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    Sunday, July 27, 2014

    IRANIAN STUXNET proving ground for US Russian Stuxnet

    Sourced; paradigm intel, BSU's,Computer Network Exploitation, Insiders
    & Wall St.

    My friend @DrAQ_Khan, who has had some 
    health issues recently but doing fine now is 
    the Father of Pakistan's nuclear bomb.

     Regarded as the founder of HEU based Gas-centrifuge uranium enrichment program for Pakistan's integrated atomic bomb project,
    was able to develop Pakistans enrichment program in just two years.
    USA had no idea, we would succeed in just 18 months while it takes 10 years for other countries They couldn't believe it
    (USA Intelligence failure,G )

    While Iran has not been able to master their enrichment program
    over the past ten years, thanks to Stuxnet.

    Stuxnet is a worm with trailers which can be loaded with
    other programs. And as such is the most powerful weapon
    in the world,

    At first Stuxnet was just looking around to see what Iran's nuke program was doing, working om a nuclear bomb, Stuxnet loaded one of its trailers with a program that disrupted their enrichment programs,

    When Iran was busy in Uranium Enrichment, USA developed a cyber bug called STUXNET this bug can hack computers & give wrong reports!

     to the point Iran had to post technicians with the centrifuges and report to the control room what was really going on. The control panels said every thing was OK, but the technicians
    reported the centrifuges were tearing themselves apart. 

    Iran went so far as to fire their head nuclear scientist for incompetence, 
    they even had to throw out first stock 
    pile out for contamination.

    Modern day wars are shifting paradigms! They have changed from real life battles to cyber battles! USA is at the top of It

    During the cyber operation USA realized thar a military attack might not be the best way to go.
    The Bend of Power by MARTIN E. DEMPSEY  @Martin_Dempsey Chairman Joint Chiefs, EXCELLENT participant observation READ, …

    "To deal with our most pressing security challenges, the U.S. military will not be the only tool we use, nor should it be the principal one in most circumstances. Often the military is best used in a supporting role ...Sanctions, for example, are most effective when coordinated with other lines of effort. These tools do not operate independently; their full potential is realized through integration." MARTIN E. DEMPSEY

    And Stuxnet still had other trailers available to carry
    spy programs.

    In exploring this new Domain they realized Stuxnet could aid in the sanctions arena. sanctions had never been real successful
    because they were outside looking in.

    They had to rely on monetary data reported publicly.
    But with Stuxnet they could look at the real raw data,
    and with this data could have an impact they had never had before.
    They did not rely on the Fed Reserve or Banksters they employed key experts, Hedge fund Forex.Commodities and Indices traders.

    And brought down the Iranian Rial by 50%+.
    And can cripple the Rial further on demand.

    STUXNET used to hack Iranian Nuclear Programmes and not only gave all information to US & Israel, but It also changed their results

    And Stuxnet is carefully working Russian monetary system
    looking for just the right supports to hit to cripple Putin et al
    with out hurting the Russian people, or at least try.

    Stuxnet can break Putin and his cronies. How much 
    $$$ pain can they stand?

    But Russia has been busy, FSB has shifted gears,
    its easier to recruit civilians than the military and about
    2/3 of the US Intelligence community is civilian.
    The Russians have tried to recruit me twice, the first
    time was in my University, and her body was my play ground for a night, thank you, then I cut off all communication.

    The second time was when they tried to recruit my Internet persona
    " Internet Anthropologist" he as a agent to work for me.

    The give away was when he said the Russians were trying to recruit HIM, he said he would try and get recruiters name.
    I said I didn't want his name I wanted his photo.

    He could lie about a name but the FBI would find a photo useful.
    We never got the photo.

    We think this is how they got Snowden;

    If Snowden got the Russians Stuxnet then NSA knows it, thanks to Stuxnet,
    and would be the biggest Intelligence heist since they stole A Bomb secrets.

    But if Russians activate RED Stuxnet, it triggers their DOOM.
    NSA is prepared and damages will be heavy and untraceable.

    Russia uses Stuxnet at its own Peril.

    More coming.

    USA spends as much on defense as next 10 countries budgets
    combined, holds true for cyber weapons also $. 

    Internet Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Sys analyst.
    Former Broker series 3 & 7
    Ad Magnum,

    Gerald NYSE trading Floor

    UPDATE; AUG,1,2014;

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: IRANIAN STUXNET proving ground for US Russian Stuxnet via

    Iranians, still lacking the art of cyber warfare gave up & ousted their head of nuclear reasearch via Intel Blog

    Anthropologist @Geraldanthro  ·  13h
    @PutinRF_Eng Short interest on RUSSIAN STOCK MKT $1.46 billion. an all-time high= 21% hold shorts, #HEDGE FUNDS 

    "When the United States first threatened Russia with sanctions in April, Iranian officials reportedly cautioned the Kremlin against ignoring the American warnings. Having experienced the effect of such restrictions on their own country, the Iranians apparently advised Russia not to underestimate the possible impact."

    Graham: Russia 'has an economy the size of Italy'

    Russia’s 2013 nominal GDP was $2.1 trillion, and Italy’s was $2.07 trillion, according to the World Bank.

     the 50 most liquid Russian stocks.G

    economy on stilts waiting for something to knock it DOWN, G
    “This has nothing to do with inflation – with the economy failing to fire, the central bank should be cutting rates.”

    MOSCOW—Russia's economy grew 0.1% in the second quarter, meaning the country has avoided slipping into a technical recession, the economy ministry said Friday.

    Sanctions will force Putins cronies to move money out of the world stock markets or risk seizure, leaving only this Russian stock market for them to invest in,
    thats another paradigm entirely.

    And this is only the "Stock Market " part of the stuxnet/Sanctions

    To be clear Stuxnet cannot control a stock market, 
    it can get secret info that if made public could drive a market DOWN.
    Transparency would be a defense against this type of operation
    but lets be real we are talking about Russia. G  

    Stuxnet engages Putin

    With Downgraded Debt, A Plunging Currency, And A Weak Stock Market Russia Is In Real Trouble  via @forbes