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    Saturday, March 16, 2013

    Iranian Regimes Banks subject to cyber attack

    Obama says Iran's Nuke bomb
    more than Yr away and he won't
    wait till last min.

    Iran is "over a year or so" from getting a nuclear bomb, US President Barack Obama has told an Israeli television channel, a week before visiting Israel, warning that a military option remained on the table.
    In an interview with Channel 2 on Thursday, Obama laid out a clear timeline for Tehran to acquire a military nuclear capacity, while insisting that Washington would not wait until the last minute to take action to stop it.
    "We think that it would take over a year or so for Iran to actually develop a nuclear weapon, but obviously, we don't want to cut it too close," he told the private station.

    Asked if there was a realistic option that he would order an attack on Iran's nuclear sites, he said: "When I say that all options are on the table, all options are on the table and the United States obviously has significant capabilities.

    Puzzle box: The quest to crack
    the world’s most mysterious
    malware warhead.


    Gauss. A novel scheme encrypting one of its main engines has so far defied attempts to crack it, generating intrigue and raising speculation that it may deliver a warhead that's more destructive than anything the world has seen before.

    Gauss has the ability to steal funds and monitor data from clients of several Lebanese banks, making it the first publicly known nation-state sponsored banking trojan. It's also programmed to collect a dizzying array of information about the computers it infects—including its network connections, processes and folders, BIOS, CMOS, RAM, and both local and removable drives.

    But the most intriguing characteristic of Gauss is an encrypted payload that has so far remained undeciphered, despite the best efforts of cryptographers who have already tried millions of possible keys.
    "Given how careful the attackers were to make sure the Gauss payload doesn't fall into the 'wrong' hands, we can assume it is very special."

    The encrypted payload in the Gödel module is by no means the only mystery surrounding Gauss. Researchers still don't know how the malware takes hold of target computers in the first place or how it spreads from one machine to another.

    The setup suggests that the command servers handled massive amounts of traffic...

    The choice that Gödel be transmitted using USB drives suggests it was targeting "air-gapped" systems so sensitive they weren't connected to the Internet.

    regimes attack on US Banks, SUICIDE; NEW variant of Stuxnet on Irans bank network, dormant so far, G

    Raiu told Ars. "What could we find inside the Gauss payload? PLC code? Zero-days? Code to target unknown systems? Nobody knows for sure and it is probably the incertitude which makes it the most captivating mystery."

    Iran will be the first to KNOW,  will know first.

    Internet Anthropologist
    Blanks are redacted comments.

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    If Iran got a nuke & there was no cyber

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    Thursday, March 14, 2013

    LAPD-killer Christopher Dorner, mind set

    Christopher Dorner killer of LAPD
    officers mind set.

    I want to get culpability out of the way.
    He was 100% in the wrong.

    The police had two officers killed when
    he shot through two police cars with
    a 50 cal killing the officers.

    I think they could use self defense claim
    to bring in an auto 50 cal on APC and
    just chop up the house he was in.

    Instead they just burned down the 
    house he was in.They first used cold
    tear gas , then followed up with "burners"
    hot tear gas, 4 of them knowing some
    of them would start fires.
    And LAPD lied about it, of course
    they meant to burn him out, its logical,
    he had a 50 cal.

    50 cal down to 22 long rifle shells.

    I don't think that was illegal, Dorner's
    50 cal may have been able to punch 
    holes in the police armored vechs.

    In his case they could have made a case 
    of self defense burning him out.
    HE HAD A 50 CAL.

    But why did he go rogue?
    He saw a training officer kick
    and abuse a perp and reported 
    it. and LAPD booted him from
    his life's Goal of being a LAPD 
    officer, his reputation and career falsely  

    His ideal life destroyed, destroyed
    all his goals in a mockery of justice 
    and him.

    Legally he fought them and they 
    closed ranks against him.
    They didn't want him in their club,
    he broke the thin blue line.

    That club was his lifes goal.
    His skill set was honed to a fine edge
    for just that career, and now most 
    other police agencys won't touch him.

    When LAPD ruined his perceived life,
    destroyed his reputation, dashed his
    lifes goals with falsehoods and injustice
    and lies he retaliated in kind, striking back
    at LAPD's reputation.

    Dorner was a lesser man, a greater man
    would have regrouped and pursued his
    goals in a diierent or in his own club if need be.

    But when your chosen club rejects you
    you don't quit, turn rogue and kill people.
    That may add credibility to the LAPD
    lies about him.

    He had a valued skill set and he threw 
    it all away. Wasting his life and skills.

    LAPD remains liars, untrustworthy,
    and outlaws.

    They knew they were burning him out.
    Even the LAPD psychologist lied.
    He said Dorner mentioned the First lady
    because he identified with her as an important 
    person, which is false, he was hoping
    to get her, & President involved
    in an investigation of LAPD.

    The people of LA do not trust the LAPD
    they have lied in the past and continue to
    do so today, LA cannot trust LAPD for
    good reasons,