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    Saturday, February 16, 2013

    Social Change Engine SCE

    We have been working & testing
    a social change engine for 12 yrs.
    Pre-social networks, Facebook, Twitter

    We have gone from passive to active 
    SCE. Passive SCE is more restrictive,
    You have to know what your 
    demographic wants then position 
    your self as a solution for that

    We started with a template to get
    third world countries more financial 
    independence by explaining how 
    they could use the WWW to sell

    The active SCE targets your chosen
    demographic with the TRUTH.
    As you could guess its the terrorist

    We have learned seeding, planting
    the verifiable truth in the right places.
    Relying on the 'goodness' of humans,
    relying them to make the right decision.
    Many years ago I took a course called EST.
    It was all the rage at the time. One thing
    I took away from the seminar was;"If
    you tell it like it really IS, eventually
    your word becomes LAW in the universe."
    It seems to work.

    One of the biggest problems was Id'ing
    your target demographic and key 
    individuals in that demographic.

    Then finding a way to introduce 
    paradigms to those people in a 
    manner they can hear the concept.

    The percent of the demographic 
    you need to reach is surprising low.

    Seeding, exposing the truth.

    Some have offered very complicated
    methods for SCE and they might work
    This is a good example;

    "Remember that enormous, sophisticated data operation the Obama campaign had? The one that gave them massive daily data on public opinion trends in almost every segment of potential voters.

    It’s almost as if Democrats had access to some sort of huge database of real time information about what the public was reading or writing online. The kind of breathtakingly large, real-time data that could be used for real-time trend analysis, predictive modeling and even behavioral manipulation."

    If that works NSA would have turned Iran upside down.



    We have had some remarkable 
    successes, but the demographics
    are tricky, and we continue to
    refine the system.

    And we have found SCE more
    effective that BSU's & hacking.

    Currently the system is manual
    but could be automated.
    It takes longer but we have more
    control & assurances.
    A few years ago the Chinese invited
    me to give a presentation on our 
    SCE in China. I declined.

    Social Change is possible, 
    the Islamic 'Springs' are evidence
    of this, and done by regular citizens,
    for their own motives and at their
    own will.

    Using an organized system can
    facilitate and speed up that process.

    But if its not based on truth it will

    AQ has seen the failure based on
    a false paradigm.

    Internet Anthropologist

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Monday, February 11, 2013

    GO TO JAIL;no attorney,charges,jury or Judge

    1984 is here.

    KNOCK KNOCK; ( your door )

    ( Mr. American ) you; hi what do you want?

    MIB; We want to ask you some questions.

    you; Who are you?

    MIB; We are not required to identify ourselves.
    but if you don't cooperate we will arrest you
    now without warrant and lock your ass up
    you will just disappear.

    you; I want my Attorney.

    MIB; NO; you no longer have a right to an
    Attorney or to know the charges, no judge,
    no jury. We can just lock your ass up,
    indefinitely. NO TRIAL.

    you; Whats this about?

    MIB; We don't have to tell you.
    Cooperate or you never see your
    wife and kids again.
    You know GITMO?
    We got secret cells.

    you; I'll post this on Twitter...

    MIB; If you even tell anybody
    about this you will be in violation
    of Federal law and we would come
    and get you.
    Don't cause trouble we COULD
    kill you, Al-Awlaki???
    And it would be legal, in secret,
    no trial, no judge, no jury, no publicity.
    No one will ever know.

    you; But I'm American.

    MIB; Yea we know.



    Without judicial review there is no due process.


    More on loss of American rights.killing, Miranda,

    The bill explains that the president “has asserted that the Authorization for the Use of Military Force, enacted in 2001, authorizes the president to indefinitely detain, without charge, any person, including a citizen of the United States

    Administration violates Miranda warnings, 

    Americans are no longer safe from their own Government.