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    Saturday, December 27, 2008

    Terrorist and Credit Card Co.s, co-dependant

    Terrorist and Credit Card Co.s, co-dependent
    By Gerald, Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Dec 28, 2008

    This co-dependency between Terrorist and Credit Card
    companys is an extension of the criminal activities
    the Credit Card companies are engaged in.

    The credit card cos. have enabled terrorist to steal
    Billions of dollars from Americans because the Credit
    card make a profit from Id theft, and have engaged in
    activities to make their actions legal.

    First they are able to charge Usury interest rates
    by incorporating in states that have no consumer
    protection laws.

    Those states could loose Fed dollars for not having any
    consumer protection laws if Congress so desired.
    Id theft occurs every 4 seconds.

    By incorporating in states without consumer protection laws
    they are able to ignore other states with consumer protection laws
    where they operate because the state of incorporation ,
    their laws govern , or the lack of protection laws leave the
    rest of us open to Credit card co fraud.

    Providian Credit card Co is a good example,
    they were caught throwing away payments
    from credit card holders so they could invoke
    huge penalitys and late charges.

    But there were no prison terms of criminal charges
    just a 400 million dollar fine as I remember.

    But how do they make a profit off Id theft?
    If your Id is stolen they loose don't they?

    No, the credit card companies are engaged in
    multiple frauds on many levels.
    Starting with issuing credit cards to those

    The first SCAM is the 180 day rule
    After 180 days they have to write the credit cards off.

    A reader send in evidence of how they make a profit.
    First they use the 180 days to add as many bogus and
    fraudulent charges to the account as possible.

    The first thing they do is raise the interest rate to the
    maximum, 24 to 33% in most cases.
    And this and the added charges in the case I have seen from
    a reader increased the bill from $800 to $2,300.

    When they write the credit card debit off they sell it to collection agencys.
    They may sell a $2,300 account for $1,300 to collection agencys.
    The collection agencys are happy to buy the bad debt because
    of the new bankruptcy laws all the credit agencys to pursue
    the victims past the grave, and even attach the estate.
    In the instant case the collection agencys get $2,300
    cash plus interest for a $1,300 investment.

    And the victim gets the legal system on their backs
    until and past death.

    So the credit card company just turned $800 worth
    of charges into $1,300 sale, $500 profit on bad credit.
    And the collection agencys can pursue the victim for $2,300
    even attaching their tax returns and homes.

    But thats not the worst of it.
    The guys running the collection agencys are the guys
    that used to run boiler rooms, telephone fraud.
    There is no screening for the collectors at the
    collection agencys.

    And collection guys get access to your credit information
    as soon as you talk to them, SS #, DOB,
    everything they need to steal your ID AGAIN.

    And the account for collection can be resold 5 or 10 times.
    So you have 5 or 10 collection agencys each
    taking a shot at the victim over years of time.

    The key method of collection is ABUSE,
    calling your neighbors of other family
    members or calling you at work.

    Some of the scams the collection agencys
    run are the partial payment.
    They get you to pay 50% and say they
    will drop the balance.

    What they actually do is re-sell the
    unpaid balance, and wait 5 or 6 years
    and they turn the balance back over the the
    attorneys for COLLECTION AGAIN.

    The credit card cos. don't want to stop Id
    theft, it is a very profitable venue.

    Could they stop credit card fraud, or even Id theft.
    Yes, beyond a doubt, they know everything about you.
    Your spending habits, where you work and live,
    where and when you travel.

    In fact some companys have offered Id protection
    with a million dollar protection policy.
    Using the same data the credit card companies and
    credit reporting agencys have, in fact those that
    offer the Id protection service get the information
    from the credit reporting agencys and credit card cos.
    to protect your Id.

    I want to be clear about this.
    The Id theft protection companies, get the information
    to protect your Id FROM the credit card cos. and
    credit reporting agencys. They spot the Id theft
    using the info the credit card cos, and credit reporting
    agenceys collect.
    This means the credit card cos and credit reporting
    agencys have the info to stop Id Theft and they do
    NOTHING. It would cut their profits.

    The credit reporting agencys make billions of dollars
    selling YOUR information to credit card companies
    and don't spend a dollar to protect those they report on.

    This arrogant ignoring of consumer protection is
    what allows the "shadow facilitators," in the criminal cyber
    underworld and terrorist to bilk billions of US dollars out of American
    consumers, and finance their criminal and terrorist activities.

    So how do the terrorist fit into this criminal paradigm?

    From Counter terrorism Blog:

    Credit card information theft and fraud has increased at a steady pace over the last five years. It is an area of vulnerability that has been increasingly exploited. As the problem continues to evolve from physical theft to more widespread use of the internet and technology to facilitate fraudulent activity, the trend will continue to track upward. Alarmingly, criminals do not have a monopoly on credit card information theft and fraud. As exemplified in the above two cases, credit card exploitation and fraud has become a growth industry for terrorists. Although there is no empirical statistical data establishing the nexus between credit card exploitation and terrorism, there are ample anecdotal case studies demonstrating how extensively terrorists rely on credit card information in furtherance of their heinous activities.

    Credit cards are extremely vulnerable to fraud. They are used extensively by terrorists. There has been a proliferation of hacking and theft of credit card information. The internet not only serves as a learning tool for terrorists but also functions as a mechanism to steal credit card information through hacking, phishing and other means. In many instances, when terrorist operatives are apprehended, they have multiple identifications and credit cards in a variety of names in their possession.

    Terrorists use credit cards for two purposes. They use credit cards as a funding mechanism through credit card fraud. Terrorists have raised many millions of dollars through various schemes. Credit cards are also used by terrorists as an operational mechanism. They use credit cards to support their operational activities.


    So the Credit Card Companies are making a profit off the terrorist funding
    operations thru credit card fraud and Id theft.

    The credit card companies make a nice profit, the terrorist
    fund attacks and killing American troops and the consumer
    gets stuck with a bill that follows them beyond the grave.

    Credit card companies and terrorist are co dependent.
    They enable each other, and credit card companies profit
    off suicide attacks and killing American Troops.

    The credit card companies have turned into legal
    criminal enterprises thru the use of lobbyists and buying
    off Congressmen and Senators.

    Enabling Credit card fraud, usury, and Id theft.

    Whether they want to admit it or not the regulators;
    Credit card Companys and Credit reporting agencys
    have American troops Blood on their hands.

    May God Damn them.

    Series 7 and 13
    Internet Anthropologist

    Update: other fraud:
    Reader closed his bank account, asking to withdraw
    all funds.
    The bank left 1 cent behind and then fined him $50
    for his account falling under the MIN balance,
    and turned it over to the collection agencys.

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    Taliban erections lead to execution.

    Taliban erections lead to execution.
    By Gerald; Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Dec 27, 2008

    It gets wierd and weirder:
    CIA using vigra for informants.
    Washington Post

    The Taliban leadership have a Notorious reputation for impotence,
    based on medical problems.
    ( except for a history with boys,

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Taliban wear women's Make up.

    Big Z's boy toy




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    al Qaeda connection to India

    al Qaeda connection to India
    attack. By Gerald, Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Dec 27, 2008

    Paradigm Intel suggests al Qaeda connection to India

    Paki and India have a troubled past, Kasimer, nuclear
    arms, border skirmishes.

    But it has been peaceful between them for many years.

    Pakistan have used the Taliban as an unofficial army
    to deal with some of its India problems.

    The Paki Intelligence services, ISI, have directed them in the

    So who could have a motive to start something up
    between Pakistan and India.

    It would seem the Pakistan Government has its hands
    full with the Taliban and Americans. Why would they
    want to start something up with India now.

    Paradigm Intel suggest the Pakistan Government
    has no interest in starting something up with India

    Pakistan is a Nuclear power and has nothing to fear
    from India.

    But it is our opinion that the Taliban are on the ropes.
    And the Paki Government Army is attriting the Taliban.

    Is part of ISI afraid of loosing the Taliban as an unofficial Army?
    Or does al Qaeda think they can run an false flag psyops in
    the form of a fake ISI directed attack against India?

    That would bring pressure on the ISI and the Paki Army
    relieving pressure on the Taliban.

    And we have chater and noise that in fact the Paki Army has moved forces
    to the India border, pulling them away from the effort against the Taliban.

    If ISI wanted to preserve the Taliban does a faked attack on India
    serve their purpose? The attack on India was expected to be in most part
    a suicide attack, as they expected the India Military to counter attack.

    They would expect one or two to survive the attack and know they would leak information.
    And the detail of the infantry attack was so not al Qaeda, and big Z seemed to be oblivious to the facts of an attack.

    While the facts if the attack speak against al Qaeda's involvement, the considerations
    of motivations indicate the possibility of a fales flag op and al Qaeda's involvement.

    While we have no empirical evidence, Paradigm Intel suggests the possibility.

    Setting up a front orginization to act as ISI agents and Military instructors
    is not out of al Qaeda's range of actions.

    The participants would then inform on what they thought were genuine
    Government operators.

    One would expect that ISI would expect some to survive
    and inform, unless they were incompetent and the rest of the
    operation would suggest otherwise.

    So the Paradigm Intel suggest the ISI was NOT actually involved.
    But the operation was run so as to suggest their involvement.

    So the hypothesis piviots on motivation.

    Who benifits from the attack on India.

    al Qaeda...and the Taliban.




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    Wednesday, December 24, 2008

    Cyber Apocalypse pending

    Cyber Apocalypse pending
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Dec 24, 2008

    apokalupsis eschaton:
    Ok in the strongest possible language:
    Apocalyptic CYBER SHIT STORM is pending.


    U.S. not ready for cyber attack:

    By Randall Mikkelsen

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States is unprepared for a major hostile attack against vital computer networks, government and industry officials said on Thursday after participating in a two-day "cyberwar" simulation.

    The game involved 230 representatives of government defense and security agencies, private companies and civil groups. It revealed flaws in leadership, planning, communications and other issues, participants said.

    The war game simulated a dramatic surge in computer attacks at a time of economic vulnerability, and required participants to find ways to mitigate the attacks -- using real-life knowledge of tactics and procedures where they work.

    Dire consequences of a successful attack could include failure of banking or national electrical systems, he said.

    "This is equivalent in my mind to before September 11 ... we were awakened to the threat on the morning after September 11."


    They again miss the point, there exixts a venue to take down the entire WWW.
    A weapon of Mass Destruction, a WMD.

    Not just take out the Banks or national electrical systems, but EVERYTHING.
    US Military for example.

    Reducing the world economy to 1950's levels.

    Its estimated China has 2 million bots, and there are NEW force mulitipliers for DOS
    attacks, add to that cutting key WWW cables and there is the possibility to bring down the WWW, by taking out all the nodes.

    And bringing it back up will just reactivate the bot DOS attack.

    In the Instant exercise they brought a softball to a world wide soccer match
    and indicate they found some problems.

    This is not an option for most States, except Iran, 13 imam problem.

    But would be welcome capability by terrorist groups.

    I've pointed this out several times and it still is yet to be run in an exercise.

    There still are no rules of engagement for a cyberattack.....NONE,
    USA is vulnerable to cyber attacks for years, and they have NO RULES FOR ENGAGEMENT.

    Of course we track and trace.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Half-Million IIS Servers Hit ...

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: CYBERWARS's Pearl Harbour

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Director of National ...

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: CYBER PEARL HARBOR POSSIBLE

    There are solutions, our invatation must have got lost in the mail.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst


    ODNI In the News

    12.23.2008 - ODNI Leaders Take Part in Cyber Security "War Games"

    An ODNI senior leadership team headed by Cyber Coordination Executive Melissa Hathaway joined other government leaders and representatives of academia, the private sector and the media in a two-day exercise designed to chart responses to a series of simulated cyber attacks on critical infrastructure. The exercise, held Dec 17-18 in downtown Washington, D.C., drew attention from local and national media:



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    Tuesday, December 23, 2008

    Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays.
    Why doesn't al Qaeda ever talk about Jesus, al-Masīḥ one of the Islamic Prophets?

    The Crew



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Our Genius Readers, demographic

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Monday, December 22, 2008

    The BACK side of the Terrorist Info war

    The BACK side of the Terrorist Info war.
    By Gerald, Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Dec 22, 2008

    The Taliban discover democracy, how the political defeated are not killed
    by the opponent.
    The terrorist cannot run psyops, info war without studying US Governement
    and the American culture.
    The seeds of democracy have been planted within the Taliban., they studied and understand
    democracy and see the efficiencies, and benefits.

    And they have even remarked on them.
    American culture strikes again.



    Islamic Army in Iraq (IAI) Admits Grudging “Admiration” for Aspects of U.S. Election

    By Evan Kohlmann

    This story presents a valuable lesson to our own honored nation, in which our people, our leaders, our clergy, and the mujahideen all fight amongst each other… In our nation, we witness disgraceful acts of competition between people, even using legal tactics, and refusing to support others during their campaign to achieve their goals… It is truly a shame… Another admirable scene took place after McCain’s defeat, when he went out to speak to his supporters and continued on in listing his mistakes and congratulating Obama for his victory… Despite the devastating defeats they suffered, each candidate avoided criticizing or attempting to demonize the other—or even trying to harm or kill their opponents, similar to what takes place among candidates in our nation… All of their differences have been transformed into support and assistance, and that is a fact to admire.”




    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Sunday, December 21, 2008

    Taliban killing Spies?

    There has been alot of coverage about the Taliban Killing locals as spies for the Americans.
    Its generally agreed the are killing scape goats, NOT AMERICAN SPIES.

    Its part info warfare and psyops, to scare those that do know something to keep their mouths
    shut. Some they even scare into confessions, or to stop the brutal questioning and threats to their families.

    The number of people in the Ummah that secretly hate the Taliban is enormous.
    Many that use our tip line or the wiki keep us very busy.

    Some seek rewards others just to stop the Taliban and al Qaeda.
    Some get $ rewards.

    But the Taliban are failing to even slow the number people giving info.

    Our Beltway informant says:

    "The problem is they are all poor and the word gets out that someone's got money, the suspicion is that they are "spies". The Pahktun are a very paranoid people anyway and if they weren't fighting us they would be fighting each other. The Muhammad brothers weren't informants as I'm aware, just from out of town, expendable/useful to keep others that have real knowledge of Taliban and AQ targets from informing."

    But the Taliban know they are using a failing Paradigm.
    And afraid their turn will fall under the drones.

    We have heard rumors of mobile land mines with vid cams and dropped by drones, and uplinked
    to same. They look like rocks.
    The Mars Rover has run for
    5 years, ON MARS.


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    spontaneous terror cells

    spontaneous terror cell
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Dec 21 2008

    We are tracking a couple of spontaneous terror cell generations.
    Its one man recruiting in secret in the USA.
    And other is a group.

    BSU's are all over one of them, other is in active persuit.
    And we have picked up alot of info on methods and means.
    Process, and weaknesses in their methods, and vulnerabilities.

    And will be acting on the info we develop.