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    Friday, November 14, 2008

    Al Qaeda in USA, Nov. 14, 08

    Our Bot Surveillace Units have gotten a second indication of a terrorist cell
    operating in USA.

    Paradigm Intel indicates it is an action cell.

    And has been in place for 8 months.

    We have added additional BSU's and 
    activated a special actions squad.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst 

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    Taliban webmasters hiding, terrified

    Taliban webmasters hiding, terrified on the RUN:
    By Gerald; Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Started Nov 15, finished Nov 16, 2008

    Pakistan has a new law on Terrorist on the Interent
    So Internet Anthropologist Think Tank posted

    Of course the IPs lead directly to the computers
    they are using, and to what ever they connect to
    the computer, CDs, memory sticks etc.

    The first time we burned him he was in Islambad:
    he is s an Arab, from Saudi Arabia.
    Speaks Arabic and Pashto and some english.
    He lived 4km out side Islambad, to the East south east.

    HIS IP is 119¸154¸65¸172:1660

    He was on line
    17-Oct-08 at 01:08:15am EST (UTC -4:00)
    Post HERE:

    Two of the terrorist webmasters were
    so terrified when we posted thier IPs
    they picked up in the middle of the night and ran 640 miles
    ( 1,030 kilometers )
    They moved from Lahore to Karachi, Pakistan .

    The key webmaster is Mujahid, aka alemarahislam & 
    associated with alsomood_100

    He threatened me, bad move.
    now I have a personal interest in him.
    I put the Tea on in case one of his boys does show up.
    We have expanded trip wires, and tripled Intenrnet permeter security,
    and have roving Cyber Intel teams watching for them.

    Paki ISI are hot on their tail.

    We are able to track and trace them from 7,275 miles
    away and they think that by moving 640 miles that our
    Cyber Recon teams won't be able to find them?
    That our moles won't live with them?

    I have devoted the resources to track him any where
    in the world any time he goes on line.

    He posted on my Blog and one of his associates
    emailed me about him with info on his activities.

    The associate later joined our Paki wiki.
    Many Pakis are making a difference
    as "Cyber Warriors" against the Taliban.

    We will ACT on actionable intel.
    FEED US.

    His post:

    Mujahid said...

    its really funny that people like you and Dancho Danchev on one hand celebrating the shutdown of Global Ismalic Media Front and wishing to shutdown other related sites and on the other hands this site Dancho Danchev is also proudly displaying a banner saying "Stop Internet Censorship" "Free Speech Online"
    ( He is uneducated, as free speech does not extend to illegal activities, like Child Porn and Terrorism, suicide bombings or bombing market places or killing women and children, Taliban have no honor. G )

    ( Taliban have NO honor,,,)

    wow what a hypocritical behavior you people got.

    you hypocrites are exposing your double standards on your sites

    when it comes to abusing Muslims and Islam you want to stop internet censorship and you want free speech for everyone to abuse Muslims and Islam in which ever way they want but when it comes for a payback from Muslims you just cry and weep with pain what is going on against you. and just bark to stop it by any means possible even Muslims are not even abusing you or your heroes they are only showing the reality to the world what exactly happening with your coward armies in our lands.

    wow what a support for free speech.

    you kids giggle when you saw that GIMF is shutdown how silly you people are.

    When Our Most Respectful Leader Zarqawi Shaheed (May Allah be merciful on him) was martyred you people thought it will decrease the attacks of Mujahideen against you, but what happened?? His martyrdom give us more strength and we become able to establish the Islamic State of Iraq, You people are really silly, When your zionist fathers martyred Ahmed Yaseen and Ranteesi and assassinate many other HAMAS leaders and from decades of massacre against Palestinian Innocent peoples you people thought it will decrease our resistence, but it only increase,

    when in Pakistan your pet dogs destroy Red Mosque they thought they took control on us but the results were in the shape of fire burning in all over the region.

    The Bottom line is the harder you try to stop this stronger it will become. mark these words well loosers.

    before shutdown of GIMF there ver few sites who were actually uploading the Front Line videos of Mujahideen, but after the shutdown of GIMF plenty of new blogs were created sharing these videos and lot of Jihadi stuff.

    Keep this work up loosers, I love it when you try hard to stop us,
    more and more you try to stop us more and more it will make us stronger.

    His associate told us he also ran
    Which we get removed.

    And over 1,000 more terrorist web sites were shut down on 9.11
    this year.

    His new IP is in Karachi.

    He was a co-webmaster for
    Taliban's al Samood, July 2007 edition.
    We have been tracking him since 15 Aug, Wed, 2007,

    His other web sites: ALL DOWN:
    His web sites WERE highly infected with malware.

    Some advise to Mujahid,
    last time one of our targets fought back
    when there was a knock on their door
    they were killed, just surrender, its over.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst

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    Thursday, November 13, 2008

    ops and Intel update

    Hoax ‘NYT’ announces end of Iraq war
    Taipei Times - 9 hours ago
    PHOTO: AP A group of pranksters handed out more than 1.2 million fake New York Times newspapers mainly in New York City and Los Angeles on Wednesday with a front page story declaring “Iraq War Ends” and another on the indictment of US President George ...


    "Pakistan -- a key U.S. ally in global efforts to combat Islamist militancy -- is in urgent need of an estimated $4 billion in capital to avoid defaulting on its sovereign debt."  See "Pakistan's Capital Crisis: Implications for U.S. Policy" (pdf), Congressional Research Service, November 7, 2008.

    A new
    Pentagon manual (pdf) issued by Under Secretary of Defense (Intelligence) James R. Clapper prescribes the implementation of the Department of Defense operations security (OPSEC) program.  OPSEC is the process of identifying sensitive information that could be exposed to hostile detection in the course of military operations, and taking steps to protect such information.


    South Korea seize almost 10,000 fake US 'supernotes'
    Seoul (AFP) Nov 11, 2008 - South Korean police said Tuesday they have seized almost 10,000 fake 100-US dollar bills, known as "supernotes" for their high quality, and arrested four people. The Busan Metropolitan Police Agency said its arrest Monday of the four men led to the seizure of 9,904 100-dollar notes brought in from China. They were caught trying to sell the notes for 50 dollars each in the southern


    October OPEC Oil Output Reduced
    London, UK (SPX) Nov 12, 2008 - The 13 members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) pumped an average 32.26 million barrels per day (b/d) of crude oil in October, according to a Platts survey of OPEC and oil industry officials just released. This is a 210,000 b/d decline from the September level of 32.47 million b/d. Excluding Iraq, production from the 12 members hitherto bound by




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    Treasury's new plan?

    Treasury's new plan?
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Nov. 13, 08

    The sub-prime debacle is to be followed by a second debacle
    Subprime Mortgage linked Loans and other Assets (USD 1.5 trillion);
    Credit Cards Outstanding Debt (USD 2.5 trillion);

    The second debacle will be brought to you by the same folks
    that caused the sub-prime mess, Banking Corporations.

    From loaning money at usuary rates ( read criminal ).
    And again repackaging them as equities.

    These criminal banking cartels have twisted current laws,
    regulations and bankruptcy laws to persue their victims
    to the grave.

    Some of the criminal activities their Lobbyists have gotten 

    Changing intrest rates and fees "at any time, for any reason."
    Approving charges that exceeds credit card limit then acessin over the limit fees and 
    penalty rates.
    Double cycle billing
    And numerous tricks to invoke penalties.

    Banking income from penalties of $18 BILLION. ( 2007 )

    The banks creat a Master Trust packages and sells credit card assets to 
    Wall St. to Investors, pension funds, insurance companies, and hedge funds.

    The Credit card Co.s and bank holding Co.s have extended credit
    to many they know will default, knowingly making bad loans
    Which are then turned into securities and  sold to others,
    after collecting huge fees and intrest charges.

    The credit card industry are headed for a sub-prime like

    And the criminal CEO's are being bailed out by the tax payers.
    Still no prision time.


    USA is looking at the worst Christmas in USA history.

    G7 Economic Meeting this weekend.

    ( sorry Google formating still screwing up )


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    General Motors stock hit $3 three dollars a share.G


    The crisis spreads to the art market [Nov 08]

    The impact of the financial crisis on the art market - traditionally perceived as a financial safe haven - is now clearly confirmed. A market downturn is no longer a theoretical scenario... it is a reality. Since the beginning of September, the art market has contracted for the first time since 1990. Although it survived 9/11, the meltdown of the global financial system has been too much for the "pleasure investment" market. The figures speak for themselves. Just a few hours ahead of the prestigious New York sales, Artprice has compiled an analysis of the results recorded at 2,900 auction houses around the world.

    To the question: what impact is the global economic slowdown having on the art auction market? The answer is: a sharp correction of prices and an explosion of the bought-in rate. 
    To the question: 
    are any segments of the art market likely to escape the trend? The answer is: no...............

    Our figures show an equally strong impact in the small provincial auction rooms and at the major prestigious auction houses: since the beginning of October, the crisis has had a significant impact.

    And nor is the ultra top-end of the market, where masterpieces change hands for hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, exempt from this overall trend.
    Driven by demand from the nouveau riche in Asia, Russia and the Middle-East, prices were buoyant up until June. However, we see a clear contraction since the end of August. The bought-in rate has more than doubled in one year, growing from 25% at the end of 2007 to 54% in October 2008. Paradoxically, the prices of works presented above the 100,000 euros line (and which were successfully sold) have remained stable compared with the levels recorded 12 months earlier. On this segment of the market, bearing in mind the time lapse between the moment when works are valued and the final closing of the sales catalogues and orchestration of the sale, price adjustments are slow or inadequate. As reserve prices have not been adjusted to take into account the new market reality, the first expression of a new supply/demand equilibrium during periods of crisis is an increase in the bought-in rate.

    Whereas the top-end of the market (4.1% of transactions) has shown relative price inertia, on the more dynamic segment of works offered for less than 100,000 euros, reactions have been more spontaneous: price adjustments are already underway. In this segment, the price index calculated using the repeated sales method has dropped 18% compared with October 2007!



    IS YOUR MONEY MARKET being marked to the market, or just valued at 100% by order of the Feds? G


    Real estate spiral to continue, expert says
    InvestmentNews, NY - 9 hours ago
    “A lot of that debt is not refinanceable” in the current markets, a situation that could force property owners to sell off real estate at fire-sale prices...


    Oil at $59 BBL.G


    Gold spot: $711 per oz.




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    Wednesday, November 12, 2008

    Mexico: drug cartels have 50 cals.

    The weapons seized at the Gonzalez Duran safe house included more than 500 firearms, a half-million rounds of ammunition and 150 grenades. The cache also included a LAW rocket, two grenade launchers and a small amount of explosives. Along with the scores of assorted assault rifles, grenades and a handful of gaudy gold-plated pistols were some weapons that require a bit more examination: namely, the 14 Fabrique Nationale (FN) P90 personal defense weapons and the seven Barrett .50-caliber sniper rifles contained in the seizure.
    Gonzalez Duran controlled the Zetas’ operations in nine Mexican states. Found with 7 50 cal sniper weapons.
    The .50-BMG round not only will punch through body armor and normal passenger vehicles, it can defeat the steel plate armor and the laminated ballistic glass and polycarbonate windows used in lightly armored vehicles. This is yet another reminder that there is no such thing as a bulletproof car. The round is also capable of penetrating many brick and concrete block walls.

    the power of the Barrett could be very effective for taking out targets wearing body armor, riding in armored vehicles, located inside the safe house of a rival cartel or even inside a government building. Also, unlike improvised explosive devices, which the cartels have avoided using for t he most part, the use of .50-caliber rifles would not involve a high probability of collateral damage.

    Of course, criminal syndicates in possession of these weapons still pose a large potential threat to U.S. law enforcement officers, especially when the weapons are in the hands of people like Gonzalez Duran and his henchmen. According to an FBI intelligence memo dated Oct. 17 and leaked to the media, Gonzalez Duran appeared to have gotten wind of the planned operation against him. He reportedly had authorized those under his command to defend their turf at any cost, to include engagements with U.S. law enforcement agents. It is important to remember that a chunk of that turf was adjacent to the U.S. border and American towns, and that Reynosa — where Gonzalez Duran was arrested and the weapons were seized — is just across the border from McAllen, Texas.

    Armed with small, powerful weapons like the P90, cartel gunmen can pose a tremendous threat to any law enforcement officer who encounters them in a traffic stop or drug raid. Over the past several years, we have noted several instances of U.S. Border Patrol agents and other U.S. law enforcement officers being shot at from Mexico. The thought of being targeted by a weapon with the range and power of a .50-caliber sniper rifle would almost certainly send chills up the spine of any Border Patrol agent or sheriff’s deputy working along the border.

    Armed with assault rifles, hand grenades and .50-caliber sniper rifles, cartel enforcers have the potential to wreak havoc and outgun U.S. law enforcement officers.

    Full article: here


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    Tuesday, November 11, 2008

    Vets day

    3rd generation warrior.

    Do something nice for a vet:
    Check out for the history of the holiday, and for ways to celebrate.
     You could always buy me a beer?




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    Monday, November 10, 2008

    Are Federal Reserve screwing up?

    Are Federal Reserve screwing up?
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Nov  10,08

    I've already stated the Federal Reserve was incompentent.

    They have loaned out almost $2 trillion dollars.
    $2,000,000,000,000.00 to Banks.

    And the banks still are not lending money, the banks don't really
    know what they have, as I understand it : Money Markets are not being 
    marked to the Market. Which is illegal, and counter-capitalism.
    And I assume the Fed is working 24/7 to get sub-prime paper and deratives out
    of the money markets.

    And the FED doesen't want to tell anyone to whom they loaned it, not Congress
    or the Press.

    Question is would disclosing the banks weaken confidence?
    Does not disclosing them weaken confidence?

    American Express just qualified as a bank holding company?
    So they qualify for a fed bail out, circumventing the Congress and
    using taxpayer money.

    And we have GM asking for a bailout.
    Clinton got the big 3 auto companies together and formed a partnership with the 
    Government to produce a family auto that got 80 miles to the Gallon.
    Correct me in comments if I'm wrong.

    Well the big 3 just played a game with Clinton.
    But the Japanese were not invited to the White house partnership.
    And were very scared, and dumped a lot of money into research.
    And came up with greatly improved gas milage,
    and the big 3 have been playing catch up ever since with
    the Japanese. And the market shares show this.
    I wouldn't mind a bailout for auto so much
    if they hadn't screwed up so big.

    Maybe GM will change to a bank holding co.?

    What ever, the tax payer needs to be getting a huge
    equity stake in all the corporations they bail out.
    And put into Social Security etc.
    Money back to the Tax payer, we are taking the risk.
    NOT paid back to the Government.
    It should be use to repay Government loans to the Social Security System,
    for example.

    If the taxpayer doesn't end up with a huge
    equity share in these corps then the tax payer 
    got SCREWED by Congress and the Lobbyiest AGAIN.

    Series 7 and 13


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    Taliban webmaster, IPs, location Pakistan

          By Noah Shachtman
          ...Not only does it apply to "any person, group or organization who, with terroristic intent utilizes, accesses or causes to be accessed a computer or computer network or electronic system or electronic device or by any available means, and thereby knowingly engages in or attempts to engage in a terroristic act." The ordinance also considers cyber terrorism to be:
          .....(c)  aiding the commission of or attempting to aid the commission of an act of violence against the sovereignty of Pakistan, whether or not the commission of such act of violence is actually completed;
          EXCLUSIVE: By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank BSU's have been tracking Tracing a dozen  Paki terrorism webmasters and hackers, Lets see what Pakistan Intel does with this? Terrorist webmasters and hackers in Pakistan: #1 Screen name: alemarah islam Terrorist Webmaster: is an Arab, from Saudi Arabia. Speaks Arabic and Pashto and some english. He lives 4km out side Islambad, to the East south east. HIS IP is 119¸154¸65¸172:1660 and 58¸27¸163¸244:24892 His web sites: His web sites are highly infected with malware. His response to me was: "thanks fro your inf we will see you in next few days" On line today. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Screen name: alsomood_100 from Taliban magazine on line.  4 of them working together: Location     Lahore, Pakistan His assistants: ( ) ( ) ( ) His boss:  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Taliban web master, still active. Taliban site now down:  Location: Lahore, Pakistan ISP:lhr63¸pie¸net¸pk  IP (202¸125¸143¸66:62078) He is from Saudi Arabia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Taliban spokes person: Qari Yousuf Ahmadi  Location      Dusseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany  ISP     p57B8FA42¸dip¸t-dialin¸net  IP (87¸184¸250¸66:55598)  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Author Taliban Magazine. Screen name: zabul Location: Lahore, Pakistan IP  (202¸125¸143¸70:28168) and 116¸71¸0¸117:2138 in Islamabad, Pakistan  English is his main language xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Taliban webmaster Screen name: mdmansori Assiciated with Location: Islamabad, Pakistan IP (119¸154¸1¸189:3753) English is his main language xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Screen name;  dr_talib_mujahid Assoicated with  Location:Lahore, Pakistan His IP (202¸125¸143¸66:62078) and He is from Saudi Arabia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Screen neame: qma_12345  Assoicate of alemarah1 Cell phones 0707163424 / 0700886853 LocationL Lahore, Pakistan  His IP (202¸125¸143¸76:16670) and ( He is an Iranian speaks Persian. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Screen name:  leemedia786 Location Karachi, Pakistan IP  (125¸209¸73¸125:5629) Main language English xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Webmaster for now down" Screen name:  adil_watanmal Uploading from flash drive or CD file:///C:/Documents and Settings/mmv/My Documents/My Pictures/arshef.bmp file:///F:/Alemarah web site/Pashtoo/faighamona/faighamona1.JPG file:///K:/New Folder/akhbar.JPG his personal computer (C drive), a flash drive (F) and maybe some other kind of external device (K). Location: Karachi, Pakistan IP (124¸29¸231¸195:1620) Main language English xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Partner of above and co webmaster Screen name: murchal_2006 Location: Karachi, Pakistan IP English main language xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rest are cooperating. We also have emails for most mentioned here.  Gerald  Tactical Internet Systems analyst   For errors or corrections contact me at: . I am a cyber warrior, my Song .
          More Taliban Webmasters:

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    AT&T acknowledges the THREAT. SEE BELOW. G

    Backdoor recon team discovered this:

    SAN FRANCISCO: Attackers bent on shutting down large Web sites — even the operators that run the backbone of the Internet — are arming themselves with what are effectively vast digital fire hoses capable of overwhelming the world's largest networks, according to a new report on online security.

    In these attacks, computer networks are hijacked to form so-called botnets that spray random packets of data in huge streams over the Internet. The deluge of data are meant to bring down Web sites and entire corporate networks. Known as distributed denial of service, or DDOS, attacks, such cyberweapons are now routinely used during political and military conflicts, as in Estonia in 2007 during a political fight with Russia, and in the Georgian-Russian war last summer. Such attacks are also being used in blackmail schemes and political conflicts, as well as for general malicious mischief.

    A survey of 70 of the largest Internet operators in North America, South America, Europe and Asia found that malicious attacks were rising sharply and that the individual attacks were growing more powerful and sophisticated, according to the Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report. This report is produced annually by Arbor Networks, a company in Lexington, Massachusetts, that provides tools for monitoring the performance of networks.

    The report, which will be released Tuesday, shows that the largest attacks have grown steadily in size to over 40 gigabits, from less than half a megabit, over the last seven years. The largest network connections generally available today carry 10 gigabits of data, meaning that they can be overwhelmed by the most powerful attackers.

    The Arbor Networks researchers said a 40-gigabit attack took place this year when two rival criminal cybergangs began quarreling over control of an online Ponzi scheme. "This was, initially, criminal-on-criminal crime though obviously the greatest damage was inflicted on the infrastructure used by the criminals," the network operator wrote in a note on the attack.

    The attack employed a method called reflective amplification, which allowed a relatively small number of attack computers to generate a huge stream of data toward a victim. The technique has been in use since 2006.

    "We're definitely seeing more targeted attacks toward e-commerce sites," said Danny McPherson, chief security officer for Arbor Networks. "Most enterprises are connected to the Internet with a one-gigabit connection or less. Even a two-gigabit DDOS attack will take them offline."

    Large network operators that run the backbone of the Internet have tried to avoid the problem by building excess capacity into their networks, said Edward Amoroso, the chief security officer of AT&T. He likened the approach to a large shock absorber, but said he still worried about the growing scale of the attacks.

    Edward Amoroso of AT&T said:

    "We have a big shock absorber," he said. "It works, but it's not going to work if there's some Pearl Harbor event."

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: CYBERWARS's Pearl Harbour

    Over all, the operators reported they were growing more able to respond to DDOS attacks because of improved collaboration among service providers.

    According to the Arbor Networks report, the network operators said the largest botnets — which in some cases encompass millions of "zombie" computers — continue to "outpace containment efforts and infrastructure investment." ( IATT has forwarded a method to DIA to stop bot attacks as they happen, shutting down the indivual bots, as they come up. G )

    Despite a drastic increase in the number of attacks, the percentage referred to law enforcement authorities declined. The report said 58 percent of the Internet service providers had referred no instances to law enforcement in the last 12 months. When asked why there were so few referrals, 29 percent said law enforcement had limited capabilities, 26 percent said they expected their customers to report illegal activities and 17 percent said there was "little or no utility" in reporting attacks. ( nothing happens. G )




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    Secret Order; U.S. Raids Al Qaeda. Many Countries

    Published: November 9, 2008

    WASHINGTON — The United States military since 2004 has used broad, secret authority to carry out nearly a dozen previously undisclosed attacks against Al Qaeda and other militants in Syria, Pakistan and elsewhere, according to senior American officials.......

    The details of one of those aborted operations, in early 2005, were reported by The New York Times last June. In that case, an operation to send a team of the Navy Seals and the Army Rangers into Pakistan to capture Ayman al-ZawahriOsama bin Laden’s top deputy, was aborted at the last minute.

    Mr. Zawahri was believed by intelligence officials to be attending a meeting in Bajaur, in Pakistan’s tribal areas, and the Pentagon’s Joint Special Operations Command hastily put together a plan to capture him. There were strong disagreements inside the Pentagon and the C.I.A. about the quality of the intelligence, however, and some in the military expressed concern that the mission was unnecessarily risky.....



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    Sunday, November 09, 2008

    Hacker group trageting US Army

    EXCLUSIVE: Hacker group trageting US Army
    By Gerald; Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    N0v. 9, 08
    Our "Marid djinn" team discovered this during a routine Recon.

    We have deployed BSU's and a special ops team hunting them.

    The  Group was established on behalf of al-Tariq ibn Ziyad.
    They are involoved in carding.

    LATE MONDAY OR EARLY TUES. AS SOME ARE WILLING TO PROVIDE INFORMATION ON aL QAEDA and will be exempt from bruning. and their info held in confidence.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst