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    Friday, March 28, 2014

    NSA;s time machine. kind of

    NSA's data collection system is all encompassing. 
    They collect everything. copy internet, emails,
    phone calls, radio. TV.

    They didn't target European leaders, they collect
    everyones data, they don't have a method to filter
    out leaders cell phones & emails, to do that they would
    need to know those specific phone numbers and erase
    them after collection.

    Its like they are collecting the water over Niagara falls, 
    and want to exclude one specific cubic foot of water 
    coming over the falls, European leaders phone calls.

    The collection of this data isn't only to
    try and stop terrorist but to function like a time
    machine for the PAST.

    After an attack they can go back and and read 
    perps email even phone calls to root out associates,
    even if they were erased, they have a copy.

    NSA's Stuxnet can walk thru all known security
    suites, NSA is in the best position to safe guard
    this data, the phone companies DO NOT have the
    security NSA  has.

    Russia and China would love to have access to
    this data.

    NSA screwed up real bad they knew about Manning's
    breach, they were implementing a program to track
    even what data system admins were looking at
    and did not fast track it. 

    The holy grail for the Russians is the Stuxnet delivery
    system, it could shut down Russia, economy and 

    A big question is if Snowden got access to the
    Stuxnet  blue prints, eventually Ed will provide
    Russia with every thing he knows and has,
    A Stockholm syndrome tour deforce; FSB
    works daily to befriend and turn Snowden.

    USA spends as much on defense as the
    next 10 largest countries COMBINED,
    USA SPENDS 10 times as much on cyber
    forces as any other nation in the world.
    Snowden could negate this cyber lead
    if he had access to Stuxnet blue print.
    And make Russia a super power AGAIN.

    Crimea COULD become a rubber stamp
    operation if Russia gets Stuxnet.

    Internet Anthropologist