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    Thursday, February 23, 2012

    Afghan: Karzai Krazy like a Fox

    Recently I've called for a withdrawl
    from Afghan. The recent incident
    of the burning of the Quaran and
    killing of 9 because of it depressed

    My OSINT feeds which are extensive
    include propaganda, but are identified
    as such.

    But because of the focus of our work,
    on the bad actors and actions, don't
    focus on the progress and positive
    aspects of Afghan.

    And after 10 yrs I admit my view became
    candid, ascue, negative.

    And this video by Karzai re-balanced
    that view, and I again support Afghan.
    Karzai is pragmatic.

    I also have exchanged emails with two
    Taliban spokespersons, which further
    enlightened me.

    The video is 48 min long but well
    worth the view.

    I plan to answer Karzai point by point,
    and include some of the conversation
    I've had with the Taliban in the past two days.

    There has been progress, Afghan has grown.
    All is not black.

    More coming,

    War Anthropologist