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    Saturday, February 11, 2012

    Syria using anti-aircaft guns against civilians,VIDEO

    Syria Bastards.

    "The above video, uploaded on Saturday to YouTube, appears to show a Syrian army anti-aircraft tank firing wildly into an urban neighborhood in the city of Douma, just outside of Damascus. As the tank swivels and aims, apparently at random, two posters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad are visible on either side of the turret.

    The tank, which Chris Albon of FrontlineSMS identified as a Russian ZSU-23-4 "Shilka," fires enormous 23-millimeter rounds that are meant to destroy far-away aircraft. A few rounds, fired in Syria's dense and old architecture, could tear through dozens of houses, as is surely the point. "AA-guns are brutal weapon to use against civilians," Albon tweeted, "but sadly not uncommon." According to Dan Murphy of the Christian Science Monitor, "they were used a lot by Qaddafi in Libya. "


    The four guns are water cooled and have a cyclic rate of fire of 800 to 1,000 rounds per minute each. However, the guns are normally fired in bursts (2-3 rounds per barrel) to reduce ammunition expenditure and prolong barrel life. Each ZSU-23-4 carries about 2,000 rounds onboard. Supply trucks, which follow the ZSUs at a distance of 1.5 to 2.5 km, carry an estimated additional 3,000 rounds for each of the four ZSUs. Electronic target acquisition, tracking, and ranging are automated, and an onboard computer determines superelevation and azimuth lead. Conventional optical sights also are available. Two types of ammunition normally are mixed at a ratio of three Frag-HE-T rounds per one API-T round. An HEI-T round also may be fired.

    Click for actual size 1:1 HERE
    First bullet is for ak47
    Last shell is a 23 mm round.

    When will UN Arabs, USA act? 100,000 dead, 500,000 dead,
    whats the number that is too much and cause YOU to act?

    War Anthropologist

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    Exclusive: Iranian resistance speaks, NO Green movement.

    To our contact in Iranian resistance:

    On Sat, Feb 4, 2012 at 4:12 AM, gerald <> wrote:
    Is the Green movement Ready? US strike on Iran


    Dear Gerald

    THERE IS NO GREEN movement! Sorry!

    Moussavi and Karoobi only fired the last shot to the head of the youth who had banked their hopes on a shield called the green movement when they announced any protests illegal and against the wish of the state and when moussavi announced in various ways that e is not with the "deviated" current that is against the establishment and wants complete change.

    I am afraid most youth who had hopes have been frozen ans are still. The only current that was alive and is still trying to keep going is the PMOI ( they call them the mek). That is the reason why the regime has invested all its might to get rid of them and their supporters every where.. I recall that only MEK supporters caught in the 2009 uprisings were killed, or hanged or charged with Moharebeh... some sympathisers gave way under torture and pressure and distance themselves but most are still in prison and under enormous torture.

    So any form of change will only be effected if the US stops helping the mullahs by keeping the MEK in the bargaining hostage taking trade : the FTO list, and be serious in what it stand for : Freedom and benefits of its own people.

     If it really wishes to get rid of the source of Jihadists and terrorism, then its time it really takes a step and distances it self from "Cowardice" and steps into the realm of reality and takes sides. One cannot be a child and still boast to be the President of the US. being a child means that you want the doll and still don't want to be told off for taking a risk. The risk they have to take is to step over to the people's side like all those "good" have done in history.. YOU cannot side with RIBINHOOD and the Sheriff at the same time.. !!

    So the reality does not hide itself behind the so called green movement but it is in the hands of the President of the US to face all those pro-mullah pundits in the white house who have infiltrated there and say : stop pushing our policy ..stop interfering in US policy under pretexts.. and take an independent and moral stand to protect what is right : the interest of the people in short and long term is to back the "robinhood" faction (MEK which is illegally branded and outlaw by those who do not respect law themselves.)

    Then I would say yes... because the MEk is the only organised movement that has come around in the past 100 years of a resistance history in Iran and the middle east that as stood the worst evil elements such as Khomeini and have grown to be wise , independent and modern pluralists who do not insist and rely on a "jihad" to conquer the world for a medieval Islam that breeds Khomeinism. But instead believe in equality, brotherhood, peace and pluralism and secularism and unlike what the regime has dictated for the past 30 years do not wish power at all for themselves. The are the "modern robinhoods" whether we want to believe it or not.

    I hope I have given u the answer. But this is not enough. if you know your hackers friends and those who wish to side tiwh the good, they should mobilise and help the MEk where ever they are. They should join the good rather than target unknown enemy that lies only in the Internet.

    What should be done is to release the MEK from the chains of FTO so that they could really start their energies to release Iran and the are from this medieval fundamentalist cleric regime that is hated but feared bu 70 million people in Iran.

    then you will see wonders!


    I welcome sources:secure,encrypted,cloaked communications chan.will be set up for U #Iran #ISI #Taliban#WallStBankers

    War Anthropologist

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    Tuesday, February 07, 2012

    @khamenei_ir is screwd

    @khamenei_ir leader of Iran is screwed.
    The Iranian currency has been in a
    death spiral for over a month.

    The chart looks confusing, its the
    exchange rate between USD &
    Iranian Rial. Price of American
    Cigarettes went from $5 a pack
    to $12 a pack in weeks.

    Iran is an importer of everything.
    Khanenei has to have a strong
    currency to buy/import every
    thing they need.

    With the Rial in free fall no one
    wants to own them, no body wants
    them. The rial is fast becoming the value 
    of wall paper. Dropped -60% in 3 weeks.

    And Khameni is scrambling to make a
    Nuke before his currency crashes, dead lines.
    Maybe 2 months, and that is very generous 
    time line.

    Mean while Stuxnet and Duqu is watching
    everything, even loaded a WAR payload.

    This currency crash caught Obama by surprise.
    They have been ratcheting up the sanctions
    for years, why the extreme move in the Rial
    in the past 3 weeks? 

    The paradigm has been there building just 
    no one to trip it. 
    The ultimate speculators needed to be plugged
    in, hedge funds, once these guys were plugged
    in and fed, we see the results.
    Some one tipped the hedge funds. Who would
    have thought IATT would be allied with
    Wall St Banks, strange bedfellows.
    They can't pass up a big profit.
    We can't pass up a good op.

    So Khamenei has a slow growth Nuke in progress
    and last month he watched as his currency was 

    He raised bank savings interest rates from 14%
    to 20%, to no avail the run on Iranian banks continues.
    So in the past week he is scrambling to build a Nuke
    before his currency becomes worthless.
     But with Stuxnet and Duqu watching, US knows
    exactly where Iran is on its Nuke build job.

    Obama even ordered the cyber payloads switched.
    From a "WAR payload" to "disrupt payloads".
    Iran is running into more problems and difficulties
    trying to enrich material to bomb levels.
    As stuxnet and Duqu screw with the process.

    Khamemei is screwed, if he could get near a
    working nuke bomb US would launch a 48 hr
    Cyber/Air strike stopping the nuke program and
    taking out the regimes leadership.

    But now Obama has discovered he just has to 
    wait for the Rial to shatter and the regime will

    All the new sanctions from here on will produce
    considerable pressure on the rial, even a DEAD
    cat bounces, use any upticks to short the rial.

    The administration has discovered a new weapon 
    of war, destabilizing a currency. We can also turn

    Iran's crash will be painful, but not as painful
    as a nuclear bomb/armed Iran.
    The crash will take down Syria and
    cut funding for IRCG and MOIS terrorism.

    Iran can't make a nuke, the nation is dying,
    currency worthless, elections coming.
    13th Imam obsession terminated.
    Will the Greens be ready to pick up
    the pieces? Which will reverse course
    of rial.

    War Anthropologist
    Stock Broker series #3 ( commodities )
    series 7 ( everything else )

     Gerald on the Floor of the NYSE ( center )