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    Thursday, September 05, 2013

    Bashar al-Assad beating

    If Bashar al-Assad was killed there would be 

    What the Syrian attack will look like.

    First the Gov and Mil will loose all comms.
    then ground to air defenses will be taken
    out all at once, all radars down.

     All Syrian Air Force will be swept from the sky.
    I wonder if ANY Syrian pilots will be STUPID 
    enough to go up against US Air Force.

    US will gain Air Superiority over all of Syria,
    Syria will not be allowed to have anything in
    the sky.

    Then the surgical air strike bomber will start.
    US has a list of all units involved in gassing.
    US has 60 days to take them all out.
    30 day extension if needed.

    Now that US has control of Syrian skies 
    the bombing can take place at a leisurely pace.

    Some secret WMD stock piles will be taken out
    with bunker busters that burrow deep in the Earth
    before incineration of CW stock piles.

    Much of the Air Force will be destroyed on the
    ground, and certain artillery units wiped out.

    Helicopter units destroyed, tank units neutralized.

    And special surprise depending on what SEA does,
    this will be us IATT & special Anonymous unit I have
    worked with, taking revenge for their mischief.   
    We pray they will stick their heads up.

    Assad will need a shoulder to cry on, for days.

    This will continue for not quite 60 days.
    Assad will be much poorer after the strike.

    The final strikes will be on the items the US
    satellites  watched you hide, thanks for showing
    where they are.

    Make some popcorn and take a seat at your 
    biggest window and watch the show, you
    may want some cotton for your ears.


    Russia caught; Snowden

    UPDATE; SEPT 06 13

    Lighting Crush coming..
    10 B-2’s x 80 500lbs JDAMs/sortie. Between 50 and 60 B-1’s and BUFF’s x 100 JDAMs/sortie = 6800 aimpoints/sortie. This does not include F-15E’s or any other platform.
    It will be difficult but 10,000 targets are not impossible to overcome.

    Add the rest of the Air Force, and USA can hit 20,000
    targets in 24 hrs, some hardened targets 20 or 30 times.

    Lighting Crush coming..


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Wednesday, September 04, 2013

    Russian FSB DOXES NSA Royally, maybe.

    Paradigm Intel; We look only at what 
    they do not what is said.
    This is all supposition. 

    Kremlin communication
    Present Boris Mylnikov , Viktor Komogorov, Mikhail Shekin
    Nikolai Klimashin, Vladimir Putin, Yury Ignashchenkov and 
    Alexander Bortnikov,

    FSB is Russia's new KGB.

    Since Manning we have seen that massive amounts of intel 
    can be removed all at one time, given the right conditions
    and right position.

    Running a principal in place is dangerous and
    very risky. Spying and sneaking info out of NSA
    and then transmitting it to Russia runs all kinds
    dangers, caught with TS materials, meetings, payments,
    transmission. Every time you make a transaction,
    repeat entire risk gamut each time.

    The wear and tear on your principal spy, fear, guilt
    shame,pride the psychological side is exhausting 
    for both spy and case officer. 

    And the risk of retaliation if FSB kills a CIA agent
    THEY will kill a FSB agent. There is retaliation 
    even for spying.

    Its very hard to find a bad guy who will commit
    treason, and just as hard to hang on to him, 
    control him. 

    When a spy gets burnt it electrifies all your cells.
    Every thing slows down for security checks
    and reassurances even pay raises/bribes.

    And the political row when a spy gets caught
    political retribution, trade deals sabotaged,   
    pay back.

    How could FSB sidestep that entire process?
    Get all NSA intel, low risk, deny-ability, sheild
    the principal spy, cut blow back.
    Wikileaks has demonstrated the effective legal shield
    reporters have in Western countries.

    We all have seen blow back from spy operations
    when they are discovered. and the political price 
    paid when operation was discovered.

    And seen counter propaganda programs when 
    we tried to release the secret Intel we collected.

    We are initiating a new program to avoid all these 

    First operation originates in Hawaii, we are all 
    aware of the new huge NSA station located there.

    We are using cut outs and false flag agents.
    Posing as rich activist playboys, befreinding
    strippers in Hawaii.

    Our target is any NSA IT personnel, perferable
    a SysAdmin, as they have access to everything or 
    know how to get into everything.

    He has strippers looking for NSA people under
    the guise of wanting to help whistle blowers.

    We also have false flag cut outs working anti-
    American reporters worldwide, as the would be 
    the most likely contacts for NSA whistle blowers.

    Most of the previous NSA whistle blowers have 
    been prosecuted. Our cutouts can fish for leads 
    among these anti-American reporters for advance 
    notice of whistle blowers, and offer finical aid in the
    name of activism.

    We want to avoid Wikileaks as it is difficult to get 
    the raw intel from them. 

    As our top line hackers are the old Russian Biz Net,
    and China has much better hackers we can route 
    whistle blowers through China and share the hacked info.
    And give whistle blowers sanctuary here in Russia 
    giving us years to fully turn them.

    If we can hack the intel from the whistle blowers
    we can even order them not to reveal anything while
    they are in Russia, as we already have the intel,
    and can influence the release through the anti-American
    reporters the whistle blowers already contacted.

    NSA Foils Much Internet Encryption

     NSA subverted online privacy tools

    Brazil's Rousseff wants US apology for NSA spying

    NSA Is Reading All the Stuff You Think You've "Encrypted"

    NSA uses supercomputers to crack Web encryption, files show 

    Five Revelations from Snowden's Newest Leak

    Thus appearing to assist America and NSA.
    While leaking secret Intel.

    So we have the intel and can release what we want 
    through the reporter as we wish.

    We have our cake and eat it also.

    The amazing part of this operation is that the NSA target
    might never know Russia is behind the operation.

    One operation copy every thing, to
    keep FSB distance we use a Reporter for handler
    good cover for contact and meetings, dissimilation
    under FSB control. And reporters legal protections.
    Use whistle blower status for cover/shield.

    If we run into a primary that just wants money we 
    use same system to protect him and us.


    #Snowden 4 note books, 480 gb,= 4,036,608,000 
    thats over 4 billion pages of text.

    Ed avoided using Wikileaks.
    Kremlin's security agency has reportedly purchased 
    £10,000 worth of electric typewriters in an effort to 
    prevent security leaks,
    in response to the recent leaks in the US by WikiLeaks and former-NSA official Edward Snowden.

    They knew about Manning's massive Intel theft.
    and did not buy them then.

    They cracked Snowden's PC encryption and went
    full "Russian rules", all paper, no PC's.
    They saw what NSA could see on their PC & networks.

    And all paper files avoids NSA OR CIA doing this to them.

    Internet Anthropologist