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    Wednesday, June 13, 2012

    Our surveillance of Stuxnet starting 2009

    You remember the huge demonstration
    in Iran in 2009, we were working with
    Anonymous against Iran and had many
    operations going on in Iran.
    The year stuxnet deployed.

    @Geraldanthro - the primary sabotage operations against
    Iranian targets were green lighted in 2009.

    Project "Olympic Games" was underway for 
    approx. 4 years, before President Obama took office in Jan 2009.

    Anonymous had an Iranian spy in its ranks
    causing problems and ask us to ferret him 
    out, it was a rocky relationship, we turned 
    up two spys embedding text in jpgs.

    We tracked their IPs and the IPs of anonymous
    members they were trying to recruit.
    The Anonymous Commodore was furious
    said we exceeded our authority and fired us.
    All data deleted to NSA standards.

    We continued operations against Iran 
    independently. And we ran into Stuxnet
    on some servers in 2009, of course
    we didn't know that.

    "Server in Iran compromised.
    Who is launching the scan? Is it a random script kiddie
    or maybe a bot farm, using the Iranian server?
    A sophisticated attacker may actually use some simple 
    "script kiddie" tools first, in order to hide out in the noise 
    of bot and kiddy probes. What computers are they taking over?
    And port 5900 (VNC) appears to be the main attack method.

    Discovered Targets: 1867
    First Reported: xx.xx.xx
    Most Recent Report: xx.xx.xx

    .It is a "Ministry of Jahad" server...."

    It was and suspected
    it was Anonymous an ally and didn't
    interfere or even investigate the penetration
    as we had our hands full with our own 
    operations, using around 100,000 BSU's.
    Bot Surveillance Units. 06/2009.
    And documented the discovery here. 

    The next month paradigm Intel and 
    BSUs indicated Iran was under cyber 
    attack from Israel.
    And reported it.
    Iran was so perplexed they fired top 
    nuclear scientist and knew their nuclear
    PCs were in trouble, PC reported every thing
    was OK, while centrifuges were spinning
    out of control, self destructing. It got so bad
    they had man with walkie-talkie setting watching
    the centrifuges radioing just what he was seeing. 

    President Obama accelerated the "Olympic Games"
    operation in Jan 2010, by deploying a more improved 
    version of Stuxnet

    President Obama Green Lighted the "Olympic Games"
    project 5 months after taking office.
    Launched downrange was Stuxnet ver. 1

    Iran was accelerating nuclear operations, 
    Obama needed more.G
    Two month later the U.S. released an untested version
    of stuxnet and that is when the operation began to have problems.

    Pres. Bush 5 years "Olympic Games" zero known 
    compromises Pres. Obama 3 years "Olympic Games" 
    at least 3 known compromises.#stuxnet

    Compromises serve as warning to Iran.
    Pressure to capitulate.

    Stuxnet (juiced up version Mar/Apr 2010) was 
    discovered trying to get back into Natanz,

    We provided some cover for the Israel
    cyber attacks revealing the Green movements
    cyber activities.

    The next year we flushed out the stuxnet paradigm.
    Stuxnet 1.0 as of yet undiscovered, a recon program.

    Stuxnet 2,0 the one that was discovered that we
    all know and love. How it functions is Art.

    RT @craiu: Microsoft's reaction to Flame shows
    seriousness of 'Holy Grail' hack -

    And stuxnet family, all by same group,
    how they fit together.
    And document our discoveries. 2010

    Stuxnet 3,0 or flame as Kasperty calls it.
    we discovered, documented and calculated
    its capabilities, 2 yrs before Kaspersky did.

    Stuxnet/flame puts USA in same position 
    as when US was only one with atom bomb, 
    MAD NOT APPLICABLE, first strike 
    can take out everything, leaving enemy nothing 
    to retaliate WITH.

    Stuxnet is so deeply embedded in Iran
    their counterstrike plans are already known.

    Flame and Stuxnet were elements of a 
    broader assault that continues today. 
    Stuxnet and Flame infections can be 
    countered, other tools in play .

    This powerful weapon is so comprehensive
    it is a deterrent in and of its self,
    You don't slap someone who has you
    by the balls like stuxnet has Iran.
    The flip side of the suicide function,
    as the press calls it, isn't suicide at all.
    Its artificial intelligence, if you start looking
    for Flame it knows and disappears.
    Flip side is its so easy to penetrate PCs
    dumping all traces of its self isn't a problem
    it will revisit later.

    Flame authors use old anti-forensic technique to destroy potential 

    Stuxnet is a demonstration of the total
    failure of anti-virus security companies.
    Stuxnet and sons were written to walk 
    through all known security programs, 
    around 100 security programs.
    Computer security doesn't exist.

    How did anti-virus vendors miss identifying a 20 Mb 
    piece of malware for several years? #flame #stuxnet #duqu

    His book (@SangerNYT) also says that Stuxnet was 
    discovered because it escaped Natanz. RED FLAG on 
    this play. That's not what happened.

    Kaspersky and Symantec are two years 
    behind us in understanding Stuxnet. 
    But we are pleased they were able to confirm our
    research from two yrs ago.
    in the Flame malware? #stuxnet #iran #nsa #cia

    The next evolution will be Invisible Persistent 
    Threats IPT we have been using them 
    since 1997.

    RT @mikko: I'm afraid we've seen only the very 
    beginning of the Stuxnet / Duqu / Flame saga. ->
    What else is hiding in your database?

    We have seen in action cyber weapons 
    that turn your PC into a paper weight, 
    others change all login PW and block 
    safe boots.

    An extension of stuxnet paradigm is the
    capability to see an Iranian cyber strike 
    as they plan it.

    "Why a "kill date" of June 24, 2012, for 
    stuxnet?" date of attack on Iran? G

    Our BSU's found the smoking gun:
    Stuxnet architect:
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: 
    Smoking Gun, Stuxnet architect.

    Our key to proof of Israel involvement:
    Please give us attribution for sharing the key.
    " 6b2221dad51dd04938ee19e46c6f4c7f26a061be "

    Flame's Authenticode signature: 
    I added it as a base64 dump to the end of my post

    If stuxnet etal have penetrated so deep
    and comprehensively in to Irans IT
    network then to Russia and China
    are also an open book.  

    Even we grossly underestimated US
    cyber offensive capabilities so to
    may the world be grossly underestimating US  

    Our index of our research into stuxnet

    War Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.
    Ad Magnum


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Tuesday, June 12, 2012

    EXCLUSIVEl Iranian resistance report

    From our MEK mole in Iran:

    I only know that inside info certifies that infighting's 
    and differences are too sluggishly taking each high 
    ranking official to the cliff. Each is biding on the 
    toppling of the other.

    it is such a scandal that Khamenei had to openly 
    beg everyone not to work on differences. 
    He used to hide it but it seems that with jokes 
    going on on the streets about the regime's 
    ultimate nailing its own confine.. he realized he
    has to openly announce the "danger any rift" will 
    have on the totality of the regime. 

    He said 'WE CANNOT GO BACK'
    So they are very much engaged with : a growing 
    opposition (MEK), 
    failed plots to kill them, 
    failed plots to buy time in dialogues on nuks: 
    failed plot to export terrorism in various parts of 
    the world: 
    failed plot to bribe way out in oil market ....
    and also 
    failed so called economic reforms !! by AN. 
    I suppose the only ones who do want to believe 
    in the regime are the cowards! lol
    Seriously as  I get inside info in details I will tell you.