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    Saturday, April 06, 2013

    Obama huge mistake NK & Iran

    Obama administration making HUGE ERROR.

    Kerry on diplomatic tour to far East to see
    what they can offer N Korea to back down,

    Offering a bribe to stop criminal bully.
    They will view this as USA weakness and
    rewards them for threatening WAR. 

    Bribe encourages more of this behavior
    from both N Korea and IRAN.

    Short term benefits, long term DISASTER.

    Bribe makes USA look weak, stupid.
    This is a call to all  non-nuclear nations
    to develop nukes for huge $$$ gains.

    Administration has its head up its ass. 

    Good for lame duck President, disaster
    for WORLD.

    Future of many countries to develop nukes,
    USA is providing reward and no punishment
    for violating non-proliferation treaty.  
    Encouraging violations in the future.

    Obama's advisors ball-less. 

    This will go down in the annals of History
    as Obama's encouraging nuclear bombs.

    My head spins in incredulity at the ignorant
    short sightedness of this foolish move.

    The concept will encourage Iran to a very
    bad end and moves WORLD closer to
    Everybody line up for huge rewards for
    developing NUKES.

    Would you give murder $$$ rewards after
    murder if he promises to behave? 
    Or would the REWARD again and again
    repeated  drive him to more murders for 
    the reward sans any punishment.

    I call on all Republicans to stop this.



    Internet Anthropologist


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    Thursday, April 04, 2013

    NK message to Iran about Obama

    This is NOT North Korea's usual bellicose

    Whats different?

    They declared WAR, ended armistice.  
    Showed their WAR ROOM, with targets
    in USA.

    Approved plans for nuclear attack on U.S.Said they were going to start nuclear war.
    Threatened Guam.

    This is NOT NK normal routine.

    North Korea is sending a message to
    Iran, "USA is a paper tiger".

    Develop your nuclear weapons  USA
    won't do a damn thing.

    North Korea is encouraging Iran
    by its actions, and Obama's

    Whitehouse; Maybe its the fault of
    USA that Kimmy is being a bully.
    USA might have been too aggressive.

    Obama is blaming the victim for the
    Bullies actions and Iran is watching 
    very closely.  

    Iran has already said, in the middle of
    all this; 

    Iran's Jalili vows stronger defense of nuclear policy

    Obama's timid response encourages Iran's
    nuclear program.

    If I'm am questioning if Obama has 
    balls then Iran is sure.

    Is Obama serious about stopping nuclear

    Evidence indicates North Korea may
    NOT have a nuke YET.   

    How long will USA let North Korea push
    them around, will Obama apologize?

    What does Iran make of all this?

    Internet Anthropologist

    What would war look like?

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    Look at Korea's up comming WAR


     Massive ground assault backed by artillery fire.
    That's because North Korea's standing military,
    according to the best U.S. and U.N. intelligence
    assessments, is the fourth largest in the world, at
    1.1 million members. South Korea's, by contrast,
    is about 690,000 strong.

    N Korea's biggest threat may be its Artillery forces.
    They have the largest Artillery force in the world.
    We expect they would target the land mines in the
    DMZ to allow their army into S Korea.

    And much of S Korea population centers are
    with in reach of their artillery.

    Tunnels under DMZ

    The first response to N Korea's attack will be
    these artillery pieces. There are many suitable
    weapons available to blanket these forces.

    N Korea's army are ill-equipped and poorly
    trained. I've seen videos where troops are
    firing at paper targets and they close their
    eyes when they fire.
    Indication of their poor economy, during
    training they dry fire, ammo is too expensive.

    But what they lack in training they make up
    for with enthusiasm from decades of propaganda
    demonizing S Korea & USA.

    The DMZ will become a turkey shoot killing
    zone, expect 100,000's to die there.

    US air forces will sweep all N Korea air forces
    from the sky, taking them out before N Korean
    radar can even see US jets.
    Expect 10 new American & S Korean Aces
    from air war.

    Having established air dominance, they will pound
    N Korea anti-air installations with stealth jets.

    Hell they don't even have electric at night.

    Very few N Korean rockets & missiles will
    get through the US & S Korea's shield.

    N Korea may have their test nukes which have
    failed to go nuclear, under the DMZ as a last resort.
    Which fail to go critical, just like huge TNT explosions

    US can hit 20,000 targets in 24 hrs, plus S Korea's
    10 B-2’s x 80 500lbs JDAMs/sortie. Between 50
    and 60 B-1’s and BUFF’s x 100 JDAMs/sortie =
    6800 aimpoints/sortie. This does not include F-15E’s
    or any other platform.
    Add the rest of the Air Force, and USA can hit 20,000
    targets in 24 hrs, some hardened targets 20 or 30 times.

    Round the clock bombing from DIEGO GARCIA
    switching out the crews.
    “US bombers are ready today to destroy 10,000 targets
    in Iran in a few hours" or N Korea which is much closer.

    Few of the bombers.

    Expect real battle to last 3 days and a week to mop up,
    leadership & nuke sites.

    N Korea will fall faster than Bagdad, with many
    strong points full of hardened hold outs.

    My vote would be to give N Korea to China let
    them deal with nation building & they get a
    buffer zone & cheap labour.
    N Koreans get a much better life, end to famine
    & political prison camps.
    S Korea gets friendly neighbor and invest in N


    Internet Anthropologist

    "Expect something sneaky creative,hard to trace back to 
    North Korea to avoid immediate retaliation from 
    Washington or Seoul.” Sub attack AGAIN, 
    S Korea needs to be ready to respond in kind? G 

    Why Kim Jong Un is WAR-ING, WHY HE THINKS HE
    CAN WIN.

    N Korea's message to Iran about Obama 

    How the war STARTS;,0

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    Monday, April 01, 2013

    N Korea nuke fails to go critical

    N Korea having problems with nuke tests.

    N Korea a failed state;
    Missiles FAIL;
    Economy FAIL;
    Satellite FAIL;
    Farming FAIL;
    Industry FAIL
    And now evidence NUKE test FAILS.

    Other equally valid paradigm Intel ;
    N Korea's nuke test failed, it did not
    make it to critical stage, mis-fired,
    no appropriate escaped gasses.

    ( OpSec prevents us from disclosing more, when
    rest breaks we will provide background, G )

    "In the days following the detonation, U.S. and South
    Korean sensors failed to detect even a trace of the
    usual radioactive gases in any of the 120 monitoring
    stations along the border and downwind from the
    test site, the officials said. A Japanese aircraft
    recorded a brief spike of one radioactive isotope,
    xenon-133, but it was seen as inconclusive, the
    analysts said. Xenon-133 is released during nuclear
    weapons tests but also given off by nuclear power plants."

    STRONG Possibility NKorea has no nukes,
    NEVER found appropriate trace gasses,
    after any of the 3 nuke tests,G   
    NKorea failed nuke state;G
    "partially failed "fizzle"
    "group concluded that the bomb failed to detonate correctly"
    "two days after the blast, Chinese, Japanese, and South Korean
    investigators had failed to detect any radiation"

    NO NUKE. Lack of radionuclide confirmation

    Why China isn't pressuring N Korea abt nukes, Radio 
    Active fallout goes to them, they have NONE.

    North Korean secrecy on bomb test fuels speculation on nuclear advances

    Internet Anthropologist

      New Korean war;

      N Korea message to Iran about Obama