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    Monday, December 03, 2012

    Our source in taliban reports;

    The reasons for his revelations
    will become apparent.

    He reports;
    Taliban love Karzi's efforts to
    bring taliban into the Government.
    Afghan High Peace Council has
    encountered brutal response.

    Shafiullah Nooristani who was
    held by taliban for a month now
    tries to get them to defect to the

    The taliban moderates, hanger ons,
    have joined the peace process, 
    they have agreed to discuss many 
    things in exchange for;
    #1) Release of Afghan Taliban from
    Pakistan prisons.
    #2)  Safe passage both ways across
    border. No searches.
    #3) Exempt them from U.N. sanctions.

    In exchange taliban as agreed to 
    attend a meeting of regional Muslim 

    "Karzi is desperate and scared"
    Our source says the taliban in 
    Pakistan & Taliban in Afghanistan 
    are like fingers on the same hand, 
    they are mostly Pashtuns.

    The taliban have become a business,
    they now are mostly criminals, they
    don't even share millions in profits
    fairly with their own mujahideen.

    There have been fights and killings
    among taliban families over stealing
    profits, not sharing millions (USD)
    in heroin sales.

    The taliban are like America's Mafia
    families. Sopranos. They to fight and
    kill for profit, heroin, bank robbery,
    hijacking, ransom, protection, bribes.

    Many taliban leaders are millionaires
    while their mujahideen starve and freeze 
    to death. They now give free opium for
    hunger, wounds, even the cold.
    They will kill and steal from
    their own then claim they did it in 
    the name of Allah. We even take bribes
    from RAW, ISI some times the CIA.

    Some taliban want to get closer to Afghan
    Government as it will be easier to kill
    and threaten them when US leaves.
    taliban will kill them all just as we
    have killed all the tribal elders, some
    times at a jerga even.

    The Pakistan taliban and Afghan taliban
    communicate regularly through couriers. 
    Some of which have been given safe 
    passage. They co-ordinate actions, 
    supplies, weapons even ammo.

    They ARE the taliban MAFIA, 
    Afghan and Pakistan are just
    different Mafia Families.
    They will take over Afghan and
    Pakistan. First Afghan using money
    supplies and weapons from ISI
    "to help them with their 'defense
    in depth", then turn on Pakistan.
    We already have most of Karachi,
    and Pakistani police, military and 
    Judges protection for narcotic trade.
    Mini Blog: Pakistan's Godfather feared by Judges

    In Afghan drug traffickers are now 
    top officials in the Karzai government.

    The taliban Mafia families are making
    2 BILLIONS USD, and pay mujahideen R's
    and COREs to themselves.

    Some taliban talk of world power
    once they have Paks nukes.
    The taliban have spies in ISI, NDS,

    We cannot be defeated, taliban
    have bases safe from attack both
    in Afghan and Pakistan.
    Inter-Services Intelligence activities in Afghanistan 
    (sectionProvision of safe haven

    So no matter where we attack 
    we have a safe place to go.
    Pak cannot attack our bases
    in Afghan and Afghan cannot 
    attack our bases in Pakistan.
    But we can attack in Pak or

    We cannot be attacked in bases
    but we can attack any where.

    Except for the damn drones.
    But our leaders have kept
    children around to stop drone
    attacks, we pay the families
    if kids are killed.

    I am ready to quit taliban
    they cheat me in payments
    but I have no other job.
    And the Charas is very good
    after I don't care as much.

    This is not the old Taliban
    true believers but just a new
    mafia, morda-gow, 39.

    Jahannam for taliban,

    end of file

    We paraphrased him in places
    to protect his identity

    Our take on the self defeating 
    Afpak paradigm.

    We with held parts of info as our source didn't
    want his entire report released.
    And we respect our sources wishes.
    After reading how we represented his report
    he gave me the OK to release the Religious

    You are right Gerald the taliban are not
    Holy men not even Muslims.
    No salat, some don't wash for weeks.
    Bombing Mosques? Killing civilians
    during Janazah.
    Shooting children, heroin to make
    children suicide bombers, killing
    Muslim women, children, Allah
    will not bless this.
    taliban use Islam as bait,
    they are Tâghû, use Islam
    to bring children, ignorant people
    to Shayṭān.
    taliban suicide bomber will go to
    Jahannam. taliban are NOT Muslims.

    I have seen what they do with my
    own eyes, you would not believe,
    blaspheme'ers of the worst kind,

    Internet Anthropologist
    I welcome sources:secure,encrypted,cloaked communications chan.will be set up for U #Iran #Taliban #NkOREA #Iran #MOIS