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    Thursday, February 07, 2013

    Failing Al Qaeda BRAND


    At one time the AQ brand stood
    for a religious zealot,a religious

    During the past decade the AQ
    paradigm has shifted, and so has 
    the Taliban ideal.

    Both have become finical franchises.
    Leaders becoming millionaires, 
    bank robbery, blackmail, kidnapping,
    and murder violence for hire,beheadings 
    plus ISI subsidies & Arab sources.

    The volume & sources of funds 
    expanding exponentially.

    They do or did function as Pakistans
    'Defense in Depth' strategy.

    But the cash flows are so great and
    risks so low that many ISI and
    Pak Mil have engaged in corruption.

    They have become a criminal enterprise
    as primary goal, CASH.

    PAK Mil & ISI hiding OBL is the
    most blatant episode. 

    Obama was so sure Pakistan was hiding OBL he
    was willing to go to WAR with Pakistan, if the
    secret strike on OBL went wrong US could have
    found its self faced with shooting down Pak jets
    or let US forces be shot of sky by Pak jets, G

    And the TTP
    has exacted a high price in Mil deaths
    for their failure to keep OBL safe.

    Now AQ & Taliban have become 
    Pakistans new Mafia, raising money
    for dishonest Jihad, with plenty 
    to go around for the leaders, 
    millionaires all.

    They now consist of Mafia criminals,
    misguided zealots, psychotic sociopaths,
    and mass murders, drug lords, ISI &
    Pak Mil leaders & and crime lords
    looking to upgrade.
    Algeria's Mokhtar Belmokhtar, leader 
    of the terrorists, was upgraded from
    war lord to AQ associate for reasonable
    franchise fee.

    They bomb mosques, market places,
    kill Muslim women & children.
    Shooting Malala point blank in
    the head for wanting schooling.

    Trick children into suicide bombings
    and block polio vaccinations, killing
    Pakistani health workers.

    20 murders a night in Karachi.
    All AQ & Taliban webmasters 
    and spokespersons have moved
    to Pakistan for safety.

    Pak Gen Staff & ISI support
    is a well known secret in Pakistan.
    Pak Mil does more than bake bread.

    Taliban even vetoed a Pakistan 
    referendum vote on Terrorism.  

    AQ & TALIBAN have moved
    from religious fanatics to Islamic
    Mafia, & Greed.
    Our BSU's can track AQ & Taliban

    wana bees world wide & interest
    in joining them has gone from
    100 a day to almost ZERO.
    Now they recruit criminals locally.

    AQ is a failing BRAND.

    Will Pakistan fail?
    Is it up to the Taliban?

    There is only one way to
    defeat the Taliban & only Pakistan,
    Afghanistan can do it.

    But can Pak Civilian Government and
    Mil extract double agents from its ranks?


    #TalibanIsNotIslam ALL taliban SUICIDE BOMBERS GO TO HELL,
    taliban they have no honor, are not Muslims, Tâghû

    TIRED of suicide bombers,beheadings,taliban? Report taliban locations,names,we do rest, #Malala

    Pakistani Militant,Hafiz Muhammad Saeed Price on Head, Lives in Open -  via