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    Friday, January 06, 2012

    The highest Tribute

    We all enjoy accolades, mentions in other 
    blogs or even main stream media. Or kudos
    even in comments.

    It feels so good to be recognized for your
    hard work, and many of us who labor in
    the Intelligence mines only get secret,
    confidential private Recognition.

    Recently we received a citation of immense 
    distinction, from a leading authoritive source.
    The element most distinguished and uber 
    experienced to make the award.

    We have been engaging in a heavy info war
    on several fronts, on our blog and on twitter.
    The metrics for success in the info war 
    are involved and difficult.

    But by all measures we were doing a fine job.
    And our enemy confirmed it with the highest 
    tribute we could conceive.

    One of our front line computers was hacked.
    The objective of the hack is the badge of 

    They changed all passwords for all user accounts,
    and blocked safe boot.

    The objective was to cut us off from the WWW.
    To stop our info wars, block us from communicating.

    We were able to track the time of the penetration
    and get a "time finger print" of the attacking PC.

    And deployed BSU's the hackers did not use Invisible 
    persistent threat, and we were able to clean it
    up, and now their PC is attacking their friends.
    And the methods are traceable back to his PC.

    Their "friends" will deal with them for the attacks.

    When I saw what they had done, with some expertise
    I could feel my head and heart swell, I was so proud
    of our work, staff and activities, and this was concrete
    proof of our triumph, and accomplishments.

    This was a milestone of sorts for us, and I celebrated
    with some time off as a reward I turned off the PC
    and phone for 3 weeks and just floated on the level
    of our achievement. I was giddy, I'm not likely to 
    ever get a higher tribute.

    I appreciate the effort and diligence to get by our 
    security and the counter surveillance team.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart
    for your recognition as  your Enemy.

    And assure you of continued attacks

    I am a cyber warrior.

    War Anthropologist

    Gerald in Uniform