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    Friday, May 04, 2007

    The HAMMER: by Gerald

    On ballance,
    USA's losses are very good, any KIA, is sad.

    But compared to WWII rates the USA army is doing a remarkable job.

    Around 150,000 troops at WAR, and KIA are 3 or 4 a day.
    And they are not setting around is some safe fort,
    they are out on patrol looking for AQ.

    Hunting AQ, snipered, IED, Shaped charges.

    AQ instruction manuals say to be like dust or a gas, unnoticed and just disappear,
    to always seek a safe easy target.

    USA troops are trying NOT to kill civilians,
    AQ is trying TO kill civilians, Market bombings.

    USA troops are trying to stop a civil WAR.
    AQ is trying to start a civil WAR.

    USA troops are trying to build a country.
    AQ is trying to destroy the country.

    USA troops patrol the streets.
    AQ hides in shadows.

    USA troops are trying to give the Umma the VOTE.
    AQ is trying to KILL the Umma.

    AQ says fighting the USA troops is like trying to run in STEEL RAIN.

    USA troops know the difference between AQ and Islam.

    USA troops can FIGHT AQ worldwide.
    ONLY ISLAM can take down AQ.
    Islam is that Hammer.



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    Thursday, May 03, 2007

    Exclusive: Cyber attack pitiful: by Gerald

    attack pitiful
    The silver jihad group has teamed up with

    source said:they watched:
    (11 members) not all participated.
    Before Wednesday, April 4, they attacked:
    (wouldn't give me exact date???)
    The Dos attackers were from:
    Saudi Arabia 18.2 %
    Malaysia 9.4 %
    Morocco 5.7 %
    Egypt 4.5 %
    United States 2.2 %
    United Arab Emirates 2.0 %
    United Kingdom 1.1 %
    Kuwait 0.5 %%
    Canada 0.5 %
    Germany 0.2 %

    They eventually just dropped the attack.

    they have secret Lycos web pages and Google groups.

    More Breaking:
    Next attack we will be able to report names of those that participate.

    attack pitiful The silver jihad group

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    Dedicated: Iron Pony Express - extreme mail haulers, Iraq

    Dedicated to the Iron Pony Express - extreme mail haulers in Iraq and the 1544th and 497th Transportation Companies.

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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    We present our Surfers.

    Thank you.
    We collect normal data from our surfers, IP, country etc.
    Please use a proxy if you don't want us to any of this data.

    United States
    United Kingdom
    New Zealand
    United Arab Emirates
    South Africa
    Saudi Arabia
    Satellite Provider
    Czech Republic
    Palestinian Territory Occupied
    Macedonia the Former Yugoslav Republic of
    Russian Federation
    Korea Republic of
    Puerto Rico

    I thank my scholarly surfers for their comments and advise.


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    Wednesday, May 02, 2007

    Friends/links to Islamic hacker dos attack

    Top 10 sites that link to the Islamic hackers site, DOS attacks.

    Google Groups

    Rank: 3 - Site Info Site Info

    برامج نت

    Rank: 346 - Site Info Site Info

    El Mundo

    Rank: 268 - Site Info Site Info

    Rank: 62,939232110 - Site Info Site Info

    عمر خالد

    Rank: 1,053 - Site Info Site Info

    Rank: 7492,759362921 - Site Info Site Info

    Rank: 1757637,16529 - Site Info Site Info

    Rank: 9,8979157 - Site Info Site Info

    Rank: 24972 - Site Info Site Info

    Rank: 8,34218484407 - Site Info Site Info

    data about Hackers surfers users come from these countries:
    Egypt 23.5%
    Saudi Arabia 17.6%
    Palestinian Territory 11.8%
    Algeria 8.8%
    Kuwait 5.9%
    United Arab Emirates 5.9%
    Morocco 5.9%
    Israel 2.9%
    Ukraine 2.9%
    Oman 2.9%
    Qatar 2.9%
    Syrian Arab Republic 2.9%
    Turkey 2.9%
    Venezuela 2.9%


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    EXCLUSIVE: Update:" Hack of Jihadist DOS program."

    From previous post:

    My off the record sources told me James Manning from Earthlink Inc. could help me with this story.
    I showed this Email to James Manning, Senior Threat Analyst, EarthLink, Inc.

    Copy of email I recieved:

    start start start

    "On 4/28/07, XXXXXX wrote:........Private sector Sources have seen an exploit within the Hackers DOS programs allowing an authority to monitor and track the wanabe Jihadist hackers back to their nest right around their proxys.

    While the flaw doesn't allow access to root, it has lead to a collection of VERY interesting IP addresses,

    In the silver dos program the login authentication routine for the program does not properly sanitize entered information or the credentials that are transmitted, opening the MySQL database and PHP scripts to compromise, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    in turn putting all login data and ongoing user xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx activity that the database stores opening it to the authority. Also the transmission of login data is not properly encoded or encrypted and someone xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx using the proper packet sniffer captured login packets and stole and recorded the users login data.

    This means that an "authority" has captured this data and they have isolated the true location and have a record of them logging in and engaging in "terrorist activities".

    There is a fake email associated with this, which they are back tracking.

    A privacy vulnerability exists in the applications interaction xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with the Windows firewall and how it authorizes itself for use. One of the methods is xxxxxxxxxxxx value to the ProxyEnable key in the registry xxxxxxxxxxx. If you are using a proxy for any purpose but especially for anonymity, the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx of this registry key will temporally disable your proxy and leave your raw IP visible.

    The ones that track back to Internet cafes, the security cams, available on the Internet are used to collect photos of the "terrorist hackers"

    The IP's have been collected and processed. Their is nothing the terrorists can do but wait for the knock.

    After analyzing that program and data someone worked with two pro-Muslim, Christian sites and just recently worked with the Radio Vatican site informing them of impending attacks and who and where the attackers are..

    .They monitor their program and activities then proactively notify and work with target sites to mitigate any potential outages and loss. Eventually they will take down the program distributors and users, PRISON or worse.

    The wanabe jihadist have exposed their entire network, IPs, passwords, Emails, even some photos. Just a matter of time. Nice work fascists hackers.

    They know about the exploit which is why membership is currently almost dead, and they go begging.

    MORE: turning the Snort 2.6.1 DCE/RPC flaw into a working exploit."

    end end end

    James while "on the RECORD " said: " he could confirm parts of it.", went off record, and refused to talk anymore about it on the record.

    Islamofacsists top hackers, known:

    croconile ( owner, programer, )
    some of his Hacking activity by Croconile: [Open in new window]
    "stoshhar" knows who he is too, he was showing off for him.

    الناصر العربى

    ابن مكة





    شام الإسلام


    عبدالقادر أبوعلي






    More BREAKING:


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    Monday, April 30, 2007

    View from USA, why in Iraq.

    The view from USA:
    Why USA is in Iraq.

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    Exclusive: Jahidist using steganograpg

    This was taken from a Islamic forum,

    Full text here:

    Note Discussion about hiding text or exe. file in a pic.
    This is by the author of "Silver Jihad" a program Internet hackers used to run DOS attacks on servers, they attacked the Vatican, but they were warned in advance, by the counter-hacker team.

    start start start

    و إن كنت لا تستطيع رؤية الريسورس من الملف أو الملف لا يوجد فيه ريس

    رس فطريقك الوحيد هو التعديل فيه عبر الـ HexEditors بحيث يمكنك تعديل أي بيانات من تغيير أو استبدال لكن هناك شرط وحيد هو أن البيانات المعدلة لا يجب أن تزيد عن البيانات الأصل أي لو أنك تريد تعديل ملف EXE فيه صورة و تريد تغييرها و لم تتمكن من رؤية هذه الصورة فما عليك إلا أن تفتح الملف على برنامج HexEditor و تبحث عن هيدر أو ترويسة الصورة و تنسخ البيانات من بداية الصورة لنهايتها و تفتحها على الـ PaintShop لأنه لا يزيد أي بيانات إضافية بعد التبديل ثم تقوم بتعديلها كما تشاء لكن لا تغير أعدادات اللون أو حجم الصورة و احفظ الصورة كما هي و الآن عليك أن تستبدل بيانات الصورة المعدلة بالصورة الأصلية الموجودة داخل الـ EXE ....And although I can not see Alerisors from the file or file where there is no Resurs Vatrick only is the amendment through the HexEditors so you can modify any data to change or replacement but there is one condition, that the data should not be amended more than any data origin if you EXE file wants to modify the image and wants to change it, have not been able to see this picture, what you not to open the file in the program HexEditor and looking for Haider or masthead image and copied the data from the beginning of the end of the picture and yawning on the PaintShop because it does not exceed any additional data after switching then modified as they want but do not change color or size of preparations image and protect the image as it is, and now you have to replace the image data amended the original image inside the EXE .... و تستطيع تعديل أي نص في الEXE عبر محرر الهكس بأن تبحث عن النص الذي تريد تعديله و تعدله دون إضافة أي شيئ و استبدل الأحرف الزيادة بفراغات Spaces .And can amend any text editor in الEXE across Aleks that searching for the text, which it wants to amend and modify without adding anything and replaced increase seating Bfragat tertiis.

    end end end


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    Sunday, April 29, 2007

    Top 12 Jahids forums

    The "Top Twelve" list
    of Arabic Salafyist/Jihadist forums.

    123 Name:

    Description: The Salafi forum Ana al-Muslim
    ("I am Muslm") is the oldest Salafi forum,
    having opened in 1996. Generally consider
    a Salafi forum, but not necessarily Jihadist,
    yet included on this page for good reason.


    Description: The "paradise" forum,
    this site was first reported publicly by
    us in January of 2005. The was at least
    originally, and may still be, linked to a
    gentleman in Greece, possibly of Azeri
    ethnicity. He appeared on the radar in
    October of 2004, at which point he was
    very active on the old al-Ansar forum.


    Description: Egyptian forum of the
    global jihad. There is circumstantial
    evidence to link this site's members
    to jihadist activity in Gaza, and perhaps
    also to Hamas. (formerly

    456 Name:

    Description: Official site of Mohammed
    Al-Massari's Tajdeed/Committee for the
    Defense of Legitimate Rights organization
    based in London.



    Description: Best known for it's
    involvement in attacks against the
    rival al-Hesbah forum. Oh, and there
    is that small matter of
    the death threat they posted against
    Aaron Weisburd, the founder of
    Internet Haganah and director of SoFIR.


    Description: A very exclusive forum
    for Al Qaida operatives and supporters.
    Curious how the site continues to function
    uninterrupted while other forums and the
    people who operate them face various hardships...

    789 Name:

    Description: Typical forum of the type,
    operated from Gaza and from time to time
    the home of rather detailed discussions
    particularly related to weapons development.
    After a period of down-time while moving
    from one server to another the site


    Description: A forum of the Muslim
    Brotherhood, and thus its inclusion in
    this list is open to question. However,
    at the level of the rank and file, there
    is overlap, or cross-pollination, between
    this forum of the Brotherhood and
    those forums that represent the
    Salafyist/Jihadist perspective. This
    situation is analogous to that of Hamas
    (the Gaza branch of the Brotherhood)
    and its affinity with al-Qaida and the
    global jihad. On 'paper' they are two
    distinct strains of radical Islam. On the
    ground the dividing lines - if they exist
    at all, are blurred.


    Description: The al-Ekhlaas forum
    is interesting because it spans the
    generations of jihadi forums, dating
    as it does to the glory days of the
    al-Ansar forum and linked as it was
    for a time with Irhabi007. Nowadays
    this forum tends to travel in the
    company of the less well known al-Boraq site.

    101112 Name:

    Description: AKA,
    this site was added to our list as the
    result of link analysis and what one
    might euphemistically describe as
    'field observations'.


    Description: This site was added to
    our list as the result of link analysis and
    what one might euphemistically describe
    as 'field observations'.


    Description: Palestinian jihadist site
    formerly known as and The site's principle
    administrator is believed to reside
    in southern Lebanon

    .Description: This site was added to our
    list as the result of link analysis and
    what one might euphemistically describe
    as 'field observations'.

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