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    Friday, May 11, 2012

    We got Fu*ked

    We got Fu*ked:
    but I got kissed first.

    During a covert cyber
    operation we were hacked.

    (defenses: )

    (The attack: )

    We erased everything to
    NSA standards, and re-installed.

    Performed our forensics, collected
    intel, ran paradigm intel, checked
    moles, assigned targets, and deployed
    invisible persistent threats, awaiting
    conclusive proof on perpetrator.

    During our investigation one of
    our front line  PC's was turned into
    a paper weight.

    I immediately pulled all PC's off line.
    Its been weeks now.

    I checked the pins for the
    ON/OFF button, it functions,
    I tested the hard drive, no

    But you can't turn it on.
    Its a fuckin paper weight.

    Our highest priority has been
    to acquire this capability.  

    We understand the method,
    and are building this function.

    If you just threw up a little,
    in your mouth,
    good you comprehend the problem.

    It feels like the stuxnet guys,
    paradigm intel says NO.

    Humbled but back on
    the offensive.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst

    Lets see U do it again, prick.