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    Friday, July 06, 2012

    YOU & I are all NAKED

    NSA has refused to answer questions
    about how many Americans they are
    spying on.

    "NSA has sent a letter saying that they refuse to reveal the number
     of Americans that they have spied on through provisions made in 
    2008 to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), a 
    legislation that allows the government to go through 
    correspondence that they believe is being sent overseas. 
    The reasoning, explains the NSA, is that informing Americans 
    about any spying they may have been subjected to would be 
    damaging to personal privacy."


    Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Mark Udall (D-CO) appealed to the

    NSA for an answer. And were rebuffed.

    Office of the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community

    is refusing to answer. The Inspector General.

    In a response dated June 15 and made available to Wired, the Inspecto

    r General dismisses their request with the explanation that a “review

    of the sort suggested would itself violate the privacy of US persons.”

    Additionally, Inspector General I. Charles McCullough says that

    responding to the request would be “beyond the capacity” of the

    Office of the NSA’s Inspector General, George Ellard, and that

    “dedicating sufficient additional resources would likely impede

    the NSA’s mission.”

    George Ellard is fudging, he has a simple answer.

    But he won't disclose it.

    Lets look at the paradigm.
    The threat now are lone wolves who on their
    own initiative might launch an attack.
    The most effective method to try and weed out
    these lone wolves is to monitor EVERYONE.
    And that is the simple answer Mr. Ellard
    won't tell us.

    Stuxnet Duqu and Flame are rootkit worms used
    to combat Iran's attempt to gain a nuclear weapon.
    And demonstrate the ability to penetrate any security
    suite.  over 100 of them.

    There are at least two more in the wild yet as undiscovered.
    This presents the option of monitoring all computers in the 
    world with an artificial intelligence application.

    To ward off the lone wolves and protect America Obama
    signed a finding allowing NSA to monitor everyone,
    and resulted in Mr. Ellard telling the American public nothing
    and by refusal to answer even to Congress exposed
    the scope of the outrage if they admitted what they
    were doing.

    Even our cell phones are recording our voices,
    not only are they searching for key words but
    also key voices.

    And they have been very effective, there have been
    no successful attacks in CONUS.
    Its like living in a vice, the tighter security is
    the safer Americans are, and the more privacy
    they loose.

    Will Americans ever get their privacy back?
    Very unlikely, the technology will mitigate to
    the police as evidenced by the use of drones
    by the police.

    I grieve for the loss of American Freedom/Privacy
    some how I thought it was guaranteed by the 

    And even the President shouldn't be allowed
    to usurp the Constitution.

    Is privacy worth the cost of American civilian
    lives, from the attack of some lone wolves.

    Is the risk worth privacy?

    I think it is.

    Our BSU's have been monitoring al qaeda
    wana bees world wide for quite a time and reporting same.
    It used to be 15 or 20 a DAY.
    in the past 3 weeks its been zero.

     I would support the NSA effort up to and for a period
    after the attack on Irans nuclear plants.

    Then this issue should be addresses.

    Both Obama and Bush took extraordinary precautions
    to protect America. When should our privacy

    War Anthropologist