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    Thursday, February 28, 2013

    ISI view of OBL hit

    The view of ISI from the inside
    is very enlightening. Our mole
    in ISI and paradigm intel gives 
    this report.

    ISI did have OBL house under 
    surveillance, as part of ISI 
    General command agreement.
    OBL wasn't to be directly 
    involved in any terrorist activities.
    And ISI was watching the comings
    and goings at OBL's house.

    Located where it was ISI did not
    contemplate an USA attack.
    As they were directly privy to
    US attacks in Pak, as per agreement
    with USA.

    One CIA agent was already arrested
    and created huge brew-ha-ha, because
    he kept slipping his tail.

    They were sure US didn't want a
    show down that could lead to war.

    US's CIA was able to work out
    of ISI's sight and did locate OBL.

    The ISI surveillance team noted 
    choppers but didn't report anything
    till they heard gun fire and 
    reported in and also called the police.

    They knew they were to few to stop 
    the attack and didn't want to be outed
    for having OBL under surveillance.
    So kept their cover.

    The local police were diverted with
    a story about this being a joint Pak Mil 
    and US operation.

    But ISI did go thru channels and
    produced the only smoking gun,
    they dispatched two Pak jets
    to a private residence.

    Which revealed their knowledge 
    of who was living there by dispatching
    the jets.

    The pak jets were intercepted by US
    jets and lit up their HUDs, with
    warnings of being lit up by US jets
    before the US jets were even with in
    Pak jets radar range.

    They could be shot down before
    they could even SEE the US jets.
    So they returned to base.

    And US escaped with OBL's body.
    Next was certifying OBL was dead.
    US left OBL's wife behind for this

    Then the few that knew had to 
    notify the Taliban. We were not
    privy to that conversation. YET.

    But we all saw the attacks on the
    Pak Navy bases and Mil beheadings.
    And ISI has been trying to mollify
    taliban ever since.

    The killing of OBL did also erect
    a huge wall of distrust between ISI 
    and AQ & taliban.

    The Pak Gov & ISI went silent for
    a few days after the attack, working
    on their cover story, and also
    soothing the taliban which continues
    to this day.

    AQ & taliban still have contacts
    deep with in ISI & Pak Mil.
    And continue to work through
    the distrust the killing of OBL

    Taliban consider some one in ISI
    is the one that really tipped off US.
    And that was why Obama was willing
    to risk war, cause he knew OBL was

    In any case the death of OBL was
    successful on many levels.

    War Anthropologist

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    Monday, February 25, 2013

    Google up to no good?

    Google 30% of my hits?

    Google bot & Google 30%

    Google BOT 29 MIN ON 2 PAGES?
    29 MIN.