AQ Xploding underpants boys

    Council of United Mujahideen ( C.U.M. ) is in charge of al qaeda's  Exploding underpants suicide bombers.


    I didn't make up the Council...G

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Council of United Mujahideen

    Feb 23, 2009 ... MIRANSHAH: The Taliban in Waziristan announced 
    forming a 'Shura Ittehadul Mujahideen' (Council of United Mujahideen
    on Sunday to wage jihad ...

    Stolen from Jawa.




    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Horns of a dilemma, Afpak/Yemen

    Horns of a dilemma

    But why did Al Qaeda’s small franchise - which formed in Saudi Arabia in 2003, staged a bombing spree, fought losing gun battles in Saudi streets, but gained strength after a 2006 jailbreak in Yemen, where it has relocated - launch an “external” operation against the U.S. homeland?
    Terrorism analysts are wondering what the answer to this question may be, and “so are we,” a top White House aide told me Sunday.
    So for whatever Team Obama is certain of, in terms of the suspect’s ties to what had previously been a regionally focused terror group, they are much less certain why AQAP is suddenly trying to upstage “core” Al Qaeda, headed by Bin Laden, with a U.S. strike. Past attacks by AQAP had targeted U.S. interests such as our embassy in Sanaa - which Obama closed on Sunday


    Paradigm Intel:

    Horn one:
    Because of the huge number of drone attacks, some of them close to Binny,
    the al Qaeda is trying to refocus USA on Yemen to get some respite in Afpak.
    They hope this will turn USA attention from the unrelenting drone attacks
    and deaths of its Cadre.

    Horn Two:
    al Qaeda leader ship binny and Big Z have escaped Afpak and the unrelenting
    drone attacks. They have escaped to Yemen. And are directing International
    Ops under less USA Intel agencys monitoring in Yemen than in Afpak.
    Binny and big Z taking a vacation and have created and are directing Ops.

    We are watching key indicators that will point to one horn or the other.

    Killing the 7 CIA agents just ramps up the heat in Afpak by
    an order of several magnitudes.
    If al Qaeda was trying to switch the heat to Yemen, killing
    7 CIA agents contra indicated, but it may have been to juicy
    a target to resist. ( paradigm intel points to the Taliban C2
    in the dark about the CIA bombing till after the Fact. see below. G )

    If Binny and big Z are in Yemen killing the CIA agents,
    would fit that paradigm without difficulty.

    Further indications may be picked up in the official Terrorist
    response to the Killings.


    Death of 7 CIA agents, Backgrounder:

    If al Qaeda leadership isn't out of Afpak,
    they will be, killing the CIA will increase
    the heat on them several magnitudes.
    The next best developing area for the Terrorist
    is Yemen, Somalia geo.
    Taliban surprised at CIA bombing. 

    Solution: Light, small foot print, fully netted, for
    ID and pick up. Backed by HEAVY reactionary force
    off shore.


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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Monday, January 04, 2010

    UK jahiddies fav site down

    United Kingdom jahiddies all in a thither.

    Seems their fav UK terror site is down.

    Apache/2.2.14 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.14 OpenSSL/0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 Phusion_Passenger/2.2.4 FrontPage/ mod_bwlimited/1.4 mod_auth_passthrough/2.1 Server at Port 80

    Jeeze Allah just doesn't want them to see that site, darn.




    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    7 CIA killed, Backgrounder

    From a source we have found reliable in the past:

    CIA base was our primary UAV targeting base, central clearinghouse of informant reports.  Attacker was a familiar, well connected to the Haqqani's and a legit HV asset.  The station chief trusted him and personally escorted him in.  Just a fatal error in judgement.

    The informant had been on the base many times and was being personally escorted by the CIA base station chief.  The informant was a double-agent and had been feeding legit targeting to CIA for over a year.  The Haqqani's are that ... ruthless, they sacrificed their people to Hellfire strikes, in order to vet the informant......

    After getting such deep cover, the informant indicated that he was ready to give up AQ hvt's, including bin Laden, and the whole Haqqani network.  ...........  By doing so, the informant was able to draw in more than just his handler for a meeting where he was going to lay out all he knew.

    So, some of the intel team assembled, including a Jordanian intel officer, and the informant, led past security by the station chief, wearing an Afghan army officer uniform, detonated a bomb in their midst.  He killed some of our most experienced in-country intel team.   


    Luckily some key team members were late and they will be able to pick back
    up right where the other 7 left off.

    Pay backs are a Bitch.
    The operation resulted in minimal results
    and maximum consequences.

    The Taliban's stupidity always amazes me.
    Just when I think they CAN'T get any more
    stupid, they F**k up an Anvil.

    Gerald; SALUTE

    Taliban's death wish, 

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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Court house shooting

    Count the shots: Lloyd D. George Federal Courthouse

    I counted at least 44 shots. 
    Add to "DO NOT DO" LIST.
    Do not go into building where shooting is going on,
    or line of empty shell casing leading into building.


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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Iran regime messing w Internet

    From our sources inside Iran:

    Usually when they block access to the Internet:
    This message is displayed:
    in farsi " in site tavasote mokhaberat masdod misbashad" this "site is blocked by the Communications system"

    How long does it take a web page to display?
    he says " mazimum 16 kb in sec : recieves bundels ( Packets. G )

    What sites can they reach?
    He cant reach FB and twitter.

    "The ususal filters are still on, so Bad words are still filterd but as u c , FB and twitter also"

    How can u open wayfor them to FB and twitter ?

    Cell phones working? "not inside and most times between towns are not working."

    "They cannot open or use normal anti filters to get into FB or twitter anymore
    normal ones such as :
    does not work anymore for these places.
    It seems that the gov sends much traffic on tot these ones as to crash them each time and specially in protest days ."

    Check back we will have more Intel.




    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    In Honor of the Secret Mujaheddin Martyrs.

    Blessed be Secret Mujaheddin Martyrs.

    We have discovered a list of the
    REAL Islamic Muhaheddin Martyrs.
    The list is around 400 Martyrs.

    The list does not contain names of
    them all but includes a News notice
    of their Martyrdom.

    "Innaa lillaahi maa akhathaa wa lillaahi maa A'taa, wa kullu shay-in 'indahoo li ajalin musammaa."

    To these humble Jihads eternal life is to come, and we pray for God's mercy to be with the departed, in hopes that they may find peace and happiness in the life to come.

    I'm confident their last words were "Laa ilaaha illa-Allah: I bear witness that there is no god but Allah."

    In many cases they were buried in the clothes they died in.
    In honor of these Mujaheddin we can all say our own salat-l-janazah.
    Just take a moment at your computer now to say salat-l-janazah.

    May Allah accept the burial condition of these holy Martrs regardless
    if they were buried on their side facing Mecca or not.

    Sometimes in war things are difficult and beyond one's desires.
    humbly we remember Allah and His mercy, and pray for the deceased Martyrs.

    In thier honor I will not wear a tie of jewelry for 3 days.

    "The eyes shed tears and the heart is grieved, but we will not say anything except which pleases our Lord." 

    These Martyrs charity given during their life which continues to help others, knowledge from which people continue to benefit, and a righteous child who prays for him or her continues to benifit
    these brave Mujaheddin.

    As noble it is to die in battle—that is, to die at the enemy’s hands in a just cause—so has it been considered shameful to willfully take one’s own life.

    Shahadat, martyrdom is identified the exemplary ethical model of moral action in a show of struggle (jihad) for the sacred, manifested in the ultimate act of self-sacrifice.

    The (male) martyr or shahidencountered the sacred by fighting against the enemies of the true religion; and in the process giving up his life in exchange for a higher, celestial existence. In this regard, it was not merely the event of death that identified martyrdom, but the very fulfillment of the duty of obedience to the will of God that brought one to the level of sacred.

    They are in Paradise, where "beautiful mansions" and "maidens" await the martyr heroes.

    The list of the Brave, HOLY martyred  Mujaheddin 400+.


    Afghanistan's Secret Mujaheddin