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    Saturday, August 01, 2009

    IRAN's internal nuclear struggle:

    IRAN's internal nuclear struggle:

    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    More than “Velvet Revolution”: The Battle Within Iran’s Intelligence Ministry

    Posted by: Scott Lucas in Middle East & Iran

    The Latest from Iran (29 July): Challenges Outside and Inside the Government

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    IRAN FLAGIn a week filled with confusions, intrigues, and confrontations within the Ahmadinejad Government, this may be the most extraordinary story of all.

    On Monday afternoon, the pro-Green Movement websiteMowj-e-Sabz announced, “Coup in the Ministry of Intelligence”. While public attention was focused on the President’s firing of his Minister of Intelligence, Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Ejeie, there was much more happening below the headlines. Two Deputy Ministers and a number of experts — Mowj-e-Sabz claimed more than 20 — had been “forced into retirement”.

    The cause? Ministry officials had been told to compile a report, based on files and interviews of detainees, on whether the quest for a “velvet revolution” by outsiders was responsible for post-election conflict. Their investigations produced the answer: No. There was no proof that “foreign” elements had instigated the protests as part of a plan for regime change.

    It was an answer that did not satisfy President Ahmadinejad. He dismissed the Vice Ministers of Intelligence and of Counter-Intelligence. According to Mowj-e-Sabz andother press reports, established a parallel service, “Tehran Intelligence”, led by Hojatoleslam Ahmad Salek and Hojatoleslam Hossein Ta’eb, both of whom are affiliated to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.



    Showdown between Khamenei and IRGC?

    Who’s really in charge? Is there a confrontation looming between Iran’s supreme leader and the Revolutionary Guard?

    By MUHAMMAD SAHIMI in Los Angeles | 28 July 2009

    [TEHRAN BUREAU] analysis Two important developments over the past few days suggest that a possible confrontation may be under way between Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, and the high command of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).

    One development was the order issued by Ayatollah Khamenei overruling Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s appointment of Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei as his First Vice President (Iran’s president has eight vice presidents). The second was the firing of ultra hardliner Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejehei, the Minister of Intelligence.

    A reliable source in Tehran told the author that both episodes were meant to be signals by the IRGC’s high command to Ayatollah Khamenei that they were in control, and that he should toe the line — their line. According to the source, Ayatollah’s Khamenei’s order to fire Mashaei was delivered to the Voice and Visage (VaV) of the Islamic Republic (Iran’s national radio and television network) on the day Mashaei was appointed by Ahmadinejad. The VaV was asked to announce the order on national television and radio, but Ezzatollah Zarghami, the director of VaV and a former officer in the IRGC, refused to do so.

    As if to make sure that the Ayatollah got the message loud and clear, it took Ahmadinejad one week to relent and go along with the order. And it was only then that the VaV broadcast the Ayatollah’s order. When he did accept the order, Ahmadinejad sent the Supreme Leader a terse and very formal letter, devoid of the usual praises that his past letters to Ayatollah Khamenei have carried. The letter was considered by many supporters of the Ayatollah as a total insult; but also a clear signal. In order to further demonstrate his defiance, Ahmadinejad appointed Mashaei, a close relative and friend, as his chief of staff and special adviser.

    According to the source, Ejehei was fired because he was reporting to the Supreme Leader without first letting Ahmadinejad know. He had reportedly said that the Intelligence Ministry had concluded that the accusations by the IRGC high command, that the demonstrations after the election were linked to foreign powers and represented a “velvet revolution,” were baseless. He had also reportedly said that the demonstrations had neither been planned in advance, nor could they have been predicted. Finally, the Intelligence Ministry is said to have reported that Mashaei, as well as Hossein Taeb, a cleric who is the commander of the Basij militia, represented security risks. The report apparently countered all the accusations made by the IRGC high command.

    There is a precedent that helps support the theory that Ejehei was ousted for this reason. In the spring of 2008, Mostafa Pourmohammadi, Ahmadinejad’s first Interior Minister, was also fired after he submitted a report to Ayatollah Khamenei about the elections for the 8th Majles (parliament) without Ahmadinejad’s knowledge. In that report, Pourmohammadi reported irregularities committed by Ahmadinejad’s backers. When Ahmadinejad found out about the report, he fired Pourmohammadi almost immediately.



    ANALYSIS-Iran turmoil takes new twist as hardliners fall out

    Tue Jul 28, 2009 6:23am EDT

    * Ahmadinejad alienates allies in spat with Khamenei

    * Rift with conservatives may complicate cabinet formation

    * Iran power struggle hampers decision on nuclear diplomacy

    By Alistair Lyon, Special Correspondent

    BEIRUT, July 28 (Reuters) - Iran's hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has chosen a strange moment to cross swords with his chief patron, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

    As if widespread popular unrest and the wrath of reformists over a disputed election were not enough, Ahmadinejad has alienated some of his own allies and lost two hardline cabinet members by defying Khamenei over his choice of vice president. The disarray in the hardline camp is likely to complicate Ahmadinejad's job of forming a new cabinet, risking prolonged paralysis in decision-making even as a Western deadline looms for Iran to enter substantive talks on its nuclear programme.

    Ahmadinejad, due to be sworn in by parliament next week, is already under fire from his moderate rivals, Mirhossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi, who say any new cabinet will be illegitimate as the June 12 poll was rigged -- a charge the authorities deny.

    Part of Iran's influential Shi'ite clerical establishment based in the shrine city of Qom has also signalled misgivings over the aftermath of the poll, which has plunged Iran into its worst internal upheaval since the 1979 Islamic revolution.

    "Given the crisis of legitimacy Ahmadinejad faces, not just from the apparatchiks in Tehran, but increasingly from Qom, he will face difficulty in composing a credible cabinet," said Anoush Ehteshami, an Iran expert at Britain's Durham University.

    "For the moment the strategy has to be to make the glue stick, but there will come a moment when Ahmadinejad is untenable," he said, adding this could be just months away.

    Khamenei, who endorsed the election result and sided openly with Ahmadinejad, can hardly ditch his protege now. But he reacted firmly when the president named as his deputy Esfandiar Rahim Mashaie, who had previously angered hardliners by saying Iran had no quarrel with Israelis, only their government.................

    In a rare move, Khamenei ordered Ahmadinejad in an open letter to dismiss Mashaie. Instead, the president publicly defended his nominee, who is related to him by marriage, and presented him last week at a stormy cabinet meeting.

    Ahmadinejad finally dismissed Mashaie at the weekend, only to reappoint him as head of his own office. He also sacked his intelligence minister, Gholamhossein Mohseni-Ejei, apparently for insisting Mashaie must go to conform with Khamenei's orders.

    Culture Minister Mohammad Hossein Saffar-Harandi, seen as another hardliner close to Khamenei, quit over the same issue, although Ahmadinejad has not accepted his resignation.

    The supreme leader's approval is normally required for appointments to head sensitive ministries such as intelligence and culture, along with the defence and interior portfolios.

    Ahmadinejad's handling of his outgoing cabinet can only make it harder to compose a new one amidst Iran's wider crisis.

    "Clearly he has weakened his position, even with the conservatives in parliament," said Shaul Bakhash, history professor at George Mason University in Virginia.

    "He has always had this in-your-face streak toward others outside the ruling group. Now he has taken this independence a step further by almost defying the authority of the leader.".............


    "It boils down to Ahmadinejad's singleminded and volatile behaviour," he said. "If they can't control him, they will get rid of him, but not now. There would be too great an upheaval."

    Moin argued that Ahmadinejad would have to name a broad-based cabinet from beyond his own circle to gain the acceptance of conservatives, or risk a parliamentary revolt.

    Iran's ruling elite, already split and bruised by the tumult since the election, would have little appetite for a new crisis that would erupt if Ahmadinejad resigned or were forced out.

    "Even his critics within the leadership and among the conservatives would not want to generate a crisis of such proportions," Bakhash said. "It would require a new election. I imagine Khamenei would want to avoid that, almost at any cost."

    The supreme leader's own authority has already been sapped, partly by his own departure from his usual role of arbiter above the political fray. The opposition has defied his ruling that the election was valid. And now Ahmadinejad has challenged him.

    The opposition has found new energy in the last few weeks, winning support from Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and other senior clerics, after authorities quelled last month's street protests.

    The power struggle can only hamper the leadership's ability to tackle the Islamic Republic's economic problems, as well as the struggle over its nuclear programme, which Iran says is only peaceful, but which the West suspects is aimed at bomb-making.

    "I sense Washington is slowly but surely increasing the pressure. From the autumn it will become relentless," Durham University's Ehteshami said of President Barack Obama's offer to engage with Iran in return for nuclear concessions.

    "They will demand a position from Tehran by the end of September and will then give it till the end of the year to implement it. This is a very small window.".....

    Since the election revolution there have been 2 camps forming
    within the regime, The Supreme leader vs abberjonny and IRGC.

    Khamenei is drifting from his boy, abberjonny,
    and he has been trying to expand his powers.
    Abberjonny has the backing of IRGC, and their
    nuclear goal, and that team is willing to go for broke
    to get a nuke. The nuke is a messianic obsession
    for Abberjonny and IRGC.
    And there is a facet of State Suicide with in that
    group to bring on the 13th Imam.
    But USA is offering a missile shield.
    Paradigm error:
    Hillary Clinton talks about a Missile shield
    over the Middle East if Iran gets a Nuke.
    That maybe not enough.
    Zoo in Gaza, Marah, said
    "What we really want is an elephant," he said. "But a small one, so it can fit in the tunnels."
    From Egypt to Gaza.

    Its possible to move the nuke the size of a small elephant into Gaza from
    Egypt, so the question becomes one of Qods smuggling capabilities.
    Where could they smuggle a nuke to? Pick a border.
    Fishing trawlers, shipping containers are all vectors.

    The Iranian nuclear paradigm is incomplete.



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    Friday, July 31, 2009

    Ins. Co smoke screen, very Effective.

    Ins. Co smoke screen, very Effective.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank.

    Insurance Companies Lobbyist's are running
    at Flank speed.

    They are throwing up so much smoke
    the PUBLIC are missing the Question.

    Intel from inside K St, and paradigm
    intel says the Insurance Co.s are ready
    both ways.


    Do you want health care for all Americans?
    You have to pay for it!
    Who is going to pay for it?

    #1) If the Government does end up with a Public
    health care program the Insurance Cos are looking
    to push the bottom 3 to 5% of their policy holders,
    the ones with disease's that cost millions of
    dollars to treat off on to the Government plan.

    The Insurance Co's could reap Billions
    USD from that loop hole alone.



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    Wednesday, July 29, 2009

    IRAN: Facebook domain placed in control of U.S.-run site

    | Main |

    IRAN: Facebook domain placed in control of U.S.-run site

    The social networking site Facebook has been awarded control of the URL, the AP reports today. Majid Karimian Ghannad of Yazd, Iran, has been ordered by the United Nations to place the domain name with the U.S.-based site According to the U.N., Ghannad does not have the right to the URL The ruling published today says he wants it in order to sell books.

    Facebook is among a list of sites Iranian authorities block, but many Iranians use anti-filtering software to access it. In June, a Persian-language version of Facebook was launched.

    — Amber Smith in Los Angeles



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    NEW cutting edge crypto, first use: Conficker C

    NEW cutting edge crypto, first use: Conficker C

    Late last year, the software engineers developing a new Windows-based networking client confronted an all-too-common problem in today's hostile internet environment: How would they make their software resistant to the legions of enemies waiting to attack it? Particularly worrisome was a key feature of their code, a mechanism to accept updates online. If it were subverted, an attacker could slip his own program into an installed base of millions of machines.

    The coders decided to fortify their software with MIT's brand-new, high-security cryptographic hashing algorithm called MD-6. It was an ambitious choice: MD-6 had been released just two months before, and hadn't yet faced the rigors of real-life deployment. Sure enough, the move seemed to backfire when a security hole was found in MD-6's reference implementation not long after the launch. But the coders rallied, and pushed out a corrected version in a new release of their software just weeks later.

    It would be a model for secure software development, except for one detail: The "Windows-based networking client" in the example above is the B-variant of the spam-spewing Conficker worm; the corrected version is Conficker C, and the hard-working security-minded coders and software engineers? A criminal gang of anonymous malware writers, likely based in Ukraine. The very first real-world use of MD-6, an important new security algorithm, was by the bad guys.





    Would seem like the Cornfliker Group would

    get tired of getting their asses handed to them?.

    Maybe we will just have to learn to live with

    Confliker et-al threat.



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    A kinder gentler Taliban, ( BS, G )

    A kinder gentler Taliban, ( BS, G )

    Taliban has re

    From the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan [Mullah Omar] Layeha (rulebook) to the Mujahideen.

    Rules for mujahideen. Each mujahid is obliged to obey the following rules:

    1. A person with responsibility (only commanders) is allowed to give an invitation to those Afghans who are supporting infidels to join the way of the true Islam
    2. To those who leave the infidels we will grant security for him and his property. But if he has some personal dispute, or somebody has some claim against him, he has to face our judiciary system.
    3. Each mujahideen who is in contact with supporters of the current regime and who invites them to join the true Islam has to inform his commander.
    4. Those who accept the invitation to join the true Islam but aren't loyal and become traitors will lose their contract with us and will not be protected by us. There is no way to give them another chance. THESE ARE BETTER KNOWN AS SHAKEDOWNS, GIVE US MONEY FOR PROTECTION FROM US, THE TALIBAN.G
    5. A mujahid who kills an infidel who has joined the mujahideen's side will lose our support. Islamic law should punish him. KILLING OF TALIBAN SPIES IS FROWNED ON.
    6. If a group leader (or any ordinary Talib) wants to leave his district to join a unit in another district he is allowed, but he should get permission from his senior leader. POLITICS.
    7. If a mujahid captures any foreign invader without the permission of the movement leader he mustn't exchange the prisoner with another prisoner or for money. NO COLLECTING REWARDS, ALL MONEY GOES TO TALIBAN.G
    8. The provincial, district or regional commander in charge is not allowed to sign an individual contract with an NGO [non-governmental organization] or make a deal for money with the NGO. This matter has to be decided by the shura. MONEY TO TALIBAN ONLY.G
    9. No person in a position of responsibility is allowed to use jihadi equipment and property for his personal interest. SOUNDS LIKE A WESTERN OFFICE POLICY.G
    10. Each mujahid is responsible to his commander for the money he spends and the equipment he uses. NO THEFT.G
    11. Mujahideen are not allowed to sell any kind of equipment without the permission of the provincial leader in charge. NO THEFT.G
    12. One group of mujahideen is not allowed to invite mujahideen of another group to join it in order to increase the group's membership. But if there is good reason (lack of personnel) this might be allowed. But a written permission is necessary and the mujahideen who join a new group should leave their weapons with their old group. POWER AND PERSONALITY STRUGGLES. G
    13. Weapons or equipment confiscated from the infidels, or allies of the infidels, should be evenly distributed among the mujahideen. NO HORDING, OR PROFITS, MONEY TO TALIBAN. G
    14. If someone who is working with the infidels wants to cooperate with the mujahideen, nobody is allowed to kill him. If somebody kills him he will face the Islamic sharia court. KILLING TALIBAN SPIES.G
    15. If any mujahideen or commander is disturbing innocent people he should be warned by his leader. If he doesn't change his behavior he should be expelled from movement. CALL THEM US SPIES BEFORE YOU KILL THEM.G
    16. It is strictly forbidden for mujahideen to raid houses and take weapons by force from civilians without the permission of the district or provincial commander. STEALING IS OK IF TALIBAN SAY OK. G
    17. Mujahideen have no rights to take the money or personal belongings of the people. UNLESS YOU GIVE IT TO THE TALIBAN.G
    18. As under the earlier [Mullah Omar] regime, mujahideen should avoid smoking cigarettes. FAT CHANCE, G
    20. If a member of the opposition, or the government, wants to surrender to the Taliban we can consider their conditions but the final decision has to be made by the military council.
    21. People with a bad reputation or who have killed civilians during the Jihad must not be permitted to join the Taliban movement. But if the Supreme Leader [Mullah Omar] forgives such a person he should stay at home. NO MURDERS OR ROBBERS, UNLESS THE TALIBAN IS LOW ON TROOPS.G
    22. If a mujahid is found guilty of a crime and his group leader discharges him, then other Taliban groups are not allowed to accept that person. If he wants to join the Taliban again he should come back to his own group and ask for forgiveness first. MURDERS AND ROBBERS ARE JUST ROTATING THRU ALL THE GROUPS.G
    23. If a Mujahid faces an issue not described in this book, the regional commander should find a solution in consultation with the group.
    24. Working for the current puppet regime is not permitted, either in a madrassa [religious school] or as a schoolteacher, because that provides strength to the infidel system. In order to strengthen the new Islamic regime, Muslims should hire a religious teacher and study in mosque or another suitable place and the textbooks used should be from the mujahid [anti-Soviet war] time or the Taliban time. TALIBAN WILL DECIDE WHATS ISLAMIC. G
    25. Those who are working in the current puppet regime as a madrassa teacher or schoolteacher should be warned. If he doesn't stop he should be beaten. But if a teacher is teaching against the true Islam he should be killed by the district commander or a group leader. "TRUE ISLAM" = TALIBAN.G
    26. The NGOs that came in the country under the infidel's government are just like of the government. They came here under the slogan of helping the people but in fact they are part of this regime. That's why their every activity will be banned, whether it is building a road, bridge, clinic, school or madrassa or anything else. If a school matches these conditions it should be burned. If it is told to close but doesn't it should be burned. But before burning it all religious books should be taken out. STOP BURNING THE KORAN. G
    27. Before someone is found guilty of being a spy, and can be punished, no commander or person of responsibility is allowed to interfere. Only the district general commander is allowed to do so. In court evidence has to be brought forward that might prove the accused person to be a spy. The persons who bring forward the evidence should be a mentally well and have a good religious reputation. They must not have committed a big crime. The accused should be punished only after the whole case is closed and he is found guilty. STOP KILLING CIVILIANS TO STEAL FROM THEM, SEE # 15 ABOVE. NO KILLING RETARDED, NO LIARS OR CRIMINALS CAN BRING CHARGES, JUST TO STEAL WEALTH.G
    28. No lower commander is allowed to interfere in the civil, common disputes of the people. If people insist [on intervention] the case should be brought in front of a district or regional commander. But he should present the case to the religious scholars or the jirga [council]. If they can't find a solution the case should be taken to very well known scholars. STOP KILLING CIVILIANS. G
    29. Every mujahid group is committed to keep watchful guards on duty day and night.
    30. The above 29 rules are compulsory. Whoever violates any of them should be treated according the Islamic prince’s rules.
    This layeha is for the mujahideen who are sacrificing their lives for Islam and Almighty Allah. These are complete guidelines for the progress of the Jihad, and mujahideen should follow these rules. This
    is the responsibility of Jihadis and the faithful. From the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan [Mullah Omar]

    Hat tip to my bartender.

    Folow these rules or the Ummah will continue to
    turn against the Taliban. If Omar can bring all the groups
    under one leadership they will be easiser to Negoiate with.
    The Government could not get the groups to consilidate,
    good luck Omar.



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    Car bomb; Spain barracks, wounding 46

    Car bomb; Spain barracks, wounding 46

    MADRID - A car bomb exploded outside a Civil Guard barracks in the northern Spanish city of Burgos early on Wednesday, injuring 46 people in an attack authorities blamed on Basque separatist rebels ETA.

    The blast at around 4 a.m. (10 p.m. ET) ripped away most of the outer wall of the multi-storey barracks in one of the biggest attacks for some time by ETA, whose ranks have been decimated by arrests.

    "It's almost a miracle no one was hurt more seriously," an emergency services spokesman said, adding that the barracks had been evacuated and fire fighters were going through the building.




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    Tuesday, July 28, 2009

    Suicide vest instructions.

    One of my recon teams found a file on line with instructions
    for making suicide bomb vests.

    We notified on
    Jul 19

    ON Jul 23, they responded:
    Thank you for the information. We will look into this matter and take all
    appropriate measures.

    Jul 27, Thank you for letting us know. We have deactivated the links to the illegal files.

    If you know any other illegal use of our service, please let us know. We will do
    our best to remove the files as soon as possible.

    We appreciate your desire to make our service better. Thank you!

    on the 28th:
    I responded Have you checked the other uploads this user has stored on your service?



    Between the 19th and 27th it was downloaded 36 more times.

    Author of bomb vest instructions

    Joined:4 months ago

    Welcome to my page! I want to share my stuff with you and hope you will find something useful here. I hope you enjoy my collection and come back again and again. I will do my best to make the content ever more interesting. Thank you for your time!


    Egyptian security forces will be contacting you, albra.
    SOON. Omar Suleiman



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    Monday, July 27, 2009

    Bahraini MP: Iran's Islamic Democracy is Exposed

    Bahraini MP: Iran's Islamic Democracy is Exposed, In All Its Dictatorial Hideousness

    Following are excerpts from Samira Rajab's article, which was posted on the Akhbar Al-Khalij website.

    ( Second article; ‘Israeli attack on Iran will affect Pak stability’ ( nonsense G ))

    Because Iran Aims to Spread Its Ideology in the Arab World, It Is Our Duty to Alert the Public to the Nature of This Regime

    "Had the [Islamic] Revolution and [Islamic] Republic confined themselves to their true dimensions and role in the world, and had they not purported to be divine and undertaken a missionary role, both religious and political, that transcends their [own] borders - then the [entire] Iranian issue would not have interested us.

    "However, since they claim to have a metaphysical dimension and a missionary theocratic role of exporting [the revolution] to all the Arab and Muslim societies, it is our primary duty [as part of] the region's media and political arena to take an interest in the Iranian issue and to alert public opinion to the real scope and role of the [Iranian] mullah-run regime.

    "It is from this perspective that we have followed the Iranian regime in the past and will continue to follow it in the present and future.

    "[The Iranians] have tried to stifle every voice that harms their 'holy' regime that is run by 'saints.' They have presented the leaders of this 'holy' republic as infallible, and the fathers of the 'Islamic' Revolution as Allah's emissaries on earth. They have imbued their leader with the absolute authority of Allah, and they have prepared their 'holy' republic for the coming of the 'Hidden Imam,' [5] who, according to a 2006 prophecy by President [Ahmadinejad], was supposed to come within two years.

    "The religious seminaries that support [the Iranian] regime have churned out thousands of robed, turbaned graduates [whose function is] to spread false concepts [such as] the 'holiness' of the republic, the infallibility of its founders and the [absolute] authority of its holy leader. [The Iranians] have raised the banner of the Islamic caliphate, and have spread their missionary propaganda throughout the world in order to disseminate their 'sacred' way and the tenets of their 'divine' revolution.

    "They have distributed their 'pure' money among their allies in our [Arab] countries, in order to recruit supporters and undermine the security [of these countries]. [With their message of] infallible [leaders] who cannot be wrong, who never lie and who cannot be held to account, they [naturally managed to] recruit followers. Since money blinds people's eyes, they managed to buy supporters and propagandists, and since religion and religious creeds are unbeatable weapons, they have used them to build strongholds in their own country and in ours.

    "Thirty years - that is the age of the 'holy' [Islamic] Revolution, the republic of the Hidden Imam, the 'Islamic' democracy regime [with its] 'infallible' leaders. Thought this period, our Arab region has been in a state of constant war. It has suffered from constant political crises, discord and internal division, from political militarism, from sectarian-based recruitment [of the masses], and from [the practice of] hiding behind [religious] creeds and sacred [symbols]. Behind all of this is a blatant political goal that has nothing to do with religion or Islam.

    "Suddenly, after 30 years, the truth about this holiness, this infallibility, and these infallible [leaders] has come to light... Iran's Islamic democracy has been exposed in all its dictatorial hideousness. The fig leaf has fallen away, revealing the biggest political lie ever [invented] in the name of religion. The events that occurred following Iran's recent presidential elections... and the images of barbaric oppression that accompanied them, revealed the hidden [true] face of the 'Islamic' Republic. The falseness of its sanctity was exposed to all, revealing the blood-soaked truth about this republic and this regime. The 'pure' revolution uncovered its fangs of oppression, the 'holy' republic was revealed as a fraud, and the infallible [leaders] were exposed as people who lie, cheat, arrest, and torture to protect their interests."

    June 12, 2009 Was the Greatest Election Fraud in History

    "...[But] the fathers of Iran's 'Islamic' revolution [really] showed their true face by perpetrating the greatest election fraud in history. I say 'the greatest election fraud' because most cheaters [arrange to] beat their opponents by a small margin of votes. This was the case with George Bush Jr., who won his first term in office by a single vote [cast] in a single state, as part of a big election fraud exposed by film director Michael Moore in his movie Fahrenheit 9/11. [But] Ahmadinejad was elected to a second term in office on June 12, 2009 by a margin of millions of fake votes, which boosted him from third place to first. This was confirmed by an Iranian Interior Ministry [source] who supervised the elections and was directly responsible for them. [6] [It is also confirmed by] the millions who took to the streets in Iran after the elections...

    "...Let me also mention some of the events that accompanied these elections, which were reported by all the media outlets as well as on websites and in emails... [In these elections,] for the first time, leaders of the Iranian revolution questioned the religious roots of some of their fellow leaders. In a televised debate, Mehdi Karroubi referred to Ahmadinejad's origins, [asking him]: '...What is your full name?' His interlocutor answered, 'I am Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,' declining to mention his [real] last name. The Iranians know that [Ahmadinejad] comes from a Jewish family with a Jewish name, and Mehdi Karroubi attempted to reveal this to the public. [7]

    "This was also the first time that the president of the Iranian republic revealed that some of the regime officials held fake diplomas, or [diplomas] granted by colleges that [grant them] easily. One such incident was when [Ahmadinejad] made allegations and questioned [the authenticity] of the Ph.D. of the wife of [presidential] candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi. In an earlier incident... [the regime] had to justify its decision to retain Interior Minister Ali Kordan... when [Kordan's] university diploma and credentials were revealed to be fake, Ahmadinejad [acknowledged] that 'the diplomas of several regime officials are fake and worthless.'

    "Also for the first time, [we] discovered the depth of the financial corruption of Iran's ruling elite, and the involvement of the fathers of the revolution - including clerics, political leaders and their families - in this corruption and in stealing public funds. For the first time, Iranian presidential candidates revealed that [the leaders of] the regime are distributing [state] resources to organizations around the world, when in their own country poverty is spreading, development is failing, and eight million are unemployed - that is, unemployment is at over 30%."

    Iran's Leaders Are Neither Holy Nor Infallible

    "There is much to say about [the quality of] democracy in the 'Islamic' Republic. I will mention only two things. According to Article 57 of the Iranian constitution, the Supreme Leader - who is 'the absolute religious leader and the Imam of the Nation' - holds every [conceivable] authority, since he is in charge of the legislative, judicial and executive branches. Article 110 grants him every administrative and legislative authority, as well as the authority to appoint or dismiss any senior official in the state - from the president to the head of the broadcasting authority - and the right to 'declare war and peace and [order] a general draft,' and to resolve problems [that cannot be resolved by the Expediency Council in the usual manner].'

    "These [constitutional] articles clarify the origin [of the problem] and explain the events that began on June 12, 2009 throughout Iran. Even if the mosque preachers of Qom try to conceal these events, and if [some of them] remain unknown in the coming time period, they will continue to seethe beneath the surface, preparing the ground for the next [outburst of] protest. After all, young people, women, and the elderly were suppressed, beaten and tortured in public; blood was spilled in the streets, and the regime provoked the youth, which constitutes two-thirds of the Iranian people.

    "The most important point is the lies and falsehoods of all [the leaders] of this regime, which are meant to create a halo of sanctity around them and their regime, and which have been exposed by the [recent] events in the country. [These leaders] have turned out to be ordinary people, who, like everyone else, bear grudges, have interests, and [can be] involved in conflicts, corruption, lies, fraud, oppression, killing, and torture.

    "The ayatollahs have lost their [halo of] religious immunity. The taboo [on questioning] their sanctity has been lifted, as has [the prohibition] on criticizing these religious authorities and holding them to account - [because] they are involved in politics, with all the depravity and earthly ambitions that that entails.

    "This is the place to mention how saddening it was to see Supreme leader [Khamenei] in his June 19, 2009 political speech to worshippers at Tehran University, and to see him weep in the end, saying in Persian... 'My life is worthless, my body is flawed,' in a shameful attempt to move [the audience] and to arouse their religious sympathy. This was when the rest of his speech contained so many warnings and threats. The crowd responded with their own dramatic weeping.

    "In sum, it can be said that on that day [June 12, 2009], the curtain came down on the penultimate episode of the clerics' hegemony over our societies."



    ‘Israeli attack on Iran will affect Pak stability’ ( nonsense G )

    * Analysts warn of violent protests across country
    * Say Taliban would be able to reconsolidate position in case of such attack

    Daily Times Monitor

    LAHORE: Pakistan will be the only country in the world where utter chaos will prevail in case Israel attacks Iran, renowned journalist Khalid Ahmed said on Saturday.

    In an appearance on Dunya News programme ‘Najam Sethi Special’, Khalid said people would come on to the streets and Al Qaeda and the Taliban would gain strength against America and Israel in case of such an attack. He said it would be difficult for the army to fight against the groups in such a situation.

    Asked how an attack against Pakistan would affect Pakistan, Dr Rasul Bakhsh Rais said there would be “very violent and anti-American protests” across the country in reaction to any Israeli attack. He also said, “Representatives of the government may also have to bear the brunt.”

    “People would come onto the streets against the government, and will accuse the administration of failure to protect Iran … hatred against the government would deepen,” he said, adding that various religious groups would also become active against the government. He concluded that anti-American and anti-Israel sentiments would also strengthen among the people of Pakistan.

    Analyst Hasan Askari Rizvi said the Taliban would try to cash in on the anti-American sentiments to reconsolidate their position.



    Sunni supporting Shia?

    Not much...

    al Qaeda will try lot of PR noise, without much effect.

    And Iran will spin it , till it sounds like all Islam

    is converting to Shia.

    If the Suni threw in with the Shia

    their funding would be cut, by the

    rest of the Sunis, Saudi arabia etc.