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    Saturday, March 15, 2014

    Russian Keystone Cops take Crimea II

    Could Never make a movie on this,
    its just to dumb.

    Putin brings in Russian Drug lord to
    run Crimea, and Russian motor cycle
    club for thug enforcement

    Putin moves his military without
    uniform badges, "plain clothes" 
    military troops into Crimea.

    Shuts down news, Crimea 'Congressmen'
    arrested, dismissed, New Russian 
    'Congressmen' installed.

    Putin calls for election on Crimea
    becoming part of Russia, Putin
    blocks UN election monitors.
    Putin Fixes election. 

    There is no Russian force, just threats.
    One Ukrainian Mil unit, confronted
    the Russian invaders by laying down their arms
    and 300 men marched out to the Secret 
    Russian troops and confronted them.
    The Russians panicked in the face
    of 300 unarmed Ukrainian troops.
    Very Gandhi'an.

    Russia's Military is 1970's based.
    US Military is battled hardened by
    14 years of war. And could dust aside
    the Russian Mil in the Ukraine.

    Putin has the golden goose
    "RUSSIA" because of the
    GOLD eggs he squeezes 
    out of Mother Russia. he 
    would never push the nuke would destroy his
    golden goose.

    But America is sick of 14 yrs 
    of war. So no US Troops in

    Notice there was no cyber attack
    this time like in Georgia. just some 
    small attacks on phone systems.

    Russia's greatest fear is the STUXNET
    vehicle, and how deeply they have been
    cyber penetrated.

    Snowden has confirmed their worst 
    fears, but thats not half the story.

    There is even a term for their fear,
    "Russian Rules", all top secret info
    is on paper, not on computers.

    Putin doesn't recognize the threat
    Russia faces. they have the worst
    case stuxnet attack plotted.
    And it spells disaster for Russia,
    an effective cyber attack leaves 
    nothing to counter attack with. 

    But Russia misses the more recent threat,
    Iran's Rial was devalued by 50%.
    USA has used sanctions many times
    but never achieved a solid devaluation.

    NSA doesn't control this new tool,
    but Russia is courting disaster in the 
    Ukraine. Putin faces 50% losses on
    his private wealth.

    Russia is bluffing on Ukraine, they
    hold NO cards, and face economic disaster.

    Obama is slow to act but he doesn't bluff.

    Putin faces huge risks for small
    gains in Ukraine.

    Internet Anthropologist
    Stock broker; series 3 and 7