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    Thursday, September 06, 2012

    Mini Blog: Pakistan's Godfather feared by Judges

    Pakistan's drug king pin:
    Imam Bheel
    Executes in public,
    Judge says NO investigation

    Story Pakistan's Godfather's public execution of civil servant IN HIS DRIVEWAY, no prosecution,
    Our man in ISI says Bheel was providing info on Blochs, ISI wanted to make dissapear, G 
    Maybe Bheel is like American Wall St Banks, TOO BIG TO PROSECUTE? G
    Eye witness Bheels murdering Dashi,blood evidence & 6 mos later still no charges, Does Chaudhry fear him, or accept donations? Pres_Zardari
    Chief Justice Chaudhry "no inquiry,I don't have to say WHY." into murder of Dashi shot in face by Bheel Drug kingpin,
    Pakistan's Godfather, drug kingpin Imam Bheel : Cheif justice,No inquiry of Murder. 
    Bheel MARKS HIS DRUG W/scorpions, lions or snakes. SMUGGLED from Afghan, $1or $2 billion yrly, he's well known to many Pak politicians.G
    Imam Bheel is Pakistani Godfather, drug kingpin enjoys police and judicial protection,look other way on drug smuggling & public MURDER, G
    ISI mole: " Imam Bheel is Pakistani Godfather, he invited Dashti to his home & killed him in his driveway"Chief Justice Chaudhry"no inquiry"
    Abdul Rehman Dashti public servant shot in face by Pakistan Narco kingpin,Imam Bheel; Ignored by Pak Press, 
    Abdul Rehman Dashti public servant shot in face by Pakistan Narco kingpin,Imam Bheel, official tolerance for heroin smuggling in Pak

    Eye witness, Blood evidence,moved body 200 ft away
    Chief Justice Chaudhry "no inquiry, I don't have to say WHY.

    Pakistan's own Al Capone has considerable influence over judiciary.

    Does Pakistan have the Law enforcement BALLS?

    Ask Pak Pres on Twitter: