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    Saturday, August 22, 2009

    Lybia did nothing wrong, this time.

    Lybia did nothing wrong

    I saw on some news channel a former ambassador
    talking about how Gaddafi is behaving badly.
    It is Scotland that was behaving badly.

    Its not Gaddafi's fault the Lockerbie bomber was released.

    Place the blame where it belongs, Scottland,
    Scotland gave Gaddafi this PR coup.
    Scotland gave the terrorist morale a boost.
    Not Gaddafi.

    Yes Lybia celebrated his return,
    They celebrated the Scots releasing
    him. Lybia couldn't be celebrating his release,
    except for the Scots.


    If the Scots did at the behest of
    Great Britans request, for the Lybian oil deal
    Then Scotland is still an
    English puppet.

    But it was still actions by Scotland.

    Scotland releaed him after
    he did less than one month
    per death in the bombing.

    The release is Scotland's fault,
    not Lybias.





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    Badware preparing to control the net

    By Kelly Jackson Higgins

    ( Badware preparing to control the net. There is a new WORLD POWER growingin secret on the Internet, and the worldis not prepared. G )

    While pervasive, widespread malware attacks like Conficker get all the attention, there's another generation of obscure and dangerous malware that so far is too rare to be considered a threat -- but could provide a hint of things to come.

    A common thread among most of these unusual or odd malware samples that typically fly under the radar is that they're all about going after specific information or data, rather than more general attacks that cast a wide net and make the headlines. And the writers of these lesser-known and uncommon malware packages are using new methods to keep the attacks alive longer -- even if it means brazenly attacking researchers who try to study them.

    Even so, most attacks over the next five years will still come from the morphing malware variants that are common today, but in higher and higher volumes, experts say. "We're going to have to deal with more volume and attacks. And at the same time, there will be instances of really high quality attacks, where the attackers have thought things through -- and not for a quick buck, but for something sustainable," says Patrik Runald, chief security advisor for F-Secure.

    "We'll see more malware families that are technically advanced and stay around for longer periods of time," he says. "Instead of recompiling variants of existing [malware], they will be refined slowly but surely, in a controlled manner" with new features, as Conficker and Torpig were, he says.

    Security researchers are seeing some intriguing malware in small pockets. One piece of malware found on a desktop machine during a forensics investigation was actually pre-coded to steal specific information from the victim's organization, says Greg Hoglund, CEO and founder of HBGary, whose company sees about 5,000 new pieces of malware a day. "It knew what it was looking for," he says. And the malware was disposable so that it could disappear without a trace after doing its dirty work.

    That's a step up from an advanced method used by some malware writers to "clean up" after they infiltrate a system in order to cover their tracks, according to Hoglund.

    Then there was the malware that was written specifically to crawl for, and to steal intellectual property. What was most unusual about the malware is that could crawl different file types -- Excel, PDF, for instance -- for intellectual property to steal, Hoglund says. Then it would encrypt and send the stolen information to its own servers. The malware likely initially infected the machine via a spear-phishing or in a cross-site scripting (XSS) attack, he says.

    Another method researchers are seeing emerge are what they call "hack-back" techniques by malware writers. Gunter Ollmann, vice president of research for Damballa, says some malware is being written with built-in functions that allow it to hack a researcher's machine. Fighting back isn't new for malware writers: "Some malware today has the ability to identify if it's being run in a sandbox or virtual environment and then it runs a different process if it detects that" in order to throw off the researchers, he says.

    But Ollmann says the "hack-back" feature, where malware can detect if it's being studied by a researcher and then turns around and compromises the researcher's machine, is the next step. "There are hints that it's out there," he says. "I've seen a few discussions on hacker forums that are developing and selling the latest DIY kits that offer this functionality."

    He says a few proof-of-concepts have demonstrated how to detect malware in VMware. "Then the attacker could use public exploits for VMware to break out and compromise the researcher's machine," he says.

    Some botnet malware wages distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on researchers if they get too close to the command-and-control (C&C) system. "If you try to reach out to a command and control server without the right credentials, then that C&C may issue commands to the botnet to attack you. It would take the form of a DDoS attack against the enterprise trying to manually connect to the C&C," Ollmann says. "The command and control server can detect the machine isn't one of its bots."

    And as in the case of Conficker, the malware can actually blacklist investigators trying to access the botnet server. "So the good guys are being blacklisted," he says. But Ollmann says these types of techniques used by malware writers are still rare. "And it's either very sophisticated cybercrime teams investing a lot of money in it, or tinkerers [trying] new techniques," he says.

    Despite all of the hype and attention that went to the Conficker threat, there are still 5 million infected machines out there today, according to F-Secure's count. F-Secure's Runald points to some of the malware features built into the code that make it difficult for researchers to take down Conficker.

    Unlike the infamous Storm botnet, Conficker doesn't include an initial seed-list of victims that researchers can ultimately contain. "I'm confident that was a response to the work we were doing ... how they moved to a peer-to-peer command and control, and that Conficker doesn't even contain an initial seed list," he says. "This is a clear example of where they thought things through and had a clear response to anything we threw at them. And that's part of the reason we haven't been able to close them down."

    "I fear that in the future, we'll see more malware that is developed in that way to actively" deflect what we throw at it, he says.



    This article continues to highlight the failure of the Internet's
    security paradigm.

    There are no offensive operations against these bad guys
    and they could end up owining the net.

    This indicates the power they can hav e over the net,
    and the inability of anyone so far to stop them.

    We are headed for a situation similar to when
    Al Capone controled Chicage in the 1930's.

    Currently there is not a power on the net
    capable of reigning them in.

    If this paradigm continues we are headed
    for a cyber war, where "THEY' have
    most of the power and cards.

    The badware guys are moving to exploit
    the net in a criminal combine.

    They continue to move ahead of the
    Internet cyber security services.

    The security and government vendors
    can track some of their abilities
    but seem powerless to stop them.

    There is in place forces with the power
    to cut off nations and businesses from the
    net, and blackmail the same to get the access back.

    The world needs a huge influx of money and
    brain power to get ahead of this evil curve.

    The Internet is becoming a sitting duck.

    There is a new WORLD POWER growing
    in secret on the Internet, and the world
    is not prepared.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst



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    New taliban leader, almost.

    "Baitullah is alive but he is seriously sick," Faqir continued on the radio. "God forbid if Baitullah is dead, Hakeemullah will be his successor."
    Read more:


    Paradigm Intel says:
    His body, whats left of it, still has a pulse, and he is in a coma.
    They are with holding IV feeding, hoping for his death soon.
    Waiting for the body to starve to death.
    Very slow but sure death.
    Drones loaded with
    Hakeemullah's photo, awaiting
    his apointment.

    Anyone that knows Hakeemullah's location please Email me.
    Internetanthropologisttt at gamil cot com


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    Pakis speak

    From Paki forum.


    Its kind of a joke.Faqir Muhammad does not even have full control of bajaur.he signed peace agreement with jirga.Now the army is fighting qari zia ur rehman group in bajur and faqir muhammad said we are not involved in attacks on army.

    I mean when this guy does not have control of his agency how can he dream of controlling wazirstan taliban and people like hakeemullah who now want power and billions of baitullah assets at all costs.


    Pakistan needs ‘months’ for Waziristan push, says army

    The commanders are right they need some time to rest the troops plus also the equipment needs maintenace....Plus they are saying so that they could pressurize the americans on giving them the much needed militayr hardware we have been asking since 2001....helicopters planes night vision etc


    Thugs can never unite, its law of nature, they can make tactical alliances but cannot unite. This is a lesson we drive from Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan. I in past advocated that TTP ,which is an alliance of 20 to 30 militant islamists groups cannot survive for long ,and sooner or later the differences based on sects and group ideology will surface. Some friends thought I was claiming things which I don’t understand or have no knowledge. But Praise to Allah my assessments are coming true.

    After Baitullah Mahsud, TTP is a broken alliance. There is dispute over his succession on one hand and on other there is dispute over likings and disliking amongst different Taliban groups.

    According to reports, TTP’s spokes man Molvi Omar was arrested on information given by Tehrik e Taliban Mohmand. Amir Tehrik e Taliban Mohmand Agency Omer Khalid was at odd with Molvi Omer because they both hated each other. The dispute amongst them started when Omer Khalid Group killed Shah Khalid who was leader of Ahle Hadith Taliban of the agency.
    Omer Khalid is a Takfiri belonging to Harkat ul Mujahideen .He Became enemy of Shah Khalid Group due to its policy of not fighting Pakistani forces. Molvi Omer Aggressively opposed Omer Khalid over Shah Khalid death and advocated in Taliban Shura not to make Omer Khalid as head of TTP Mohmand.
    On other hand Shah Khalid group went under ground after Shah Khalid’s Death. It re emerged as AJMAL group and is helping Peace committee to fight TTP Mohmand. They are the real power behind QAUMI LASHKER.

    This news about Omer Khalid’s role clearly exposes the so called Taliban and how ideological they are. According to Sources from Mohmand and other agencies the majority of these so called Taliban were criminals who disguised them selves as so called soldiers of Islam to earn and commit crime in cover of Islam and Taliban Struggle.

    One more interesting report reached me today. According to reliable sources, Molvi Omer is a chicken hawk who ran away after Pakistan army Launched Operation Sherdil in Bajor agency. It is also a report that Molvi Omer Due to his conduct was imprisoned by Molvi Faqir Muhammad for few months.


    "It re emerged as AJMAL group and is helping Peace committee to fight TTP Mohmand. They are the real power behind QAUMI LASHKER."

    how can we trust these thugs with criminal mind set in form Lashkar, these ppl need to be dealt with seriously, they will keep on shifting their loyalties for their personal gains, Laskar must be at least free of these thugs & idiots

    This is slap on the face of these Taliban supporters who thought they r kinda good people & indeed these ppl are all criminals trying to gain their benefits under disguise of spreading Islam

    This also explains the dead bodies of Taliban hanging here and there...


    The lashkar is an intergral part of fighting the war in swat. Good or bad they have to be used. Trusting them will be another stupid mistake in the long like of stupid mistakes that have been made. Force dividers are how the new wars are fought, especially in remote regions of their own territory.


    Missile Strikes in FATA

    That's great news, bomb these terrorists to oblivion, don't give them any quarters like they don't to innocent Pakistanis and Afghanis. We should thank the U.S. for doing us this big of a favor of taking out our enemies for us.






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    Friday, August 21, 2009

    4shared. com providing bomb instructions.

    We notified 4shared. com
    about a file with instructions
    about how to make a "Sucide bomb Vest"

    They changed it to adults only.

    العبوة الشعبية و الحزام الناسف الشعبى-albra.rar

    This file may contain materials which are inappropriate for some users.
    To access this file, please confirm you are 18 or older by
    logging in or signing up



    From recon team:

    4 days ago he has been advised that the link is dead, and so has added more links.
    post 58
    Egyptian Disavowal

    The author:
    Joined:1 year ago
    Files:285 <------? What else does he have

    Welcome to my page! I want to share my stuff with you and hope you will find something useful here. I hope you enjoy my collection and come back again and again. I will do my best to make the content ever more interesting. Thank you for your time!

    Country:Egypt Egypt





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    Google loosing integrity:

    Google loosing integrity:
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Google's SHAME:
    If this is the only concern, issue she had, an error is guessing her age, and Google gave up the Name,
    shame on Google. Google has lowered the bar, and gave into a trivial complaint.
    Google used to be THE model for Internet Integrity and intestinal fortitude.
    How the mighty have fallen.

    I guess Google will now be giving up the names of the Iranian protesters,
    and any others that post against dictators, and whistle blowers.

    Google has violated one of the key tenants of the rules of bloggers.

    This action has done much damage to Google's reputation,
    violation a bloggers anonymity over a frivolous law suit.

    And sets a very dangerous precedent.

    This is a big mistake on Google's part.

    I am ashamed for Google.

    Ms. Cohen brought Google to court, demanding that the company reveal the identity of a blogger that she says defamed her. The NYC-gossip blogger mocked Cohen and called the model a “40-something” who “may have been hot 10 years ago.” Cohen was 36 at the time. The post, which ran on Google’s Blogger service, has since been removed.

    So sad and wrong.



    Follow up:
    Jawa report, that has taken down many terrorist sites
    got rewarded for their hard work.

    Google Ad words is dumping them.???

    "They pose a threat to the ad word advertizers.?


    You May Notice

    No ads. Google adsense says we "posed a significant risk to our AdWords advertisers"

    They were due to pay us 2 morrow. So go figure.

    I've appealed that decision.

    Personally I reckon we upset someone....




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    Thursday, August 20, 2009

    Jackson Hole Conference

    Always look forward to Jackson Hole .

    Banks: “Too Big Has Failed.”

    Aug. 20 (Bloomberg) -- The host for central bankers attending the Federal Reserve conference this weekend to discuss the financial crisis is a regional Fed chief who’s making waves with his proposal for letting big U.S. banks fail.

    Thomas Hoenig, the Kansas City Fed president, will welcome Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke, European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet and dozens of other central bankers to the annual symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, starting today. Hoenig said he hopes the gathering will serve as a model for handling crises in the future.

    Bernanke has urged Congress to back part of Hoenig’s proposal for dealing with faltering big banks, which would wipe out shareholder equity in any that receive government aid. The Treasury Department’s so-called resolution authority plan, while likely to result in stockholder losses, doesn’t require it.

    “Tom is leading the mainstream on this,” said former Fed Governor Lyle Gramley, now senior economic adviser with New York-based Soleil Securities Corp. “He’s ahead of the curve.”

    Hoenig, 62, took office in 1991 and is soon to be the longest-serving Fed policy maker. Out of the 12 regional Fed presidents, he is one of two to have served as a head of bank supervision. Hoenig is tougher than his colleagues on inflation, having dissented from interest-rate votes four times since 1995, always for tighter policy.

    Alternative to Bailouts

    Companies with weak capital or investor confidence shouldn’t be bailed out, Hoenig said in a private talk in Omaha, Nebraska, in March. He said the government instead should declare them insolvent, replace managers, remove the bad assets and require shareholders to take losses. Hoenig broke from his usual practice of speaking from notes on index cards for non- economic comments and released written text entitled “Too Big Has Failed.”

    ( Feds evidently didn't like the paper, they have blocked copying any

    part of the paper, G )



    STILL no balls, no one talking about usury reform.

    Best stimilus packsge so far $4,500 rebate on autos.

    It got many to spend $15,000 to $20,000 for an auto.

    Big increase in jobs, helped Greeners, expect $3 back for

    every $1 in the rebate program. Good job.





    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    130 million Credit cards Evidence in trouble

    130 million Credit cards Evidence in trouble.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank.

    While I'm not an attorney, I do have over 400 felony
    arrests to my credit, with only one loss,
    And have testified in court over 100 times.

    In the Maksym “Maksik” Yastremskiy
    note book fiasco there are problems.

    And there seems to be problems with
    the seized server's chain of custody.

    The problems are technical but if they
    can get it before a jury the State should

    The note book Which the SS made a
    copy of, no longer functions, and became
    disabled while in the SS custody.
    ( Actually in Turkish custody, but they
    were acting at the behest of the SS
    agents, and accordingly governed by
    SS legal obligations. )

    But the SS says they won't be using
    any of this info at trial.

    And the SS doesn't mention the
    chain of custody of that Image

    I always kept my evidence under lock and key.
    And our cyber work we have Time Digital Certificates,
    to prove time and date, linked to a Atomic clock.

    So the notebook maybe poisoned fruit,
    as its inaccessible and uncertain chain
    of custody.

    And the SS says they won't be using it.
    The Defense lawyers say the rest of the
    investigation stems from that seizure.

    Without that notebook coping they
    wouldn't have proceeded to the
    server seizure.

    And the Defense team is trying to
    claim the server investigation comes
    from a poisoned tree, and is non

    As for the Server they had a copy made
    of it, with an uncertain chain of custody.
    And had the server shipped to the SS.
    And may not have everyone available
    to testify as to the secure chain of custody,
    as they are foreign nationals.

    The unspoken part of this paradigm,
    is the Russian connection.

    Do they have copies of the
    130 million Credit card info.
    If so the Russian connection
    is a National security risk.

    130 million credit cards is
    around 1/3 of all the Credit
    Cards in USA.

    Putin's regime is a criminal
    based and any cooperation is
    not likely to be forth coming.

    And the credit card Info puts all
    of the 130 million people at further
    risk to ID theft and opening new
    credit lines in their names,
    without the card holders knowledge.

    This risk is for the persons life time.

    They ignore it and make it difficult
    for the victims to even be aware of
    theft of their good credit.

    The people who's CC info was stolen
    are still at risk, if it has been transefered
    to Russia.

    Kimberly Kiefer Peretti has her work
    cut out for her.


    Albert Gonzalez was a Secret Service Informant.



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Afpak paradigm adjustments

    Three Fronts of War, Three Years to Make It Work

    Thomas P.M. Barnett

    On Monday,President Obama promised to stick with his timetable for withdrawal from Iraq, but he also upped the ante on the conflict in Afghanistan and Pakistan by calling it a "war of necessity" against Al Qaeda and its allies (read: the Taliban). But here's the catch: Al Qaeda has already been evicted from Afghanistan and won't be evicted from northwest Pakistan by anybody other than the Pakistanis themselves (and we're talkingbadlandswhere Islamabad has never exactly had landlord status). That means our current strategy consists of fighting our way through the Afghani Taliban to get to the Pakistani Taliban (and thus, quite frankly, through them to the Pakistani military and intelligence services) to get to Al Qaeda. That, my friends, is called doing it the hard way.

    And what would be the end result of the American military pulling off this seeming miracle? Al Qaeda would simply move somewhere else equally off-grid, resurfacing deeper in Central Asia or sub-Saharan Africa, and we'd begin this drones-versus-desperados show all over again in aMatrix-like reboot. Truth be told, absent Pakistan's nukes and its sordid history of sharing such technology,there is no great strategic argument for driving Al Qaeda out of its mountain cave lair. As far as our "machine world" is concerned, there will always be a number of "Zions" out there, demanding their back-to-the-future enclave be respected for what it is: a desire to disconnect from a "corrupt world."

    So what will American end up doing? Inevitably, we'll cut deals granting local autonomy not all that different from the one Islamabad recently tried with the Pakistani Taliban. And guess what? Those deals will consistently backfire until the locals — including the so-called moderate Taliban (you know, your baseline misogynists) — decide that harboring Al Qaeda isn't worth the harm frequently visited upon them by outside forces. But even when that distant day comes, expect the Taliban to remain Taliban.

    Read more:


    Thomas P.M. Barnett always adds a clarity, and context
    to work from.

    In this posting his ordering of the current paradigm feels
    about right.

    I'd just add that the Drone component needs to be expanded, more drone hits and fewer civilian damages.

    Beheading al Qaeda and the Taliban is effective.
    Their leaders are the one per centers, those capable
    of leading and controlling the insurgency, they are limited
    in numbers.

    As the quality of leadership drops so will those
    willing to support them or follow them.

    We have seen this recently with Baitullah's succession,
    and the deaths that followed.

    The other component is rallying the Afpak people
    to remove the terrorists.

    There currently is no mechanism to interact with
    the majority of the Ummah.

    FM radios paradigm is unworkable, they listen
    to prayers, and battries are scarce and precious.

    If we can win their minds and hearts some will
    turn on the Terrorists. Giving the leads to take
    out the one per centers.

    But the Ummah needs the electrical grid to have
    the luxury of listening to the Radio for other
    than prayers.

    Its the terrorist that are broadcasting the prayers.
    Most just listen at dusk, for the prayers, and terrorist

    For them turning on the radio to use the battries
    is kind of a religous requirement, for prayers.

    Change that paradigm and they will listen all day
    if they have the electrical power.

    Somebody said Music has the power to sooth the
    savage beast.

    If they have the elect. power it becomes an ratings
    demographic to get them to listen to a message.

    Instead of "Abbott and Costello" comedy radio show,
    it could be a Pashtun " Taliban Abbott and al Qaeda Costello" comedy
    radio show. Exposing the terrorist paradigm. ridiculing al Qaeda with humor,
    Comedian and anthropologist teams.


    For Obama to have a second term he has to
    take out Binny, Big Z and Omar. That would
    be viewed as good progress.
    And Barnett is right, globlization will bring
    more of these Terrorist, USA needs a Paradigm
    to deal with them.
    reaction to Globalization