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    Friday, August 31, 2012

    Tweeting hack in real time

    @Anti_falsehood  is a propagandist for al-Shabaab;
    group members have also reportedly intimidated, kidnapped and killed aid workers, leading to a suspension of humanitarian operations and an exodus of relief agents.
    Shabaab has been designated a terrorist organization by several Western governments and security services.[12][13][14] As of June 2012, the United States Department of State has open bounties on several of the outfit's senior commanders.[15]

    While at this time we are not aware of any direct violent action
    of his, he is dangerous promoting others in their jihad.

    A member of his group purports to be reporting actions of
    the taliban, taliban spokesperson I know has denied him.

    Abdulqahar Balkhi is a fraud. 

    Spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, Qari Yousuf Ahmadi
    denied him to me in an email.

    During our tweet secession I deployed several BSU's
    and was able to triangulate on him due to his
    poor opsec, unrelated to him being on twitter.

    In his arguments with me he doesn't adhere to it's own standards of clarity or argument within its own ontology, while ok propaganda, it misleads
    followers into bad actions.

    Her has blocked me on twitter but we continue to work him.
    So much for this propagandist.

    The following is a transcript, live tweeting while I was
    hacking him. Tweets are in reverse time order as is
    twitters want.

    @Anti_falsehood didn't want to scare him off till I had everything I wanted, he was running Chrome 21.0, IP Address: 94.9.195.*** WinXP, G
    Terrorist to me: "Why you cannot work without threats?" made my day, G
    @Anti_falsehood like I'm gona burn you, going to take my time and enjoy this, G
    @Anti_falsehood Thank you for holding I really really appreciate your cooperation, your opsec sucks, LEAKS, G
    @Anti_falsehood WAIT LAST CHANCE TO THREATEN MY LIFE come on lets play, G
    @Anti_falsehood You can thank your group for this, lying Tâghû, think they played U for sucker, G
    @Anti_falsehood ok you can go off line if U want, just a quick check leaving some stuff behind, for your Christmas, G
    @Anti_falsehood I think I have everything I need, one last look around, hold on, G
    @Anti_falsehood come on make a threat, please, show ur a man, please, G
    @Anti_falsehood YOU don't load all the MS updates/patches, thanks, dumb, G
    @Anti_falsehood U know I got your IP, you know what I do, but you don't know what that means, rofl,G
    @Anti_falsehood u know ur speakers can be used as micro phones? think abt it, OH you didn't know that, tee hee, G
    @Geraldanthro @Anti_falsehood WHAT ARE THESE REALLY BIG FILES? Just a bunch of letters, let me see if I can get them open,G
    @Anti_falsehood Whom is your worse ENEMY locally? ANY ONE WHO WOULD DO YOU HARM?
    @Anti_falsehood Hang on , lot of stuff to look at here, your CPU usage little high? USE Task Manager, U should see me, G
    @Anti_falsehood U like both boys & girls, LOL, to each his own, no disapproval meant, G Still looking/
    @Anti_falsehood U need to clean this PC up, runs slow, U can turn it off, but I'll still be here when U come back, ohhh thats interesting, G
    @Anti_falsehood U haven't up dated your anti-virus, thanks, wouldn't have made a difference ,just more work, maybe,G
    @Anti_falsehood Go email him, ask him what I got w/ your IP this is what I do, for a living to al qaeda HACKERS, punk, G
    @Anti_falsehood eMAIL someone U know who is a PC expert, as them what it means I got your IP, I'll wait, G

    @Geraldanthro Prove it, read out the names! And tell me my location too
    @Geraldanthro @Anti_falsehood It means your ass is mine, looking at your erased "tube" files now, G
    @Anti_falsehood Got your IP you have no idea what that means do you? G

    BARB; head of counter surveillance
    @Geraldanthro Ok to summarise, you've proven what exactly? Nothing! You go have fun with ur computer, & ignore YOUR own soldiers crimes
    @Anti_falsehood "Computer Network Exploitation is a specialty of Internet Anthropologist Think Tank." 
    @Anti_falsehood I need just a little more to trip my ROE, maybe you'd like to threaten me, PLEASE, G
    @Anti_falsehood Come to the night mare, come to me. deep down in the cyber dark, with the devil, PC and me., G
    @Anti_falsehood got present for you, working on where to deliver it,G

    @Anti_falsehood I've just started with you,I've got pieces of guys bigger than you in my shit.
    @Anti_falsehood We have deployed BSU'S on you, wait we , maybe Taliban, are coming, kiss your family good bye, G
    @Anti_falsehood NOT your group FAKES, WANA BE, FRAUDS, very definition of Tâghû, go ahead piss off the Taliban, they can deal w your ilk, G
    @Geraldanthro @Anti_falsehood U have 40 followers? no wonder, go away U wana be, EPIC FAIL, G
    @Anti_falsehood @ABalkhi IN RETURN EMAIL TO ME, ur a fraud, fake mouth piece for no one, G
    @Anti_falsehood @ABalkhi Taliban and I reject you, just a poor psyops program and transparent at that, not even Muslim, EPIC FAIL,G

    baloney & cheese sandwich, forgot to go shopping, lot of work ahead, small treasure trove to search, never tweeted real time hack before, G

    War Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst

    I welcome sources:secure,encrypted,cloaked communications chan.will be set up for U #Iran #Taliban #NkOREA #Iran #MOIS

    Computer Network Exploitation is a specialty of Internet Anthropologist Think Tank.