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    Friday, January 20, 2012

    Exclusive: Iran unable to fight a WAR

    Iran going to war is almost a non starter.

    The Dept of Defense will handle any initial
    hostilities, taking out the attacking forces.

    NSA HOLDS the keys to the Iran regime's

    Someone broke the story, spotted by our
    BSU's, so now we can release the rest of
    the story. No in the press yet.

    Our paradigm Intel for some time has
    believed Confliker was a NSA tool.
    This is the first time we have announced
    this but have carefully hinted at it in 
    many posts.

    We posed NSA had the capability to
    take out confliker on 5.2009

    We also noted NSA was not on the 'confliker cabal
    team' trying to kill confliker on 5.2009

    U.S. government has held private versions 
    of cyber wargames we noted: 2.2010

    We have it on very good authority which
    has proven accurate in the past that 
    confliker is a NSA tool. Based on paradigm

    It was used to open Iranian PCs and insert
    Stuxnet. Which was a cyber guided missile
    not to harm Iran just crash their nuclear weapons

    And also DuQu, which opens up all Iranian PCs.
    And can bring down Iranian civilization in a day.
    Wipe bank accounts, turn off elect, shut off oil
    even shut down phones, cell and land line.

    Obama is not about regime change, he has the
    ability at his command, and hasn't used it.
    Equal to country wide EMP electromagnetic pulse and without
    any KIA.

    If Iran starts a War, IRAN CAN JUST BE TURNED 

    Israel doesn't quite know about it all or believe
    it all. Hense the assassinations, their Intel
    says the Iranians are working towards the N Bomb.
    The Israeli Intelligence is based on what Iran believes.

    While Obama's Intelligence is based on what Iran
    believes and what Stuxnet and Duqu have done and
    can do.

    And US is applying alot of pressure to Mossad to
    lighten up and believe in the USA.

    If Obama gets this wrong it could cost him
    the election and Israeli its existence.

    Stuxnet was the most advanced WMD in
    the world, and while it does spy it has not
    killed. Yet.

    Duqu is just over kill and showing off.

    Duqu is like going deer hunting with
    an arty battalion, its just not fair.
    In any event US is prepared for Iran.
    War with Iran will not involve US troops
    in Iran.
    The Persians have not been the longest
    surviving by accident, beating out Romans, Greeks
    they will come to the correct decision.
    I have alot of confidence in them.

    War Anthropologist

    .(anybody knocking on yur door yet?)