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    Friday, February 03, 2012

    Strike on Iran, DAY one

    The day started normally for Khamenei & Ahmadinejad,
    then both their staffs notified them the phone cos were 
    having problems the land line phones were out.

    Then the cell phones went down, even private net
    works were dead, the WWW is down also, "URL
    NOT FOUND". NSA's Confliker active also, unleash
    uber massive DDOS attacks. NO Iranian server could
    stand up to Confliker.

    Khamenei just called for more tea. Ahmadinejad
    was in a panic trying to make radio contact with
    anyone, static the left over hiss of the beginning
    of the universe is all he hears.

    He sends out runners and all return with the same
    info no one has contact with anyone.

    The Iranian Air force radars are down also, they
    are blind and deaf, no orders and can issue no orders.

    Iranian Navy Radars are also down blind, screen full
    of noise. No one knows what to do, some ships put to 
    sea, some pilots take to the sky for a look see.

    What Iran doesn't know is they have been blinded
    by Stuxnet, Duqu and a new cyber weapon, as
    yet un-named.

    Fire alarms go off at all Nuclear sites, and fire drills
    soon emptys all the buildings. 

    The regime is unable to issue any orders or understand
    the depth and breath of what is happening to them.

    The first wave of huge explosions takes out all the
    missile bases, second takes out ships near the strait.

    All counter attacks are on a visual basis only and
    without orders. 

    US Air Force sweeps the skys over Iran clean of any
    Iranian planes and they establish air superiority
    in a few hours.

    World news is spotty, mostly visual sightings from
    afar, and hearsay from travelers leaving Iranian air

    Now a around the clock bombing of Irans Nuclear 
    sites begins to bury and destroy Irans nuclear program.

    Some Iran Missiles are fired, but geo targeting setting 
    have been changed and land harmlessly in the sea.

    The alleged great and powerful Iran military is blind, deaf
    and dumb. 

    The Iran Mil just sit there until the US are done pounding
    the hell out of Iran's nuke operations.

    Khamenei, Ahmadinejad both are killed derailing the 
    13th Imam dream, and Irans nuclear dreams of wiping
    out Israel.

    Some counter strikes are launched from other countries
    preparations have been made.

    Something US is worried about and have cyber forces
    on full alert is an known Iranian hacker, Comodo,
    but US has an extensive network of secret COWS
    for instantaneous reaction to any cyber attacks on US
    infrastructure. TRAPS set.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank:
    Don't have a COW man., Cyber

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Jawa Report Hacked: Perps

    "Skunk Costs" seem manageable, but will
    require heavy surveillance. 

    Why is the strike going to happen now?

    US and EU sanctions are sinking the Iranian
    currency, the Rial has lost about 60%
    of its value in past few months,
    with even heavier sanctions coming.

    Iran's stalling tactics have run out there is
    a very real risk of Iran's currency becoming
    effectively valueless. 

    Iran is now in a race to build a nuke before
    its currency does a face dive, dirt kiss.
    DUQU sees Iran's activities towards
    creating a Nuke.

    Stuxnet and Duqu are in control of Iran's
    entire infrastructure.NSA is bringing out a
    new cyber weapon for this Iran war,
    NSA has Iran's "OFF SWITCH".

    Erase Bank accounts, shut off power
    turn off gas.Turn off and on phones,

    US NSA has Iran regime by the balls
    and Khamenei thinks he has a hard on.
    The Regime is about to experience a
    whole new world of Pain, and leadership
    vacuum, is the Green Movement UP to
    it?Is the big question.

    Stuxnet and DUQU collected evidence
    Iran is now working towards a N bomb.

    IAEA chief:We have proof of #Iran Nuke 
    Weapons work -design,neutron initiators,

    Determined by Iran's progress.
    US has determined a red line
    on Irans N work, when that line
    is crossed the attack is initiated.
    Stuxnet & Duqu monitoring 

    This will be too short to be a War, 
    its a 48hr AIR & CYBER Strike G

    SOURCED from:
    our mole in IRCG
    our BSU's
    Paradigm Intel

    We are looking at the next evolution
    of the War Paradigm.

    War Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.
    The Lion sleeps tonight

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Thursday, February 02, 2012

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