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    Tuesday, May 15, 2012

    Cyber Guards, NO, CROSS WALK GUARDS

    What can I say that will get through?
    The risk of real cyber mayhem has
    never been higher.
    Dead bodies in the street photos.
    From our unique cat birds seat
    NSA seems to hold all the winning
    Our view of the cyber weapons 
    is astonishing, we have talked to
    the architect of stuxnet, etal.
    In our limited discussions with him
    he reconfigured the context of
    cyber weapon capabilities.

    The scope of the cyber weapons is
    almost unlimited.
    Even a slight shift of the paradigm
    brings astonishing results.
    "Negation" turns everything on its
    head, the ability to make a computer
    display off instead of on OR stop rather
    than a green light, makes most computer
    networks useless both in terms of function
    and false "non-functions".
    Think about it for a min. 
    Your PC says all security systems are down.
    Your defence factory PC says the presses
    have 0 oil pressure.
    Your jets PC says fuel tank is empty.
    Now nothing has been done but reversing
    a reading, a false byte on your trusted PC.

    Or your PC has been turned into a fucking 
    paper weight.
    It doesn't turn on, pressing the "on" button
    does NOTHING, can't safe boot,
    can't reload OS. 
    Can't turn it on to do anything.

    Our paradigm intel indicates NSA
    can apply Cyber weapons to Banking
    Missiles, phone cells, jets, ships.
    Even to PC's not connected to
    the Internet, Stuxnet. Just change payloads.

    As China nor Russia have deployed
    any "stuxnet" type weapons, we can't 
    get a read on their top end capabilities.

    But we have seen the RBN and China's
    burglary of Google and NSA secrets.

    And we have seen the death of privacy,
    NSA and Google are like two incestuous 
    relatives, the story was already broke
    so we feel free speak about it.

    NSA can read all emails and phone 
    conversations world wide.

    The horrific element is the speed
    of cyber attacks. In a cyber war
    the strikes are so comprehensive
    it will take days to access damages
    with phones, email and actual PC's
    functioning as paper weights.
    HOW do you report extent of damages.
    TV and Radios down, both rely on 
    All of a sudden everything is down.
    And its all done in seconds. 

    If your response isn't automated
    you watch your civilization crash.
    It stops functioning, every thing is 
    If you have to make a call, get
    approval your DEAD.
    I have received top level assurances
    US has rules of engagement 
    but we have never seen any evidence
    of them, and remain un-assured.

    The methodology for dealing with
    cyber attacks remains in a 19th century

    Civilian cyber guards?

    Crossing guards is more adept.

    It is possible to bring down 90%
    of the WWW with attacks on
    the 13 internet nodes, Confliker
    could do it easily.
    Its almost happened by accident
    once by a bot farm.

    If Iran gets close to a nuke
    the damage to their civilization
    by a cyber attack is unlimited.
    There is a risk of setting the
    Persian civilization back 200
    yrs, and it would take them 
    100 yrs to come back if cyber attacks
    continued  every 2 yrs.

    Its a WWII paradigm but the civilians
    are not bombed into submission, like
    Germany and Japan but "everything 
    DOWNED" into submission.

    Right now if the US was on the receiving
    end of this kind of cyber attack, USA
    wouldn't spot it till it was too late.

    Only massive use of "COWS" could
    spot it in time to even give a chance 
    of response. ( COW, Cyber Over Watch)

    MAD mutual Assured Destruction
    doesn't apply to cyber war, as
    a good first strike precludes a
    responsive counter strike.  
    Nothing to work with, no
    counter strike capabilities.

    What do you do when your
    PC turns to a paper weight?
    And the phones are dead.
    And TV, elect are out?

    Break out the CB's and shortwave.
    Cyber war precludes the MAD
    paradigm. First strike eliminates 
    any counter strike, EVERYTHING
    IS DOWN. 

    Obama lets go.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst