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    Monday, December 30, 2013

    DECODING Snowden

    Captain Midnight's decoder ring

    Ed's intentions were good, but his Russian handlers screwed him.

    Russian FSB DOXES NSA Royally, maybe.

    He wanted to expose NSA's abuse of Americans under the ill named 
    Patriotic Act, they targeted innocent Americans in the name of Anti-terrorism.

    "17 Americans killed by terror in CONUS since 911, US Gov shreds
    Constitution in GWOT, OBL wins, G"

    If Ed had stuck to only to NSA violations of American privacy
    he could be considered a HERO.

    NSA has some culpability in this security breech mess, as well as Obama.
    In an effort to secure the secrecy doors they prosecuted every whistle blower
    that uses official channels, in trying to maintain secrecy they punished
    every whistle blower and ignored legitimate complaints.

    Which resulted in an insider going out side channels and the biggest
    security breach in American History.

    Is Snowden guilty of treason, I think so.
    He didn't stop at NSA violations of American privacy, he gave aid
    to American enemies, info on spying capabilities, tools and methods.
    Intelligence operations that have nothing to do with
    American constitutional abuse.

    In that reference he is outside actions that might be considered
    justifiable for a whistle blower. And brings him into the realm of treason.
    Aiding and abetting American enemies.

    Ed did not go to a neutral State but sought refuge with Americas former enemies, China
    and Russia.
    Further insuring his acceptance by bringing ;
    #Snowden 4 note books, 480 gb,= 4,036,608,000 thats over 4 billion pages of text.

    No encryption is good forever, and Ed has threatened to release the
    code to that encryption.

    While I think Eds original intentions were honorable
    his "advisers" steered him over the line.
    Into releasing secret intelligence that was not related to
    American rights violations.

    Releasing covert operations against non-Americans
    and that is treason.

    His name will go down in history with the likes of:

    Adam Yahiye Gadahn

    Aldrich Ames

    Aaron Burr

    Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

    Robert Hanssen

    Nidal Malik Hasan

    John Walker, Jr.

    Benedict Arnold

    Edward Snowden

    While I believe NSA's actions are illegal in USA
    I feel compelled to speak to their actions.
    NSA's job is to develope intel from closed cells
    and they do a fine damn job, WWW security
    is a paper shell to them.
    Russia has gone "Russian Rules"

    After 911 I think the director, Hayden told his TAO forces
    laws be dammed "get the terrorists".

    I would have.

    And they have continued to stretch the envelope
    to protect CONUS from attack.
    But its time to pull back.

    In our operations we have run into TAO forces twice.
    "Computer Network Exploitation is speciality of Internet
    Anthropologist Think Tank. "

    Once on terrorist PC we found a back door that 
    lead to TAO, we notified them of our breech and our method,
    and quickly withdrew. They patched the flaw.

    Another time we were caught in "a man in the middle"
    breach, but we pulled all operators IP's, notified FBI,
    before we posted the story, they didn't activate the kill 
    notice and we published IPs.
    In that case Al Qaeda had offered one of our moles 
    $$$ to operate in CONUS, we promptly turned 
    over CONTACTS and LEADS to FBI. 

    Our offer to kill a post has been activated 3 times 
    by intelligence agencies, and all related files were deleted to 
    NSA standards.

    Snowden is causing massive intelligence losses to USA
    SECURITY. Right idea but wrong execution.

    But even Ed did not go to wikileaks by their actions they
    function as a Russian Intelligence asset. He knew and avoided
    this obvious leak source.
    They said they would publish Russian whistle blowers
    leaks but never did, any comment Wikileaks?
    Wikileaks is a russian asset.

    Much has been said about NSA TAO TEAMS, 
    But our Paradigm reveals more,
    their are teams that track current IP'S,
    you can't hack an PC unless you know its IP,

    And NSA has carried the IP finger printing to
    extreme levels, MACs, time flaws, utilizing all 7 levels of the WWW.
    And an "air gap" division.

    The one good thing that comes from this security fiasco is
    the proof there is NO PRIVACY ON THE INTERNET.


    Internet Anthropologist

    NSA spying on Americans illegal, unconstitutional
    NSA spying on rest of world 'its THEIR JOB.'