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    Sunday, November 13, 2011

    The PC security paradigm, Ebola

    It is impossible to keep hackers off your PC.
    The MS OS isn't secure even with 10,000 patches,
    its a joke.

    But using a VPN maybe we can get some security.
    So if we can't keep them off, can we keep contents
    encrypted? Maybe if we can keep keyloggers from
    reading our PW as we type them.

    If we can defeat keyloggers can we keep our encrypted
    hard drives secret? Maybe.

    Rather than defend our PC's entry points could we defend
    the data? I think there is a better chance defending the data
    than the PC.



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Google does not stop us.

    For Veterans day I've taken a short sabbatical.
    Reviewing our paradigm, hows its changed and
    where its going.

    We were doing a million hits a year, and expanding.
    A nice public podium. Google has throttled our
    hits, I'm sure Google corporate doesn't know. 

    Some Google employees have the authority to 
    tweak the algorithms for individual blogs, apparently
    with no or very little supervision.

    So we changed our paradigm, from the masses to
    centers of influence. Some times a single person.
    Our focus has always been how to bring about change.

    Our actions run from direct conflict, sub-rosa ops,
    psy ops, political and Government influence.

    Social Change Engines we have been experimenting
    with for 15 yrs. And they are very good and effective.
    We also have a great roll of informants through active
    recruitment on Twitter.

    So until Google wakes up to what is going on, we have
    changed our game plan, and have increased effectiveness
    even with the biggest search engine in the world throttling
    our search results. We still succeed.